ESG in Structured Finance
New York, NY
September 8, 2022


Pivoting from the tenure of IMNs exclusive Green Investing Solar & PACE conference, IMN is proud to announce its Annual Conference on ESG in Structured Finance, to be held September 8th in New York.

Recognizing the rapid expansion of, and focus on ESG in the capital markets, IMN looks forward to connecting a wide range of structured finance and fixed income professionals across the asset class spectrum to advance the conversation on navigating and progressing the world of ESG.

Sessions will cover both transactional and theoretical approaches to ESG, covering Solar and PACE securitization as traditional ESG linked transactions, as well as CLOs, Autos and Consumer as the growing traction towards ESG continues. The conference aims to provide insight into a wide range of asset classes and how ESG relates to them, as well as breaking down the core components of E, S, and G, including themes on how methodologies are forming, the progression of data and analytics, and expansion of investor due diligence.

Hear from expert, best in field, speakers for a full day of insightful and thought-provoking discussions, as well as critical networking opportunities with a broad range of industry colleagues across the financial markets. IMN welcomes you to the new and premier gathering for the conscious capital markets.

Preliminary topics include:

Back to Basics: The ABC’s of ESG
Forecasting ESG’s Potential for Capital Markets
ESG Methodologies & Frameworks
Data, Analytics, & Transparency in ESG
ESG Investor Due Diligence
Asset Applications for CLOs, Consumer ABS, and MBS
Credit Enhancement: Risk Mitigation for ESG Investments
Securitizing Solar
Residential PACE Spotlight
Commercial PACE Spotlight

Who Should Attend
  • ESG & Impact Investors
  • Fixed Income Investors
  • Rating Agencies
  • Investment Bankers & Financial Advisors in the Structured Finance and Energy Sectors
  • Legal Counsel
  • Solar Energy Providers/Developers
  • PACE Issuers
  • Servicers and Back-Up Servicers
  • Wind/Turbine Developers

Investors 55

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My Agenda

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    Thursday, September 8th, 2022

      8:00 AM
      Registration Opens & Delegate Breakfast

      Track B 8:30 AM
      Back to Basics: The ABC’s of ESG

        • Understanding the intersection of E, S, and G, and what each mean for Structured Finance
        • Evolution and development of the market, including key regulatory developments and considerations
        • Challenges and opportunities for Structured Finance in both the Public and Private Capital Markets

      9:00 AM
      The Promise Land: ESG Methodologies & Frameworks

        • Importance of the ISSB and UNSDG as a consistent barometer to measure progress
        • Challenges for Structured Finance in applying ESG principles
        • Issuance Frameworks, best practices, and screening methodologies -  How are investors, issuers, banks, and rating agencies setting their intentions for success in the ESG space?
        • What frameworks are emerging as dominant in the US?
        • Is the US slower to adopt ESG practices? What lessons can be learned from the European markets?

      9:50 AM
      ESG Influencers: Forecasting ESG’s Potential for Capital Markets

        • How will current macro factors impact the growth of ESG in the capital markets?
        • What will it take to cement ESG into the ABS mainstream? I.e., Standardization, Regulation, Ratings, Data, technology etc. What lessons can be learned from Europe and Asia?
        • How can the market combat ‘greenwashing’, and what impact does recent scrutiny of certain asset managers have on future ESG strategy?
        • Where are the current opportunities in Secured Product ESG? Current views on transaction volumes, pricing, and spreads
        • Supply & Demand: Are there enough ESG compliant assets available to securitize? What additional infrastructure does the structured credit market need (warehousing, secondary liquidity, etc.)?
        • How prominent and active is the secondary market in ESG?

      10:40 AM
      Networking Refreshment Break

      11:10 AM
      Keynote: To be Announced Soon

      11:40 AM
      Beauty in the Eye of the Disclosure: Data, Analytics, & Transparency

        • When can we expect to see more standardisation and alignment of data and reporting? Is analytics, certification, and scoring standardisation key to increased transaction activity?
        • Market views on the SEC’s ESG Disclosure Requirements proposal - How does the recent regulatory scrutiny of asset managers and potential greenwashing impact market confidence and future ESG strategies?
        • How can the US market adopt transparency criteria from SFDR’s Article 8? Will the same principles translate to the US market?
        • What value do third party ESG data providers offer the market? 
        • Rating Agency perspectives on ESG scoring and analytics of transactions

      12:30 PM
      Delegate Lunch Break

      Track A 1:30 PM
      Asset Applications: CLOs

        • What does it mean to be an ESG CLO?
        • Is ESG a viable strategy for CLOs? Why has the US market been slower to adapt then Europe?
        • Standardized tools for analysis of ESG in a CLO portfolio and Navigating ESG Policy Reporting
        • What are manager and investor policies around ESG? How to effectively manage positive and negative screening, and other key ESG metrics considered when constructing a portfolio.
        • What does ESG integration mean for underlying asset composition and legacy assets? How will this affect refinancing and resets?
        • CLO manager certification for ESG and how it could make the manager more attractive

      Track B 1:30 PM
      Credit Enhancement: Risk Mitigation for ESG Investments

        • How to consider the various mechanisms available under credit-enhancement schemes, including First-Loss, PCG/PRG, Contingent Loans, and Viability Gap Funding?
        • What is the application of bi-lateral Credit-Enhancement for Green and ESG Structured Finance transactions?
        • Applications of insurance as a credit enhancement product to create investment grade opportunities
        • In what ways can Private Capital be unlocked for ESG Investments?

      Track A 2:15 PM
      Asset Applications: MBS

        • Which fields are important to report on for mortgage-backed securities?
        • RMBS: Reporting requirements and developments for green and social bonds
        • How will current market conditions affect CRE and CMBS, and can ESG play a component in aiding this sector?

      Track B 2:15 PM
      Powering Up: Securitising Solar

        • Review of recent transactions. How are current market conditions affecting the trends, challenges, deal structures, and investor appetite for Solar ABS.
        • Where are the current opportunities across the product spectrum i.e. C&I, DG, Resi, Community, Battery Storage etc.
        • Is increased CDFI Issuance, rather than traditional ABS, impacting the capital markets space for Solar?
        • Governmental and regulatory developments for the Solar market – how helpful is the ITC extension, and has the infrastructure bill provided a boost to supply?
        • Is the development of ESG market practices helping institutionalize the Solar market, through further accessibility and favourable pricing?

      3:00 PM
      Networking Refreshment Break

      Track A 3:30 PM
      Asset Applications: Consumer ABS

        • How does each ESG component factor into consumer related asset classes, such as Autos, Credit Cards, and Student Loans?
        • Are certain products just not ESG?
        • What are the various methodologies currently being employed to corporate debt? How well do they translate for ABS?
        • How will proposed ESG regulatory changes from the SEC impact the Consumer ABS sector?

      Track B 3:30 PM
      Residential PACE Spotlight

        • Current market climate – how will the residential market be affected?
        • Performance of 2022 issuance to date, and projections for issuance volumes for 2023 and beyond?
        • What regulatory (federal/state/local) factors are helping or hindering market progress? E.g., Lender consent, consumer protections
        • How is a move towards unsecured home improvement lending going to affect R-PACE in the long run? Is this only temporary?
        • How does R-PACE transaction structure play into the asset’s scalability? What needs to be done to increase R-PACE Assessments and issuance activity?

      Track A 4:15 PM
      The Nascent Market: Investor Strategies, Perspectives and Due Diligence

        • What do investors want in an ESG structured finance transaction?
        • What specifics are investors on the lookout for when analysing data and reviewing deals?
        • What kind of data due diligence and language is being included and what we want to see more of?
        • ESG mandates: How are investors managing their ESG risk?
        • How can we close the gap between current ESG reporting and investor expectations?
        • How are investors viewing the ‘Greenium’ on ESG transactions? How is this expected to change given current market conditions, and is ESG the space for finding alpha?

      Track B 4:15 PM
      Commercial PACE Spotlight

        • Transaction volume outlook and forecast – where are the opportunities in CPACE e.g., new construction vs retrofitting etc. and what are the specific considerations for each?
        • How is the use of ‘retroactive’ and ‘recapitalisation’ expected to impact C-PACE origination? What effect has building cost inflation had on C-PACE demand?
        • What regulatory and state/local incentives currently exist to incentivise C-PACE as an alternative source of capital? How is gap financing and tax credit considerations impacting cost, pricing, and returns?
        • How are current PPA levels influencing progress and activity in this market?
        • How are commercial owners and developers using C-PACE financing as a long-term financing option to lower energy costs, reduce carbon footprints, increase property values and meet ESG goals?

      5:00 PM
      Keynote: To be Announced Soon

      5:30 PM
      Networking Drinks Reception & Conference Concludes



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