Bank Special Assets (East)
Miami, FL
February 24 - 25, 2020


IMN’s acclaimed Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer's Forum (East) will take place on February 24-25, 2020 at the Four Seasons Miami. The forum continues to be the only place where Special Assets, SBA, Credit, Loan Review, Risk Management, Special Servicers & C-level executives can meet to discuss the latest credit and workout issues.
We look forward to once again bringing together local, regional and international banks, as well as a wide array of sector specialists, this unique meeting provides the ideal venue for education, networking, deal-making and professional development in the Special Asset and SBA space.
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See you in February 2020!

Who Should Attend
  • Bankers (Special Assets/Credit Professionals)
  • Law/Accounting Professionals
  • Turnaround Advisory Firms
  • Buyers of Notes, C&I, and SBA Loans
  • Receivers
  • Auctioneers

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    Monday, February 24th, 2020

      8:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast

      8:55 AM
      IMN's Opening Remarks

        • Sanyu Kyeyune, Program Manager (IMN)

      9:00 AM
      Industry & Macroeconomic Forecast: Sunny Skies or Storm Clouds Ahead?

        • How does Florida’s regulatory environment impact the local banking system? What impact do demographic shifts, including strong in-migration, have on the state’s financial services sector?
        • What macroeconomic trends are poised to sustain growth in special assets? How does the opportunity set compare for banks of varying size and geographic reach?
        • What is the economic and employment forecast for the Florida and the Southeast? Which growth opportunities are unique to this region?
        • What degree of softening are you seeing in real estate, and how is that affecting how you underwrite loans, manage your portfolios and attract new business? What are your predictions for deal flow and default rates for the remainder of 2019 and early 2020? How is this informing your business strategy? What is the outlook for JV partners funding problem mortgages?
        • What’s your outlook for household debt? What trends are you observing around subprime originations, and do you see any risks around growth in that space?          

        • Ben H. Harris, III, Partner (Jones Walker LLP)
        • David Druey, Regional President (Centennial Bank)
        • Michael Liu, Director (Miami Dade County, Department of Public Housing & Community Development)
        • Keelan French, Senior Correspondent Banker (North Avenue Capital)

      9:45 AM
      Market Outlook: Buyers & Sellers Sound Off

        • What’s in your 2020 pipeline? What types of assets are you buying right now? What sectors present the best opportunities for long-term growth, and which are you avoiding?
        • How do you source and evaluate deals? What kind of banks are the top sources of deal flow?
        • How do you negotiate with banks of varying size and reach? Are you partnering with non-bank lenders? What unique challenges and opportunities does each type present?
        • What are some recent successful deals you’ve handled, and what have you learned from deals that didn’t go as planned?

        • Brad Salzer, President (Redstone Investments)
        • Jon Winick, CEO (Clark Street Capital)
        • Cam Childs, SVP (Directed Capital)
        • Tom Fevola, Director, Credit & Underwriting (LSQ Funding Group, LC)
        • Robert Milam, Director of Originations (Summit Investment Management)
        • Jason Alpert, Vice President (Wells Fargo Bank)

      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

      11:15 AM
      Case Studies in Turnarounds & Workouts

        • Which asset classes are likely to see more workouts as the economic cycle matures? Which markets will see the most growth?
        • What factors inform your decision to retain a turnaround expert for your workout? How do you vet prospective turnaround managers? What opportunities for turnaround managers are unique to Florida or the Southeast?
        • What have you learned from recent successful and not-so-successful workouts?

        • Michael Nanosky, President (Janus Hotels & Resorts)
        • John Budyak, Managing Director (Alter Domus)
        • Megan Murray, Associate (Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC)
        • Lunelle Siegel, Senior Vice President, East Region Manager (BBVA)
        • Roger Gross, Senior Vice President (U.S. Bank)

      12:00 PM
      Creative Strategies in Bank Litigation

        • What should you do to prepare for litigation, before it becomes necessary? What strategies are most effective to accurately predict how much it will cost and how long it will take?
        • What are the best and worst-case scenarios for litigation? How can you evaluate your prospective litigator?
        • When does it make sense to explore non-litigious alternatives, and what are the options?
        • When is it better to settle?

        • Edward Weil, Member (Dykema)
        • Daniela Raz, Investment Manager, Legal Counsel (Bentham IMF)
        • Carlos Delgado, Head of Special Assets Department (International Finance Bank)
        • Jay Verona, Partner (Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick LLP)

      12:45 PM

      1:45 PM
      Local Impact: Community Banks, Credit Unions, & Regional Banks

        • Given Florida’s strong bank M&A activity, how are smaller banks warding off acquisition while growing their own books of business? Can we expect to see more JVs between regional banks and non-bank platforms? What are the regulatory hurdles associated with these vehicles?
        • What are community banks, credit unions and regional banks doing to stay competitive throughout the Southeast?
        • What strategies are credit unions using to attract new business? What marketing tactics have been effective at appealing to various customers?
        • As a community bank, how do you control costs, define your niche and leverage technology? How are you managing deal flow?

        • Lisa Freeman, Loan Portfolio Operations Manager (Stearns Bank)
        • Jim Ketchersid, SVP & Special Assets Manager (Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach)
        • Daniel Pische, Senior Vice President (First American Bank)
        • Alan Leavitt, Managing Member (Lane Capital Partners LLC)

      2:30 PM
      Fresh Approaches to Receivership & Bankruptcy

        • What are the legal requirements for filing an involuntary bankruptcy and pre-filing considerations that need be vetted to properly assess the risks and rewards of this seldom-used strategy?
        • What are the lesser known tactics debtors may use to thwart an involuntary bankruptcy? What reputational issues could arise from a failed attempt, including potential sanctions?
        • How can you best manage the creditor process? What methods are most effective at identifying and avoiding unintended consequences while the bankruptcy proceeding is pending?
        • What are keys to success in receivership at this point in the cycle? What are the main differences in the receiver’s role by state?
        • What’s your decision-making process for using a receiver? In which situations would you opt against using a receiver? How do you vet receiver candidates, as well as quantify their costs and benefits?
        • When does it make more sense to explore ABCs vs. Bankruptcies vs. Article 9?
        • What are some recent deals in which assets were put into receivership in Florida? For what asset types are receivership deals experiencing an uptick, and what might that indicate about the outlook for receivers in South Florida and throughout the state?

        • Christopher Swieca, SVP (Wintrust Financial Corporation)
        • Francisco Connell, Principal (Chuhak & Tecson PC)
        • Michael Nanosky, President (Janus Hotels & Resorts)
        • Mark Hildreth, Partner (Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick LLP)
        • Mary Jo Heston, Judge (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

      3:15 PM
      Networking Break

      3:30 PM
      Auctions: Options & Obstacles

        • When do auctions make sense? How do you select the right auctioneer, auction process and auction format to maximize profit?
        • What obstacles have you encountered in realizing going concern value for operating borrowers, and how did you overcome them? What do you consider to be the most severe risks of auctions?
        • How do you decide between a live vs. online auction? Which assets are better suited for each type of auction? When does it make sense to hire a receiver instead of holding an auction?

        • David Gottlieb, Managing Director (Hilco Global)
        • Daniel Pische, Senior Vice President (First American Bank)
        • Andre Cuadrado, Founder & Principal (Rhenium Capital)
        • Christopher Swieca, SVP (Wintrust Financial Corporation)

      4:15 PM
      Late-Cycle Opportunities in C&I and SBA Lending

        • How are relationship lending practices affecting the growth of C&I originations by smaller banks? How does this differ for large banks?
        • What are the unique attributes and challenges of SBA loan workouts? How do these differ across larger 504, 7-A, and credit-scored loans?
        • What criteria do you use to evaluate middle-market and startup businesses as candidates for loans? How does this checklist vary by size and reach of the bank? How are you integrating technology to better serve middle-market borrowers?
        • What’s driving the uptick in SBA loan approvals, and which banks are leading the charge?  What are the expectations of today’s small business borrowers impacting your origination process?
        • How have banks changed their standards for C&I loans, and what does this mean for small and midsize firms? What trends are contributing to the uptick in non-conforming conventional C&I term loans?

        • Ethan Smith, Partner (Starfield & Smith, P.C.)
        • Scott Gillanders, SVP, SBA Credit & Operations Manager (Berkshire Bank)
        • Tammy Youst, President, SBA & USDA Dept (Centennial Bank)
        • Joseph Arie, EVP, Director (CIBM Bank)
        • Javier Jorge, VP SBA Director (Pilot Bank)

      5:00 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:00 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

      8:30 AM
      Registration and Breakfast

      9:00 AM
      Women in Banking Roundtable

        • Given that many banks are improving the diversity of their personnel, have you seen an increase in the number of women? What about the number of women on the other side of the table, representing the borrowers?
        • Has the increase in the number of women in banking and in Special Assets made it easier to get the job done? Any other changes resulting from the increased diversity?
        • How do you anticipate the roles of bank relationship managers and credit officers will change as the special assets sector matures?

        • Keelan French, Senior Correspondent Banker (North Avenue Capital)
        • Begoña Guzmán, SVP, General Counsel (Banco Santander International)
        • Lunelle Siegel, Senior Vice President, East Region Manager (BBVA)
        • Lisa Freeman, Loan Portfolio Operations Manager (Stearns Bank)
        • Mary Jo Heston, Judge (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

      9:45 AM
      Reimagining the Liquidation Model

        • To what extent are banks overlooking sources of liquidity, and does this carry the potential to materially affect how they execute right of offset and direct notification to a business’ customers?
        • How often are you finding that customers have the capacity to stay in business despite any action the bank takes?
        • What measures are you taking to assess the reliability of the financial statements you receive?
        • What methods are you using to track a borrower or guarantor’s cash reserves? What should your executive board be looking for to achieve a successful right of offset?

        • Jim Ketchersid, SVP & Special Assets Manager (Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach)
        • Erik Bowen, VP & Portfolio Manager (Axos Bank)
        • Adam Evans, Senior Vice President (Hilco Global)
        • Joel Minamide, SVP (U.S. Bank)

      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

      11:00 AM
      The Evolving Roles of Credit & Risk Officers

        • What skills and credentials should senior credit and risk officers have, and how are their roles changing? How does the roles of differ at large, national banks, as compared to smaller regional and community banks and credit unions?
        • What are the key elements of the training process for in-house credit risk officers? How do you measure performance?
        • What tools do you use to understand your exposure to credit risk? What controls have you added to manage risk? How do you prioritize processes as part of your overall credit risk management strategy?
        • What underwriting risks have emerged this year, and how will they impact your bank in the long term?
        • How are you addressing cyber risk, fraud and other external threats to your bank?
        • Which processes used by FinTech firms and non-traditional lenders are applicable within your bank?
        • What are banks doing to address diversity and inclusion among chief and other senior-level risk officers?

        • David Weinstein, Chief Credit Officer (Blacksail Capital Partners)
        • Tom Constantine, EVP & Chief Credit Officer (Axos Bank)
        • Fabien Galindo, Regional Credit Officer (Lone Star National Bank)
        • Stan Rubin, EVP, CFO & Chief Risk Officer (Ocean Bank)

      11:45 AM
      Unearthing Opportunities in Special Assets: Unexpected Drivers & Disruptors

        • What are some of the more surprising trends that could impact the special assets sector?
        • How do expect climate trends to impact Florida’s financial services industry?
        • What impact will the protracted economic recovery have on the growth of special assets over the next several quarters?
        • Which markets will be most vulnerable in a downturn, in Florida and across the U.S.? Which will be the beneficiaries of slower economic growth?
        • As more assets move from special assets to OREO, which property types and submarkets are showing the most opportunity?
        • If 2020 does not bring a recession, in what year will it occur, and how will it compare to the most recent downturn?
        • How have you adjusted your business strategy in response to slowing economic growth, peak asset values and intense competition for credit?

        • Joel Minamide, SVP (U.S. Bank)
        • Dave Dawson, Executive Vice President & Director (First Horizon Bank)
        • Robert Orr, Principal (Sandton Partners)
        • Ira Perlmuter, Director, Chairman - Credit and Compliance (Community Federal Savings Bank)

      12:30 PM
      The 10th Annual Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer’s Forum Concludes



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