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September 15, 2020

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The hospitality sector has proven its adaptability in the past few months, weathering a storm of record-low occupancy, diminished revenues, and a dip in employment and travel spending as the industry begins to navigate an entirely new normal.

Despite headwinds, hotel owners/developers, private equity funds, brand & management groups, note buyers, lenders, brokers, design/construction professionals and other senior-level hotel executives are identifying untapped value drivers in the distressed hotel space. From receiverships to redevelopment, learn how hotel executives are evaluating acquisitions opportunities, identifying new cost-saving methods, retooling service models and reimagining their long-term growth strategies to protect their portfolios, employees, and stakeholders as the industry recovers.

Presenting a new forum fostering insightful debate, meaningful professional connections, and the exchange of crucial market intelligence, IMN is delighted to convene hospitality industry experts, virtually, at our Distressed Hotels Virtual Forum this September 15, with instant access from your own computer, laptop or mobile device.

Built upon a best-in-class, user-friendly platform, the virtual conference features a host of capabilities that will ensure you equip yourself with the information and connections signature to our industry-leading live event, including:
  • Attendee Networking Attendees and sponsors can meet via video or text chat; one-on-one or in groups; to discuss the latest deals, investment opportunities or whatever else is on your mind.
  • Diverse Content Hear from industry leaders through a range of keynote addresses, panel discussions, ‘closed-door meetings’, and roundtables.
  • On-Demand Access Can’t make it to the live session? Add it to your personal calendar and enjoy on-demand access whenever the time is right.
  • Speaker Engagement Engage directly with the virtual conference speaking faculty during live sessions with Q&A and polling, or take the conversation offline within the networking portal.
  • Unlimited Resources Download and save pertinent industry resources throughout the entire platform from panel presentations to exhibitor whitepapers, you will not leave the conference empty-handed!
  • Ease of Access Register for the virtual conference and receive access from any device no matter where you are.
IMN is excited to adapt alongside our clients in the hospitality sector and to bring this timely event to an even wider swath of the industry on September 15. We hope you will join us for this must-attend virtual gathering.

Who Should Attend
  • Hotel Owners/Developers
  • Management Companies
  • Receivers
  • Lenders
  • Bankers
  • Special Servicers
  • Private Equity/Investors
  • Attorneys
  • Service Providers

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    Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

      9:20 AM
      Explore the Hubb Platform

      • Finish setting up your Hubb profile, schedule one on one meetings, connect with sponsoring firms, watch on demand content, and more!

      9:35 AM
      Exhibit Hall Opens & Networking Begins

      • Take some time to connect with your industry peers, and learn more about the products and services that could transform your business, by visiting the exhibit hall and exploring the virtual booths on display.

      9:50 AM
      The Road to Recovery: State of the Hospitality Industry

        • To what extent will short-term rentals impact the hotel industry?
        • Which service models and hotel subtypes are proving more resilient in today’s market, and which are likely to weather a downturn?
        • By hotel subtype, what inventory impacts are you expecting in the long- and short-term?
        • What does U.S. hotel performance data indicate about the potential long-term impact of COVID-19 on occupancy, ADR and RevPAR?
        • How much more consolidation do you expect to see in the industry, and how will this impact your business?

        • Deborah Friedland, Director - Hospitality Services (EisnerAmper LLP)
        • Biran Patel, Chair (AAHOA)
        • W. Chris Green, President & CEO (Chesapeake Hospitality)
        • Matt Curry, CRO (myDigitalOffice)
        • Rani Gharbie, Head of Acquisitions and Development (Pod / BD Hotels)

      10:35 AM
      Networking Roundtables: Hot Topics in Distressed Hotels

      • Visit the Janus Hotels & Resorts booth to discuss the topic of Hotel Receiverships Visit the RSM booth to discuss the topic of Valuation

      11:00 AM
      Workouts, Special Servicing & Legal Considerations for Hotel Acquisitions

        • Which types of hotel loans are entering special servicing, and how might that change over the next 6-12 months? What challenges and opportunities are arising?
        • To what extent have lenders shifted from accommodating borrowers with forbearance, deferment, etc., to enforcing remedies through foreclosure or loan sale?
        • What risks are you monitoring around hotel CMBS loans?
        • How may regulatory changes impact the outlook for CMBS lending?
        • What are key considerations when working with lenders vs. special servicers vs. collections agencies?
        • What creative workout scenarios for distressed hotels are borrowers and lenders discussing? What is actually being agreed upon?  What happens once the forbearances/seasonality reserves or other reserves run out?
        • What investment opportunities are we seeing in connection with distressed hotel loans, and how are these being structured?  Taking into account CMBS debt on these hotels.

        • John Hamilton, SVP Acquisitions & Business Development (Pyramid Hotel Group)
        • Leo Leyva, Co-Chair of Litigation Dept. & Real Estate Special Op. Group (Cole Schotz, PC)
        • David Smith, Senior Vice President (CWCapital Asset Management)
        • Tanya Little, CEO & Founder (Hart Advisors Group, LLC)
        • Ronald Lubin, Executive Vice President (Hilco Real Estate, LLC)
        • Bill Clarkson, SVP (Torchlight Loan Services)

      12:00 PM
      Log-In Luncheon & Networking Roundtables: Hot Topics in Distressed Hotels

      • Grab some grub and connect with your industry peers by making full use of the networking functionality the virtual platform offers. Visit the EisnerAmper booth to discuss the topic of Distressed Hotel Acquisitions Visit the The Davies Group at George Smith Partners booth to discuss the topic of Fundraising & Capital Structuring Visit the Hotel Rehabs booth to discuss the topic of Value-Add, Redevelopment & Repurposing Strategies

      Track A 12:25 PM
      Private Equity Roundtable: Fundraising, Deal Sourcing & Capital Structuring for Distressed & Value-Add Hotel Transactions

        • What strategies are investors and lenders looking to for adding value amid a global pandemic? 
        • With acquisition financing scarcely available, how is the role of private equity funds changing? What terms do PE investors require for providing capital for new construction?
        • To what extent are hotel owners and developers using C-PACE financing to close funding gaps?
        • What’s the outlook for private debt fundraising for hotel construction and development projects?
        • How are terms changing for preferred equity, senior and mezzanine debt?
        • How do PE investors view value-add opportunities in the hospitality space, and how has this changed in light of the ongoing global pandemic? 
        • How are the supply-demand dynamics changing in the markets you’re targeting? 

        • Sujan Patel, Founder and Managing Principal (Nantam Capital)
        • Christopher Oka, Managing Director (Angelo, Gordon & Co.)
        • Robert Naso, Managing Director (Bentall GreenOak)
        • P.J. Yeatman, Managing Partner (Corten Real Estate Partners)
        • Chris Flick, EVP (PIMCO)
        • Andrew Gindy, Principal (Walton Street Capital LLC)

      Track B 12:25 PM
      Financing & Value-Add Strategies for Distressed Acquisitions

        • How do terms compare for ground-up development financing vs. distressed acquisition financing?
        • Which capital providers and financial institutions are most likely to fund most of the M&A activity during the COVID-19 risk period?
        • How are the roles of non-bank lenders changing?
        • To what extent are you revisiting deals that fell through due to financing issues?
        • What terms can you expect from various financing sources?

        • Zachary Streit, Senior Vice President (George Smith Partners)
        • David Parsky, Managing Principal (Arris Investments LLC)
        • Krystal England, Senior Director (Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC)
        • Aditya Bhoopathy, Principal & Executive Vice President (Noble Investment Group, LLC)
        • Robert Kline, CEO & Co-Founder (The Chartres Lodging Group, LLC)
        • David Perel, Partner (Victory Hotel Group)

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      Track A 1:25 PM
      Auctions, Note Sales & The Outlook for Hotel Dispositions

        • What new opportunities are arising in the auctions space? What does the opportunity set look like for OREOs?
        • What kinds of pricing are you seeing for discounted sales? Are there opportunities where banks are selling assets for cents on the dollars?
        • What liability issues do you expect to arise with hotel auctions?
        • What does the auction market for hotel and motel notes look like?

        • Jeff Azuse, Senior Vice President (Hilco Real Estate)
        • Ming Jin, Senior Vice President (China Merchants Bank, New York Branch)
        • Ned Delorme, Partner (Jupiter Holdings)
        • Ramin Kolahi, Principal (Lighthouse Investments, LLC)
        • Rakesh Patel, Senior Vice President (CWCapital)
        • Christopher Swieca, SVP (Wintrust Financial Corporation)

      Track B 1:25 PM
      What Hotel Owners, Servicers, and Lenders Need to Know for a Successful Receivership

        • How does receivership activity vary by hotel subtype and submarket?
        • What are some of the lesser-known challenges, and keys to success, in executing hotel receivership deals?
        • What is your forecast for bankruptcy filing rates and receiverships for the rest of the year, and in 2021?
        • What kinds of receivership deals are you encountering?

        • Michael Nanosky, President (Janus Hotels and Resorts)
        • Aileen Canta, CEO (A F Canta Inc)
        • Cliff Risman, Partner (Foley & Lardner LLP)
        • Daniel Lesser, President & CEO (LW Hospitality Advisors)
        • Mary Jo Heston, Judge (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

      Track A 2:25 PM
      Hotel Valuation in a Distressed Cycle

        • What are key considerations when trying to assign value to a distressed hotel asset?
        • What sort of pricing trends are you observing, and how might these change as the sector recovers?
        • What has changed/what will change about the timing of deals in a distressed environment?
        • What are your projections for deal flow over the next 6-12 months?
        • Which groups are leading acquisitions and fundraising activity?
        • How are you handling due diligence, and what unique challenges are you encountering?

        • Ryan McAndrew, Senior Manager, Real Estate Senior Analyst (RSM US LLP)
        • Mark Purcell, Vice President - North America Development (AccorHotels)
        • Michael Marshall, President & CEO (Marshall Hotels & Resorts)
        • Brian Waldman, Executive Vice President, Investments (Peachtree Hotel Group)
        • Marco Soriano, Partner (Soriano Global Holdings Limited)
        • Mershard Frierson, Chairman, CEO & Founder (The Sundry Group)

      Track B 2:25 PM
      “DE-stressing” through Strategic Transformation – a Focus on Operational Strategy, Cash Management and Asset Preservation

        • Within your organization, where have you identified opportunities to reduce operating costs?
        • How have you adjusted, or do you plan to adjust your operating business strategies?
        • What steps have you taken to streamline operations while delivering a positive guest experience? 
        • Which changes to your operating model do you think will be temporary, and which are more likely to be permanent?
        • What strategies are you employing to protect your portfolio?

        • Melanie Pennell-Mayer, Principal & COO (Associated Ventures)
        • Stan Kennedy, COO (Remington Hotels)
        • Chris King, Chief Development Officer (Salamander Hotels & Resorts)
        • Tina Nazier, Director, Stategic Alignment (Wipfli LLP)

      3:10 PM
      Exhibit Hall Networking Break

      3:25 PM
      From Distress to Best Use: Hotel Conversions, Renovation & Redevelopment

        • What strategies are you exploring to convert hotels to multifamily, student or senior housing, office or other uses? When is conversion not the best option?
        • What are some benefits of, and challenges associated with brand conversions? What degree of growth can be expected from these as the sector recovers?
        • What sort of financing is available for hotel conversions?
        • Which vendor partners do you need to engage to execute a successful repurposing strategy?

        • Malcolm Davies, Principal (George Smith Partners)
        • Andy Stewart, Managing Partner (Argosy Real Estate Partners)
        • Gerald Levine, Senior Managing Director (Beecher Carlson Insurance Services)
        • Christopher Beavor, CEO (CAI Investments)
        • Chris Winterhalter, CEO (Hotel Rehabs, LLC)
        • Clare Duan, VP of Acquisitions (Senior Resource Group)

      4:25 PM
      Hotel Investment Roundtable: Are You Playing Offense or Defense?

        • What terms are lenders offering? Which loan relief options are available?
        • Where are the next opportunities for distressed acquisitions, and what returns are you expecting?
        • How are you handling negotiations with lenders? What kind of information are they expecting hotel owners and developers to provide?
        • Where are you sourcing rescue capital?
        • How are you managing relationships with equity holders?

        • Allie Hope, Chief Development Officer (Virgin Hotels)
        • Vamsi Bonthala, CEO (Arbor Lodging Partners)
        • Shafi Syed, Global Head of Hotel Development (Equinox Hotels)
        • Ramin Kolahi, Principal (Lighthouse Investments, LLC)
        • Heather Turner, CEO & Co-Founder (Tamarack Capital Partners)
        • David Taylor, Director of Strategic Initiatives (Twain Financial Partners)

      5:10 PM
      Hotel Stimulus Plan Update: CARES Act, Cost Segregation, Energy Tax Credit & Incentive Strategies

      • Learn the latest tax benefits and strategies in the recent CARES Act of 2020, Coronavirus Relief and PPP and as well as the Tax Extenders Bill the end of 2019 that renewed some important original Energy Policy Act incentives for the hospitality industry and design of energy-efficient buildings. Update on all Federal, State and Local programs that may apply retroactively as well as to current and future projects to help maximize results. Valuable tax credit and incentives to be discussed will include Opportunity Zones, EPACT 179D and 45L energy tax credits, Historic tax credits, Solar and Renewable Energy tax credits, and the powerful R&D Tax Credit designed to help architects and engineers who develop new and improved designs, concepts and innovative processes.

        • Michael D'Onofrio, Managing Director (Engineered Tax Services Inc)

      5:20 PM
      Women’s Networking Power Hour: Advancing the Roles of Women in the Hospitality Sector

      • Join a candid and incisive conversation about the opportunities and obstacles in navigating and advancing in the competitive, predominantly male industries of hotel development and investment. This interactive format encourages engagement and active participation from all attendees, in order to distill the important insights that will aid in your colleagues’ success.

        • Aileen Canta, CEO (A F Canta Inc)
        • Clare Duan, VP of Acquisitions (Senior Resource Group)

      6:20 PM
      Distressed Hotels Virtual Forum Concludes



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  • Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

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