Bank Special Assets (Midwest)
Chicago, IL
September 12 - 13, 2019


IMN’s 9th Annual Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer's Forum (Midwest) returns to Chicago, IL on September 12-13, 2019. The forum continues to be the only place where special assets and credit workout professionals, special servicers, turnaround advisors, receivers, auctioneers and law firms can meet to discuss the latest on C&I, SBA Loans, Real Estate, Equipment, Oil & Gas and more.
As volatility creeps into the economy and as deals slowly but surely come to surface, now is the time to join our senior delegation of distressed debt professionals for 1.5 days of deal making, relationship building and thought leadership. 

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See you on September 12-13!

Who Should Attend
  • Bankers (Special Assets/Credit Professionals)
  • Law/Accounting Professionals
  • Turnaround Advisory Firms
  • Buyers of Notes, C&I, and SBA Loans
  • REO Brokers
  • Receivers
  • Auctioneers

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    Thursday, September 12th, 2019

      Industry & Macroeconomic Outlook

        • What risks are you observing in the real estate sector, and how are they affecting how you underwrite loans, manage your portfolios and expand your clientele?
        • What’s your outlook for household debt and credit? What trends are you observing around subprime originations, and do you see any risks around growth in that space?           
        • How have you adjusted your business strategy in response to slowing economic growth, peak asset values and intense competition for credit?
        • Which growth opportunities are unique to the Midwest?
        • What are your predictions for deal flow and default rates for the remainder of 2019 and early 2020?

      Regulatory Review

        • What regulatory trends are you following most closely, and how do their effects differ for local, regional and national banks, and across various bank functions?
        • What impact could the Fed have on your ability to attract new partners and investors?
        • What aspects of the Fed’s changing policy framework are most concerning to you?
        • What opportunities could arise from the Fed’s revisions to regulatory control rules? 
        • What do you expect to be the impact of CECL?

      Revisiting the Liquidation Model

        • How often are you finding that customers have the ability to stay afloat despite any action the bank takes?
        • To what extent are banks overlooking sources of liquidity, and does this carry the potential to materially affect how they execute right of offset and direct notification to a business’ customers?
        • How do you assess the reliability of the financial statements you receive?
        • What methods are you using to track a borrower or guarantor’s cash reserves? What should your executive board be looking for to achieve a successful right of offset?

      Case Studies in Receivership

        • What do you consider to be best practices in receivership at this stage in the cycle? By contrast, what lessons have you learned from not-so-successful receivership processes?
        • What’s your decision-making process for using a receiver? In which situations would you opt against using a receiver? How do you vet receiver candidates, as well as quantify their costs and benefits?
        • In the Chicago area, what are some of the most recent deals in which assets were put into receivership? What asset types are experiencing the highest rate of receivership deals, and what might that indicate about the outlook for receivers in the city and the Midwest? What are the key differences in the receiver’s role by state?

      Auctions: Options & Obstacles

        • When do auctions make sense? How do you select the right auctioneer, auction process and auction format to maximize profit?
        • What obstacles have you encountered in realizing going concern value for operating borrowers, and how did you overcome them? What do you consider to be the most severe risks of auctions?
        • How do you decide between a live vs. online auction? Which assets are better suited for each type of auction? When does it make sense to hire a receiver instead of holding an auction?

      The Hunt for Deals: Buyers Weigh In

        • What’s the outlook for the debt-buying market for the rest of 2019 and beyond? What types of assets are you buying right now? What sectors present the best opportunities for long-term growth, and which are you avoiding?
        • How do you source and evaluate deals? What kind of banks are the top sources of deal flow?
        • How do you approach deals with banks of varying size and reach? Are you partnering with non-bank lenders? What unique challenges and opportunities does each type present? How do you handle negotiations?
        • What are some recent successful deals you’ve been involved in, and what have you learned from ones that didn’t go as well?

      Sourcing the Right Turnaround Expert for Your Workout

        • When does it make sense to retain a turnaround expert? How do you evaluate potential turnaround managers? What opportunities exist for turnaround managers in the current market?
        • How long does it typically take to complete a workout? Which markets are seeing the most growth in workouts? What’s your outlook for workouts for the rest of the year and in 2020?
        • What have you learned from recent successful and not-so-successful workouts?

      The Competitive Landscape of Small Business Lending

        • How are small business lending practices evolving? How are relationship lending practices affecting the growth of C&I originations by smaller banks? How does this differ for large banks?
        • How have banks changed their standards for C&I loans, and what does this mean for small and midsize firms?
        • What criteria do you use to evaluate startup businesses as candidates for loans? How does this checklist vary by size and reach of the bank?
        • How are you integrating technology to better serve small business customers? Do you accept small business loan applications online? What are the best opportunities for small lenders in today’s market?
        • What loan terms are available for small business loans, and which products are in highest demand? What are the expectations of today’s small business borrowers, and what is your bank doing to exceed them? How are changing expectations impacting your origination process?

      Innovations in Debt Collection

        • What trends are having the most significant impact on the debt collection industry?
        • What technologies are collections officers using to increase operational efficiency?
        • What is the outlook for consumer debt, and what opportunities and risks does this present for debt collectors?
        • How is legislation around the use of personal data impacting the debt collection industry?
        • What is the return on investment of leveraging digitization and fintech in the debt collection sector?

      Multifamily Special Asset Management

        • What’s your long-term outlook for the housing market, and what opportunities and risks does this create for the multifamily sector?
        • How are multifamily lenders adjusting pricing and credit terms at this stage in the cycle?
        • How are the agencies approaching multifamily special asset management? In which markets are these loans concentrated, and for which asset classes?
        • How much have you reserved this year for those loans, and how do you expect that amount to change in the coming quarters?

      FinTech Trends

        • How are you leveraging fintech to better underwrite loans, access new customers, and build sustainable portfolios? How can fintech materially impact your reporting, compliance, and other operational areas?
        • What can smaller banks learn from larger banks in terms of implementing blockchain?
        • Why aren’t more banks implementing distributed ledger technology? What are the most pressing risks?
        • What opportunities does the growth of cryptocurrency offer credit unions and niche banks?
        • What are the most recent and most compelling applications of blockchain and bitcoin in the special assets space? How likely are you to adopt these technologies? What do you consider to be the greatest risks?



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