Distressed Hotel Insights Webcast
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July 1, 2020


    Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

      12:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      Distressed Hotels Insights Webcast

      • Please scroll down to view the webcast recording (skip to 2:55). With unprecedented change impacting the hospitality sector, IMN is pleased to unveil a timely new webcast dedicated to distressed hotels on July 1, 2020 at 12 PM ET. Hotel owners and developers are grappling with a stark new reality of decimated revenues, occupancy rates, employment and travel spending resulting from the still-virulent global pandemic. With hotel property and loan performance in jeopardy, a range of opportunities are emerging in the distressed hotel space, including receiverships, repurposing and more. Learn how hotel executives are working to rebuild their industry, protect their portfolios and generate value as the hospitality sector braces for a rebound.

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      12:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      Distressed Hotels: Sourcing Debt & Equity, Acquisitions & Value-Add Strategies

        • Which routes are you exploring to acquire distressed hotels, including note sales and foreclosures? What are you observing in terms of pricing and timing of deals?
        • How will the hospitality sector’s recovery compare to the rebound from the 2008 financial crisis?
        • How are you using technology to source and complete transactions during the pandemic?
        • How are hotel owners adjusting their operating business strategies?
        • What cost-cutting strategies are hotel owners using to protect their balance sheets?
        • How are hotel developers assessing new construction, redevelopment and repurposing opportunities?
        • Who is leading acquisitions and fundraising activity?
        • What terms are lenders offering? Which loan relief options are available?
        • Which sources of rescue capital are available for distressed hotels?
        • How are investors viewing the hospitality sector? What is the outlook for property performance?

        • Brian Waldman, Executive Vice President, Investments (Peachtree | Stonehill)
        • David Parsky, Partner (Triton Hospitality Group)
        • Krystal England, Managing Director (Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC)
        • Rani Gharbie, Head of Acquisitions and Development (Pod / BD Hotels)
        • Andrew Gindy, Principal (Walton Street Capital LLC)

      12:45 PM (Eastern Time)
      Bracing for a Boom in Receivership

        • How does receivership activity vary by hotel subtype and submarket?
        • What are some of the lesser-known challenges, and keys to success, in executing hotel receivership deals?
        • What is your forecast for bankruptcy filing rates and receiverships for the rest of the year, and in 2021?
        • What kinds of receivership deals are you encountering? 

        • Michael Nanosky, President (Janus Hotels and Resorts)
        • Douglas Wilson, Chairman and CEO (Douglas Wilson Companies)
        • Bruce Kinseth, Vice President (Kinseth Hospitality)
        • John Hamilton, EVP Acquisitions & Business Development (Pyramid Hotel Group)

      Legal Ins & Outs of Distressed Hotel Transactions

        • What do buyers and sellers of distressed hotels need to know about agreement terms, and COVID-19-related considerations such as force majeure, MAC clauses, etc.?
        • What are the top legal considerations for hotel foreclosures and loan workouts and resulting from the pandemic?
        • What do first-time hotel buyers need to bring to the table if they are looking to close in the near future?

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  • Wednesday, July 1st, 2020
  • 12:00 PM

    Distressed Hotels Insights Webcast

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