Eigen Technologies & IMN Virtual Series
Virtual Series
March 18 - 24, 2021


    Upcoming Webinar - March 18

      11:00 AM (Eastern Time)
      LIBOR Transition: Using AI to Overcome the Challenge of Legacy Contract Analysis

      • WATCH ON-DEMAND SESSION Discussion topics include:
        • The Libor transition and the impact of the recent IBA/FCA/ARRC announcements
        • Why it is so important to review documentation and what problems and challenges there are on the document level?
        • Will an extension for certain assets (US Libor for loans) cause any problems?
        • What are the considered approaches being taken into account by key regulators for more complex legacy contracts?
          • How do these approaches alter looming deadlines and firm preparedness?
        • Can we expect close regulatory oversight of tough legacy identification?  
        • What role can AI have in helping uncover fallback language issues in tough legacy contracts?

        • Kenneth Ko, Director (Eigen Technologies)
        • Dr. Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, VP of Product (Eigen Technologies)
        • Ronni Neeman, Principal (PGIM Fixed Income)
        • Alexis Pederson, Senior Company Counsel (Wells Fargo)
        • Melanie Gnazzo, Partner (Chapman and Cutler LLP)
    Past Webinar - February 18

      4:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      COVID-19 Credit Risk: Importance of Real Time Portfolio Monitoring

      • 18th February
        16:00 GMT | 11:00 AM EST

        Discussion topics include:
        • With the European Banking Authority’s new loan monitoring guidelines what are the implications for European Banks?
        • What covenant trends have we seen over the last 12 months?
        • Why  is real time portfolio-level data essential for ROE and meeting dynamic regulatory requirements?

        • Dr. Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, VP of Product (Eigen Technologies)
        • Dr. Lewis Z. Liu, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Eigen Technologies)
        • Asha Narayan, CLO Portfolio Manager (PGIM Fixed Income)

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  • Upcoming Webinar - March 18
  • Past Webinar - February 18
  • 4:00 PM

    COVID-19 Credit Risk: Importance of Real Time Portfolio Monitoring

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