Bank Special Assets (West)
Dana Point, CA
June 17 - 18, 2021


IMN is pleased to announce that our acclaimed Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer's Forum will come to Dana Point, CA on June 17-18, 2021.

eaning into successful editions in Chicago and Miami – each going into their 10th year – the West Coast conference will bring together special assets and credit professionals to discuss the latest developments across a multitude of sectors, including Commercial & Industrial, SBA Loans, Real Estate, Equipment, Oil & Gas, Retail and more.

Delegates will hear from an expert speaking faculty consisting of Bank Special Asset Managers, Litigators & Insolvency Attorneys, Turnaround Firms, Receivers, Auctioneers, Appraisers, Collectors and more as they share critical insights on a range of topics, including:
  • Buyers Panel: State of the Market
  • Litigation: Costs, Damages, Time & Alternative Solutions
  • SBA Loans in Community & Regional Banks
  • Where Will Rate Cuts Take Us in 2020?
  • And much more!
As volatility creeps into the market, the late Spring conference is well-positioned to provide West Coast credit professionals a platform for thought leadership, high-level industry education and dealmaking opportunities.

Be sure to check back for the conference date announcement!

Who Should Attend
  • Bankers (Special Assets/Credit Professionals)
  • Law/Accounting Professionals
  • Turnaround Advisory Firms
  • Buyers of Notes, C&I, and SBA Loans
  • Receivers
  • Auctioneers

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My Agenda

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    Preliminary Agenda

      From Forbearance to Special Assets: Preparing for an Uptick in Distressed Lending

        • What types of loans will move from forbearance to special assets in 2021?
        • What steps are you taking to prepare for increased capacity?
        • What solutions are you providing to borrowers facing liquidity constraints?
        • Which property sectors will see more distress as a result of macroeconomic disruption?
        • To what extent are CARES Act provisions helping banks protect their loan portfolios?


      The Next Boom in Turnaround & Restructuring

        • What new opportunities are arising for turnaround managers?
        • What adjustments are you making/will need to meet turnaround and restructuring demand?
        • How does turnaround activity vary by market?
        • What makes a successful restructuring work?
        • What challenges have you encountered in recent restructuring deals?

      Monetizing PPP Loans

        • How will PPP loans impact your balance sheet?
        • What risks could PPP loans create for the banking sector?
        • How are banks handling priority disputes involving PPP loans?
        • How will physical distancing impact your ability to monetize PPP loans?
        • How are you using technology to streamline the loan approval process?

      Special Assets After COVID-19: Industry Report Card & Macroeconomic Forecast

        • Which non-essential businesses are likely to weather a downturn, and which will be less resilient?
        • How will job losses impact the employment forecast for California and the West Coast? Which sectors are positioned for growth in the region?
        • What impact will the global pandemic and market upheaval have on financial services in California and throughout the West?
        • Which markets will be most vulnerable in a downturn, in California and across the U.S.? Which will be the beneficiaries of a slowdown?
        • What macroeconomic trends are poised to sustain growth in special assets? How does the opportunity set compare for banks of varying size and geographic reach?

      SBA Lending Update

        • What strategies are you using to match borrowers with SBA relief options?
        • What are the unique attributes and challenges of SBA loan workouts? How do these differ across larger 504, 7-A, and credit-scored loans?
        • Which banks are leading the charge in SBA loan approvals, and how might that change in 2021? 
        • What impact will SBA rules have on your loan portfolios and risk management strategy?

      Modifying Distressed Loans

        • What loan modification options are you extending to borrowers, and do you plan to adjust these in a distressed lending environment?
        • What degree of softening are you seeing in real estate, and how is that affecting how you underwrite loans, manage your portfolios and attract new business?
        • What are your predictions for deal flow and default rates in 2021? How is this informing your business strategy? What is the outlook for JV partners funding problem mortgages?
        • Which property sectors will see more distress as a result of macroeconomic disruption?
        • How have you adjusted your definition of “distressed” as it pertains to real estate vs. C&I vs. agricultural loans?

      Pipeline Report: Buyers & Sellers Weigh In

        • Which non-essential businesses are likely to weather a downturn, and which will be less resilient?
        • What’s in your 2021 pipeline? How do you plan to adjust this amid market instability? What types of assets are you buying right now, and where are you pulling back? What sectors present the best opportunities for long-term growth, and which are you avoiding?
        • How do you source and evaluate deals? What kind of banks are the top sources of deal flow?
        • How does your approach to negotiating vary by bank? Are you partnering with non-bank lenders? What unique challenges and opportunities does each type present?
        • What are some deals you’ve recently executed successfully, and what have you learned from not-so-successful deals?

      Looming Risks & Untapped Opportunities in Special Assets

        • What strategies are you using to identify, attract and retain special assets officers and relationship managers?
        • As more assets move from special assets to OREO, which property types and submarkets are showing the most opportunity?
        • What’s your outlook for household debt? What trends are you observing around subprime originations, and do you see any risks around growth in that space? What risks are arising in car loan portfolios, and what are you doing to address them?
        • How do you expect climate trends to impact California’s financial services industry?
        • Which growth drivers will have long-term impacts on the special assets sector?

      Regulatory Update: What Bankers & Debt Collectors Need to Know

        • What opportunities and challenges could the California Department of Financial Protection create for banks, debt collectors and other financial services providers?
        • What risks do you anticipate arising from the transition from LIBOR to SOFR? How would a delayed deadline resulting from the global pandemic impact your business?
        • What are business lenders doing to prepare for a potential rollout of new consumer protection measures?
        • What effects are you anticipating from California’s proposed consumer data privacy law?
        • What are the pros and cons of a pro-innovation approach to banking regulation?

      A Seat at the Table: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Banking

        • What are financial institutions doing to address diversity, equity and inclusion among chief and other senior-level risk officers? How do these efforts impact entry-level and early- to mid-career bankers?
        • Given that many banks are improving the diversity of their personnel, have you seen an increase in the number of women? What about the number of women on the other side of the table, representing the borrowers?
        • Has the increase in the number of women in banking and in Special Assets made it easier to get the job done? Any other changes resulting from the improvements in diversity?
        • How do you anticipate the roles of bank relationship managers and credit officers will change as the special assets sector matures?

      Golden Opportunity: Wealth Management for Credit Unions

        • What strategies are you pursuing to expand your credit union’s investment services?
        • How can credit officers leverage loyalty to provide better solutions for their clients? What can be learned from wealth managers?
        • What are success stories of credit unions investing in technology, IT and social media/marketing to expand their investment services offerings?
        • How do credit unions’ investment services offerings compare by region and size of the bank?

      Creative Strategies in Bankruptcy & Receivership

        • What bankruptcy filing trends are you monitoring, and how are they impacting your loan portfolios?
        • What are some recent deals in which assets were put into receivership in California? For what asset types are receivership deals experiencing an uptick, and what might that indicate about the outlook for receivers in California and throughout the West?
        • How can you best manage the creditor process? What methods are most effective at identifying and avoiding unintended consequences while the bankruptcy proceeding is pending?
        • What’s your decision-making process for using a receiver? In which situations would you opt against using a receiver? How do you vet receiver candidates, as well as quantify their costs and benefits?
        • When does it make more sense to explore ABCs vs. Bankruptcies vs. Article 9?
        • What are the legal requirements for filing an involuntary bankruptcy and pre-filing considerations that need be vetted to properly assess the risks and rewards of this seldom-used strategy?
        • What are the lesser known tactics debtors may use to thwart an involuntary bankruptcy? What reputational issues could arise from a failed attempt, including potential sanctions?

      Anatomy of a Workout

        • Framing workout scenarios and options
        • The workout process and action planning — 5 steps to success
        • Dealing with the 4 categories of problem loans: Turnaround/Restructuring; Distressed Sale/Foreclosure/Wind-Down/ Rights & Remedies; Orderly Sale/Liquidation/Deed in Lieu; The False Alarm
        • Fraud — Knowing the red flags
        • The 25 “must-have” clauses in every workout/forbearance/modification agreement
        • Pre-workout agreements, forbearance, deferrals, modifications and amendments — managing the key issues
        • Proper and cost-effective use of third-party professionals

      Fresh Approaches to Bank Litigation

        • What should you do to prepare for litigation, before it becomes necessary? What strategies are most effective to accurately predict how much it will cost and how long it will take?
        • What are the best and worst-case scenarios for litigation? How can you evaluate your prospective litigator?
        • When does it make sense to explore non-litigious alternatives, and what are the options?
        • When is it better to settle?

      Chief Credit & Risk Officers Roundtable

        • What underwriting risks have emerged this year, and how will they impact your bank in the long term?
        • What tools do you use to understand your exposure to credit risk? What controls have you added to manage risk? How do you prioritize processes as part of your overall credit risk management strategy?
        • How are you addressing cyber risk, fraud and other external threats to your bank?
        • Which processes used by fintech firms and non-traditional lenders are applicable within your bank?
        • What skills and credentials should senior credit and risk officers have, and how are their roles changing? How does the roles of differ at large, national banks, as compared to smaller regional and community banks and credit unions?
        • What are the key elements of the training process for in-house credit risk officers? How do you measure performance?

      Optimizing Virtual Auctions

        • When do auctions make sense? How do you select the right auctioneer, auction process and auction format to maximize profit?
        • What obstacles have you encountered in realizing going concern value for operating borrowers, and how did you overcome them? What do you consider to be the most severe risks of auctions?
        • What tools do you use for online auctions? What works best for various types of auctions, and what do virtual tools leave to be desired? When does it make sense to hire a receiver instead of holding an auction?

      Reimagining the Liquidation Model

        • To what extent are banks overlooking sources of liquidity, and does this carry the potential to materially affect how they execute right of offset and direct notification to a business’ customers?
        • How often are you finding that customers have the capacity to stay in business despite any action the bank takes?
        • What measures are you taking to assess the reliability of the financial statements you receive?
        • What methods are you using to track a borrower or guarantor’s cash reserves? What should your executive board be looking for to achieve a successful right of offset?

      Trends in C&I Loans

        • How are relationship lending practices affecting the growth of C&I originations by smaller banks? How does this differ for large banks?
        • What criteria do you use to evaluate middle-market and startup businesses as candidates for loans? How does this checklist vary by size and reach of the bank? How are you integrating technology to better serve middle-market borrowers?
        • How have banks changed their standards for C&I loans, and what does this mean for small and midsize firms? What trends are contributing to the uptick non-conforming conventional C&I term loans?


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  • Preliminary Agenda

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