EBI 2018
Dana Point, CA
June 24 - 26, 2018


EBI 2018 is a part of the Global Indexing & ETFs conference. 

New for 2018:
EBI 2018 will feature in-depth practice management and organizational content, geared toward professionals who not only want to keep up with the latest trends in markets and products, but also with the changing environment for growing and scaling a firm.

This June 24-26, EBI 2018 returns to the West Coast at the fabulous Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California. The event will once again bring together institutional investors, financial advisors, asset managers, index providers, ETF issuers, technology experts and industry thought leaders looking to improve their investment decision-making process.

The program will build on the success of our 2017 gatherings, which featured impressive speaker rosters, including such industry luminaries as Cliff Asness (AQR), Tim Buckley (Vanguard), Jim Ross (SSGA), Liz Ann Sonders (Charles Schwab), Jeffrey Gundlach (DoubleLine), Michael Mauboussin (Credit Suisse), Eduardo Repetto (Dimensional Fund Advisors), Rob Arnott (Research Affiliates), Jason Zweig (The Wall Street Journal), and Meir Statman (Santa Clara University).

The idea of investing in an evidence-based way is increasingly popular, as strategies based on data take precedence over the old intuition-based methods of the prior generation. The trend increasingly appears to be a secular, rather than a cyclical one, as organizations and institutions rethink all aspects of their processes and philosophies. By incorporating more reason and less guesswork, money managers and investment advisors are able to paint a more realistic picture of future outcomes and potential challenges to their investors.

Who Should Attend
  • Institutional Investors, Board Members & Decision-Makers
  • Asset Managers
  • RIA Custodians
  • Index Providers
  • ETF Issuers
  • Smart Beta Funds
  • FinTech Providers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Media
  • Investors
  • Consultants
  • Academics
  • Research Firms

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    Sunday, June 24th, 2018

      12:00 PM
      Registration Opens

      12:40 PM
      IMN Welcome

        • Martin McNulty, Conference Producer (IMN)

      12:45 PM
      Investing for 2020

        • With 2020 looming large in the public’s mind, what trends and opportunities should investors begin preparing for?
        • How will female lead businesses change the investing landscape? Will the industry be more socially conscious?
        • How will AI & FinTech continue to make reverberations? How will that change the investment set?
        • What opportunities are available now, that people should jump into?

        • Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner and Co-founder (ETFGI)
        • Peter Lazaroff, Chief Investment Officer (Plancorp, LLC)
        • Travis Briggs, CEO (ROBO Global, LLC)
        • Kirk Sims, Investment Officer (Teachers Retirement System of Illinois)
        • Blair duQuesnay, Investment Advisor and Financial Planner (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      1:25 PM
      Making an Entrance: New ETF Launches

        • 2017 was a tremendous year (yet again) for new product offerings, 2018 has been a good year as well. In this session we explore several of the most exciting new launches.
        • What does it take to successfully launch a new ETF in this market? Is competition blindingly fierce? Are investors picky? Or do you just need good marketing?
        • Which strategies & styles have seen the most growth?
        • How should 2018 shape up in comparison to 2017?

        • Joe Anthony, President, Financial Services (Gregory FCA Communications)
        • Jack Vogel, CIO (Alpha Architect)
        • Doug Peta, Chief ETF Strategist (BCA Research)
        • Phil Bak, CIO (Signal Advisors)
        • Joanna Gallegos, Head of U.S. ETFs (J.P. Morgan Asset Management)

      2:05 PM
      Allocating to Emerging Markets

        • Looking beyond BRICS: Which markets are hot and worth the risk? How to effectively understand local markets, which sectors to avoid?
        • Have the BRICS graduated to developed markets? Will China’s new leadership direction be deleterious to the markets? How will trump’s tariffs impact EM?
        • Which type of product generates the most gains? ETF? ETN? Is consumer discretionary still the driving force in EM? Are tech stocks the true story?
        • Hot new product launches: taking a look at the most successful new EM ETF launches.

        • Jeremy Schwartz, Host (Behind the Markets)
        • Brendan Ahern, Chief Investment Officer (KraneShares)
        • Fran Rodilosso, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income ETFs (VanEck)
        • Matthias Szabo, Director Debt Listings (Wiener Börse AG)

      2:45 PM
      Thinking In Bets

        • Annie Duke, Author (Thinking in Bets; Decision Strategist)
        • Barry Ritholtz, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      3:15 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy Of:

      3:35 PM
      The Year of the Advisor

      •  In 2018, we’re seeing advisors:

        • Make decisions based on data, not on their gut.
        • Rise further above the trading layer and into the fiduciary layer.
        • Democratize advice by shifting seamlessly between “scale” and “surgeon.”

        • Aaron Klein, CEO (Riskalyze)

      4:05 PM
      Investing in the Next Wave

        • As the industry grows and gains ever more assets, new managers, new products and new leaps in technology enter the market as a rapid pace. We ask ourselves—what will the next wave of investments and investors look like?
        • How portfolios driven by the needs of baby boomers will look relative to the portfolios of Millennials or Gen Z?
        • Where will fund flows come from? Will the developing world be a bigger player?
        • What are your predictions?

        • Sabrina Willmer, Reporter (Bloomberg)
        • Volodymyr Chernat, Senior Quantitative Investment Researcher (Betterment)
        • Jason Stoneberg, Director of Research and Product Development (Invesco PowerShares)
        • Evan Kulak, CEO (Polaris Portfolios)
        • Linda Zhang, Founder (Purview Investments)

      4:45 PM
      Lessons and Insights from The Reformed Broker

        • Josh Brown, Chief Executive Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      5:25 PM
      Daily Stoic: Timeless Wisdom for Modern Professionals

        • Ryan Holiday, Author (Daily Stoic: Timeless Wisdom for Modern Professionals)

      6:00 PM
      Cocktail Reception

      7:00 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Monday, June 25th, 2018

      7:00 AM
      Closed-Door Breakfast, Hosted by:

      7:00 AM
      Closed-Door Breakfast, Hosted by:

      7:15 AM
      Registration & Breakfast For All Conference Attendees

      8:00 AM
      Welcome Remarks

        • Andy Melvin, Managing Director (Information Management Network)
        • Josh Brown, Chief Executive Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      8:10 AM
      Opening Keynote

        • Ken Fisher, Chief Executive Officer (Fisher Investments)
        • Barry Ritholtz, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      8:50 AM
      The Modern Index

        • Index investing was and remains a revolutionary tool for investors, how has the growth in the industry, plus the technological advancement of the past decade changes the landscape of indexing? We ask our panel to layout for us what makes a modern index.
        • How to build, balance and re-band an index to be truly representative of its constituents.
        • Are modern indexes utilizing advances AI solutions? Or is the criteria still stock picker centric?
        • Will non-investible indexes be phased?

        • James Seyffart, Analyst (Bloomberg Intelligence)
        • Mebane Faber, Chief Investment Officer (Cambria Investment Management)
        • David Blitzer, Chairman of the Index Committee (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
        • Rick Ferri, CFA, Founder & Member (Rick Ferri, LLC.)

      9:30 AM
      The View from the Corner Office:

        • Gerard O'Reilly, Co-CEO, CIO, & Dimensional Director (Dimensional Fund Advisors)

      10:00 AM
      Networking Break

      10:30 AM
      Lessons from the Rise of Smart Beta

        • Smart Beta has had a meteoric rise in recognition, acceptance and allocation, we explore what went into making that success and what other strategies and styles can learn from it.
        • What’s in a name? Have we moved past the attempt to find another appellation for smart beta?
        • How have advanced technological innovations contributed to smart beta’s alpha production capabilities?
        • Is there a new “next” smart beta waiting in the wings?

        • Nir Kaissar, Columnist (Bloomberg Opinion)
        • Bill Hoyt, Head of Research & Portfolio Management (Hartford Funds)
        • Josh Rogers, Beta Specialist (J.P. Morgan Asset Management)
        • David Mazza, Senior Vice President (OppenheimerFunds)
        • Craig Lazzara, Managing Director (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

      11:15 AM
      Economic Outlook for the Year Ahead

        • Joseph Davis, Global Chief Economist (Vanguard)
        • Barry Ritholtz, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      12:00 PM
      Endowment Portfolios: What’s in & What’s Out

        • Under the new tax plan, College Endowments are facing a steep tax hike, coupled with the ever increasing need to generate alpha—how do todays portfolio management teams keep competitive and drive returns?
        • With fee pressure in mind—how can ETFs, Indexes and Smart Beta products build a low cost core?
        • How is technology fitting into your operations? What processes have you augmented with new tech?
        • Where are you allocating to? Where can you not allocate to? What’s on your wish list?

        • Chris Philips, Head of Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services (Vanguard)
        • Doug MacBean, Managing Director (California Institute of Technology)
        • Christie Hamilton, Investment Manager (Children's Health Investment Office)
        • Hank Peck, Member of Foundation Board of Directors (Northern Arizona University)

      12:45 PM

      1:45 PM
      Shaping the Future of Financial Advice

        • With predictive analytics and other advance AI becoming more and more a part of how money is managed—we ask how will these technologies heighten and sharpen the advice that that advisors can give client?
        • How will the client/advisor relationship change? Will trust become deeper as advice becomes more data driven and easier to test and explain?
        • Will new technology create opportunities for advisors to establish themselves as experts in tech and finance?
        • How have you rolled out new tech in your practice?

        • Kris Venne, Director of Wealth Management (Ritholtz Wealth Management)
        • Carolyn Gowen, Investment Manager & Branch Principal (Bloomsbury Wealth)
        • Mike Lambrakis, Partner (AdvicePeriod)
        • Michael Khouw, President & Chief Strategist (Optimize Advisors)
        • Cullen Roche, Founder (Orcam Financial Group)

      2:30 PM
      Study The Tapes: How to Learn and Benefit From Your Competition

        • The best coaches and player in football relentlessly study their opponents, advisors should do the same thing! His session examines the best way to study and then emulate the competition.
        • Sometimes an advisor has to play catch up with their competitors, this isn’t always a bad thing—what are the best ways to adopt and adapt an existing strategy while putting your own spin on it?
        • What is your strategy to stay one step ahead? Is it always best to be first to market?
        • When is it ok to follow the beat of your own drum?

        • Morgan Housel, Partner (The Collaborative Fund)
        • Jon Maier, CIO (Global X)
        • Ian Rosen, CEO (StockTwits)
        • Kimberly Backus, Senior Portfolio Manager (US Trust)

      3:10 PM
      Networking Break

      3:40 PM
      California’s Best Advisors

      • This session is proud to host advisors that are consistently placed in Barron’s and FT’s top advisors rankings. Join us as they walk the audience through the following topics (and much more!):

        • How did you get here? Who gave you your start? What would you like to tell to your younger self?
        • How do you continuously improve on your game? What tips can you share? Do you have a continuous self-development plan?
        • What sort technology do you utilize in your practice? How do you train up younger staff? How do you gain new clients while deepening existing relationships?
        • What is/was your biggest challenge? What is your outlook moving forward?

        • Felix Lin, President, Institutional Consulting Services (Beacon Pointe Advisors, LLC)
        • Laila Pence, President & Co-Founder (Pence Wealth Management)
        • Lisa Detanna, Managing Director (Raymond James)
        • Ryan McClellan, Senior Vice President (UBS Private Wealth Management)

      4:20 PM
      Animal Spirits

        • Ben Carlson, Director of Institutional Asset Management (Ritholtz Wealth Management)
        • Michael Batnick, Director of Research (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      5:00 PM
      Closing Keynote: IBM Watson—The Future of Financial Innovation

        • Paolo Sironi, FinTech Thought Leader (IBM Watson Financial Services)

      5:30 PM
      Cocktail Party, Hosted by:

      6:30 PM
      Day Two Concludes

    Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

      7:00 AM
      Sunrise Yoga, Hosted by

      • Come join us for a morning of calm, community, and collaboration, as renowned yoga instructor Dr. Christa Schwind takes us through an intentional and revitalizing yoga practice. Whether this is your first time trying yoga, or you plan to hold an inversion the entire hour, all ability levels are welcome! The event will take place on the Botanical Garden north lawn, and will utilize Sound Off™ headphone technology. These noise-isolating, LED headsets make amplified sound audible to each attendee while eliminating external distractions. This allows every attendee to have complete control over their experience. Yoga mats will be provided. Athletic wear is encouraged.


        Hosted by ALPS and Women in ETFs

        Questions: email taylor.ames@alpsinc.com


      7:00 AM
      Practice Management Drill-Down, Hosted by:

      • Join conference co-hosts Ritholtz Wealth Management as they explore best practices for running your business, field questions from an audience of advisor peers and share insights, opinions and anecdotes.

        • Barry Ritholtz, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)
        • Josh Brown, Chief Executive Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)
        • Ben Carlson, Director of Institutional Asset Management (Ritholtz Wealth Management)
        • Michael Batnick, Director of Research (Ritholtz Wealth Management)
        • Kris Venne, Director of Wealth Management (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast For All Conference Attendees

      8:20 AM
      Fireside Chat: Masters in Distress

        • Robert O'Leary, Managing Director and Co-Portfolio Manager (Oaktree Capital Management)
        • Rajath Shourie, Managing Director and Co-Portfolio Manager (Oaktree Capital Management)
        • Barry Ritholtz, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      8:55 AM
      Finding New Product: Matching Goals With Opportunities

        • Clients are increasingly savvy, curious and vocal. How do you find new and interesting investment opportunities for them?
        • What is your vetting process? What sort of screens do you utilize?
        • What happens when a client is bullish on an investment idea—but it pushes the limits of suitability?
        • What opportunities are you getting the most client questions about?

        • Tadas Viskanta, Founder and Editor (Abnormal Returns)
        • Tom Balcom, Founder (1650 Wealth Management)
        • Phil Huber, Chief Investment Officer (Huber Financial Advisors)
        • Robert Seawright, Chief Investment & Information Officer (Madison Avenue Securities)
        • Tony Isola, Investment Advisor Representative (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

      9:35 AM
      Trends in ESG & SRI

        • There is no shortage of ESG themed products available for investors, with the majority of flows coming from institutional investors. When will Advisors adopt ESG products as a method of generating alpha?
        • How large can the segment grow? Will the advent of better AI driven inclusive strategies remove any remaining bottlenecks?
        • How will factor investing driven ESG/SRI products create wider acceptance?
        • How new product launches: taking a look at the most successful new ESG/SRI launches.

        • Dave Nadig, Chief Executive Officer (ETF.com)
        • Perth Tolle, Founder (Life + Liberty Indexes)
        • Martin Kremenstein, Senior Managing Director, Head of Retirement Products & ETFs (Nushares from Nuveen)
        • Gregg Sgambati, Director, Head of ESG (S-Network Global Indexes, Inc.)
        • Mike Malewicz, System Vice President - Treasury & CIO (SSM Health Portfolio Management Company)

      10:15 AM
      Growing Your Practice: Driving New Business and Deepening Existing Relationships

        • How to create scale, efficiency and repeatable processes: automating functions such as marketing, reporting and back offices, devising and following a marketing/pr plan and optimizing a sales process.
        • What does the Rule of 15 mean in today’s Tech enabled world? What types of services do you need to offer your clients (and at no cost!)?
        • How will M&A change the landscape? Are you looking to buy or be bought out? Will M&A spur or impede industry growth?
        • What is your best advice for the audience—what three things do wish to impart?

        • April Rudin, Global Wealth Marketing Strategist (The Rudin Group)
        • Joshua Aven, CEO, Founder (Aven Financial Group)
        • Dina Isola, Investment Advisor Representative (Ritholtz Wealth Management)
        • Justin Castelli, Founder & Financial Advisor (RLS Wealth Management)
        • Winnie Sun, Co-Founder (Sun Group Wealth Partners)

      10:55 AM
      Networking Break

      11:15 AM
      Using Tech to Grow AUM

        • What is your FInTech bundle like? How many solutions do you use at present? Do you plan on allocating more to the budget?
        • Getting the most out of your CRM-more to it than tracking leads! Keeping in touch with existing clients and turning nudges into referrals.
        • Converting engagement into investment-do you have a strong social media plan? How many outreach functions are automated?
        • Scale! Tech can let you run lean and run big—how are you optimizing? Do you use bots to do basic engagement?

        • Patrick Shaddow, Director of Index Operations (S-Network Global Indexes)
        • John Crittenden, Founder (Mondigi)
        • Eddie Sempek, Chief Innovation Officer (Orion Advisor Services)
        • Courtney Ranstrom, Co-Founder & Financial Life Planner (Trailhead Planners, LLC)

      11:55 AM
      Breaking Away: Tried and True Method’s to Becoming an Independent RIA

        • Dispelling myths: common misconceptions includes fears about costs, technology and AUM—our panel helps shine a light on these topics.
        • Differences between wirehouse and Independent RIA—more to it than take home pay
        • Platform v Consultant—benefits and risks of both.
        • Lessons from advisors who broke away and lived to tell the tale!

        • Rick Ferri, CFA, Founder & Member (Rick Ferri, LLC.)
        • Taylor Schulte, Founder & CEO (Define Financial)
        • Clinton Marrs, Principal (Marrs Griebel Law Ltd)
        • William Sweet, Chief Financial Officer (Ritholtz Wealth Management)
        • Grant Bledsoe, Founder & President (Three Oaks Capital Management)

      12:35 PM
      Lessons for Life & Business from the NFL

        • Michael Lombardi, Host (GM Street on the Ringer NFL Show)

      1:05 PM
      24th Annual Global Indexing & ETF’s/ EBI Conference Concludes



This is a past conference, no registration is available.

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