Real Estate CFO & COO (East)
New York, NY
September 5 - 6, 2019


Mark your calendar for IMN's 8th Annual Real Estate CFO & COO Forum (East) in New York City on September 5-6, 2019!
Every year, the forum provides unmatched opportunities for attendees to expand their knowledge from sessions focused on the latest trends in accounting, regulations and technology, and also in hours of built-in networking opportunities for forging those critical business connections.
Following a sold out gathering of over 450 at last year's conference, the 2019 iteration brings a wealth of fresh content, with presentations and panels covering RegTech, talent wars, late-cycle fundraising opportunities, unleashing the power of AI, inclusion and diversity in leadership, and so much more. At this forum, CFOs, COOs, Tax & Accounting Officers, Controllers, Treasurers and more will converge for a day and a half program packed with insights from real estate developers, lenders, REITs, and operating companies.

We look forward to seeing you in New York City this Fall!

Who Should Attend
  • Accountants
  • Chief Accounting Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers (of REITs, Funds, Lenders and Operating Companies)
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Chief Tax Officers
  • Controllers
  • Tax
  • Treasurers
  • Service Providers

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    Thursday, September 5th, 2019

      CFO Roundtable

        • Which digital and analytical tools are helping you prepare your organization for growth? What capital sources are you engaging?  
        • How are you managing hiring and retention in a tight labor market? Have you made any notable changes within your organization to overcome these challenges?
        • What do you see as the next potential disruptor to the real estate industry?
        • How are you approaching decisions to invest in technology?

      COO Roundtable

        • What strategies do you use to build and grow strong teams? How has your onboarding process changed in light of recent employment trends?
        • What tools do you use to measure performance?
        • What role do you play in your firm’s branding and marketing?
        • What tech solutions do you use for back-office management?

      Risks & Opportunities in Fund Finance/Subscription Lines

        • What’s behind the trend of LPs gravitating toward subscription lines of credit, and what projects are they financing with that capital?
        • Amid intense competition for deals and investment partners, to what degree are you leveraging, and how do you expect that to change this year? How are you balancing leverage with other fund finance structures?
        • How and when do you predict interest rate movements will impact demand for fund finance?
        • What other private capital strategies are likely to grow in demand at this late stage in the cycle?

      A Higher Standard for Investor Reporting

        • What’s the newest development in NCREIF PREA reporting standards?
        • How have the expectations of your investors changed over the year, and how has this impacted your investor reporting process?
        • Will GIPS compliance become the new standard for fund managers in 2020? How likely are your investor to require fund managers to comply with GIPS?
        • What degree of transparency are institutional investors looking for as they increasingly seek out value-add and development opportunities, and how do you manage those demands?
        • What kinds of on-demand reporting capabilities are investors demanding?

      Due Diligence & Documentation

        • What strategies are making your investor reporting process more transparent and streamlined?
        • When onboarding a new investor, what’s on your due diligence checklist? How do you navigate the Know Your Customer process? How do you manage and report investor dollars?
        • What are the greatest challenges around documentation?
        • What sources of information do you rely on to vet legal entities?
        • How have investors changed their approach to due diligence of fund principals?
        • How do reporting standards vary globally? How do fund performance metrics differ globally?
        • What impact do varying fund expense ratios have on the cost of doing business?
        • How are real estate fund managers approaching ILPA compliance?

      Fund Administration Outlook

        • What M&A trends are you observing among fund administrators, and how do you expect these to evolve?
        • What drives your decision to outsource vs. insource your fund administration and property accounting functions? What is your process to effectively gather accurate data on multiple assets and operating partners?
        • What tools can fund managers and private equity investors use to more effectively communicate and share data? Which emerging technologies could help sponsors better integrate disparate sources of data? What technology are you using to enhance the investor experience?
        • How do you improve visibility into risk factors affecting your fund performance?

      A Guide to Outsourcing

        • How do you approach decisions around outsourcing? What general trends are you following around outsource models?
        • Are there certain functions that are strictly in-house? How do you anticipate that changing?
        • How do you maintain quality control with outsourced teams? How do you effectively leverage their capabilities?
        • How do you quantify the risk of outsourcing certain functions? Has this process changed recently?

      Scaling Up in a Down Cycle

        • How are you financing projects in anticipation of a downturn?
        • How have you adapted your investment strategy at this late stage in the cycle?
        • What industry trends are you following, and how have those informed your strategy for the next few years?
        • As you expand your operations, what challenges are you encountering around staffing and space allocation? What are the pros and cons of expanding into a co-working space?

      Extra Credit: The Debt Market Outlook

        • What terms are banks offering for construction and bridge financing?
        • What are debt funds specializing in, in terms of property types, markets and financing terms?
        • How much runway does CMBS have left?
        • What opportunities do CLOs present?
        • How do private vs. public companies approach the debt market?
        • What sort of opportunities are life companies targeting?

      Get Your Project Off the Ground with Alternative Financing

        • How are sponsors accessing capital to get new projects off the ground?
        • What are the pros and cons of using alternative financing sources?
        • In which markets and for what size projects are private debt funds placing loans?
        • How are you engaging family offices, high-net worth individuals and institutional investors?
        • Have you adjusted your cost model, or do you plan to do so, in line with increasing labor, land and materials costs?

      What’s Your Exit Strategy?

        • How are buyers and sellers looking at the market today?
        • What do your top-line fundamentals look like, and how do they impact your exit strategies?
        • For your upcoming loan maturities, are you refinancing properties or portfolios or selling them?
        • How concerned are you about oversupply, and in which markets are you observing this trend?

      Opportunity Zones: Sourcing Capital, Structuring & Executing Deals

        • How are you structuring your opportunity zone funds to maximize tax incentives?
        • For some of your recent deals, what is the cost of capital? What returns are you achieving? What do your waterfalls between fund managers and real estate developers look like? What does this look like for fund managers and operating businesses?
        • What are the latest developments in opportunity zone legislation, and how does this impact your investment strategy? In light of recent guidance, how are you structuring multi-asset funds and making those investments work? How do you address taxation issues for multi-asset funds?
        • Is your firm investing in operating businesses? What are the complexities associated with those investments?

      Putting Data to Work

        • What data management systems and processes are you using or looking to use?
        • How do you control the integrity of your data? How do you manage cybersecurity risk?
        • Is your deal management software user-friendly for your deal teams?
        • How do you manage the costs of customizing software platforms to suit your business needs?
        • How is your organization using robotics and AI to execute more deals, faster?
        • How do you strategically hire IT professionals? Does your team need an in-house Chief Data Officer, or can you outsource that function?

      Hot-Button Issues in FinTech

        • How are real estate companies using FinTech to close more deals, smarter and faster?
        • What is your decision-making process for investing in FinTech, and how do you select vendors?
        • What efficiencies can robotics and AI offer real estate finance and operations professionals?

      Cashing in on PropTech

        • How is investing in PropTech improving your financial bottom line and streamlining operations within your business?
        • What are the most recent innovations in the PropTech space? Where do you expect to see emerging trends, like co-living, go within the next few years?
        • Which areas of your business are seeing the greatest value from leveraging PropTech?
        • How could the real estate industry benefit from automation? What’s a feasible payback?
        • What’s on your vendor due diligence checklist?

      Technology-Enabled Deal Flow

        • Which tech solutions are you using to increase and manage deal flow?
        • How do you use technology to assess loan performance?
        • What’s your process for evaluating your technology arsenal as your firm expands its portfolio into new markets?
        • In your current portfolio, how have you leveraged technology to generate value from existing real estate assets?
        • Which tech innovations do you anticipate having the greatest impact on your business as the real estate cycle continues to mature?

      ConTech & the Triple Bottom Line

        • What are the newest innovations in construction technology, and how are these being applied in real estate?
        • What energy-related benefits can ConTech offer? Do your pro-formas factor in climate risk? If not, how are you addressing the escalating risks to real estate posed by climate change?
        • How are developers using ConTech to expand access to affordable housing?
        • What efficiencies is ConTech bringing to commercial property sectors?
        • How are real estate owners applying ConTech in large scale, mixed-use projects? How scalable is the technology?

      Regulatory Update

        • How will loosening the Volker Rule impact your business? What are implications for the CMBS market?
        • What features of the qualified opportunity zones legislation are you following most closely, and what effect will they have on your investment strategy?
        • How do you staff your compliance and legal functions? What are the pros and cons of outsourcing vs. taking these roles in-house?
        • What are the SEC’s priorities right now in their examination of private funds?

      CFO Closed Door Hosted by:

      The Evolving Roles of Real Estate CFOs & COOs

        • To what extent is the distinction in roles of CFOs and COOs becoming blurred?
        • What common pain points are today’s CFOs and COOs experiencing?
        • How do the roles of CFOs and COOs differ among startup, mature, international and regional real estate firms?
        • How are CFOs and COOs tackling the most pressing human resources and compliance issues?
        • How are CFOs and COOs managing increasingly complexity as their investor pools grow, reporting requirements more robust, and record-long real estate cycle continues?
        • What is your rationale for being a public vs. a private company?

      Global Compliance Guidebook for Fund Managers

        • What regulatory shifts are changing the ways U.S. fund managers attract offshore capital?
        • How do fund managers satisfy reporting requirements for offshore funds?
        • What are the costs of non-compliance with international reporting requirements?
        • What relationships do you leverage to source international capital?

      Managing Complex Fund Structures

        • Which fund administration tech solutions have proven the most effective in your business?
        • What challenges have you encountered in managing relationships with LPs? What strategies do you rely on to streamline this process when co-investing?
        • What recent adjustments have you made to your service model? Do you plan to change this model in the next several quarters?

      Talent Wars

        • What creative solutions have you found to attract and retain younger candidates? What challenges are you facing with retention? How is your organization managing employee turnover?
        • Aside from wages, how else are real estate companies competing for labor in a constrained market? What benefits are “make or break” for candidates seeking jobs in your organization?
        • What trends are having the greatest impact on your workplace strategy? Have you made any notable changes to your office design?
        • Are you hiring in according with a particular business plan, for example, based on AUM?
        • How are you addressing diversity and inclusion among leadership in your firm? How is this reflected among junior-level staff? How do you benchmark performance in this category?

      Sealing The Deal with Institutional Capital

        • How have deal terms and reporting requirements changed as you work with additional Institutional capital providers?
        • As more money comes into the market, how has your strategy changed?
        • How have you used technology to address a growing demand from institutions to have more transparency into their investments?
        • How have you stayed competitive in a tight multifamily market? 
        • Where are institutional investors identifying pockets of growth in the CRE market?

      Funds Across the Spectrum: New & Growing vs. Mature

        • What cost-effective strategies are CFOs and COOs using to set up and grow funds?
        • As the manager of a mature fund, what lessons have you learned along the way?
        • How do reporting requirements and accounting considerations differ for funds of varying size, age and complexity?
        • How does capital availability differ by property sector?
        • To what extent is your fund leveraged?

      Capital Markets Trends

        • What capital markets trends do you expect to have the most meaningful impact on your business over the next year?
        • With so much capital chasing so few deals, where are you deriving value in your investments?
        • Which markets are offering satisfactory yields?
        • With dry powder stacking up, how do you plan to tap into new sources of capital?
        • What type of equity structures are you pursuing?
        • What terms are you getting on loans for various property types?
        • What are your predictions for the Fed’s decision regarding interest rates in the next several quarters?



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