Greek Banking & NPL Management
September, 2020


    Wednesday, 09 September 2020


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      Overview of the Greek Banking System

        • Hercules Asset Protection Scheme (HAPS) - Originally envisaged to provide €9 billion in guarantees, HAPS has now been increased to €12 billion. What are the Buying Opportunities, Key Role of Servicers, Unlikely-to-Pay (UtP), Expected Recoveries and Role of Katseli Law
        • Greek Bank Strategies - Adapting to Market Demands, Repricing and Increase in Non-Performing Loans
        • Proposal of setting up a ‘Bad Bank’ - implementation of an Asset Management for deployment of extra tools to combat Greek banks’ high stock of NPLs.
        • Reforms & Workouts/Turnarounds – What can we expect to see in the next 12 months, New Bankruptcy Code
        • Creation and Implementation of the New Single Insolvency Framework
        • The Government's Emergency Measures to Protect Borrowers (Households and Businesses) Following Covid-19
        • Rebooting the Greek Economy with Hospitality and Tourism Plans to Reopen
          *Interactive Q&A to follow

        • Fotis Kourmousis, Special Secretary - Private Debt Management (Ministry of Finance)

      Analyzing the NPL Market and Future Transactions in a post-Covid Era

        • Secondary Market and Securitisation-Pricing Strategies – What Volumes Can We Expect for the Next 12 Months
        • Structuring Innovation Going Forward – How Deal Structuring Will Change
        • Investor Appetite in Greek NPLs Post-Covid – Will We See New Distressed Buyers Enter the Greek Market
        • Analyzing Project Cairo, Project Galaxy, Project ICON and Transactions on the Horizon.
        • Credit Servicer Challenges Going Forward – Anticipated Recovery Rates
        *Interactive Q&A to follow

        • Georgios Elekidis, Vice President (Bain Capital Credit)
        • Tassos Kotzanastassis, Managing Director (8G Capital Partners Ltd)

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