Multifamily Property Management & Operations
Dallas, TX
March 5 - 6, 2020


IMN is pleased to announce its 2nd Annual Multifamily Property Management & Operations Forum will take place this March 5 & 6 in Dallas, Texas.
The forum was created in response to the demand for an event focusing on multifamily property management and follows on from the success of our existing established Residential Property Management forum and Multifamily Middle Market franchise, which have 400-500 participants each time out. Our inaugural event had over 430 registrants, including 140 owners/operators and 130 property managers.
IMN’s Multifamily Property Management & Operations Forum not only provides exclusive educational content and industry insights, but also presents a unique opportunity for attendees to network with property managers, apartment owners and investors who are outsourcing to these property management groups. 

Be sure to bookmark this website and check back for regularly updated information.

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas, TX on March 5-6!

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    Thursday, March 5th, 2020

      7:40 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Small Group Meeting

      8:00 AM
      Growing your Property Management Business

      • (small group meeting for owner/operators/property managers only) Increasing your visibility, employee efficiency, reducing unit turnover, developing new revenue sources are your questions will be among the discussion points and best practices debated in this open, interactive forum. 

        • Ian Bingham, SVP of Client Services (CF Real Estate Services)
        • Ivana Christman, President (Quest Management Group)

      8:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Main Conference

      9:00 AM
      Multifamily Investment Trends & Their Impact On Property Managers

      • • Co-living & short term stays: How to scale
        • Where we are in the cycle and how that is impacting your investments
        • Hot and cold locations
        • Valuations and value-add
        • What you are looking in a new neighborhood?
        • Are you looking to invest more in your projects?
        • Cash flow vs. appreciation
        • Raising funds, IRR’s, structures, promotes and changing investor expectations
        • Working with 3rd party managers
        • Consumer rent vs. buy decision: Is it changing? 

        • Leah Slaughter, Agent & Owner (OmniKey Realty)
        • David Smith, COO (Avenue Living Asset Management)
        • Rogers Healy, Broker/Owner (Healy Property Management )
        • Cristina Istrate, Asset Manager (FCP)
        • Jacob Garza, Owner (REEP Management)
        • Chris Nebenzahl, Institutional Research Manager (Yardi Matrix)

      9:45 AM
      Large Firm Property Management Senior Executive Forum: What Are The Keys To Company Growth in the 2020s?

      • • When are you outsourcing? Insourcing? What do you look for in an outsourcing partner?
        • What is on your punch list for newly acquired properties? 
        • What do you think of corporate-level acquisitions? Selling out?
        • What was the last internal change your company did?  
        • Can there be too much customer service?
        • Last portfolio acquisition: What surprised you?
        • Finding and retaining employees

        • Glenn Gonzales, Owner (Obsidian Capital)
        • Scott Bennett, Regional Vice President (CIM Group)
        • Randy Fleece, President (Gateway Management Company)
        • Jeremy Edmiston, SVP (Pinnacle)
        • Ryan Wehner, Owner (Wehner Multifamily)

      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

      11:15 AM
      New Technology & Home Automation Systems: What Are The Game Changers Out There?

      • • You got the tools: Are you using them to their maximum potential? Are your tenants?
        • Tenant engagement strategies
        • Maintenance automation: The newest applications
        • The DYI approach: The advantages vs. disadvantages
        • Comparing consumer vs. enterprise-level smart home products
        • Managing tenant turnover
        • Tenant demand, use and ancillary revenue possibilities
        • Operational efficiencies and ROI
        • What should you PM app possess?

        • Neil Golub, Director of Sales (Carson Living)
        • Marshall Friday, Director of Multifamily Sales (ADT Security Services)
        • Joshua Eadie, Director Business Development (Bell Partners)
        • Jonathan Tucker, Executive VP of Operations (Cortland)
        • Mike Bryson, Partner (Rockstar Properties)

      12:00 PM
      Maintenance, Rehab & Tech

      • • Maintenance, emergency management and responding to the tenant: Making it a two-way street
        • With the difficulty in hiring and keeping staff should you outsource?
        • The latest technology to consider
        • Higher management fees for rehab deals-When is it worth it?
        • Project management and making sure you finish on time
        • Software solutions
        • Selecting your contractor: What is newest on your check list?

        • Demetrios Barnes, Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)
        • Patrick Bruce, Vice President of Operations (Bellevue Living)
        • Dino Vakoutis, National Sales Director, CRE and Multifamily (Corrigo Incorporated)
        • Jindou Lee, CEO (HappyCo)
        • Curtis Roddy, Managing Director (RAR Partners, LLC. )

      12:45 PM

      2:00 PM
      Tenant Lifecycle Best Practices: Screening, Move In/Out, Service-Level Strategies & Legal Concerns

      • • What is your strategy to minimize and predict tenant turnover?
        • Technology to improve marketing, performance and NOI
        • Tools to better manage tenant relations
        • Converting leads into leases
        • When can you predict an apartment is getting to small?
        • Local laws changes to be aware of
        • Loyalty building strategies
        • Making sure property managers and owners are on the same page

        • Jillian Anderson, VP, Business Development (Elmington)
        • Jami Moore, SVP of Operations (Bell Partners Inc.)
        • Todd Allen, Founder & CEO (Connect)
        • Mandy Doucet, EVP of Property Management (Lloyd Jones LLC)
        • Ivana Christman, President (Quest Management Group)

      2:45 PM
      Value Added & Opportunistic Rehab, Amenities & Ancillary Services

      • • Garages: Is the revenue staying steady? If not, what are your options?
        • Package management options
        • Smart home revenue streams
        • Appliance and furniture rentals
        • What can the maintenance man do?
        • How do you present these options to the renter?
        • Fitness center/clubhouse strategy
        • Handling late rental fees: Tenant satisfaction vs. additional revenue
        • Renters insurance-Is it mandatory?
        • The lease up

        • Holly Williams, Founder & CEO (
        • Steven Ludwig, President (Coastline Real Estate Advisors, Inc.)
        • Andrew Hurd, VP, Credit & Underwriting (Finance of America Commercial)
        • John Keeton, Partner (Morningside Funding LLC)
        • Justin Ford, President (Pax Properties)
        • Michael Branam, Director of Sales - Multifamily (PointCentral)

      3:30 PM
      Networking Break

      4:00 PM
      Managing Buildings With Less Than 50 Units

      • • What is the minimum amount of units you need to have dedicated staff? What are the other factors to consider? 
        • Making the offsite model work
        • What kind of common amenities are economical?
        • The smallest of the small 4-8-plexes
        • Internal vs. 3rd party property management
        • Building community in small communities
        • Turning tenants into supers
        • Maintenance costs vs. larger buildings
        • Software you are using

        • Donovan Bates, Team Leader (Yardi Matrix)
        • Steven Kollar, Managing Principal (Cash Flow Properties/ROIturnkeypropertie)
        • Josh Tobey, Partner (Clear Capital)
        • Linda Thrasher, Founder & CEO (Grace + Lloyd)
        • Josh Berkowitz, VP of Asset Management (MJW Investments)
        • Scott Abernathy, Owner & Property Manager (Property Management, Inc)

      4:45 PM
      Growing Your Portfolio In Your Own Geographic Area vs. Increasing Your Footprint vs. Expanding Your Menu Of Services

      • • How have your growth plans changed?
        • Funding your growth
        • Where are you finding your new employees?
        • Building your own vs. outsourcing
        • When are mergers and acquisitions the best choice? Joint ventures?
        • Advantages of scale
        • What do you need to do to get your in-house right before you grow?
        • Going institutional: What kind of track record do you need?
        • The art of picking a new market

        • Allison Ambrose, CEO (ARG Property Management)
        • Kristina Reynolds, VP of Operations (33 Realty Management)
        • Dan Ford, Partner (Elmington Property Management)
        • Brandi Manning, Managing Partner (Estes Manning Management Group)
        • Elaine Warga-Murray, CEO (Regency Management Group )

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:30 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Friday, March 6th, 2020

      7:40 AM
      Breakfast for Small Group Meeting

      8:00 AM
      Women's Breakfast Small Group Meeting

      • Come and share the trials, tribulations and invaluable insights into how to advance in this very competitive and male-dominated industry. The conversation will be interactive, and attendees are asked to be active participants in the discussion. Be ready to share insights and experiences that will help your colleagues in attendance.

        • Shanti James, Director of Operations (Achieve Properties)
        • Arleen Garza, Principal (REEP Equity Management)

      8:30 AM
      Breakfast for Main Conference

      9:00 AM
      Build Vs. Buy Vs. Outsource & Assessing New Software, Systems & Technology

      • • Cost vs. control
        • How difficult would it be to modify my workflow to match a technology platform that was developed generically for my industry?
        • How much value do I put on future flexibility to change and modify my workflows based on the way my company evolves?
        • Are there parts of my internal workflow that create a competitive advantage for my company? Do I anticipate discovering some in the future?
        • Coming up with an assessment framework
        • What do you need tracked?
        • Bringing the right people on board
        • Real cost of transition in human terms

        • Mike Stephenson, Director of Business Intelligence (BH Management Services)
        • Bret Johnson, Regional Account Executive (Avidxchange)
        • Kerri Davis, Partner / COO (Elmington)
        • Robert Nickell, Principal (Rocket Station Real Estate)
        • Daniel Jaramillo, CEO (Strategic Properties)

      9:45 AM
      Expense Control & Budget Best Practices

      • • NOI and operating expense benchmarks
        • Who controls the day to day?
        • Keeping employee costs and turnover down in this low unemployment environment
        • Where are capital expenditures at?
        • Benchmarks of different building types
        • Considering local market conditions
        • Rent rollover schedules
        • How much can you save using sustainable products?

        • Kevin Owens, Executive Vice President-Property Operations (CF Real Estate Services LLC)
        • Lani Porter, EVP and Managing Director (CALCAP Properties)
        • Dave Garrigus, Partner (Clear Capital, LLC)
        • Isaac Kyle, Partner (GOAL Properties)
        • Kelly Blaskowsky, Senior Vice President of Operations (Roscoe Properties)
        • Ann-Marie Bomba, Principal Owner (Topaz Asset Management)

      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

      10:45 AM
      M&A Of Property Management Companies

      • • What type of multiples are out there?
        • Getting bigger vs. expanding into complimentary services
        • The name game
        • Post merger issues
        • Getting bought out
        • Figuring out if a company is a good match
        • Role of senior management of the acquired
        • Financing the acquisition
        • Why mergers do not work out?

        • Brian Estes, Partner (Estes- Manning Management Group, Inc)
        • Cole Healy, Director (Drucker + Falk)
        • Matthew Whitaker, Founder & Director, Market Development (gkhouses)
        • Michael Slaughter, Owner/ Broker (OmniKey Realty)

      11:30 AM
      Attracting, Training & Retaining Talent While Promoting Diversity in Staffing and Tenants

      • • Staffing levels for different property quality and size of properties
        • Does location matter?  
        • Compensation packages and other ways to keep workers motivated
        • When is it time to hire an on-sight manager? Additional clerical worker?
        • Training and coaching keys
        • Staffing for apartment types
        • Section 8, public, workforce housing etc.
        • Finding property managers
        • As workers are becoming harder to fine are you outsourcing more?
        • Staff responsibilities

        • Andrea Shaw, Director of Systems Training (Gables Residential)
        • Adam Trzynka, VP Multifamily (Foresite Realty)
        • Sarah Bedsaul, Recruiting and Training Manager (Quest Management Group)
        • Michael Cook, Chief Asset Officer (Sylvan Road Capital, LLC)

      12:15 PM
      The 2nd Annual Multifamily Property Management & Operations Forum Concludes



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