International Securities Finance
New Orleans, LA
January 24 - 25, 2023


A program designed for Beneficial Owners by Beneficial Owners.

IMN's 28th Annual Beneficial Owners' International Securities Finance & Collateral Management Conference will take place January 24-25, 2023 in New Orleans, LA. The event has been held for over two decades and, in this time, has established itself as the leading platform to meet beneficial owners and learn about major issues affecting them, including regulatory changes, technological innovations and structural transformations in this market. 

This is a conference for beneficial owners by beneficial owners. The advisory board, consisting solely of beneficial owners, guides the content production, including speaker acquisition, ensuring a timely and educational program for all attendees.

Beneficial owners receive complimentary passes to attend. For further information, please visit the event registration page.

Who Should Attend
Executives and decision-makers involved in Securities Finance, Collateral Management and/or Global Custody, including but not limited to:
  • Heads of Securities Lending/Financing
  • Investment Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Collateral Managers
  • Risk/Investment Risk Managers
  • Treasury Managers
  • Investment Operations/ Treasury Operations Managers
  • Front Office/Middle Office Managers
The Summit is geared toward Beneficial Owners from the following types of institutions:
  • Public and Corporate Pension Funds
  • Asset Management firms
  • Mutual Funds
  • Unit Trusts
  • Investment Management firms
  • Building Societies
  • Assurance Companies
  • Superannuation Schemes
Securities Lending & Collateral Management Industry Professionals:
  • Banks
  • Broker/Dealers
  • Specialist Agents
  • Agent Lenders
  • Consultants
  • Attorneys
  • Technology Providers
The Borrower Community would also find the event of value.

Conference Highlights

Networking Tutorial

    Platform Introduction
    Getting Started
    Updating Personal Info
    Updating Demographics
    Searching By Name/Company
    Filter By Demographics
    Send Invitation
    Accept Invitation
    Messaging Connections
    Post Conference Content

My Agenda

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    Preliminary Agenda

      Looking to the Future: The State of the Global Securities Finance Market

        • Exploring key market drivers for 2023 and beyond
        • How are rising interest rates and long-term inflation impacting the market?
        • What disruptors will impact the market in the near future?
        • Trends in costs, pricing and revenues
        • What market pressures will influence borrower behavior and how can you prepare to combat these pressures?
        • How can CCPs, peer to peer, synthetics, alternative forms of collateral help the industry adapt to a constantly changing environment?
        • Balancing price stability and fiscal sustainability while promoting market growth
        • Regulatory changes, aggressive business goals, technological dependencies, and on-going market risks - What does the future hold for pre- and post-trade operations?

      Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through the Use of Data, Benchmarking, Standardization and Program Oversight

        • Best practices when evaluating performance management and data products
        • What is the data saying about current market opportunities?
        • How are regulations impacting the effective use of data in securities finance?
        • How big data is disrupting the market
        • Exploring in-house and independent program oversight
        • Considerations for beneficial owners around benchmarking and standardization
        • Exploring the latest tools and processes that beneficial owners are using to track their performance, plus that of their competitors and service providers

      Embedding ESG and Sustainable Development Principles into Your Securities Lending Business?

        • How can ESG priorities offer investors potential long-term performance advantages?
        • How are beneficial owners working with borrowers and agent lenders to ensure ESG standards are met?
        • Exploring the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR)
        • ESG collateral: Are you double counting green initiatives?
        • Are you prioritizing carbon emissions, corporate governance, energy consumption, diversity and inclusion or a combination of them all?
        • How are ESG-related policies being implemented and reported to institutional investors?
        • Exploring ESG-friendly platforms and technological innovations

      Barriers to Innovation: Why Is the Market Not Taking More Risk?

        • What types of technological platforms and innovations can help advance the market?
        • Should beneficial owners be taking more risk?  Would it help to grow the market?
        • Should there be more aggressive risk vs. return standards?
        • Why does the market appear hesitant to innovate?
        • How any why innovation leads to sustainability
        • It innovation only about new technology?

      Why Indemnification Matters to Beneficial Owners

        • Exploring counterparty default indemnification
        • Leverage ratios, counterparty exposure limits and credit risk costs
        • Should the indemnification be limited only to the loan transaction or extended to cover the collateral reinvestment?
        • Balance sheet limitations
        • Jurisdiction and regulatory differences
        • Standardized vs. advanced approaches to capital calculations
        • How does indemnification impact your risk profile?

      Market Gamechangers: What Technology Platforms & Alternative Trading Models are Disrupting the Industry?

        • Exploring technology trends in the market
        • Is technology beneficial to the market, or is it making things more difficult?
        • Can Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence improve existing processes and make things more efficient?
        • What progress has been made by CCPs to offer solutions to the buy side?
        • How can CCPs better incentivize the buy-side to participate?
        • Buy-side benefits to investing in new technology
        • How does technology and alternative trading models impact overall risk, transparency, costs, benchmarking and efficiency?

      Innovative Approaches to Cash Collateral Management and Reinvestment in Lending and Repo

        • What is driving borrower demand for liquidity?
        • What revenue opportunities exist for beneficial owners considering alternative collateral profiles?  What are the impacts on risk and return?
        • What is driving beneficial owner demand for funding/liquidity
        • How are beneficial owners adapting collateral policies, oversight and compliance protocols to manage broader sets of collateral?
        • Strategies for managing reinvestment risk
        • Do we see beneficial owners rethinking their collateral management/optimization?
        • What concerns are there around bringing crypto in the securities lending world?
        • In what ways do these challenges vary for pension funds, insurance companies, corporates and mutual funds?
        • What opportunities and challenges are investors and repo traders seeing?
        • Current pricing on repo contracts
        • Can the repo market benefit from innovation and advancements in technology?

      Market Risks: How Inflation, Rising Interest Rates and Geo-Political Issues are Impacting the Market

        • How are supply chain issues, Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan, and Geo-Political issues affecting risk in the market?
        • How are inflation and rising interest rates impacting the risk/return profile for beneficial owners?
        • Cost-benefit analysis of cash and non-cash lending
        • How are beneficial owners adapting collateral policies, oversight and compliance protocols in a volatile environment?
        • Has the use of cash collateral been impacted by rising interest rates and inflation?  What will we see in the near future?
        • Are there new trends emerging in collateral profiles for beneficial owners and borrowers?

      Stock Loan Fee Splits - Exploring the Need for More Transparency

        • Are current fee splits transparent enough?
        • Are fixed fee split arrangements in the best interests of fund investors?  Do they contradict ESMA guidelines?
        • Exploring investor protection rules
        • Do fixed fee split arrangements raise the risk of investors being effectively overcharged?
        • Income attribution and conflicts of interests in EU retail investment funds
        • What are the nuances to be aware of and how do different firms approach these nuances?
        • What disclosures are necessary in fund documentation?

      Prime Broker and Hedge Fund Perspectives

        • How is the role of the prime broker changing? 
        • What value-added services are hedge funds looking for in the current volatile market?
        • How are hedge funds using securities lending data to infer their shorting decisions?
        • How can a beneficial owner use derivatives to help expand a program?
        • What operational and strategical impact will regulatory change, inflation, rising interest rates have on your business in the coming year?
        • Where is the most demand for securities coming from?  What niche opportunities are hedge funds looking for?

      How the Evolving Regulatory Landscape is Impacting the Market

        • What are the latest regulations that market participants need to be aware of?
        • What opportunities do the latest regulations offer to the industry?
        • Is the market poised to see more transparency?
        • Expectations for the implementation of final Basel III rules and SA-CCR
        • Exploring success strategies that alleviate issues related to increased regulation
        • Navigating the SEC’s agenda

      Trends in Non-Cash and Alternative Collateral Profiles

        • Addressing the continued need for flexible thinking in the current market
        • What revenue opportunities exist for beneficial owners considering alternative collateral profiles?  What are the risk/return impacts?
        • How beneficial owners are adapting collateral policies, oversight and compliance protocols to manage broader sets of collateral
        • Using ETFs as collateral
        • Using tokenized and crypto assets for financing and lending.  What regulations pertain to these assets?
        • What is the cost benefit of non-cash lending?

      What Does the Future Hold for Post-Trade Operational Models?

        • How does an intense regulatory environment impact post-trade infrastructure?
        • Using vendor services, data analytics, and technology to adapt to market changes and ensure sustainable operational models
        • How are aggressive business goals impacting operations and post-trade models?
        • Is inflation and rising interest rates impacting reconciliation and settlement processes?

      Beneficial Owner-Only Closed-Door Session

      • This unique closed-door session is open to a beneficial owner audience only.  Topics of discussion include creating liquidity with securities financing, collateral management, strategies for pension funds, insurance companies and mutual funds, ESG in securities, collateral schedules and risk vs. return.  This session is formatted in a round-table open discussion format so beneficial owners can talk openly with their peers facing similar issues.



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