Build-to-Rent, Land & Homebuilding Forum
Las Vegas, NV
September 12 - 13, 2022


Focusing on private equity, debt and joint venture financing in the land and homebuilding markets, IMN's 9th Annual Build-To-Rent, Land & Homebuilding Forum (West) will return to Las Vegas, NV this September, 2022.

Join us as we examine the latest investment opportunities, strategies and trends that will carry your business forward. This is a must-attend event for homebuilders, developers, private equity and real estate funds and service providers to the industry.

The event, in its 9th year, is the only forum dedicated to an in-depth examination of the private capital available for land owners and homebuilders as well as the latest industry investment strategies. 

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in September!

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  • Funds
  • Homebuilders
  • Land Developers
  • Land Owners
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Property Management Firms
  • Legal Firms

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    Sunday, September 11th, 2022

      Registration Hours

      • Sunday, September 11 

        • 5:00-6:30 Tier 1 Registration: exhibitors and attendees staying at the JW Marriott

        Monday, September 12 

        • 7:00 Tier 2 Registration & Breakfast: Company Names A-M 
        • 7:30 Tier 3 Registration & Breakfast: Company Names N-Z 

      4:30 PM
      Welcome Reception at Genesis Homes Model Home

      • Please join Genesis for a Welcome Networking Reception serving drinks and hors d'oeuvres, from 4:30pm to 7:00pm at their display home in the North Parking Lot of the hotel! The reception is open to all registered event attendees. After grabbing your event badge with IMN in the Grand Ballroom Foyer (IMN registration is open from 5:00pm to 6:30pm), exit through the Marquis Ballroom Foyer doors and follow the signs around the corner to the right, where you will find Genesis' display home.

    Monday, September 12th, 2022

      7:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast

      • In order to accommodate a safe and efficient registration, IMN has organized a system of tiered registrations based on when we expect you to arrive at the conference. 

        7:00 Tier 2 Registration & Breakfast: Company Names A-M 

        7:30 Tier 3 Registration & Breakfast: Company Names N-Z 

        Breakfast Courtesy of: 


      7:55 AM
      IMN Opening Remarks

        • Peter Gilfillan, Conference Producer (IMN)

      Track A 8:00 AM
      Build-to-Rent Market Forecast: How Does this Industry Continue to Evolve? 

        • What tailwinds do you expect as we close out 2022 and look to 2023 and beyond? 
        • How do you see supply and demand for these products changing?  Which markets will be impacted most significantly? 
        • What is needed from investors, builders, operators and other industry stakeholders to ensure the long-term sustainability of the BTR industry?  
        • With capital flooding the space and competition increasing by the week, which strategies are going to win out? 
        • What new innovations are needed and in the pipeline with regards to financing, construction, management etc.? 
        • Rent-to-Own 

        • John Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer (Genesis Capital)
        • Ken Wood, Senior Director (Apprise by Walker & Dunlop)
        • Boris Zhuravel, Managing Director (CoreVest Finance)
        • Mike Bednarski, Managing Partner (LyvWell Communities)
        • Jeff Hutchinson, Head of B2R & Portfolio Acquisitions (Mynd Management, Inc.)
        • Jessica Godwin, Director, Build to Rent (Roofstock)

      Track B 8:00 AM
      National Homebuilding Market Outlook

        • Where have you seen opportunities to seize?  Where do you expect these moving forward?
        • What challenges are you seeing coming out the back of the pandemic?
        • Lumber, timber, cement, steel: How are you managing raw material shortages and associated price increases?
        • Interest rates, mortgages and consumer confidence
        • Availability of technology – how prepared were you?

        • Carl Reichardt, Managing Director (BTIG)
        • Ryan Lewis, COO (Ashton Woods Homes)
        • Stephen Kim, Senior Managing Director, Head of Housing Research Team (Evercore ISI)
        • Stanley Adwell, President (Intellisteelgroup)
        • Jim Zeumer, Vice President, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications (PulteGroup)

      Track A 8:45 AM
      Obtaining & Negotiating BTR Financing: How to get the Best Deal 

        • Various paths to obtaining financing 
        • How does financing differ for different product types? 
        • What innovative structures are you employing in your current deals? 
        • Hot deal points 
        • Borrower and lender risk tolerance: what does it take the get the deal done? 
        • What are carve out guarantees? 
        • Net worth and liquidity requirements 

        • Ed Steffelin, CIO (AXCS Capital)
        • Joel Kirstein, Managing Director (Berkadia)
        • Eileen McDonald, Senior Vice President (Corevest)
        • Robb Kenyon, Partner, Chief Credit Officer (Sound Capital)

      Track B 8:45 AM
      BTR Product Type Nuances: What Do Investors Need to Know?

        • Looking at the fundamentals: traditional SFR townhomes, horizontal apartments, attached, detached, duplex/triplex 
        • Purpose built communities vs. scattered lot homes 
        • Are amenities warranted and, if so, how do they improve returns? 
        • Which concepts/product types are most attractive to investors?  Which allow smaller investors to play in the space? 
        • How do capital providers view horizontal vs. traditional townhome  

        • Reneé McDonnell, Managing Director (IHP Capital Partners)
        • Andrew Jewett, Chief Strategy Officer (Anchor Loans)
        • Ron Martin, President, BTR (Core Spaces)
        • Heidi Hawk, Regional Sales Manager (Lima One Capital)

      Track A 9:30 AM
      The Future of BTR Financing: Product Types & Structures

        • How is the capital stack evolving in this space as players come and go? 
        • Underwriting and asset management best practices 
        • More equity or more debt as debt gets more expensive? 
        • Certificate of occupancy purchases funded by revolving lines of credit? 
        • Agency permanent financing availability and holdback requirements 
        • Leverage and the banks vs non-banks? 
        • Gap funding & second lien positions 
        • How to manage the changing interest rate environment 

        • Jon Andrews, Chief Revenue Officer (Fund That Flip)
        • Andrew Jewett, Chief Strategy Officer (Anchor Loans)
        • George Maravilla, Senior Vice President (Tower Capital)
        • Keaton Merrell, Managing Director (Walker & Dunlop)

      Track B 9:30 AM
      Build-to-Rent Large Owner Roundtable

        • Home rental trends past and future: what percentage of new homes will be BTR in the future? 
        • How are you managing inflation, supply chain and labor issues? 
        • Is investment and growth in BTR outpacing traditional multifamily? 
        • How are deal structures evolving? 
        • Outlook for cap rates and valuations going forward  
        • How are you tweaking your use of technology and data? 
        • What concerns you most about the state of the industry and what would you like to see change? 

        • John Seaton, Global Head of Sales (RealFoundations)
        • Matt Hansen, Chief Operating Officer (Camillo Properties)
        • Brandon Jenkins, COO (Fundrise)
        • Chris Mataja, COO (Lafayette RE)
        • Alexander Lachman, Portfolio Manager (Stockbridge Capital Group)

      10:15 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 


      Track A 11:00 AM
      Private Equity Investor Roundtable

        • How are you creating investment opportunities in the current market? 
        • What do you look for in a partner?  How are those partnerships structured? 
        • Are you active at the moment and seeing deal opportunities?  What types of deals are you targeting? 
        • What types of returns are you targeting in this sector? 
        • Has the way you analyze risk changed significantly?  How have your return expectations changed? 
        • Evaluation of current debt and equity structures and cost of capital 
        • Are you still seeing much foreign money entering the market?  What are their pain points? 

        • Andrea Finger, Managing Director (Whelan Advisory Capital Markets)
        • Rick Firmine, Principal (Argosy Real Estate Partners)
        • Matt Duffy, Director (Eastdil Secured)
        • Theodore Karatz, Managing Director (GTIS Partners)
        • Jason Keller, Managing Director (Oaktree Capital Management, LP)
        • Mitch Rotta, Senior Managing Director (TruAmerica Multifamily)

      Track B 11:00 AM
      Property Managers Roundtable

        • How do services offered vary across property type? 
        • How do you analyze which products and services are essential and which make sense in terms of ROI? 
        • What changes to property management and maintenance made due to COVID-19 will you likely continue to implement moving forward? 
        • Smart maintenance and other tools that increase NOI 
        • Purpose built communities vs. scattered lot homes 

        • Andrew Smallwood, VP of Revenue (Second Nature)
        • Jillian Anderson, President (Elmington Property Management)
        • Nicolette Rabadi Jaze, Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships and ESG (Esusu Financial, Inc.)
        • Alexandra Goldthwaite, Regional Vice President (HomeRiver Group)
        • Jock McNeill, VP Partner Relations (PURE Property Management)

      Track A 11:45 AM
      Financing Land, Lots & Construction

        • Who is providing the financing for land and construction deals? 
        • Lending on the entire project from land, through development and construction then the takeout 
        • What are the different debt capital structures available?  When does it make sense to utilize each? 
        • Is agency financing available? 
        • Must the land be pre-sold to a developer to finance?  
        • Completion guarantees, personal guarantees, interest accruals & LTC 

        • Steven Friedman, Director (CohnReznick)
        • Douglas Caraballo, Managing Partner (Cymbel)
        • Robert Jayne, Chief Construction Officer (Genesis Capital)
        • Cortney Newmans, Head National Accounts & Com. Lending (Lima One Capital)
        • Rob Davenport, COO (Setanta Development Capital)
        • David Huey, CEO, Co-Founder (Sound Capital)

      Track B 11:45 AM
      M&A Activity in the Homebuilding Market

        • Will M&A activity continue in this vein as public builders are running out of finished lots? 
        • Considerations for sellers – valuations, earn outs, timelines and diligence; an overview of what to expect.  How to do this responsibly and safely in the current environment? 
        • Foreign real estate companies are engaged, how do they compare to the US counterparts as long term partners? 
        • What are the pros & cons of consolidating into a public company? 
        • How do you adapt your strategy to compete with peers gaining increasing share in your markets? 

        • Margaret Whelan, Founder & CEO (Whelan Advisory Capital Markets)
        • Chris Jasinski, CEO & Managing Partner (JTW Advisors)
        • Jason Keller, Managing Director (Oaktree Capital Management, LP)
        • Frederick Cooper, SVP, Finance, Int. Dev. & IR (Toll Brothers, Inc.)
        • Tony McGill, Head of Investment Banking (Zelman & Associates - A Walker & Dunlop Company)

      12:30 PM

      • Courtesy of: 

      Track A 1:30 PM
      Positioning Your Portfolio in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

        • Managing cap rate compression: what is keeping you up at night? 
        • How are you approaching inflation, rising costs and home price valuations? 
        • Lessons learned from past periods of high inflation and rising rates 
        • How are you underwriting deals and what are you doing to manage risk? 
        • How are these factors impacting the way you approach financing? 
        • Are you thinking differently about product type and certain markets? 

        • Mackinley Robinson, Director (Berkadia)
        • Geoffrey Kristof, Head of Single Family Rental (Asia Pacific Land)
        • Mahesh Shetty, Chief Executive Officer (ILE Homes)
        • Liya Mo, VP, Acquisitions & Originations (Lafayette RE LLC)
        • Bryan Mummaw, SVP, Managing Director (NorthMarq)
        • Doug Faron, Managing Partner (Shoreham Capital)

      Track B 1:30 PM
      PropTech in BTR: Smart Homes, Virtual Tours & Other Innovative Technologies

        • Look at the numbers: rent income and tenant turnover in homes with vs. without smart technologies 
        • What is hot in 2022?  Which technologies will move from potential to reality in the new future? 
        • What is the next iteration of virtual tours?  How will these change coming out of the pandemic? 
        • Keyless entry and self-guided walk through options when there is no power in the home 
        • High-speed internet and other smart ancillary products that have the most uptake and profit-making potential 
        • Cost of installing, servicing and maintaining smart home technology for an existing vs. new home 
        • Comparing device installation, servicing and maintenance approaches 

        • Michael Petrivelli, Associate Director of Market Analytics (CoStar Group)
        • Lino Maldonado, President (BeHome247)
        • Sharon Douglass, Vice President, National Accounts (Cox Communications)
        • Courtney Thier, Director of Enterprise Solutions (Elevation)
        • Steve Outslay, Institutional Business Development Manager (HomeRiver Group)

      Track A 2:15 PM
      Lot Development & Construction: Navigating an Environment of Rising Costs & Limited Land Supply

        • Where do you see the biggest opportunities for ground-up BTR development in the coming year?  Which product types and markets? 
        • How do terms, challenges etc. compare for horizontal vs. vertical construction? 
        • Buying entitled vs. unentitled land: what is your strategy and timeline? 
        • What factors are incorporated into the development/construction underwriting that might differ from for-sale construction/communities? 
        • Competing for land with a builder and builder fees 
        • What are JV terms like currently?  Availability of capital? 

        • Matthew Fogt, Partner (Allen Matkins)
        • Scott Theeringer, Chief Executive Officer (Allied Development)
        • Chad Durham, Division President (David Weekley Homes)
        • Lance Keller, Managing Member (Lifestyle Homes)
        • Ron Gonski, SVP of Growth (Mosaic)
        • Lance Williams, CEO (Williams Homes, Inc.)

      Track B 2:15 PM
      Maximizing NOI & Ancillary Revenue Through Innovative Products & Services

        • How are you increasing efficiency while reducing the administrative burden for your team? 
        • What methods and technology are you using to maximize occupancy rates and rent collections? 
        • Strategies to expand your tenant pool 
        • Leveraging technology to update the deposit requirement system 
        • Resident liability programs 
        • Captive insurance programs 
        • What is a typical operating expense ratio for BTR?  How does this vary across different product types? 

        • Brian A. Flaherty, Chief Operating Officer (Global Strategic Business Process Solutions Inc.)
        • Marc Romito, VP, Enterprise Solutions (Elevation)
        • Jennifer Sells, VP of Industry Relations (Latchel)
        • Adam Meshekow, Chief Growth Officer (Leap)
        • Michael Shytle, VP (PetScreening)
        • Landon Cooley, CEO, Co-Founder (Pest Share)

      Track A 3:00 PM
      Joint Venture Structures & Raising Capital

        • How to identify the right operating partner for a JV deal in BTR 
        • How are these JVs typically structured? 
        • Working with a master planned community: pros and cons 
        • Risk management within a JV structure 
        • Where is equity coming from?  What projects and markets are most attractive to sophisticated capital? 
        • Planning an exit: short vs. long term  

        • Jeff Enes, Senior Vice President (IHP Capital Partners)
        • Tom Kinslow, Managing Director (Dune Real Estate Partners)
        • Evan Kinne, President / Managing Director (George Smith Partners, an AXCS Capital company)
        • Adam Tancredi, Managing Partner and Co-Founder (Spyglass Homes, LLC)
        • Michael Finch, Executive Vice President (SVN | SFR Capital Management)
        • Malcolm Davies, Founder/Sr. Managing Partner (WAY Capital, Inc.)

      Track B 3:00 PM
      In-Home Amenities & New Home Design: What do Tenants Want?

        • What trends are we seeing with regards to amenities in new homes? 
        • Nice to have vs. essential 
        • Working from home: offices, ‘nooks’, privacy and internet 
        • How has COVID-19 affected how renters think about shared amenities? 
        • Building Green: sustainable construction processes and technologies 
        • Living Green: smart devices and solar power 
        • Parking, EV charging vs. public transport proximity 
        • Outdoor space 

        • James Bagley, CEO (City Homes)
        • Jeff Chamberlain, National Account Manager (ADT Multi-Family)
        • Rachael Kish, Director of Property Management (Christopher Todd Communities)
        • Guillermo Rivas, Vice President (Cox Communications)
        • Marti Burrows, Managing Director (Greystar)
        • Alan Scales, Principal (KTGY)

      3:45 PM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 


      Track B 3:45 PM
      Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Homebuilding Interactive Breakout

        • How are homebuilding leadership teams harnessing the opportunities and benefits of creating a more diverse, equitable business and BTR industry?
        • How has the pandemic changed the way in which you identify diverse talent?  What strides has your business made in the past 18 months?
        • How can creating a diverse leadership team improve your business’s performance and create a closer relationship with your clients?
        • What will your recruitment team and business leaders do differently to improve the hiring, development and retention of talent from underrepresented groups?
        • How to measure the impacts of a successful DEI program?  What’s worked?  What hasn’t worked?
        • How are owners and builders involving communities throughout the process and ensuring they have a positive impact on the communities in which they are active?

        • Danielle V. Jackson, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager (FirstKey Homes)
        • Mark Momongan, Managing Partner (Maple Hill Search Partners)
        • Andy Zhu, Director of Business Development (Pentagon Holdings)

      Track A 4:30 PM
      BTR Financing for the Small & Middle Markets

        • Why do you like the small and middle market niches? 
        • How do you approach financing for new entrant owners? 
        • What do loan terms look like across the country? 
        • Using a bank vs. a private lender 
        • Mezzanine, gap & senior debt capital 
        • How do you approach refinancing?  Are you allowing take-outs? 
        • What makes for a successful lender-borrower relationship? 

        • Jonathan Lee, Principal (George Smith Partners)
        • Neal Bawa, CEO (UGro)
        • Michael Ramin, Director of Business Development (Sharestates)
        • Matthew Lorimer, Director of Capital Markets (Shopoff Realty Investments)
        • Robb Kenyon, Partner, Chief Credit Officer (Sound Capital)
        • Ben Joanis, National Sales Account Executive (Temple View Capital)

      Track B 4:30 PM
      Assessing the PropTech Innovations of Today and Tomorrow

        • Update on the key disruptive PropTechs in the housing market 
        • Leveraging technology to sell homes through virtual tours 
        • What tech products and modern amenities are millennials, active adults and seniors demanding?  What amenities that were once a luxury would be considered essential in a remote working future? 
        • What innovative designs and technology solutions are being utilized to save costs, increase efficiency and still create an attractive product? 
        • How can technology support land developers manage their lots and communications with builders?

        • Lisa Taylor, Sr. Managing Director (Greystar)
        • Andrew Vega, Director of Sales (Constellation HomeBuilder Systems)
        • Kristine Hedlund, Director, MDU Sales (Cox Communications)
        • Don Ganguly, SVP (Mynd)
        • Adam Swearingen, SVP, Growth and Partnerships (Steadily)
        • Chris Griego, COO (TaskEasy)

      Track A 5:15 PM
      Land Development: Innovations in Special District Finance

        • Overview of District tools in key western states (TX, CA, CO, UT, AZ) 
        • Insights from industry veterans in banking, development and homebuilding sharing best practices and opportunities 
        • Innovations in district finance to accelerate funding and lower cost of infrastructure 

        • Sam Sharp, Head of the Special District Group, Managing Director (Piper Sandler & Co.)
        • Jonathan Shumaker, Managing Partner (Cross Lake Partners)
        • Tiffany Lu Leichman, Member (Sherman & Howard L.L.C)
        • Brian Rupp, EVP, Real Estate (Shopoff Realty Investments L.P.)

      Track B 5:15 PM
      Institutional Capital Activity & Perspectives

        • Comparing the various private equity strategies in the BTR space 
        • How does institutional capital view the opportunities in this market? 
        • Funds vs. deal-by-deal vs. JV partnerships 
        • Which projects/product types/markets are most attractive? 
        • How are public and private REITs playing in this space? 
        • How to approach private equity funds and get a deal done 
        • Identifying the optimal exit strategy 

        • Patrick Summers, Strategic Account Director (Juniper Square)
        • Evan Linkner, Principal (Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group)
        • Andrew Schaffler, Managing Director (Angelo, Gordon & Co.)
        • Geoffrey Kristof, Head of Single Family Rental (Asia Pacific Land)
        • Mathew Avrhami, Founder (Rockridge Properties and Investments)
        • Lee Everett, Director of Research & Strategy (Waterton)

      6:00 PM
      Networking Drinks Reception

      7:00 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

      8:45 AM
      Registration & Breakfast

      • Breakfast Courtesy of: 


      9:15 AM
      Identifying Markets Ripe for Investment in BTR

        • How does product type differ in urban markets vs. suburbs 
        • Which macro factors are you watching most closely? 
        • What are cap rates across active markets?  How have they changed in the last 12 months? 
        • Which markets are you most bullish/bearish on for the next 2-5 years? 
        • Which trends triggered by COVID-19 do you predict will continue/reverse?  What time frames are you planning for? 
        • How does climate change factor into investment decisions?  Associated risk/insurance issues? 

        • Jon Andrews, Chief Revenue Officer (Fund That Flip)
        • Chris Picyk, Vice President (CenterSquare Investment Management)
        • Bruce McNeilage, Chief Executive Officer (Kinloch Partners)
        • Eric Wetherington, Vice President (PURE Property Management)
        • Audrey Carlson, Associate Director of Build-for-Rent Division (SVN | SFR Capital Management)

      Track A 10:00 AM
      Land Acquisition, Valuation & Risk Assessment Strategies

        • How are you underwriting land deals today? 
        • Does your strategy vary by market?  Are you targeting raw, entitled or finished lots? 
        • What are you seeing in terms of price? 
        • Which financing options are most attractive in this environment? 
        • How has your risk assessment model changed since the beginning of the pandemic? 
        • What are the main operational challenges you are facing? 

        • John Curry, Chief Executive Officer (Setanta Development Capital)
        • Tony Benge, President (Benge Development Corporation)
        • Adam Green, SVP Land Acquisition & Development (Bridge Tower Homes)
        • Jim Belfiore, Chief Strategist (Keystone Homes)
        • Glen A. Tulk, National SVP - Land Acquisition and Development (Meritage Homes)
        • Andy Lawhorn, SVP, Acquisition Finance (Toll Brothers, Inc.)

      Track B 10:00 AM
      Acquisitions, Dispositions & Due Diligence

        • What do exit cap rates look like now? 
        • Remaining agile: when might you utilize opportunistic selling opportunities? 
        • When making an acquisition, what exit considerations are taken? 
        • What are the primary disposition options available?  Partial or full sale? 
        • What are the factors that infer decisions on exit timings? 
        • How can the disposition process be made more efficient? 

        • Fernando Villa, Partner (Allen Matkins)
        • Josh Jensen, Co-founder & CEO (Inspectify)
        • David Beznos, SVP of Growth and Strategic Partnerships (PulteGroup)
        • Matthew Heintz, Build to Rent (Roofstock)
        • Mark Peterson, Director of Build-for-Rent Division (SVN | SFR Capital Management)
        • Cameron Ghassemi, Vice President - Acquisitions (Shopoff Realty Investments)

      10:45 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 


      Track A 11:00 AM
      Land Financing: De-risking the Balance Sheet in a Hot Market

        • How has the lack of finished lots impacted land banking activity around the US? 
        • How are land banks typically being funded?  Does this differ by region? 
        • Considerations regarding financing and fee structuring 
        • Learning from past experiences – what has worked and what has been a bust? 
        • Do you have any risk management practices in place? 
        • Filling land banking arrangements with new vs. previously owned parcels 
        • What legal considerations have to be made? 

        • James Howley, Chief Investment Officer (Quinn Residences)
        • Daniel McCann, Managing Director (Arroyo Capital)
        • Andrew Brausa, Managing Director (Brookfield Capital Partners)
        • Faras Sadig, Director, HomeBuilder Capital (Fundrise)
        • Aimee Martin, Senior Director (GTIS Partners)

      Track B 11:00 AM
      Private Homebuilder Strategic Roundtable

        • Current supply/demand dynamics in the areas in which you operate 
        • In which markets and products are you seeing pockets of opportunity? 
        • Financing strategies – what works best for your business and why? 
        • What land strategy are you employing? 
        • What deals will you be looking to finance in the next year? 
        • How are you utilizing technology to build and sell homes? 
        • How do you adapt your strategy to compete with larger players entering your markets? 

        • Richard Gollis, Principal (The Concord Group, LLC)
        • Dan Oppenheim, Director, US Housing and Building Products – Equity Research (Credit Suisse Securities (USA))
        • Wade McGuinn, Shareholder (McGuinn Hybrid Homes)
        • Christian Sommer, President & CEO (Tricoast Homes)
        • Lance Williams, CEO (Williams Homes, Inc.)

      11:45 AM
      Developing, Investing & Managing Scattered Site BTR Homes

        • How does the scattered site acquisition model differ from that of BTR communities? 
        • What benefit do scattered lot homes have to investors?  Does this allow smaller investors to play in the space? 
        • Individual deals vs. portfolio acquisitions and exits 
        • How is scattered home new construction approached within owner occupied homes and communities?  What challenges and advantages are there? 
        • Difficulties and efficiencies in managing scattered site homes 

        • J.R. Denney, Head of BFR Acquisitions (Bridge Investment Group)
        • Dan Brady, VP Acquisitions (ILE Homes)
        • Adam Tancredi, Managing Partner and Co-Founder (Spyglass Homes, LLC)
        • Howard Fife, Principal (Westport Capital Partners, LLC)

      12:30 PM
      The 9th Annual Build-to-Rent, Land & Homebuilding Forum (West) Concludes



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