Distressed Hotels Forum
Las Vegas, NV
November 16 - 17, 2021


With unprecedented shifts impacting the future of the hospitality industry, IMN is pleased to unveil the only conference totally dedicated to distressed hotels to take place in Las Vegas, NV, on November 16-17.

As the sector braces for more uncertainty, now is the time for hotel owners and developers to develop and test creative strategies to protect their portfolios and unlock value. From receiverships to redevelopment, learn how hotel executives are evaluating acquisitions opportunities, identifying new cost-saving methods, retooling service models and reimagining their long-term growth strategies to protect their portfolios, employees, and stakeholders.

Hotel Owners/Developers, Private Equity Funds, Brands & Management Groups, Note Buyers, Lenders, Brokers, Design/Construction Professionals and other Senior-Level Hotel Executives who have projects under construction or are focused on adjusting their operating business strategies… This is the one conference you must attend!

Of course the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back as more information becomes available.
See you this November!

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My Agenda

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    Preliminary Agenda

      Impact of Covid-19 and the State of Play for the Hospitality Industry

        • What does recovery look like across segmentation classes and geography? 
        • What does U.S. hotel performance data indicate about the potential long-term impact of the pandemic on occupancy, ADR and RevPAR?
        • To what extent will short-term rentals impact the hotel industry?
        • Which service models and hotel subtypes are proving more resilient in today’s market?
        • How much more consolidation do you expect to see in the industry, and how will this impact your business?
        • Where will opportunities be found? Asset repositioning? Lender controlled assets? Limited versus full service assets?

      The View From C-Suite Owners & Developers

        • What recent adjustments have you made to your hotel portfolio? How has your development pipeline changed?
        • When do you expect large hotels to recover? Why hasn’t more distressed hit that space?
        • Innovative approaches to navigating the high cost of labor and difficulty finding labor in hospitality
        • What opportunities are you seeing in the economy and limited-service sectors?
        • Where are land, labor and materials costs most favorable for new construction projects?
        • How are you using technology, data and analytics to improve your operating model?
        • To what extent are you pursuing hotel projects in opportunity zones, and what are the potential risks and rewards?

      Hotel Conversions, Renovation & Redevelopment: How to Achieve Maximum Value

        • What are the benefits and risks of converting hotel assets to multifamily, office, senior, affordable, workforce housing, life sciences/lab space etc?
        • Which tactics are being used to successfully bring back closed hotels nationwide?
        • What are the cost, schedule and sustainability advantages of converting hotels to various property types?
        • What is the future of branding and repositioning opportunities?
        • What role can good design play in conversions?
        • What are alternative uses for decommissioned banquet and meeting room spaces in hotel spaces?
        • What sort of financing is available for hotel conversions?
        • Which vendor partners do you need to engage to execute a successful repurposing strategy?

      Turning Around a Distressed Asset: How to Improve Operations & Cash Management

        • Since the start of the pandemic, what is a realistic timeline and payback for a hotel turnaround?
        • Where have you identified opportunities to reduce operating costs?
        • Which changes to your operating model do you think will be temporary, and which are more likely to be permanent?
        • Which staffing and management adjustments have the greatest impact on a distressed property’s value?
        • When does it make sense to hire a turnaround consultant?
        • What steps have you taken to streamline operations while delivering a positive guest experience?

      Hotel Auctions, Foreclosures & Note Sales

        • What new opportunities are arising in the auctions space? Where is activity picking up?
        • How have average seller reserves changed since the start of the pandemic?
        • What kinds of pricing are you seeing for discounted sales? Where are the opportunities?
        • How is the lender’s view changing toward foreclosures and forced sales?
        • What liability issues do you expect to arise with hotel auctions?
        • What does the auction market for hotel and motel notes look like?

      Update on Loan Workouts & Special Servicing

        • How has hotel lending appetite changed since the beginning of the pandemic?
        • Which types of hotel loans are entering special servicing, and how might that change over the next 6-12 months? What challenges and opportunities are arising?
        • What does the relationship look like between borrowers, lenders and servicers in the hotel space?
        • What investment opportunities are we seeing in connection with distressed hotel loans, and how are these being structured? Taking into account CMBS debt on these hotels.
        • To what extent have lenders shifted from forbearance, deferment, etc., to enforcement of remedies through foreclosure or loan sale?
        • Which new risks are facing hotel loans, and what impact will this have on special servicing?
        • How may regulatory changes impact the outlook for CMBS lending?

      Financing & Value Added Strategies for Distressed Hotel Acquisitions

        • How much more distress will the hotel sector face before values rebound?
        • Which sources are providing rescue capital, using which structures and terms?
        • Which capital providers and financial institutions have been funding most of the M&A activity during the pandemic?
        • What will volume look like for acquisitions, note purchases and recapitalization? What discounts are achievable in each scenario?
        • Which capital providers and financial institutions are driving financing activity?
        • How do terms differ for bank vs. non-bank lenders?
        • What opportunities are arising in limited service and extended stay hotels? 
        • To what extent are you revisiting deals that fell through due to financing issues?

      Private Equity Outlook: Fundraising, Deal Sourcing & Capital Structuring

        • How are the supply-demand dynamics changing in the markets you’re targeting? What tools/strategies are you using to source new deals?
        • What changes have you seen in valuations or recent transactions in LTV, LTC and DSCR?
        • How are you approaching value-add opportunities in the hospitality space? 
        • Which tactics have you employed to encourage high-quality operators to focus on new opportunities, rather than legacy issues
        • What is your outlook for limited service and extended stay opportunities in secondary and tertiary markets?
        • What do traditional equity vs. rescue capital returns look like?
        • How attractive is C-PACE and other alternative financing?

      Hotel Investment Roundtable: Are You Playing Offense or Defense?

        • What terms are lenders offering? Which loan relief options are available?
        • Where are the next opportunities for distressed acquisitions, and what returns are you expecting?
        • How are you handling negotiations with lenders? What kind of information are they expecting hotel owners and developers to provide?
        • Where are you sourcing rescue capital?
        • How are you managing relationships with equity holders?

      Tax & Regulatory Considerations for Distressed Hotels Transactions

        • Outlook on the current transaction climate
        • How attractive are hotel projects in opportunity zones? What is your outlook for the tax incentive program? Are you seeing any economic impact from these projects?
        • How may regulatory changes impact the outlook for CMBS lending?
        • Depending on regulation, will non-bank lenders claim significant market share as banks pull back from the space, or will banks return to the space given big discounts to basis and strong sponsors / business plans?
        • Which tax incentives are available for renovating historic hotel properties?

      Hotel Receiverships: Keys to Success for Owners, Lenders & Servicers

        • How has the lenders and servicers view toward receiverships changed since the start of the pandemic?
        • How does receivership activity vary by hotel subtype and submarket?
        • Which receivership issues are unique to hotels?
        • What is your forecast for bankruptcy filing rates and receiverships?
        • What are some of the lesser-known challenges, and keys to success, in executing hotel receivership deals?

      Global Vs Domestic Opportunities in Distressed Hotel Investment

        • Which markets are proving most resilient throughout the pandemic? Has the delta variant impacted all markets equally?
        • How are institutional investors viewing offshore vs. domestic distressed hotel investment opportunities?
        • How are global tourism rates trending, and how will this impact investment and development pipelines?
        • Where are luxury hotel investments on the rise? Which investor groups are driving activity?
        • What hotel segments recover first? (Urban, ltd services, resorts)?
        • Is the right F&B programming the next frontier in revenue and NOI growth?  
        • Which markets are leading in new construction activity?
        • What are the unique complexities and risks of cross-border distressed hotel transactions?

      Women’s Group Meeting

        • Join a candid and incisive conversation about the opportunities and obstacles in navigating and advancing in the competitive, predominantly male industries of hotel development and investment.



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