Bank Special Assets (Midwest)
Chicago, IL
September 13 - 14, 2021


The forum continues to be the only place where special assets and credit workout professionals, special servicers, turnaround advisors, receivers, auctioneers and law firms can meet to discuss the latest on C&I, SBA Loans, Real Estate, Equipment, Oil & Gas and more.
As volatility creeps into the economy and as deals slowly but surely come to surface, now is the time to join our senior delegation of distressed debt professionals for 1.5 days of deal making, relationship building and thought leadership. 

Of course the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.

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See you this September!

Who Should Attend
  • Bankers (Special Assets/Credit Professionals)
  • Law/Accounting Professionals
  • Turnaround Advisory Firms
  • Buyers of Notes, C&I, and SBA Loans
  • REO Brokers
  • Receivers
  • Auctioneers

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    Monday, September 13th, 2021

      7:00 AM
      Tier One Registration

      8:00 AM
      Tier Two Registration

      7:45 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Conference Attendees

      8:55 AM
      IMN Opening Remarks

      9:00 AM
      Distressed CRE Market Outlook & The Special Assets Landscape

        • To what degree have you seen real distressed opportunities in the past few months?  Which markets and which asset classes are exhibiting most distress?
        • How has the Biden administration impacted real estate and banking industry regulations? What risks and opportunities do you envisage moving forward due to regulatory change?
        • Which workout remedies are banks employing?
        • When forbearance does not suffice, what are next steps to achieving a more complex workout?
        • By region and sector, what does the outlook for special assets look like?
        • How is demand changing for C&I vs. real estate vs. agricultural vs. auto and other loans? How have you adjusted your definition of “distressed” in each of these categories?
        • What role does climate risk play in your portfolio management strategy?
        • Which new risks will pose the greatest threats to your balance sheet?

        • Edward Weil, Member (Dykema)
        • Scott Gillanders, SVP, Credit & Operations Manager (Berkshire Bank)
        • Jon Winick, CEO (Clark Street Capital)
        • Randy Schwarzman, SVP, Special Assets (Fifth Third Bank)
        • Chris Friis, CLO (First Secure Bank and Trust)
        • David Tobin, Principal (Mission Capital Advisors)
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      9:45 AM
      Buyers & Sellers Strategy Roundtable

        • What is deal flow like right now and how are you sourcing deals? 
        • What asset types are you buying and looking to buy?  Which markets are you focused on for hospitality and retail transactions?
        • What sectors present the best opportunities for long-term growth, and which are you steering clear of?
        • Which risks will have the greatest impact on your buying/selling strategy?
        • What kinds of pricing are you seeing for discounted sales?
        • How do you negotiate with banks of varying size and reach? What unique challenges and opportunities does each type present?
        • Are you partnering with non-bank lenders? Why or why not?
        • What is the best deal you have bought into recently?

        • DeAnn O'Donovan, CEO, Fund Management (University Bank (Midwest Loan Solutions))
        • Brad Salzer, President (Redstone Investments)
        • Rick Spencer, SVP - Problem Loan Manager (Truist Financial Corporation)
        • Will Hough, Vice President (Directed Capital)
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      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

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      11:15 AM
      Loan Sales, Auctions & Distressed Asset Dispositions

        • What does the auction market for distressed property notes look like?
        • What liability issues do you expect to arise with auctions? Where are the next opportunities?
        • How does the opportunity set compare for OREOs?
        • What alternatives are there to distressed asset sales aside from auctions? Who are some of the most active players in distressed asset and note sales?
        • Which important tax considerations are often overlooked in distressed asset transactions?
        • What are keys to success in executing an online auction?
        • What have you learned from deals that fell through? What are some recent successful deals you’ve done?

        • Brad Salzer, President (Redstone Investments)
        • Ryan Nelson, President (FORESITE Realty)
        • Steven Hislop, Group Leader (Midwest, Inc)
        • David Levy, Director (Summit Investment Management)
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      12:00 PM
      Executing a Successful Receivership

        • How has the outlook changed for receiverships as a workout remedy?
        • Which asset classes and markets have been most significantly impacted in the past year?
        • What are some of the lesser-known challenges and keys to success in executing receiverships?
        • What questions should you be asking your receiver?
        • What do all parties need to know about the initial receivership order, powers and authorities and reporting requirements to the court?
        • Lessons learned from more complex or less successful receiverships?

        • Paige Tinkham, Partner (BlankRome)
        • Amy Hatch, Shareholder (Polsinelli PC)
        • Zachary Prendergast, Partner (Robbins Kelly Patterson & Tucker)
        • Carrie Brosius, Of Counsel (Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, LLP)
        • Mark Iammartino, Senior Managing Director (Development Specialists Inc. )
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      12:45 PM

      2:00 PM
      Distressed Opportunities in the Hospitality, Retail and Office Sectors

        • What sort of distressed activity did we see in this sector in the past year?  What’s the outlook for the next 6-12 months?
        • What will the recovery look like for different hotel property types?  Independents, brands, luxury, motels, resorts etc.
        • What strategies are investors and lenders employing to find value in this environment?
        • Which capital sources are most attractive right now for owners?
        • How are terms changing for preferred equity, senior and mezzanine debt?
        • Identifying and evaluating value-add opportunities
        • How will short-term rentals impact the hotel industry moving forward?
        • Transforming brownfield sites into industrial and other adaptive reuse strategies

        • Jason Kuwayama, Shareholder (Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.)
        • Benjamin Sabraw, Managing Director (SMS Financial LLC)
        • Rick Spencer, SVP - Problem Loan Manager (Truist Financial Corporation)
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      2:45 PM
      Novel Strategies for Collections & Enforcement

        • How to ensure that you get you recover your money with minimal issues
        • Lessons learned from successful collections and how to avoid the cases that go wrong
        • Which new technologies are changing the way in which collections and enforcement is managed?
        • How can existing technologies be better utilized to gain the most efficiency within these processes?
        • What strategies can be used to minimize collection costs?  Which pitfalls should be avoided to sidestep unexpected costs?  How can attorney fees be recovered?
        • Understanding the requirements for post-judgement collection remedies in your state

        • William Dorsey, Partner (BlankRome)
        • Eric Ernst, Director, Special Assets (BOK Financial)
        • Brian Bedinghaus, Shareholder (Roetzel & Andress, LPA)
        • Bill Serritella, Jr., Partner (Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP)
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      3:30 PM
      Networking Break

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      4:00 PM
      Litigation: Costs, Damages, Time & Alternative Solutions

        • How has the volume of litigation changed in the past year?  Where are you targeting cases of distress?
        • Understanding the costs and time associated with litigation. How much is this going to cost? How long is this going to take? How do I prepare for this?
        • What non-litigious alternatives are available in various situations?
        • When might litigation be necessary? What are the best and worst possible outcomes? How do you evaluate your potential litigator? How do you devise a strategy?
        • When to settle and how to save face
        • Case studies from a turbulent 18 months

        • Bill Serritella, Jr., Partner (Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP)
        • Jeffrey Jamison, Senior Counsel & VP (BMO Financial Group)
        • Christopher H. Ezell, Partner (Jones Walker LLP)
        • Adam Witkov, Partner (Michael Best & Friedrich LLP)
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      4:45 PM
      Chief Credit & Risk Officer Roundtable

        • What skills and credentials should senior credit and risk officers have, and how are their roles changing? How does the roles of differ at large, national banks, as compared to smaller regional and community banks and credit unions?
        • What are the key elements of the training process for in-house credit risk officers? How do you measure performance?
        • What tools do you use to understand your exposure to credit risk? What controls have you added to manage risk? How do you prioritize processes as part of your overall credit risk management strategy?
        • What underwriting risks have emerged this year, and how will they impact your bank in the long term?
        • How are you addressing cyber risk, fraud and other external threats to your bank?
        • Which processes used by FinTech firms and non-traditional lenders are applicable within your bank?
        • What are banks doing to address diversity and inclusion among chief and other senior-level risk officers?

        • Jason Kuwayama, Shareholder (Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.)
        • Joseph Arie, President, SBA Division (Bank of Edison)
        • Giulio Camerini, Principal, CRC (Crowe LLP)
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      5:30 PM
      Networking Drinks Reception

      6:30 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

      8:30 AM

      9:15 AM
      Preparing for the Next Wave of CRE Loan Defaults, Workouts & Turnarounds

        • Which new risks are facing commercial real estate loans and what impact will this have on special servicing?
        • How is the relationship changing between borrowers, lenders and servicers?
        • To what extent have lenders shifted from forbearance, deferment, etc., to enforcement of remedies through foreclosure or loan sale?
        • What creative workout scenarios are borrowers and lenders discussing? What is actually being agreed upon? What happens once the forbearances/seasonality reserves or other reserves run out?
        • How does turnaround and workout activity vary by sector and geography? What do distressed asset owners need to know when considering a workout?
        • What are your predictions for distressed deal flow and default rates? How is this informing your risk management strategy?
        • What impact do federal income tax considerations have on the structure of a workout? How might this change with the new administration?

        • Mark Silverman, Member (Dykema)
        • Jordan Zavislak, Senior Vice President (Directed Capital)
        • Ronald Lubin, Executive Vice President (Hilco Real Estate, LLC)
        • Christopher Swieca, SVP (Wintrust Financial Corporation)
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      10:00 AM
      Turnarounds & Workouts: When to Go to the Specialists

        • When is a turnaround manager necessary? How do you select one? What is marketplace like right now?
        • Which markets are turnaround specialists most active in? Where has hiring increased? What is the average length of a workout?
        • What needs to be on your checklist when vetting a specialist?
        • For what types of workouts are turnaround specialists being hired?
        • What have you learned from more challenging turnaround scenarios?

        • Scott Gillanders, SVP, Credit & Operations Manager (Berkshire Bank)
        • Jennifer Camp, Commercial VP, Special Assets (Fifth Third Bank)
        • Gino Salciccioli, VP of Portfolio Management (Michigan Business Connection)
        • Daniel Dooley, Shareholder (Polsinelli PC)
        • David Levy, Director (Summit Investment Management)
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      10:45 AM
      Networking Break

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      11:00 AM
      C&I Loans Market Review & Outlook

        • What are current credit conditions? Do you see things tightening up or relaxing? How do you see spreads moving? What does this indicate for the market as a whole?
        • Has your risk tolerance risen? What is liquidity line in secondary markets? Why are clients applying for loans? Capital improvements?
        • What is the current borrower appetite for non-bank sources of capital?  What is the demand for re-fis?
        • What do you foresee for interest rates and their impact on C&I borrowing?
        • How impactful are C&I loans to your business? Are you scaling up or scaling down? What happens when rates rise? How are you positioned?

        • Zachary Prendergast, Partner (Robbins Kelly Patterson & Tucker)
        • Brad Boyd, Group Leader (Midwest Inc.)
        • Terry O’Grady, Managing Director (Sterling National Bank)
        • Jon Winick, CEO (Clark Street Capital)
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      11:45 AM
      SBA & PPP Lending Outlook

        • What are the most important tax implications of PPP loans?
        • How are lenders viewing PPP loans in their credit analysis?
        • What are the latest developments in PPP loan forgiveness? How does this impact borrowers across various business types and ownership structures? What methods are available to calculate a business’ eligibility for loan forgiveness?
        • How are customer needs changing for borrowers of SBA loans?
        • How is the PPP process changing? How are CPAs are presenting PPP proceeds in financial statements?
        • What impact will SBA rules have on your loan portfolios and risk management strategy?
        • How may regulatory changes impact the outlook for SBA lending? What new risks are on the horizon?

        • Joseph Arie, President, SBA Division (Bank of Edison)
        • Huy Tran, AVP - Business Development Officer (Byline Bank)
        • Alan Lane-Murcia, First Vice President (First American Bank)
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      12:30 PM
      IMN’s Midwest Bank Special Assets & Credit Officers’ Forum Concludes



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