European Securities Finance
London, UK
September 25 - 26, 2019


On the 25th and 26th of September, IMN will host the 24th Annual European Beneficial Owners' Securities Finance & Collateral Management Conference. The event has been held for over two decades and, in this time, has established itself as the leading platform to meet beneficial owners and learn about major issues affecting them, including regulatory changes, technological innovations and structural transformations in this market. 

This is a conference for beneficial owners by beneficial owners. The advisory board, consisting solely of beneficial owners, guides the content production, including speaker acquisition, ensuring a timely and educational program for all attendees.

Beneficial Owners receive complimentary passes to attend. For further information, please visit the event registration page.

Who Should Attend
Executives and decision-makers involved in Securities Lending, Collateral Management and Global Custody, including:
  • Heads of Securities Lending/Financing
  • Investment Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Collateral Managers
  • Risk/Investment Risk Managers
  • Treasury Managers
  • Investment Operations/ Treasury Operations Managers
  • Front Office/Middle Office Managers
The event is geared toward Beneficial Owners from the following types of institutions:
  • Public and Corporate Pension Funds
  • Asset Management firms
  • Mutual Funds
  • Unit Trusts
  • Investment Management firms
  • Building Societies
  • Assurance Companies
  • Superannuation Schemes
Securities Lending & Collateral Management Industry Professionals:
  • Banks
  • Broker/Dealers
  • Specialist Agents
  • Agent Lenders
  • Consultants
  • Attorneys
  • Technology Providers
The Borrower Community would also find the event of value.

Conference Highlights

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My Agenda

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    Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

      European Securities Finance Industry Outlook: Analysing Key Market Drivers for the Coming Year

        • Looking back on the last year – what lessons have been learned?
        • What will be the key factors and disrupters impacting the market this coming year?
        • How is borrower behaviour changing with different market pressures?
        • In which areas are agent lenders feeling the biggest squeeze?
        • Trends in securities lending pricing, costs and revenues
        • Which assets currently hold the most value?  Fixed income, pension fund assets, equities, insurance assets?  What types of RFP get agent lenders most excited?
        • Update on SFTR and how it will impact participation and transparency

      On the Brink of Brexit: Navigating the New European Market

        • What have businesses been doing to prepare for the UK’s departure from the EU over the past three years?
        • Main areas of concern with regards to meeting the needs of existing clients
        • Avoiding fragmentation of liquidity and regulatory data
        • How does the ESMA/FCA regulatory and supervisory cooperation agreement help market participants in the short term?

      Getting to Grips With the Current Regulatory Environment

        • SFTR update
        • Libor and Euribor
        • Importance of transparency and other reporting implications
        • How do these regulatory pressures impact beneficial owners?
        • What are the main opportunities that have arisen as a result of increased regulation?

      New Markets and Areas of Growth for the Securities Lending Marketplace

        • Which markets have recently opened up for business?
        • What challenges are you encountering with regards to education, regulations etc?
        • Routes to market and collateral management strategy in new markets
        • Which non-European markets are you most excited about and why?

      Collateral Flexibility and Optimisation Strategies

        • Evaluating the range of approaches to sourcing, pricing, tracking and allocating collateral
        • Trends in collateral profiles for beneficial owners and borrowers
        • What revenue opportunities exist for beneficial owners considering alternative collateral profiles?  What are the risk/return impacts?
        • Cost-benefit analysis for various profiles
        • What regulatory restrictions still exist for each?
        • How beneficial owners are adapting collateral policies, oversight and compliance protocols to manage broader sets of collateral
        • Why borrowers will increase balances and/or improve rates for collateral

      Progressive Approaches to Lending and Cash Management Programs in Today’s Market: The Agent Lender/Borrower Response

      • Key themes from the beneficial owner roundtable sessions will be put to Agent Lender/Borrower panelists for their perspective.  To submit questions in advance, please email All sources of questions will remain anonymous.  Some topics that will be covered:
        • What are agent lenders doing to remain competitive, relevant and profitable in the future of the securities finance market?
        • How have new regulations impacted your business and what are you doing to alleviate these issues?
        • What are agent lenders doing to enhance the returns of their clients?
        • In what areas are they investing to develop and enrich their programmes?
        • How do you see technology impacting the industry?  What will make life easier and, conversely, more difficult?

      The Importance of Benchmarking and Utilising Data Effectively to Gain Competitive Advantage

        • What are the main considerations for beneficial owners when it comes to benchmarking and effective use of data?
        • What are the latest tools and processes that beneficial owners are using to track their performance, plus that of their competitors and their service providers?
        • Live examples of how these tools can be used to gain a competitive advantage
        • The impact of new regulations on the provision and use of data in securities finance
        • How can common pitfalls be identified and avoided?

      Is there a ‘Technological Revolution’ on the Horizon within Securities Finance?

        • Where are the main opportunities for disruptive technological innovation in securities finance?
        • How are businesses updating their processes to optimise operations?
        • New systems – to buy or to build?
        • What is the demand for cross-product systems in the market?
        • How much value does this new technology add in a market that is very slow to adapt to new technologies?
        • Are these systems likely to remain on the peripheries of the main bilateral model and remain a small part of the market?

      Understanding the EU Interest Rate Benchmark Reform

        • How can market participants prepare for the introduction of ESTER?
        • What challenges does this pose to securities finance products?

      ISLA Update on Common Domain Model (TBC)

      Pledge Structure 101

      Making an Impact: The Importance of ESG in Securities Lending

        • What ESG-related policies are being put in place at institutional investors?
        • How are these concepts and practices being implemented?
        • Can ESG factors offer investors potential long-term performance advantages?
        • How are beneficial owners working with borrowers and agent lenders to ensure ESG standards are met?

      Changes in the European Repo Market: How Are Key Players Adapting?

        • How have repo markets in Europe performed this past year?
        • Evaluating new initiatives from agency repo, agency cleared repo and P2P repo platforms
        • What are the major challenges and opportunities ahead for investors and repo traders?
        • How are repo contracts being priced?
        • In which ways could this market benefit from innovation and technological advancements?
        • What impact have electronic trading platforms had upon these transactions?

      A View of Demand: Prime Broker and Hedge Fund Perspectives

        • What operational and strategical impact has regulatory change and other market drivers had upon your business in the last year?
        • Where is the most notable demand for securities?  What niche opportunities are hedge funds looking to?
        • What can beneficial owners do to enhance revenue for both the buy side and sell side?  What are the most vital things they need to understand about the buy-side?
        • How is the role of the prime broker changing in the securities finance space?  What value-added services are hedge funds looking for in the current market environment?
        • Demand for general collateral versus specials

      Beneficial Owner-Only Closed Door Sessions

      • (topics tbc)

    Thursday, September 26th, 2019

      6:15 AM

      • Some of the sessions currently placed on Wednesday, Spetember 25th will be moved to Thursday, September 26th once the agenda is finalized.



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