“At several moments I was simply stunned by the raw depth of investment knowledge and experience, in speakers and attendees alike. I had many idols and mentors in the room, most had no idea what they meant to my continual learning.”
- Steve Sivak, Managing Partner, Innovate Wealth

“Wow. What a great event and a great group of inspiring investors and thinkers.”
– Wes Gray, Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Architect

"[I] attend a number of educational events every year, but this one stood out as the first of its kind to explore a wide range of evidence-based perspectives in one, very action-packed day."
- Sheri Iannetta Cupo, Principal, Owner, SageBroadview Financial Planning, LLC

"The Evidence Based Investing conference was great. Highly recommend and I look forward to 2018."
- Bill Nickles, Founder and Principal, YD Financial, Inc.

"After attending [the] Evidence-Based Investing Conference in New York City, all I have to say is…WOW. It was an absolute top-notch event from top to bottom."
- Phil Huber, Chief Investment Officer, Huber Financial Advisors

"Enjoyed being in the company of fellow investing professionals at the EBI today. Fabulous conference."
- Blair duQuesnay, Principal & CIO, ThirtyNorth Investments

"Wow! What a day at the Evidence-Based Investing Conference. Shout out to the Ritholtz Wealth Management crew and IMN for an incredible experience."
- Brendan Mullooly, Investment Advisor, Mullooly Asset Management, Inc.

"Unlike any other conference I’ve been to, there were no sales pitches. The conversations were about how advisors can better serve our clients, and how we can create a better experience for investors...I’m lucky to be able to say that I was in attendance at the first one, and I’ll be back for all of the ones to come."
- Justin Castelli, Founder/Financial Advisor, RL Wealth Management, LLC

"Congrats and a big thank you for pulling off an incredible Evidence-Based Investing event! This is exactly the type of progress and focus our industry needs."
- Nick Goode, Wealth Strategist, Center for Wealth Planning Advisors, Inc.

"The team put on a fantastic conference. True to their evidence-based mantra, the conference did not have a single market prognostication or discussion of economic outlook. Rather, panels were filled with engaging discussions with real, actionable takeaways."
- Corey Hoffstein, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Newfound Research

"Big shout out for an incredible conference! Amazing lineup...thanks to all!"
- Edwin Retter, Owner, Retter Capital Management LLC

"Well worth the trip from Toronto for the inaugural Evidence-Based Investment meetings!"
- Bill Howe, Financial Advisor, Raymond James

"Investing conference of the year...great content, great group of people."
- Charlie Bilello, Director of Research, Pension Partners

"Both the speaker and attendee list was a who’s-who of current and upcoming finance celebs...I’m generally no big fan of financial conferences, as most end up being full of useless filler sessions, product pitches and political nonsense. This was truly different...I’ll take a room full of really smart people agreeing on the broad strokes of successful investing over anything else any day."
- James Osborne, President, Bason Asset Management

"The Evidence Based Investment Conference was the place to be...A+!"
- PureFunds ETFs

"Awesome event...[the] lineup was outstanding and the interaction with other professionals first rate. Proud to be a part of it."
- Owen Mulhern, President, Financial Coach

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