18management LLC, Manager
2Rise Naturals, CEO
2Rise Naturals, COO
Abington Emerson Capital
Agri–Kind LLC, CEO
Alder Creek Beverages, LLC, Co–Founder
Alexander Alternative Capital, LLC, Director
Alliance Bernstein
Alliance Holdings, Director of Acquisitions
AltaCap, Associate Analyst
Altitude Investment Management, LLC, Partner
Altitude Investment Management, LLC, Partner
Altitude Products, Partner
Altmore Capital, Partner
Altmore Capital, Partner
Altometrixs, CEO
Amber Equities, Managing Partner
American Trade Association for Cannabis & Hemp, Founder
Arcview Ventures, General Partner
Art Assets, Founder and CEO
Ascend, CFO
Ascend, Sarah Levy/Investor Relations
Ascendant Alternative Strategies, LLC, CEO
Aspen Peak Advisors, Managing Director
Atlas Real Estate Partners, Chief Investment Officer
Atlas Real Estate Partners, Managing Principal
Atlas Real Estate Partners, Managing Principal
Avana Canada Inc, CEO
Avanna cannabis, Investor Relations
AWH, CEO/Founder
Axlen, Inc., Chairman, Co CEO
Axlen, Inc., CTO
Axlen, Inc., President Co CEO
Balyasny, Analyst
BC Partners, Investor
BDS Analytics, Managing Director
BDS Analytics, CEO
Be Kind Production, CCO
Beacon Securities Limited, Institutional Equity Sales
Becket Group, Adviser
Beijing Grand Pacific Mall Co.,Ltd, Executive Vice President
Bell–Phillip Television, Head of Sales
Benchmark, Managing Director
BGP Advisors, Partner
BlackRock, Equity Research Analyst
Blake Investment Partners, Managing Director
Bloomberg News, Reporter
Body and Mind Inc., Corporate Development
BridgeRock Capital Advisors, Managing Director
Bryant Park Capital, Managing Director
Burkland Associates, Strategic CFO
Calyx Peak, CEO
Canna Advisors, CEO & Co–Founder
Cannabis Club TV, Advisor
Cannabis Club TV, Chief Operations Officer
Cannabis Trade Federation, CEO
Cannaceutical Canada Ltd, CEO
CannaGather, New Jersey
CannaGather, Founder
Canndescent, Experiential Marketing Manager
Canndescent, Corporate Development Manager
Canndescent, CEO
Cannex Group, COO
Cannex Group, CEO
Cannex Group, Director
Canopy, Managing Director
CanopyBoulder, Managing Director
Capalino+Company, Senior Vice President
Catalyst Capital, LLC, Owner
CB Capital Concierge, Founder
Centuria Natural Foods, Inc, COO
Ceres Labs, CEO
CFN Media
Chrystal Capital, Partner
Citadel SPV LLC, Senior Managing Director
Clade9, CEO
CNBC, Associate Producer
CNS Equity Partners, Founder & CEO
CohnReznick LLP, Senior Manager
CohnReznick, LLP, Partner
CohnReznick, LLP, Office Managing Partner – New York
CohnReznick, LLP, Partner
Cole Schotz P.C., Member
Cole Schotz P.C., Chief Marketing Officer
Cole Schotz P.C., Member
Colliers INternational, Vice Chairman
Columbia University Medical Center, Professor of Psychiatry
Cooley LLP, Associate
Cooper Family Office, Senior Research Analyst
Cowen and Company, Managing Director
CRAdvisors LLC, Principal
Crimson Investment Parner, Vice President
Curaleaf NY, CEO/President
Curaleaf, Inc, Director of Dispensary Operations
Curaleaf, Inc, SVP of Marketing
DataArt, Investor
Debtwire, Reporter
Delancey Street, Investor
Delta Emerald / Schonfeld, Managing Partner
Dickinson Wright PLLC, Member
Dickinson Wright PLLC, Member
Dickinson Wright PLLC, Member & Practice Department Manager
DRW, Trader
Emerald Magazine, Business Development
Emerald Magazine, Business Development
Epik Financial, CEO
Etain, LLC, CEO
Ethica Partners, Consultant
Ethica Partners, Research Analyst
Euflora, CEO
Fairfield Investments, LLC, Managing Partner
Family Office Networks, Managing Director
Family Office Networks, Managing Director
Farmers Waste Services, Founder/CEO
Farmers Waste Services, Venture Capitalist
Farmhouse Tomatoes Inc, President
Feuerstein Kulick LLP, Partner
Feuerstein Kulick LLP, Partner
Feuerstein Kulick LLP, Partner
Feuerstein Kulick LLP, Partner
Fieldstone, Investor
Fieldstone, Investor
Fieldstone Equity, Investor
Figment Capital, Investor
First Financial Capital, Principal
First United General, Owner
Fixed Income Investor Network, Managing Director
Florida Alternative Investment Association, Head of Marketing
Florida for Care, Deputy Executive Director
Flowhub, Founder & CEO
Flowr, Partner
Flowr, Partner
Flowr, Chairman & Chief Strategist
Fluence, Vice President
Fontis Capital Group LLC, Managing Director
Frazier & Deeter, LLC, CPA
GCB Private Wealth, Managing Partner
Gladbrook Holdings, CEO
GlassRatner, Associate
Go Fund, Managing Member
Golden Eagle Partners, SVP
Golden Eagle Partners, Sr Managing Director
Gotham Green Partners, Principal
Gotham Green Partners, Principal
Gotham Green Partners, Managing Member
Gould Investors L.P., VP
Gould Investors L.P., President
Grassi & CO CPA, Partner
Great Sequoia, Inc., President & CEO
Great Sequoia, Inc., Senior Managing Director
Green Check Verified, President
Green Chip Stocks, Managing Editor
Green Flower Media, CEO
Green Market Report, CEO & Editor–in–Chief
Green Pastries, advisor family office
Green Revolution, Founder & Managing Partner
Green Table, Founder
GreenLife New Jersey LLC / CannaPack, Partner
Greenspoon Marder, Partner
Greenspoon Marder, Partner
Greenspoon Marder, Partner
Greenspoon Marder, Partner
Greenspoon Marder, Practice Development Director
Greenspoon Marder, Senior Counsel
GreenWave Advisors, Senior Advisor
GreenWave Advisors, Senior Advisor
GreenWave Advisors, Founder & Managing Partner
Gron Ventures
Growcentia, CEO
GTI, Head of Capital Markets
GTV Capital, Investor
GTV Capital, Chief Executive Officer
Guggenheim Securities, Managing Director
H.I.G. Capital, Vice President
Headset Inc, CEO
Hedgeye, Managing Director
Hedgeye Risk Management, Equity Analyst
High End, Partner
High End, Partner
High NY, CEO
High Times, CEO
Hinsdale LLC, Investment Manager
Hinsdale LLC, Chief Investment Officer
Horwitz & Armstrong, Lawyer
Hudson Renewables LLC, Managing Director
iAnthus, Co–Founder & President
iAnthus, IR
iAnthus, CEO & Director
Inception REIT, Inc., CEO & Managing Partner
Industry Enthusiast, Finance, Operations & Bus Dev
Inglesea Capital, Managing Director
Innovative Industrial Properties, Director of Investments
Innovative Industrial Properties, CFO
Intrinsic Capital Partners, Founder
INV Associates LLC, Consultant
Invesotr, Managing Director
Investis, SVP, Business Development
Investis, Junior Content Strategist
J.P. Morgan, Vice President Advisor
JM10 Partners, Founding Partner
Jonathan's Grille, CEO
Jonathan's Grille, COO
JWD&A Holdings, Managing Member at Two Worlds Consulting
Kano RE, Principal
KCSA, Managing Partner
KCSA Strategic Communications, Managing Director
Kelley Drye & Warren, Partner
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, Partner
Khiron Life Sciences, Investor
Khiron Life Sciences, President
Khiron Life Sciences, VP, Compliance
Kind Growth Capital, Director
Kings Buildings, Owner
Kush Bottles, Inc., CFO
L.A CAPITAL INC., President
Leafogix, CEO
Lilu Financials, LLC, Principal
Lionhead Capital LP, Investor
LJM Group, President
LJM Group, Director
LPL Financial, Financial Advisor
LPM Real Estate
LPM Real Estate
M2 Trust, Alternative Asset Investor
M34 Capital, General Partner
Madison International Realty, Analyst
Madison Square Park Capital, Director
Madison Square Park Capital, Controller
Magara Capital, Managing Partner / CIO
MainLine Investment Partners, LLC, Chief Regulatory Officer
Marijuana Business Daily, Founding Editor, VIce President
Marijuana Business Daily, New Biz Initiaves Director
Marijuana Leadership Campaign, Executive Director
Marijuana Packaging, CEO
Marijuana Policy Project, Executive Director
Mary's Wellness Ltd, CEO
Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association, President & CEO
Medfully, Founder
Medfully, CEO
MedMen, Senior Vice President
Mergermarket, Reporter
Mergermarket, Reporter
Merida Capital Partners, Partner
Merril Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith, Senior Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch, Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch, SVP, Wealth Management Advisor
Michigan Pure Med, Chief Strategy Officer
Michigan Pure Med, President & CEO
Minerva Realty Consultants, LLC, President
MJBA, Advisor
MM Development Company, Inc.
Mogul Ventures Corp, CEO, President & Director
MTech Acquisition Corp, CFO
Multiverse Capital, CEO & Managing Director
Musket Hill Holdings
Musket Hill Holdings
Nantam Capital, Founder and Managing Principal
Navy Capital, Principal
NetPost Capital Advisors, Founder
Neuberger Berman
Neuberger PM
New Breed W, Founder
New England Development, Vice President
New England Development, Vice President
New Frontier Data, Operational Strategy
New Frontier Data, Director, Industry Analytics
New Frontier Data, Investment Analyst
New Frontier Data, Chief Knowledge Officer
New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association (NJCIA), Co–founder & Treasurer
New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association (NJCIA), Vice President
New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association (NJCIA), President
New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association (NJCIA), Trustee
New York State, Empire Fellow
New York State, Governor's Counsel for Health
Next Frontier Biosciences, CEO
Northern Swan Holdings
Northern Swan Holdings
Northern Swan Holdings, Chief Brand Officer
Northern Swan Holdings, CEO
Northland Securities, President and CEO
Northwood Ventures, Managing Director
NVOLVD Ventures, Managing Director
Oak Industrial Funds LLC, Managing Partner
Oak Industrial Funds LLC, Managing Partner
Oak Investment Funds, CFO
P.S. Harris & Co., Principal
Pacific Grove Capital, Managing Partner
Pacific Growth Capital LLC, CEO
Parpharmic LLC, President
Parthian Capital Partners, Partner
passport cannabis, CEO
Pear Tree Trading, President
Pebb Capital, Managing Director
Pebb Capital, Senior Associate
Permit Capital, Partner
PharmaRolly Holdings BV, CEO
Phylos, CEO
Phylos Bioscience, CFO
Phyto Partners LP, Co–Founder/Managing Director
Planet 13 Holdings, Inc., General Counsel
Planet 13 Holdings, Inc., Co–CEO
Plant Nutrition Technologies, CEO
Poseidon, Managing Director
Powerplant Global Strategies, Senior Communications As.
Powerplant Global Strategies, Senior Vice President
Princeton Investments, Director
Private Capital Intelligence LLC, Managing Member
Prohibition Partners, Executive Director & Co–Founder
Q 56 Captial, Investor
Rainbow Realty Group LLC, President
Rainbow Realty Group LLC, COO
Ranger Asset Management, Managing Principal
Ranger Asset Management LLC, Managing Principal
Real Property Capital, Managing Director
ReeFi Capital, Director, Originations
ReeFi Capital, Associate, Originations
ReeFi Capital, Associate, Originations
REVAS – A Two Bears Company, Cannabis Kahuna
Revolution Enterprises, Chief Strategy Officer
Rocket Dollar, Director of Sales
Rockshield Capital Corp, Director
Ron Shapira, Consultant
Rosie Mattio Public Relations, Founder
Royal Innovation Group, Founder/CEO
Royale Asset Management, Investment Advisofr
SABR Capital Management, Managing Director
Salvatore Longo Realty, LLC, Member
Salveo Capital, Managing Partner
Salveo Capital, Managing Partner
SeaGrow Pharms Ltd., CEO
Sente Foundry & Anka Capital, Founder
Seymour Asset Management, Partner
Shire Holdings, President
Simco Services Inc., VP Corporate Development
Simco Services Inc., President
SL Green Realty Corp, Acquisitions
Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, Sales Director – Full Book
Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, Managing Director
Standard Oil of California, President
Sterling Beach Fund, Manager
Stiefel Wealth and Investment Management, LLC, Managing Member
Strategies WB, Partner
Streetwise Reports, CEO
Suite 420 Solutions, Advisor
Sunday Goods, Co Founder
Sunday Goods, Co–Founder
Sunday Goods, CEO
Suniram, Managing Partner
Surterra Holdings, Chief Information Officer
Surterra Holdings, Chief Financial Officer
Surterra Holdings, Executive Administrator
Surterra Holdings, Brand & Product Manager
Surterra Holdings, Founder & CEO
The American Cannabis Report, Washington Correspondent
The Arcview Group, Sponsor Relations
The Arcview Group, Director of Business Development
The Arcview Group, General Partner
The Blinc Group, Digital Creative Manager
The Blinc Group, Vice President
The Blinc Group, Chief Digital Officer
The Blinc Group, Co–CEO
The Blinc Group, Manager
The Blinc Group, Sales Manager
The Blinc Group, Chief Investent Officer
The Blinc Group, Brand Manager
The Blinc Group, Co–CEO
The Blinc Group, Managing Partner
The Daily Marijuana Observer, Reporter
The Daily Marijuana Observer, Author
The Deal, Private Equity Reporter
The New York State Senate, New York State Senator
The New York State Senate, New York State Senator
The People's Dispensary, CEO
TheStreet.com, Staff Writer
Toba Capital
Trivergance, LLC, Managing Director
Tuatara Capital, Managing Director
Tuatara Capital LP, Partner
Tuatara Capital LP, CIO
Tuscan Holdings, President, CFO & Director
U–Bet Capital Advisors, Principal
UBS, VP Wealth Mgmt, Portfolio Manager PMP
Upper 90, CIO
Vencanna Ventures Inc., CEO
Venexo / Vencanna, Director of Investments
Venexo Capital, President
Vertical, President
Vicente Sederberg, Partner
Vicente Sederberg, Partner
Vicente Sederberg, Senior Associate
Village Farms International, EVP & CFO
Viridian Capital Advisors, LLC, Director of Business Development
Viridian Capital Advisors, LLC, Vice President
Viridian Capital Advisors, LLC, President
Viridian Members Fund, Co–Founder
Waterstone, LLC, Partner
WelCan Capital, Partner
Wexler | Walker, CEO
WGL Energy
William O'Neil & Co., Equity Research Analyst
WnW Capital Inc.
Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP, Partner
Worldwide Media Capital LLC, EVP Business Development
Wurk, Founder & CEO
Yamabun LLP, Representative
Young America Capital, Managing Director
Young America Capital, CEO
Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP, Marketing Manager
Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP, Partner
Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP, Managing Partner

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