European Securities Finance
London, UK
September 13, 2022


IMN is thrilled to announce The European Beneficial Owners’ Securities Finance & Collateral Management Conference will be returning to London this September for its 25th anniversary.

The event has been held a quarter of a century and, in this time, has established itself as the leading platform to meet beneficial owners and learn about major issues affecting them, including regulatory changes, technological innovations and structural transformations in this market.

This is a conference for beneficial owners by beneficial owners. The advisory board guides the content production, including speaker acquisition, ensuring a timely and educational program for all attendees.

Advisory Board:
Roelof van der Struik, Investment Manager, PGGM
Ernst Dolce, Head of Liquidity Solutions, AXA Investment Managers
Bill Foley, Founder & Director, SecFinHub
Radek Stech, Founder & CEO, Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending CIC

Beneficial Owners receive complimentary passes to attend. For further information, please visit the event registration page.

Who Should Attend
Executives and decision-makers involved in Securities Lending, Collateral Management and Global Custody, including:
  • Heads of Securities Lending/Financing
  • Investment Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Collateral Managers
  • Risk/Investment Risk Managers
  • Treasury Managers
  • Investment Operations/ Treasury Operations Managers
  • Front Office/Middle Office Managers
The event is geared toward Beneficial Owners from the following types of institutions:
  • Public and Corporate Pension Funds
  • Asset Management firms
  • Mutual Funds
  • Unit Trusts
  • Investment Management firms
  • Building Societies
  • Assurance Companies
  • Superannuation Schemes
Securities Lending & Collateral Management Industry Professionals:
  • Banks
  • Broker/Dealers
  • Specialist Agents
  • Agent Lenders
  • Consultants
  • Attorneys
  • Technology Providers
The Borrower Community would also find the event of value.

Conference Highlights

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    Getting Started
    Updating Personal Info
    Updating Demographics
    Searching By Name/Company
    Filter By Demographics
    Send Invitation
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    Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

      8:00 AM
      Registration and Breakfast for All Attendees


      8:30 AM
      Opening Remarks

      8:35 AM
      Women in Securities Finance Podcast Live from IMN London 2022

      • As the opening keynote event for the day, Women in Securities Finance will podcast LIVE from IMN London 2022 for their Perspectives podcast series with securities finance experts Melissa Gow from S&P Global Market Intelligence and Brooke Gillman from eSeclending Melissa and Brooke will share their own stories of their career journeys and will dive into topics such as the gender wealth gap and how that continues to impact gender equality in the workplace. They will also offer updates on industry DEI initiatives and how groups like the 30% Club are changing representation across businesses at the board and C-Suite levels.

        • Melissa Gow, VP, Securities Finance (S&P Global Market Intelligence)
        • Brooke Gillman, Managing Director, Head of Client Relationship Management (eSecLending)

      9:05 AM
      The State of the European Securities Finance Market

        • What lessons have been learned through the pandemic and how did Covid-19 impact the Global Securities Lending market?
        • Trends in pricing, costs and revenues
        • Which assets currently hold the most value?  Fixed income, pension fund assets, equities, insurance assets?
        • What types of RFP get agent lenders most excited?
        • What are the key factors and disrupters impacting the market as we head into 2023
        • How is borrower behavior changing with different market pressures?
        • How is SFTR impacting participation and transparency?

        • Sunil Daswani, Global Head of Securities Lending (Standard Chartered)
        • James Day, UK Head of Securities Finance and Global Head of Product Development (State Street)
        • Joseph Gillingwater, Global Head of Fixed Income Agency Lending Trading (Northern Trust Company)
        • Remy Ferraretto, Senior Sales - Securities Finance and Repo (CACEIS BANK)
        • Craig Starble, CEO (eSecLending)
        • Matthew Chessum, Director, Securities Finance (S&P Global)

      9:50 AM
      Networking Break

      10:35 AM
      Exploring Collateral Management, Optimisation Strategies & Risk Management

        • What is driving borrower demand for liquidity?
        • What revenue opportunities exist for beneficial owners considering alternative collateral profiles?  What are the impacts on risk and return?
        • How are beneficial owners adapting collateral policies, oversight and compliance protocols to manage broader sets of collateral?
        • Exploring regulatory restrictions
        • Strategies for managing reinvestment risk
        • What concerns are there around bringing crypto in the securities lending world?
        • In what ways do these challenges vary for pension funds, insurance companies, corporates and mutual funds?

        • Bill Foley, Director (SecFinHub)
        • Trevor Amoils, Securities Finance and Collateral (AustralianSuper)
        • Brooke Gillman, Managing Director, Head of Client Relationship Management (eSecLending)
        • Samir Dhrolia, Sr Managing Director, Global Derivatives, Trading and Index Portfolio Management (DTI) (British Columbia Investment Mgmt Corp)
        • Mark Faulkner, Co- Founder (Credit Benchmark)
        • Staffan Ahlner, Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Collateral Management (State Street)

      11:20 AM
      Making an Impact: Examining Successful ESG Strategies and Tools in Securities Lending

        • How can ESG priorities offer investors potential long-term performance advantages?
        • How are beneficial owners working with borrowers and agent lenders to ensure ESG standards are met?
        • How can firms embed ESG and sustainable development principles into their securities lending business?
        • ESG collateral: Are you double counting green initiatives?
        • Are you prioritizing carbon emissions, corporate governance, energy consumption, diversity and inclusion or a combination of them all?
        • How are ESG-related policies being implemented and reported to institutional investors?
        • Exploring ESG-friendly platforms and technological innovations

        • Travis Whitmore, Vice President, Senior Quantitative Researcher (State Street)
        • Radek Stech, CEO (Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending)
        • Valentina Crovato, Product Solutions Specialist (Euroclear Bank SA/NV)
        • Simon Lee, Managing Director (eSecLending)
        • Kevin Bourne, Managing Director (S&P Global Sustainable1)
        • Xavier Bouthors, Head of Securities Lending (NN Investment Partners)

      12:05 PM
      Networking Luncheon

      1:05 PM
      Beneficial Owner-Only Closed-Door Session

      • This unique closed-door session is open to a beneficial owner audience only.  Topics of discussion include creating liquidity with securities financing, collateral management, strategies for pension funds, insurance companies and mutual funds, ESG in securities, collateral schedules and risk vs. return.  This session is formatted in a round-table open discussion format so beneficial owners can talk openly with their peers facing similar issues.

        • Andrew Dyson, CEO (International Securities Lending Association (ISLA))

      1:35 PM
      Closed Door Session Re-Cap

        • Andrew Dyson, CEO (International Securities Lending Association (ISLA))

      1:45 PM
      Regulatory Updates: Impacts on Transparency, Reporting, Settlements & Counterparty Capital Calculations

        • Exploring the latest regulations and their impact on the market
        • How has your business updated its procedures to comply with new CSDR requirements?
        • Is the market poised to see more transparency?
        • How have new regulations impacted your business both operationally and strategically? Success strategies to alleviate issues
        • What impact has changes to SFTR such as ISO Schema and Position Aggregation had on the market?
        • What are the main opportunities that have arisen as a result of increased regulation?

        • Verena Charvet, Founder (Merlys)
        • Matthew Johnson, Director, Digital Platform Management & Industry Relations (DTCC)
        • Radek Stech, CEO (Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending)
        • Simon Nottage, Managing Director (State Street Global Markets)

      2:30 PM
      Performance Measurement Best Practices, Programme Oversight, and Utilising Data Effectively to Gain Competitive Advantage

        • Exploring in-house and independent programme oversight
        • How is big data disrupting this space?
        • What are the most accessible ways to oversee your program with the use of independent data?
        • Considerations for beneficial owners around benchmarking and standardization
        • Can you save money by bringing programme oversight in-house?
        • How can the industry define standards and best practices for data aggregation and calibration of performance related metrics?
        • What are the latest tools and processes available to beneficial owners for tracking their own performance as well as that of their competitors and service providers?
        • The impact of new regulations on the provision and use of data in securities finance
        • Data provider perspectives on current market opportunities

        • Joseph Molloy, Head of Systematic Equity (HSBC Global Asset Management)
        • Kabin George, Executive Director, Securities Finance (S&P Global)
        • Stefan Kaiser, Managing Director (BlackRock)
        • Dimitri Arlando, Head of Data and Analytics, EMEA and APAC (DataLend)
        • Anthony Murphy, Managing Director (Prime Advocates)

      3:15 PM
      Networking Break

      3:30 PM
      New Technology Platforms & Alternative Trading Models

        • What disruptive technologies are changing the market?
        • Is technology beneficial to the market, or is it making things more difficult?
        • How can Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence improve existing processes?
        • Update on Blockchain and the tokenization of securities and collateral
        • What impacts will crypto have on the market?
        • What regulatory and legal barriers must emerging technologies overcome in order to improve collateral fluidity?

        • Roy Zimmerhansl, Practice Lead (Pierpoint Financial Consulting)
        • Grant Davies, Head of Sales (EquiLend)
        • Stuart Jarvis, EMEA Head of Agency Securities Lending and Collateral Management (Citi)
        • Akber Datoo, Managing Partner (D2 Legal Technology)

      4:15 PM
      Spotlight Session: Stock Loan Fee Splits: Exploring the Need for More Transparency

        • Are current fee splits transparent enough?
        • Are fixed fee split arrangements in the best interests of fund investors?  Do they contradict ESMA guidelines?
        • Exploring investor protection rules
        • Do fixed fee split arrangements raise the risk of investors being effectively overcharged?
        • Income attribution and conflicts of interests in EU retail investment funds
        • What are the nuances to be aware of and how do different firms approach these nuances?
        • What disclosures are necessary in fund documentation?

        • Bill Foley, Director (SecFinHub)
        • Robert Nunn, Director, Securities Finance (S&P Global Market Inteligence)

      4:45 PM
      The European Repo Market Outlook: Challenges and Opportunities for Investors and Repo Traders

        • What opportunities are investors and repo traders seeing?
        • How have repo markets in Europe performed coming out of Covid?  What is the outlook for 2023 and beyond?
        • What challenges are repo traders experiencing in the current market?
        • Current pricing on repo contracts
        • Can the repo market benefit from innovation and advancements in technology?
        • The impact of electronic trading platforms
        • Evaluating new initiatives from agency repo, agency cleared repo and P2P repo platforms

        • Andy Wiblin, MD, Europe (GLMX)
        • Morten Jacobsen, Head of Cash Management (Norges Bank Investment Management)
        • Darren Wilson, Vice President, Financing and Collateral Solutions, Business Development (StateStreet)
        • Stuart Day, Director, Securities Finance (S&P Global)
        • Jonathan Ford, Managing Director (RBC Capital Markets)

      5:30 PM
      Closing Remarks

      5:30 PM
      Cocktail Reception



This is a past conference, no registration is available.

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  • Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

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