Global ABS 2021
London, UK
September 27 - 28, 2021

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AFME and IMN have moved the date and location of the 25th Anniversary Global ABS to take place as a blended physical and digital gathering this September. The physical portion of the conference takes place 27-28 September in London, UK and the digital event takes place on Swapcard 3-28 September.

The blended physical and digital gathering will provide a platform to network with thousands of peers, gather critical insights, and shape the European securitisation industry for the year ahead. All in-person conference activities will be held in accordance with the protocols outlined in our Events Shield.

As always, Global ABS serves as a major catalyst for structured product deal flow with opportunities for private 1:1 investor and issuer meetings, as well as ample pre- and post-event networking. 

Featuring the same informative and engaging content you’ve grown to expect from AFME and IMN, the programme delivers a competitive edge for the entirety of the European structured finance community, and we hope you will join us this September for another must attend event.

Who Should Attend
  • Regulators
  • Fixed Income Investors
  • Debt Capital Markets Issuers
  • Underwriters/Structurers
  • Rating Agencies
  • Analysts
  • Trustees
  • Servicers and Technology Platform Providers
  • Analytics Firms

Investors & Issuers 838

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    Digital Content: 3-24 September

      Global ABS "Warm Up" Webinars

      • Taking place each Friday this September, AFME & IMN are delighted to present our livestreaming "warm up" webinars ahead of the in-person conference on 27-28 September. Join us for these must-attend sessions as we cover timely topics facing the European securitisation industry and set the stage for more in-depth discussion at the physical gathering.

      3 September: Understanding the “E” in ESG for ABS

        • Defining ‘green’ in the context of particular assets class 
        • Application of EU Green Bond Standard to securitisation 
        • What are the main characteristic of the ESG (green) transactions that have been placed on the market so far ?
        • How to draw a line between “green washing “ and allowing sufficient flexibility for the market to grow. 

        • Ian Bell, Head of PCS (Prime Collateralised Securities (PCS))
        • Martin Vojtko, Senior Legal Counsel (European Investment Fund)
        • Mira Lamriben, Policy Expert (European Banking Authority (EBA))
        • Daniella Siretz, Director, Securitised Products Structuring (NatWest Markets)
        • Massimo Catizone, Director Securitisation, Receivables & Strategic Asset Financing (UniCredit)

      3 September: Understanding the “S” and “G” in ESG for ABS

        • How to measure the “S” and the “G” factors 
        • What are the main characteristic of the ESG (social) transactions that have been placed on the market so far ? 
        • Do we need Social Taxonomy ? 
        • “Social” ABS beyond “social housing” RMBS

        • Anna Bak, Associate Director, Securitisation (AFME)
        • Alex Maddox, Capital Markets Director (Kensington Mortgages)
        • Emile Boustani, Director - Asset Backed Products (Societe Generale)
        • Rosemary Kelley, Senior Managing Director (Kroll Bond Rating Agency)
        • Manish Kapoor, CFA, Managing Principal, Vice Chairman (West Wheelock Capital, Fixed Income Inv.)

      10 September: European NPL Market Update

        • What has changed since 2019 in terms of NPL volumes?
        • How can ABS be used as an effective tool to help banks shift non-performing assets off balance sheet?
        • Which are the hardest hit jurisdictions post COVID?
        • EU NPL regulatory amendments, what are the implications?
        • Role of the EU Recovery funds in NPL resolution

        • Sally Onions, Partner (Allen & Overy LLP)
        • Kostas Halatsis, Managing Director (Redwood Asset Management)
        • Ilias Kyriakopoulos, Chief Executive Officer & UBO (Hellenic Investment Recovery Advisors)
        • Sinem Erol-Aziz, Vice President (DBRS Morningstar)
        • Jonathan Trup, Managing Director, Global Capital Markets (Morgan Stanley)

      10 September: Securitisation as a Tool for Risk Transfer

        • Update on the SRT market in Europe, and emerging markets in the US and Asia
        • Key regulatory developments and potential outcomes
        • Importance of risk transfer by banks for funding post COVID recovery stimulus

        • Jessica Littlewood, Partner (Clifford Chance)
        • David Owens, Managing Director (ING Bank N.V.)
        • James Parsons, Partner (PAG)
        • Molly Whitehouse, Managing ‎Director (Newmarket Capital)
        • Meindert De Jong, Director (PGGM)

      17 September: Inflation, EU Recovery Funds and Outlook for Credit: Assessing the Impact of Macro Factors on the ABS Market

      • Special Keynote Presentation in Partnership with OMFIF

        • John Orchard, Chief Executive Officer (OMFIF)
        • Niels Thygesen, Chair (European Fiscal Board)
        • Debora Revoltella, Director, Economics Department (European Investment Bank)
        • Ignazio Angeloni, Senior Fellow. Member of the ECB Supervisory Board (Harvard Kennedy School)

      17 September: IBOR Transition: How Ready are We for 2022?

        • How big is the challenge of legacy assets?
        • Will synthetic Libor help?
        • With safe harbours looking unlikely in the UK, what more can the market and authorities do?
        • What are the practical costs of a messy transition?
        • Are US / EU / UK approaches sufficiently joined up?

        • Morgan Krone, Partner (Allen & Overy LLP)
        • Toby Williams, Technical Specialist, Benchmarks Policy / Markets & Wholesale Policy (Financial Conduct Authority)
        • Richard Jones, Partner (Slaughter and May)
        • Pranav Thakkar, Global Fixed Income Product Manager (Bloomberg L.P.)
        • Meredith Coffey, Executive VP of Research & Analysis (Loan Syndications Trading Association)
        • Deniz Yegenaga, Director (BlackRock, Global Fixed Income)

      24 September Keynote: Reflections on the Securitisation Framework – is there Scope for Prudent Recalibration?

        • Richard Hopkin, Managing Director & Head of Fixed Income, Capital Markets (Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME))
        • Almoro Rubin de Cervin, Head of Unit, Directorate General FISMA (European Commission)

      24 September Keynote: Reflections on the future review of the securitisation framework – how important is Capital Markets Union, and how can the industry best engage?

        • Pablo Portugal, Managing Director, Advocacy (AFME)
        • David Wright, Chair of Eurofi, Partner Flint Global and sub-chair of the High Level Forum on Capital Markets Union (Flint Global)
    Monday, 27 September 2021

      Delegate Breakfast and Registration Opens

      • In order to ensure a safe and socially distanced registration, IMN has organized a system of tiered registrations times divided alphabetically by COMPANY NAME as follows:

        Registration Tier 1: 7:00am - 7:30am | Companies beginning A-D

        Registration Tier 2: 7:30am - 8:00am | Companies beginning E-M

        Registration Tier 3: 8:00am - 8:30am | Companies beginning N-Z

        We ask that you kindly adhere to your assigned registration tier, in order to best minimize crowding and wait times while maximising attendee safety.

      Hosts' Welcoming Remarks: Presented by AFME & IMN

      • Join your event hosts for the official welcome to the 25th Anniversary Global ABS. Featuring remarks from IMN/Euromoney's Chief Executive Officer of the Events Centre of Excellence, Chief Executive Officer of AFME, Adam Farkas, and the Chair of AFME's Securitisation Board, Steve Gandy.

        • Ros Irving, CEO, Group Event Operations & FPS Events (Euromoney)
        • Adam Farkas, Chief Executive Officer (AFME)
        • Steve Gandy, MD, Head of Private Debt Mobilisation (Santander Corporate & Investment Banking)

      Keynote Interview: Securitisation Regulation: Personal Reflections and Thoughts for Constructive Future Engagement

        • Steve Gandy, MD, Head of Private Debt Mobilisation (Santander Corporate & Investment Banking)
        • Adam Farkas, Chief Executive Officer (AFME)

      The 25th Annual Global ABS: A Milestone Moment for a Market Emerging from the Pandemic

        • At what point in the recovery from COVID are we? What impact will the increased debt burden have on capital markets?
        • How can the industry ensure fair and transparent reporting standards on deal performance throughout and after the pandemic to protect its reputation as a valuable funding tool for the real economy?
        • How do we make sure politically we are viewed as responsible participants with proper views on credit?
        • Outlook for spreads: is the tightening a sign of a bubble, due to monetary stimulus actions, or the result of accurate risk pricing? Will spreads widen at some point and what might contribute to that?
        • What are the main factors driving robust volumes of ABS issuance in Autos? CLOs? CMBS?
        • What does inflation mean for core credit spreads and therefore relative value of ABS?
        • What is the long-term impact of the pandemic on market and documentation practices? On payment holidays, furlough schemes?

        • Andrew South, Head of Structured Finance Research, EMEA (S&P Global Ratings)
        • Greg Branch, Partner, Chief Investment Officer (SCIO Capital LLP)
        • Pranava Boyidapu, Director, European Securitisation and Real Estate Credit Research (Barclays)
        • Susanne Matern, Managing Director (Fitch Ratings)
        • Miles Hunt, Managing Director, Head of Private Credit Syndicate (NatWest Markets)

      Plenary Session: Three Years On: How Have Securitisation Regulations Shaped the ABS Market to Date?

        • Look back at three years of ABS regulations, how are they helping? What are the issues? Where has it hurt? What do investors think? What about STS, have investors felt this worked, esp. thru the crisis?
        • Update on the major changes proposed by the authorities on the Securitisation Framework and their potential impact on the ABS market
        • Regulatory capital requirements, reporting and transparency templates, risk retention
        • Regulatory divergence post-Brexit:  against the political background, how can we best preserve and enhance reciprocal access for UK/EU investors to EU/UK deals?

        • Lucy Oddy, Partner (Allen & Overy)
        • Richard Hopkin, Managing Director & Head of Fixed Income, Capital Markets (Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME))
        • Kevin Ingram, Partner (Clifford Chance)
        • Merryn Craske, Partner (Mayer Brown International LLP)
        • Neal Shah, Managing Director, EMEA Structured Finance (Moody's Investors Service)
        • Jonathan Walsh, Partner (Ashurst)

      Refreshment Break

      Track A 11:30
      Emerging Trends in Risk Transfer

        • Restoring Securitisation as a Tool for Risk Transfer
        • Role of SRT in empowering banks to fund the economic recovery post COVID
        • What is the EBA SRT report and what are the controversial aspects of it?
        • How much will be implemented, what aspects are problematic?
        • Update on EBA rules for recognizing capital for synthetic excess spread
        • Will new mortgage risk weightings for banks motivate more RMBS issues?

        • David Saunders, PDM Notes & Structuring (Santander Corporate Investment Banking)
        • Vincent Charles-Gervais, Portfolio Manager (M&G Investments)
        • Thea Gausel, Senior Associate (Clifford Chance)
        • Frank Benhamou, Managing Director, Head of Funding and Capital Solutions (Barclays)
        • Kamal Dalal, Associate (Latham & Watkins)

      Track B 11:30
      Bank Deleveraging and the Role of ABS in Financing the Real Economy

        • Stefan Rolf, Global Head of BSD (ING Bank Germany)
        • Edward Stevenson, Group Head Capital Markets (IQ-EQ)
        • Olga Gekht, Senior Vice President (Moody's Investors Service)
        • Stefan Augustin, Co-Head of Structured Finance (ARC Ratings)
        • Sebastian Walf, Managing Director (Citigroup)

      Track C 11:30
      ESG: Consumer ABS Applications

        • Where will the guidance on labeling ABS deals ESG compliant come from?
        • What are the various methodologies currently being employed to corporate debt? Do they translate well for ABS?
        • Which fields are important to report on for consumer related asset classes, such as Autos?
        • Correlation between the green loans and the probability of default: what evidence is out there?

        • Boin Cheong, Associate (Latham & Watkins)
        • Matthew Mitchell, Director, EMEA Structured Finance (S&P Global Ratings)
        • Joanne McEnteggart, Managing Director (IQ EQ)
        • Raquel Pacheco, Securitised Products (Citi)
        • Soojean Choi, Associate (Clifford Chance LLP)

      Track A 12:15
      What is Next for STS?

        • Has EU STS regime achieved more commoditisation/standardisation?
        • How has STS worked out for ABCP?
        • Is STS problematic for investors to implement? Are certain investors going to be sidelined?
        • What are the disclosure challenges for STS synthetics?

        • Anna Bak, Associate Director, Securitisation (AFME)
        • Jerome Farges, Global Head of Corporate Securitisation (SOCIETE GENERALE)
        • Daniela Schmitt, Senior Associate (Allen & Overy)
        • Harry Noutsos, Managing Director - Market Outreach (Prime Collateralised Securities (PCS) UK Limited)

      Track B 12:15
      ABS Researcher and Investor Roundtable

        • Assessing the Fallout of COVID-19
        • Inflationary concerns on the horizon
        • The end of purchase programmes and market liquidity
        • End of the moratoria: cliff effect or smooth transitioning?
        • Other key macro factors and their impact on the ABS market

        • Janet Oram, Head of Asset Backed Securities (USS Investment Management)
        • Vasundhara Goel, Head of European ABS and CLO Strategy (Morgan Stanley)
        • Gordon Kerr, Managing Director, Head of European Research (Kroll Bond Rating Agency)
        • Ope Agbaje, Investor (Independent)
        • Conor O'Toole, Managing Director, Head of European Asset Backed Research (Deutsche Bank)

      Track C 12:15
      ESG: MBS Applications

        • Where will the guidance on labeling MBS deals ESG compliant come from?
        • What are the various methodologies currently being employed to corporate debt? Do they translate well for MBS?
        • Which fields are important to report on for mortgage backed securities?

        • Simi Arora-Lalani, Senior Associate (Clifford Chance)
        • Cliff Pearce, Global Head of Capital Markets (Intertrust)
        • Katie Prideaux, Fixed Income Analytics Specialist, Sustainable Investment Lead (London Stock Exchange Group / Yield Book)
        • Daniella Siretz, Director, Securitised Products Structuring (NatWest Markets)

      Delegate Luncheon

      • In order to ensure a safe and socially distanced delegate luncheon, IMN has organized a system of tiered times divided alphabetically by COMPANY NAME as follows:

        Luncheon Group 1: 12:30pm - 13:15pm | Companies beginning A-I

        Luncheon Group 2: 13:15pm - 14:00pm | Companies beginning J-Z

        We ask that you kindly adhere to your assigned luncheon group in order to best minimize crowding and wait times while maximising attendee safety.

      Track A 14:00
      The European CLO Market Roundup

        • What is behind the robust issuance volumes and is it sustainable?
        • How to differentiate quality in a peak market: manager quality, reactiveness, ability to withstand downturns

        • Chris Porter, Head of Private Equity, Loan & CLO Business Development, EMEA (S&P Global Ratings)
        • Alan Kelly, Partner, Credit (Apollo Global Management LLC)
        • Steve Baker, Primary CLOs (JP Morgan)
        • Catriona Coyne, Product and Strategy (BNY Mellon)
        • Matthias Neugebauer, Managing Director & Head of European Structured Credit (Fitch Ratings)
        • Andrea Tortora, Head of European Modelling and Content (Trepp LLC)
        • David Altenhofen, Senior Portfolio Manager (PensionDanmark)

      Track B 14:00
      CRR Amendments amid EU Securitisation Regulation Changes

        • Rachpal Thind, Partner (Sidley Austin LLP)
        • Timothy Cleary, Partner (Clifford Chance)
        • Martina Spaeth, Managing Director (Prime Collateralised Securities (PCS))

      Track C 14:00
      Trade Receivables for SME Financing

        • STS for CP conduits

        • Suzanne Bell, Partner (Cadwalader)
        • Jeremy Levy, Partner (Baker McKenzie)
        • Thomas Cochran, Partner (Latham & Watkins)
        • Nigel Batley, Representative (Lord Capital)

      Track A 14:45
      Examining Key Regulations that Will Impact the European CLO Market

        • What emerging jurisdictional issues may arise due to changes in the securitisation regulation in the EU?
        • Who can be sponsors?
        • Where can the asset managers be located?

        • Kevin Butler, Head of Capital Markets – EMEA (TMF Group)
        • Jon Brager, Managing Director / Portfolio Manager (Palmer Square Capital Management)
        • Jasleen Gill, Senior Associate (Allen & Overy)
        • Carine Kumps-Feniou, Vice President - Senior Credit Officer (Moody's Investors Service)
        • Alex Martin, Partner (Latham & Watkins)

      Track B 14:45
      Brexit Aftershocks: Divergence in EU vs. UK Regimes

        • Where are we most likely to see first divergence?
        • Will the review of the relevant securitisation regimes in the UK and EU result in more or less divergence?
        • What does it mean for approaches to dual compliance on existing and new deals?
        • Will issuers be willing to comply with both EU and UK retention regimes and other ABS legal requirements? What are the pluses and minuses of that?
        • Is the UK going to become a third party or will we harmonise? How do participants deal with political schism when the marketplace requires simple and synergistic rules?

        • Richard Jones, Partner (Slaughter and May)
        • Markus Schaber, Director (European DataWarehouse Ltd)
        • Sarah Porter, Partner (Baker McKenzie)
        • James Watkins, Associate (Clifford Chance)

      Track C 14:45
      The Comeback Kid: CMBS

        • What are the new market norms post COVID?
        • How has performance been throughout the pandemic and what is the future outlook for the asset class?
        • Outlook for valuations amid robust liquidity
        • Is there cause for concern in the medium term as rates rise and central bank liquidity is withdrawn?
        • Will the riskier parts of the market come under pressure?
        • Differentiating between CMBS sectors: Retail, Office, Logistics, Multi-Family

        • Iona Misheva, Partner (Allen & Overy LLP)
        • Euan Gatfield, Managing Director (Fitch Ratings)
        • Sree Mitra, Vice President (Morgan Stanley)
        • David O'Connor, Structured Finance and Securitisation Partner (Mayer Brown International LLP)
        • Mirco Iacobucci, Head of European CMBS (DBRS Morningstar)

      Refreshment Break

      Track A 16:00
      Building a ‘Sustainable’ CLO

        • Carlos Castro, Director-Financial Engineering (Moody's Analytics)
        • Tyler Wallace, Portfolio Manager (Fair Oaks Capital)
        • Julia Tsybina, Counsel (Clifford Chance)
        • Olivier Toutain, Executive Director (Scope Ratings GmbH)
        • Anastasia Andrianova-Ushakova, Senior Manager, Analytics Product Lead (Yield Book / LSEG)

      Track B 16:00
      Disclosure and Reporting Requirements: The Issuer Perspective

        • Are stringent requirements preventing non-EU issuers from tapping the European investor base?
        • What are the consequences of this? For overseas originators? For EU investors?
        • What do the new official EU regulated data repositories mean for issuers?

        • Oliver Wicker, Partner (Slaughter and May)
        • Basak Aktay, Head of Sales & Customer Relations (European DataWarehouse GmbH)
        • Lisa Cargill, Partner (Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP)

      Track C 16:00
      Trends in the Auto Sector

        • What are the different approaches by captives versus newer entrants in targeting different customer segments?
        • Carbon transition, ESG standards, emission standards – how will manufacturers fund these new requirements?
        • Trends in underwriting

        • Andrew Scourse, Executive Dir DCM Solutions – Securitisation (Santander CIB)
        • Jonathan Clayton, CEO (Oodle)
        • Heike Hoehl, Executive Director Syndicate (Santander Corporate & Investment Banking)
        • Markus Papenroth, Managing Director (Fitch Ratings)
        • Adam Craig, Partner (Clifford Chance LLP)

      Global ABS Happy Hour in the Exhibit Hall

      • All Global ABS delegates are invited to network with your fellow attendees and meet with our exhibitors for happy hour drinks!

      Track A 16:45
      CLO Investor Outlook

        • Taranjeet Chumber, Assistant Vice President of CLO Finance (Trepp LLC)
        • Vedanta Bagchi, Director, Investment Office (Commerzbank AG)
        • Peter Gleysteen, Chief Executive Officer (AGL Credit Management)
        • Matthew Layton, Partner (Pearl Diver Capital)
        • Gabriele Gramazio, Director (Kroll Bond Rating Agency)

      Track B 16:45
      Private vs. Public ABS under the Securitisation Regulation

        • Legal, structuring and reporting aspects

        • Rupert Wall, European Head of Finance (Sidley Austin LLP)
        • Eirini Kanoni, Vice President, Business Development & Regulatory Affairs (European DataWarehouse GmbH)
        • Boudewijn Dierick, MD (Auxmoney Investments)
        • Domitille de Coincy, Director - Financial Engineering (Moody's Analytics)
        • Emmanuel Blind, Head of Financial Institution Group Securitization & Engineering Europe (SOCIETE GENERALE)

      Track C 16:45
      UK Buy to Let Securitisation

        • Is the boom in activity sustainable?
        • How is the rental market in London faring amid changing work patterns and increasing pressure?
        • What are the implications of withdrawal of central bank liquidity?

        • William Trotman, Counsel (Linklaters LLP)
        • John Goodall, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder (Landbay Partners)
        • Wei Yang, Vice President (Santander Corporate & Investment Banking)
        • Jennifer Wallaert, Managing Director Head of Specialty Finance (NatWest Markets)
        • Alastair Bigley, Senior Director (S&P Global Ratings)
        • Gordon Kerr, Managing Director, Head of European Research (Kroll Bond Rating Agency)

      Delegate Networking Reception Commences

      • Please join us at the official Delegate Networking Reception of the Global ABS conference, sponsored by KBRA. Discuss the return of conference season, market trends and industry topics over drinks and canapes with fellow delegates and the KBRA Structured Finance team.

        Bondi Green
        2 Canal Side Walk
        London W2 1DG
        Check out the venue

        To maintain the highest standards of safety and health, capacity restrictions are in effect. Please RSVP by 20 September to ensure you have a place.
        Please note: Reception open only to in-person conference registrants. A conference badge will be required to access the venue.

        Sponsored by:

    Tuesday, 28 September 2021

      Delegate Breakfast and Registration

      RSVP ONLY: Women in ESG Networking Breakfast: In Partnership with 100 Women in Finance

      • Please join our annual program partner, 100 Women in Finance, for a networking event for Women in ESG. Our featured keynote speakers will be leading an informal discussion on 'ESG as a means to advance female leadership in fund management".

        This event is open to all Global ABS delegates, but space is limited to 60 participants. 

        Please RSVP to to secure your spot. 

        • Amanda Pullinger, Chief Executive Officer (100 Women in Finance)
        • Dalia Aga Shaw, Head of Financial Services Funds (CDC Group)
        • Ella Hoxha, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Bonds (Pictet Asset Management)

      Plenary Session: Annual Investor Roundtable

        • Assessing the effects of the ABS regulations to date: are they helping or hurting the market?
        • Impact of STS due diligence requirements; are they problematic and overly complex?
        • Regulatory divergence between the UK and EU; will EU investors be negatively impacted?
        • Tightened spreads: where to find the most value?
        • Pricing: is it accurate or the sign of a bubble?
        • Will we see compressed risk tiering given the low yield environment?
        • Which asset classes offer the best arbitrage opportunities? Are new investors coming into the ABS market? What more can we do to attract them given high barriers to entry?
        • ESG mandates: How are investors managing their ESG risk?

        • Rehanna Sameja, Senior Vice President (DBRS Morningstar)
        • Andrew Jackson, Managing Director (HSBC Global Asset Management)
        • Ana Cortes Gonzalez, Portfolio Manager (JP Morgan Asset Management)
        • Ganesh Rajendra, Managing Partner (Integer Advisors)
        • Rob Ford, Portfolio Manager (TwentyFour Asset Management)
        • Kate Galustian, Director (BlackRock Investment Management)

      Plenary Session: Setting the Sustainable Finance Agenda

        • Do we need a sustainable securitisation label at all? 
        • Will a designated framework for sustainable securitisation help this market to grow? What should be its main objective? Should it be only a transitioning measure? 
        • Can EU Taxonomy be applied to securitisations? 
        • Transparency: sticking balance between what investors need and overload of data? 
        • How to measure the “S” and the “G” factors 
        • What are the main characteristic of the ESG (green or social) transactions that have been placed on the market so far? 
        • Regulatory aspect: in which area the regulatory guidance or clarification are most need?
        • Are there any additional risks related to sustainable securitisation? Are there any specific risk mitigating factors attached to sustainable securitisation
        • How to draw a line between “green washing “and allowing sufficient flexibility for the marker to grow
        • Incentives for green loans; for example, the Central Bank of Hungary 5% discount factor

        • Emile Boustani, Director - Asset Backed Products (Societe Generale)
        • Daniela Francovicchio, Head of Securitisation (European Investment Fund)
        • Tim Conduit, Partner (Allen & Overy LLP)
        • Christophe De Noaillat, Managing Director (Moody's Investors Service)
        • Christian Aufsatz, Managing Director, Head of European Structured Finance (DBRS Morningstar)
        • Peter Winning, Director (BlackRock)

      Keynote Fireside Chat: Presented by 100 Women in Finance

      • 100 Women in Finance is an annual partner on the Global ABS conference, helping AFME and IMN to elevate female voices in the capital markets by featuring leaders in their respective fields on timely topics.

        This year's fireside chat will feature senior ESG portfolio fund managers with a focus on fixed income strategies. 


        Our keynote participants will center on "The Rising Importance of ESG", and will address the following themes: 

        • How climate change is the biggest threat to the global economy
        • What makes ESG investing impactful versus theoretical?
        • What are the key drivers of the ESG investment movement?
        • How to develop and deliver a laser- focused, scientifically based ESG investment strategy
        • What are the main risks associated with a global energy transition? How can they be managed?
        • Regulatory response: new developments in guidelines and warnings for ESG labeling standards



        • Amanda Pullinger, Chief Executive Officer (100 Women in Finance)
        • Dalia Aga Shaw, Head of Financial Services Funds (CDC Group)
        • Ella Hoxha, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Bonds (Pictet Asset Management)

      Networking Refreshment Break

      Track A 11:45
      Preparing for the NPL Tsunami

        • How ready is the market to deal with the impending wave of NPLs post COVID?
        • State of the servicing market; capacity concerns
        • What does the market/government need to do to prepare?
        • Will the market be prepared to absorb the additional volume?
        • Focus on Italy, Spain, Greece, UK and Ireland

        • Alessia Pirolo, Finance Editor (React News)
        • Giulio Brunetti, Executive Director (J.P. Morgan)
        • Callum McPherson, Partner (Ashurst)
        • Guido Lombardo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (Gardant Investor SGR)
        • Andrew Vickery, Partner (Linklaters)
        • Vedant Thakur, Director, RMBS (S&P Global Ratings)

      Track B 11:45
      Challenger Banks and Non-Bank Lenders: The Importance of Securitisation in Funding their Lending

        • Peter Voisey, Partner (Dentons UKMEA LLP)
        • Cristina Pierotti, Head of Capital Markets (Growth Lending )
        • Andrew Voss, Chief Financial Officer (Bluestone)
        • Tunde Kehinde, Founder and CEO (Lidya)
        • Fanny Kirchhoff, Business Development Manager (
        • Alex Maddox, Capital Markets Director (Kensington Mortgages)
        • Roger Cripps, Group Capital Markets Director (OneSavings Bank)

      Delegate Luncheon

      • In order to ensure a safe and socially distanced delegate luncheon, IMN has organized a system of tiered times divided alphabetically by COMPANY NAME as follows:

        Luncheon Group 1: 12:30pm - 13:15pm

        Luncheon Group 2: 13:15pm - 14:00pm

        We ask that you kindly adhere to your assigned luncheon group in order to best minimize crowding and wait times while maximising attendee safety.

        *Groups will be assigned and posted here within one week of the event

      Track A 13:45
      Establishing a Secondary Trading Market for NPLs

        • Is reporting already overly burdensome? Duplicative?
        • Is there any need for NPL “data hubs“?

        • Stephen Day, Partner (Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP)
        • Claudia Fiormonti, Vice President (J P MORGAN)
        • David Bergman, Head of Structured Finance (Scope Ratings)

      Track B 13:45
      SME Funding and Fintech

        • Fintechs played an important role in funding business interruption loans. Who were the major investors in these lending platforms and providers of warehouse lines of credit?
        • Are fintechs well positioned to help in the recovery phase by filling the gap in small and medium sized funding needs?

        • Ronan Mellon, Partner (DLA Piper)
        • Susanne Chishti, CEO (FINTECH Circle)
        • Patrick Leftley, Associate (Latham & Watkins)
        • Salim Nathoo, Partner (Allen & Overy LLP)
        • Michael Strevens, Director (British Business Bank)
        • Ravi Anand, Managing Director (ThinCats)

      Track A 14:30
      Risk Transfer Investing

        • The advent of funded insurance investors
        • Relative value and comparative risks vs. other fixed income investments, i.e. NPL portfolio
        • Risk transfer for capital relief: new market opportunities in the US and Asia

        • Heike Hoehl, Executive Director Syndicate (Santander Corporate & Investment Banking)
        • Juan Grana, Managing Director (ArrowMark Partners)
        • Andy Garston, Director (Credit Risk Transfer Solutions)
        • James Parsons, Partner (PAG)

      Refreshment Break

      Track A 15:45
      Asset Tokenisation: On Blockchain Securitisation

        • ABS on the blockchain: asset origination, asset digitisation/tokenisation, decentralised finance protocols for ABS
        • Investor views
        • Investment bank approach to DLT
        • What has been accomplished to date?

        • Sharon Lewis, Head of the Financial Institutions Sector (Hogan Lovells International LLP)
        • Bryony Widdup, Partner (DLA Piper)
        • Stefan Augustin, Co-Head of Structured Finance (ARC Ratings)
        • Michael Thomas, Partner (Hogan Lovells)

      Track B 15:45
      Esoteric ABS: Emerging Asset Classes

        • Solar panel leases
        • Football receivables
        • Insurance -linked securities 
        • Other "off -the -run" emerging assets of note

        • Nick Brittain, Senior Counsel (Sidley Austin LLP)
        • Joanne Wong, Senior Director (Fitch Ratings)
        • Juan-Carlos Martorell, Advisor (Munich Re Markets)
        • Gordon Beck, Director, Securitised Products Solutions (Barclays)

      The 25th Anniverary Global ABS Conference Concludes

      • *all content will be available for on demand viewing two weeks post-conference



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