Global Indexing & ETFs
Dana Point, CA
June 19 - 21, 2019


We’ve reached a thrilling moment in the global asset management industry. ETF issuers are waging a fiery price war that’s driven fees to zero. Advisors are—expectedly—under pressure to adopt alternative fee methods or risk losing clients to low-cost, passive vehicles and active-passive hybrids. Passive investing, meanwhile, has asserted as itself a cyclical darling, with the spike in demand for passive vehicles threatening to topple index fund giants and other industry titans. Amid macroeconomic, geopolitical and market uncertainty, asset managers find themselves in a uniquely advantageous position, thanks to innovation in the ETF marketplace, to carefully construct portfolios that meet the distinct objectives and risk profiles of an ever more diverse and younger investor pool.

It's against this dynamic backdrop that IMN presents the industry’s longest-running indexing and ETF event, the 24th Annual Global Indexing and ETFs, which returns to the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA, on June 19-21. This year’s conference features a new track dedicated to ESG-focused content and highlights the accelerating shift toward purposeful capitalism, packed with fresh perspectives on the most pressing issues facing the asset management space.

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  • Index Providers
  • ETF Issuers
  • Asset Managers
  • Public & Corporate Pension Plans
  • Retail Investment Advisors
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Sovereign Funds
  • Family Offices
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Regulators
  • Traders
  • Investment Consultants
  • Investment Analysts
  • Financial Advisors
  • Planners
  • Brokers
  • Technology Solutions Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Private Banks
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Liquidity Providers
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    Wednesday, June 19th, 2019


      • IMN's 24th Annual Global Indexing & ETFs conference opens with a series of intimate discussions led by some of the brightest minds in the industry. Introducing the two and a half day forum is Research Affiliates Chairman & CEO Rob Arnott, delivering incisive commentary on the changing face of smart beta, its distinction from factor investing and the future of both in an increasingly competitive landscape. Following a dissection of some of the most compelling research on quantitative strategies is Riskalyze's interactive discussion of the newest tools available to advisors, as well as guidance on how to best apply them using a risk-forward approach. And to further explore the risks and opportunities of innovation and disruption is a panel curated by the industry's pioneering non-profit organization promoting gender equality and empowerment: Women in ETFs. 

      3:00 PM
      Registration Opens

      3:55 PM
      IMN's Opening Remarks

        • Sanyu Kyeyune , Program Manager (IMN)

      4:00 PM
      Factor Investing vs. Smart Beta: Where to Next?

      • The past 20 years have seen a proliferation of smart beta index strategies, with the term being applied to certain strategies that don’t fit the original definition. And with the line between active and passive strategies becoming increasingly blurred, it’s even more important to first define “smart beta” before determining whether or not it even works. The good news is that a wealth of research supports the notion that factor investing isn’t necessarily broken, it’s just riddled with pitfalls that adept managers can side-step, when equipped with the proper framework. In this introductory address, Research Affiliates Chairman & CEO Rob Arnott explores the next iteration of quantitative strategies and how they’ll show up in future funds, asking us to consider: do we have to choose between a “free lunch” and risk premium, or can we have the best of both?
        • Robert Arnott , Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (Research Affiliates, LLC)

      4:45 PM
      Who Is the Advisor of the Future?

      • Join Riskalyze for an engaging session on how the advisor of the future combats shrinking margins and the spotlight on advisory fees by setting better expectations with clients and powerfully illustrating the value of advice. Are advisors in danger of needing to fundamentally change fee structures in the near future? We're not convinced. Learn how making investment decisions through the lens of a risk-first approach has proven successful in the face of an ever-changing regulatory landscape, and see how a brand-new framework for measuring risk alongside potential return allows advisors to score ETFs and the portfolios they live in from an efficiency standpoint, so advisors can carefully construct portfolios that meet the distinct objectives and risk appetites of an increasingly diverse  investor pool.
        • Todd Johnson , Director of Channel Alliances (Riskalyze)

      5:10 PM
      Insights from ••Women in ETFs••

      • The pioneering women’s group for the ETF industry furthers the career goals of its more than 4,400 members globally through education, networking and philanthropy. Drawing on the insights of its membership across the asset management space, Women in ETFs' panel discussion will shine a light on what global investing’s next wave will look like, and how we should best prepare for the transformations ahead.
        • Deborah A. Fuhr , Managing Partner and Co-founder (ETFGI)
        • Kathleen Moriarty , Partner (Chapman & Cutler LLP)
        • Chris Hempstead , Head of ETF Sales (Deutsche Bank Securities)
        • Jillian DelSignore , Head of ETF Distribution (J.P. Morgan Asset Management)

      6:00 PM
      Networking Reception

      7:00 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Thursday, June 20th, 2019

      7:15 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for All Conference Attendees

      7:30 AM
      Closed-Door Session: International Equity Outlook

      • Join Borealis Global Advisory for an engaging presentation on how advisors, using a simple back-of-the-envelope computation, can set return expectations from individual countries for buy-and-hold clients and make investment decisions through an unconventional application of a market valuation measurement. Link to dashboard:
        • Sailesh Radha , Principal & CIO (Borealis Global Advisory LLC)

        Contains 4 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      8:10 AM
      IMN's Opening Remarks

        • Sanyu Kyeyune , Program Manager (IMN)

      8:15 AM
      Keynote Address & Fireside Chat: Capitalism With a Cause

      • Eleven percent of investment leaders see the investment industry’s effect on society as very positive, but 51 percent think it could be very positive—contingent on stronger principles, according to a recent industry survey by the CFA Institute. In fact, corporations worldwide are being held at an ever-higher standard by their stakeholders to be environmental stewards, deliver social value, and demonstrate ethical and transparent governance. A new generation of investors, clients, and employees is demanding that corporations act with purpose. Setting the stage for a series of discussions around innovation and disruption within the asset management industry is Stephen Horan, PhD, CFA, CIPM, CAIA from CFA Institute. Drawing on his 25 years of experience as a practitioner and educator, Horan will explain why purposeful capitalism is good for society as well as good for business, before being joined by Mona Naqvi, Senior Director, ESG Indices of S&P Dow Jones Indices, who will ask a series of questions aimed at uncovering how investors can advance the goals of purposeful capitalism.
        • Stephen Horan , Managing Director, Americas (CFA Institute)
        • Mona Naqvi , Senior Director (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      9:00 AM
      Asset Management 10 Years From Now: Who Wins & Who Loses?

      • Rising costs and fee pressure could trigger a wave of consolidation in the asset management industry. In this panel, sector leaders share their forecasts for the next decade in asset management.
        • With investors flocking from active funds to cheap passive vehicles, are closures and consolidation on the horizon?
        • What impact will fee pressure and rising costs have on revenues for actively managed funds over the next 5-10 years?
        • With some of the largest asset managers issuing low-price passive funds, how much longer will the price war wage on, and what opportunities could that create for active managers?
        • Where are asset managers seeing pockets of growth amid disruption?

        • Drew Voros , Editor-in-Chief (
        • Rob Marrocco , Director, Listings (Cboe Global Markets)
        • John Feyerer , Sr. Director, Equity ETF Strategy (Invesco)
        • Jillian DelSignore , Head of ETF Distribution (J.P. Morgan Asset Management)
        • Joshua Levin , Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer (OpenInvest)
        • John Leon , Executive (Vanguard)

      9:40 AM
      The Way Forward in Indexing & ETFs

      • This discussion digs into the trends that are driving investor demand for indexes & ETFs and offers an outlook for the global investment space.
        • Where do you see the risks and opportunities in indexing & ETFs over the next 5-10 years?
        • How are indices being used to measure related risk in companies?
        • Market vs. reverse-cap weighting: Is cap weighting still optimal? How does the reverse-cap method work beyond a momentum cycle?
        • Where do you see ESG evolving?
        • What are the ramifications of the new communications services sector?

        • Jack Vogel , CIO (Alpha Architect)
        • Phil Bak , CEO (Exponential ETFs)
        • Rick Redding , CEO (Index Industry Association (IIA))
        • Roberto Lazzarotto , Head of Sales, Senior Managing Director (STOXX Ltd.)
        • Fran Rodilosso , Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income ETFs (VanEck)
        • Edward Ware , Director, Financial Advisor Channel (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

      10:20 AM
      How Active Strategies Are Reshaping the ETF Ecosystem

      • Market volatility is putting a damper on asset growth, moving more managers to focus on active strategies.
        • How are they using active strategies to create successful portfolios? What types of allocation models are most effective?
        • How resilient are risk-based strategies in a market downturn?
        • How will equity market performance impact strategic beta ETFs?
        • Will actively managed ETFs, despite their higher fees, encroach on passive ETFs’ market share if volatility continues?
        • What should advisors consider when constructing tactical portfolios?

        • Nir Kaissar , Columnist (Bloomberg Opinion)
        • Cathie Wood , CEO (ARK Invest)
        • Ricardo Cortez CIMA, Co-CEO (Broadmark Asset Management, LLC)
        • Dodd Kittsley , National Director (Davis Advisors)
        • Joel Johnson , Investment Director (Hartford Funds)
        • Craig Lazzara , Managing Director (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

      11:00 AM
      Networking Break

      11:30 AM
      New & Noteworthy ETFs

      • Leading ETF issuers and analysts discuss what exactly is required to bring a liquid, investable product to market in today's increasingly crowded ETF landscape, as well as chart the next wave of innovation in the sector.
        • Do no-fee ETFs have the potential to unseat index fund giants?
        • How are regulatory shifts impacting exchange rules and operating models for market-makers?
        • How are new funds being marketed, and to which segments of investors? How are ETF investor sentiments changing?
        • Which ETF strategies are experiencing the fastest growth? Is growth likely to keep up in a prolonged bull market? How are ETFs expected to perform in a downcycle?

        • Joe Anthony , President, Financial Services (Gregory FCA Communications)
        • Matt Lewis , Head of Capital Markets (American Century)
        • Chris Hempstead , Head of ETF Sales (Deutsche Bank Securities)
        • Lindsey Tewell , Head of Sales (ETFLogic)
        • Ben Philips , CIO (EventShares)
        • Michael Mell , Senior Director, Custom Indices (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

      12:15 PM
      What Motivates Institutional Asset Owners & Fund Managers?

      • Institutional asset owners and fund managers detail their approaches to global investment decisions.
        • How do institutional investors use indexing and ETFs? What products are institutional investors gravitating toward? What benefits do small funds offer institutional investors? How are active managers building portfolios to suit the preferences of institutional investors?
        • What is driving the increase in fund flows by institutional investors? Is this momentum likely to keep up?
        • What are the top considerations of pension CIOs?
        • What are endowment managers’ market expectations for the rest of the year and 2020? What types of alternative investments are helping diversify endowment portfolios? Which ETFs should smaller foundations consider?
        • What allocation restrictions do portfolio managers face?

        • Kushal Gupta , Senior Quantitative Analyst / Portfolio Manager (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System)
        • Benjamin Holland , Controller/Trustee (Butler County, Pennsylvania)
        • Brian A. Rice , Portfolio Manager (CalSTRS)
        • Alex Cochran , Vice President (Canterbury Consulting)
        • Damien Zinck , Equity & Index Derivatives (Eurex Exchange)
        • Paul RT Johnson , Board Member-former (State Universities Retirement System of Illinois)

      1:00 PM


      • Track A Socially responsible ETFs have been on a tear this year, spurred on by product launches by leading issuers and strong capital inflows from institutional investors. It is against this backdrop that Global Indexing & ETFs introduces its first-ever track devoted to ESG ETFs and indices, exploring what’s driving this trend and its implications on the global investment landscape.  

      Track A 2:00 PM
      Global Trends in ESG, Sustainable & Impacting Investing

      • Remy Briand leads MSCI's ESG and real estate product lines and is responsible for research into the firm's suite of products, among them ESG ratings, indexes and risk models. In this intimate address, Briand shares insights on how ESG implementation varies globally and its potential to transform the investment landscape.
        • How does ESG adoption differ around the world?
        • What’s driving investment decisions across global markets?
        • How have we arrived at this point in the evolution of ESG? What’s next for ESG?
        • ESG in a downturn: will the movement be resilient?

        • Remy Briand , Global Head of ESG (MSCI)

      Track A 2:40 PM
      Cashing in on ESG-Aware Portfolios

      • Panelists representing various segments of the global indexing & ETF ecosystem define ESG, discuss the return potential of ESG products and explain how to find the right index construction methodology to better understand exposure to active risk.
        • How does ESG criteria impact investment performance?
        • What are top considerations when incorporating ESG factors into client portfolios, especially related to cost control and time management?
        • How should advisors educating clients about ESG products, and how can asset managers can help?
        • Millennials are leading a shift toward more purpose-driven investing. What opportunities are they targeting, and what does that mean for advisors?
        • What are best practices for aligning the goals of asset managers and their distribution partners, such as RIAs, broker-dealers, and home offices?
        • What are success stories of ESG-aware advisors?
        • Perth Tolle , Founder (Life + Liberty Indexes)
        • Adam Grealish , Director of Investing (Betterment)
        • Glenn Ambach , Senior Portfolio Manager (Efficient Market Advisors)
        • Letitia Berbaum , Wealth Advisor (Optivest Wealth Management)
        • Peter Lazaroff , Chief Investment Officer (Plancorp, LLC)
        • Mona Naqvi , Senior Director (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
        • Sam Adams , CEO & Co-Founder (Vert Asset Management)

      3:30 PM
      Networking Break

      Track A 4:00 PM
      Sustainable Investing: The Role of ESG Indexing and ETFs

      • Panelists well-versed in incorporating sustainable investment strategies provide guidance on how to use ESG indexes and ETFs to improve long-term portfolio performance.
        • Evolution of ESG ratings: how do methodologies differ?
        • Balancing financial and sustainable goals: how do ESG indices compare to their parent indices?
        • How do you overcome challenges with structure and standardization, constituent selection and weighting?
        • What are the most effect ways to target the right investor segments to market impact investing?

        • Drew Voros , Editor-in-Chief (
        • Joseph G. Witthohn CFA, VP (Emerald Asset Management)
        • Darya Allen-Attar , Financial Advisor (Morgan Stanley Wealth Management)
        • Anton Gorodniuk , Sector Analyst, Financials (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB))
        • Courtney Ranstrom , Co-Founder & Financial Life Planner (Trailhead Planners, LLC)
        • Lloyd Kurtz , Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Social Impact Investing (Wells Fargo Private Bank)
        • Robert Wilder , CEO (WilderHill)

        Contains 2 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      Track A 4:45 PM
      What Makes Thematic ETFs Work?

      • A discussion of broad- and narrow-themed ETFs includes a forecast for this fast-growing product segment, debating whether thematic ETFs are a passing fad, or have the capacity to endure a downshift.
        • Who is investing in thematic ETFs? Which segments of the investor market are targeting which themes?
        • What does the consolidation of the cybersecurity industry mean for ETFs targeting the sector?
        • What is the outlook for disruptive tech-focused ETFs, such as those focused on robotics & AI?
        • What are the risks and rewards of cannabis legalization ETFs?
        • Which trends are driving demand for clean energy, low carbon and natural gas ETFs?
        • What are some examples of successful implementations of thematic ETFs?

        • Vinny Catalano CFA, Chief Investment Officer (Redmount Capital Partners)
        • Prakash Dheeriya , Author, Professor of Finance (California State University Dominguez Hills)
        • Himanshu Surti , COO/PM (Cambria Investment Management)
        • Jane Edmondson , Founder & Chief Executive Officer (EQM Capital and Indexes)
        • Travis Briggs , CEO (ROBO Global, LLC)
        • Christoph Gackstatter , Product Developer (STOXX Ltd. / Deutsche Börse Group)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files


      • Track B The asset management industry is in the midst of disruption, giving rise to a host of new products and strategies. A fee war has led to a race to the bottom, pushing fund managers to develop innovative ways to reach clients as competition intensifies from lower-cost services.

      Track B 2:00 PM
      Off the Beaten Path: Alternative ETFs, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

      • This panel discussion details how investors view the relative safety of alternative investment products and whether their stability and growth are likely to continue in 2019, and beyond.
        • How are advisors familiarizing themselves and their clients with blockchain ETFs? What risks do clients find the most concerning?
        • What approaches are clients most interested in when it comes to investing in alternative ETFs?
        • Directing investing vs. ETFs: what’s the best route for investing in blockchain companies?
        • Which alternative sectors are delivering the strongest returns?
        • When can we expect to see a bitcoin ETF launch? How do global investors view the sector’s long-term performance? How is the SEC likely to impact the growth of bitcoin ETFs?

        • James Seyffart , Analyst (Bloomberg Intelligence)
        • Hany Rashwan , CEO (Amun AG)
        • Matt Hougan , Head of Research (Bitwise Asset Management)
        • Tyrone Ross , Managing Partner-NBWP (NobleBridge Wealth Management)
        • Gary Stringer , President, CIO (Stringer Asset Management, LLC)

      Track B 2:40 PM
      Balancing Relative Risk & Excess Returns in Fixed Income

      • Fixed-income indices and ETFs are getting more attention as passive investing grows more prevalent and market volatility intensifies.
        • What’s driving more investors toward fixed-income ETFs, and how should advisors answer those needs?
        • What are the methodologies used to create fixed-income indices and ETFs?
        • How are some advisors using bond ETFs to build bond ladders?
        • How is liquidity in the bond market being affected?
        • How is the composition of these markets changing?
        • What’s the outlook for actively managed fixed-income ETFs?
        • With the Fed pausing rate hikes, what’s the outlook for credit investing?

        • Nir Kaissar , Columnist (Bloomberg Opinion)
        • John Orner , VP, Treasurer & CIO (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota)
        • David Hultstrom , President (Financial Architects, LLC)
        • Jason Bloom , Sr. Director, ETF Strategy (Invesco)
        • Armond Herndon , Financial Advisor (Merrill Lynch Wealth Management)
        • Michael Beck , Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, (Wealthstreet Investment Advisors, LLC)

      3:30 PM
      Networking Break

      Track B 4:00 PM
      The Fee Pressure Is On!

      • Advisors are grappling with fee compression amid competition from less costly robo-advisors and active-passive hybrids.
        • How are advisors expanding their services in an increasingly competitive environment?
        • What additional services should they offer, and at what cost?
        • What should advisors do to protect their practices from fee pressure?
        • Which tech-enabled solutions are advisors using to engage new customers?
        • Which alternative fee methods are advisors adopting, such as subscription-based, hourly, flat-fee and retainer models?

        • Ari Weinberg , Contributor (The Wall Street Journal)
        • Jeff Haneline , Partner (Cohen & Company)
        • Robert P Seawright , Chief Investment & Information Officer (Madison Avenue Securities)
        • Cullen Roche , Founder (Orcam Financial Group)
        • Rick A. Ferri CFA, Founder & Member (Rick Ferri, LLC.)
        • Allan Roth CFP®, CPA, Founder (Wealth Logic, LLC)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      Track B 4:45 PM
      How to Reach Young Investors

      • A new crop of investors is coming of age, and their preferences and values will have a major impacting on the global investment landscape.
        • What do advisors need to do to better understand and attract a younger investor base?
        • How can advisors take advantage of the largest wealth transfer in history cater to the 25- to 40-year old cohort?
        • What channels are financial advisors using to market products to younger investors?
        • Which investment strategies resonate most with the values of Millennials and Generation Z?
        • Do inclusion and diversity ETFs offer an opportunity to engage younger investors? How are those funds performing?

        • Robert P Seawright , Chief Investment & Information Officer (Madison Avenue Securities)
        • Dasarte Yarnway , Founder & Financial Advisor (Berknell Financial Group)
        • Emlen Miles-Mattingly , Founder & CEO (Gen Next Wealth)
        • Rick A. Ferri CFA, Founder & Member (Rick Ferri, LLC.)
        • Justin Castelli , Founder & Financial Advisor (RLS Wealth Management)
        • Jorge Padilla , Senior Advisor / Principal (The Lubitz Financial Group)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:30 PM
      Day Two Concludes

    Friday, June 21st, 2019

      8:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for All Conference Attendees

      9:00 AM
      From Investment Managers to Financial Fiduciaries

      • Wealth management executives detail their approaches to guiding clients’ investment decisions, as well as the paths that companies should take to strike a gender balance among financial advisors.
        • More financial advisors are embracing the fiduciary role. What opportunities does this create for women seeking leadership roles in the financial advice field?
        • Amid a historically large global wealth transfer, how will the views of younger investors impact demand for women in wealth management roles?
        • What challenges are you facing around recruiting and retaining a more diverse workforce in the wealth management industry?

        • Barbara G. Jaffe , Executive Director Wealth Management (Morgan Stanley Wealth Management)
        • Letitia Berbaum , Wealth Advisor (Optivest Wealth Management)
        • Monica Singhania , Founder (Purposeful Financial)
        • Amy Charles , Managing Director, Closed-End Fund and ETF Research (Raymond James)
        • Courtney Ranstrom , Co-Founder & Financial Life Planner (Trailhead Planners, LLC)

      9:45 AM
      Global ETF Expansion: Is the ETF Industry Getting Too Big to Fail?

      • A candid discussion explores opportunities withint the global ETF sector, as well as geopolitcal and economic headwinds.
        • What is the contagion risk of the trade war with China to the entire emerging market economy? Will further tariffs and ongoing trade tensions between the U.S. and China create opportunities in other emerging markets?
        • What will the inclusion of A-shares into indices mean for emerging markets? Will lower fees for Chinese ETFs drum up demand?
        • Amid robust growth, is the ETF sector positioned to weather a downshift?
        • Where are ETF investors taking risks to get higher yields on a global scale?
        • What trends underlie the future growth of the ETF industry? Where are flows headed, and where might they pull back?
        • What headwinds are on the horizon?

        • Rick A. Ferri CFA, Founder & Member (Rick Ferri, LLC.)
        • Christopher Gething , Founder and Managing Member (Atherean Wealth Management, LLC)
        • Ryan Hughes , Founder & CEO (Bull Oak Capital, LLC)
        • Perth Tolle , Founder (Life + Liberty Indexes)
        • Will Geisdorf , ETF Strategist (Ned Davis Research, Inc)

      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

      11:00 AM
      Using Machine Learning to Build Flawless Portfolios

      • Managers explain how they are using machine learning in portfolio construction.
        • What are some of the more unconventional data sources for identifying companies’ thematic exposure?
        • What are the latest innovations in data aggregation?
        • What are the challenges, lessons learned, and outlook for newly launched machine learning ETFs?
        • What is the role of natural language processing in portfolio and index construction?
        • What are the pros and cons of sector tilting vs. concentration investing in portfolio construction?

        • Jon Vlachogiannis , Co-founder and CEO (AgentRisk)
        • Chris Natividad , CIO (EquBot)
        • Orlando Sthory , Managing Director & Partner (Grove Wealth Management)
        • Sherwood Yuen , Head of Partnerships (Just Invest)
        • Mohannad Aama , Managing Director (Rutgers University)

      11:45 AM
      Countering Volatility With Commodities ETFs

      • This discussion quantifies the added value of allocating commodities to a portfolio.
        • How are commodity sectors such as metals, energy and grains expected to perform over the next several quarters?
        • What can commodities markets tell us about the global economy?
        • What strategies are advisors using for commodity exposure?
        • What major shifts have occurred in the commodity markets in the past few years?
        • Contango vs. backwardation of a commodity futures curve—how does this impact commodity ETFs?
        • As many commodities are quoted in U.S. dollars, how are foreign exchange markets impacting commodities?
        • How do trade wars impact the commodity markets in both the short and long term?

        • James Esler , Partner (Capital Management Group LLC)
        • Cory Reader , Chief Investment Officer (HK Wealth Management, Inc.)
        • John Love , President & CEO (USCF)
        • Jim Altenbach , Portfolio Analyst (DFPG Investments, Inc.)

      12:30 PM
      The 24th Annual Global Indexing & ETFs Conference Concludes



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.

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  • What Makes Thematic ETFs Work?

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  • The Fee Pressure Is On!

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