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October 5 - 7, 2020



The mission of FIIN is to be the voice of investors, providing a forum for education and sharing ideas in the rapidly evolving fixed income and structured finance market place. We are “investor-driven and investor focused.” This mission encapsulates the ultimate aim of FIIN and its members: to enable fixed income institutional investors and asset owners to promote a healthy marketplace that facilitates innovations, transparency and liquidity while minimizing market friction. FIIN is developing educational programs and networking activities to inform investors: better investors make better markets. FIIN is just over 1 year old, and currently has 170 individual members representing 130 institutions, and growing!

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    Forward Schedule

      Non-traditional Structured Finance Investor: The VC Perspective Forum

        • TBD
        • IMN Office, New York
        • 3pm -5pm Panel discussion with Q&A
        • 5pm - 6pm Reception 
        Topics to be addressed: 
        • How are VC investors deploying capital to fin-tech innovators and their impact on structured finance?
        • What can credit investors learn from other  investors such as VCs?
        • Macro perspective: Comparing the VC business model to opportunistic funds in the structured finance space.
        • The impact of blockchain implementation on securitization in now and in the future (sales and trading, recording credit info, credit underwriting)
        • Disruptors Discussion: New products here and on the horizon
        • Customer Acquisition Cost - How to find the right metric and balance when gauging CAC.
        • How VC investors view scalability and ability of a portfolio company to access debt markets?
        • Cross over – Debt investors making equity investments in platform to access origination pipeline
        Please contact Caitlin Fitzpatrick at for more information 

        • Adam Boyden, Managing Director (RPM Ventures)

      1:40 PM
      FitchLearning Session: How Does a Corporate Rating Compare with a Securitization?

        • Securitizations have an SF qualifier attached to the rating.  What factors are truly different?
        • Review the difference of purpose for issuers and how motivations play an important role in risk assessment
        • Comparison of senior bonds and how securitization mezzanine bonds present a different risk profile
        • The difference between “tranching” and “notching” ratings
        • The purpose of rating agency caps on certain classes of ABS
        Space is limited to investor attendees of ABS East, please contact for more information. 

        • Peter Chudy, Program Delivery (Fitch Learning)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      2:00 PM
      FitchLearning Session: Near Prime RMBS, What’s Different?

        • RMBS with weaker underlying credit borrowers are being issued.  We will compare these new issues with Sub-prime and Alt-A issuance prior to the financial crisis. 
        • What are the drivers to lower credit quality mortgages?
        • How have ratings standards been tightened?
        • What aspects of the market drove the pre-crisis issues and how have they changed?
        Space is limited to investor attendees of ABS East, please contact for more information. 

        • Peter Chudy, Program Delivery (Fitch Learning)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      FIIN "What ESG Should Mean for the Fixed Income Market?"

      • Thursday, April 2, 2020 Loomis Sayles Offices, 1 Financial Ctr, Boston, MA 02111 2:50 PM:Registration  3:30 PM: Introduction to FIIN 3:45 PM: ESG: Asset Allocators are increasingly requiring ESG Factors in their mandates for new investments.  However, defining what ESG means is often subject to interpretation and a common understanding remains elusive as the asset class emerges into the mainstream vernacular and practice.
        • What can Europe tell us based on their early adoption and practices?  How are they satisfying their ESG mandates in Fixed Income?
        • What do Asset Managers expect to be considered for Fixed Income and Structured Finance?
        • How do end-investors reconcile the performance delta between ESG and non ESG assets?
        • What are the alternative views on ESG requirements?
        4:30 PM Reception    Register with Dave Blide at, for more information visit

        • Nathan Gabig, Managing Director (KPMG LLP)
        • Robert McDonough, Director of ESG and Regulatory Initiatives; Secretary (Angel Oak Capital; Fixed Income Investor Network)
        • Joseph Lau, Chief Operating Officer (Lord Capital LLC)
        • John Brodbine, Vice President & Structured Portfolio Analyst (Eaton Vance Management)

      FIIN Annual Symposium

      • Thursday, June 25, 2020 Harvard Club, New York, NY The second annual Fixed Income Investor Network Symposium will be an all-day event on June 25th at the Harvard Club in NYC.  The symposium will include keynote speakers, forums, panels, and educational sessions geared toward the investor community.  Event Website:  Register with Dave Blide at

      FIIN Webcast: How CRA’s Are Responding to COVID-19 with Moody's Investor Service

      • March 31, 2020 at 3pm Closed door for FIIN members only.  For more information please contact Dave Blide at

        • Jim Ahern, Managing Director - Global Structured Finance (Moody's Investors Service)

      8:07 PM
      FIIN Webcast: CRA’s Response to Covid-19 Impacts on the CLO Marketplace with Fitch Ratings

        • Alina Pak, Senior Director, NA Structured Credit (Fitch Ratings)
        • Derek Miller, Managing Director (Fitch Ratings)

      FIIN at IMN's ABS East Conference

      • December 1-2, 2020 Fontainebleau Miami Beach, FL


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