Institutional Capital & Cannabis Europe
London, UK
June 26, 2019


IMN is excited to announce a new partnership with Prohibition Partners, Europe’s leading provider of market and strategic insights into the European legal cannabis markets. IMN and Prohibition Partners will co-host the first annual Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference Europe (IC3 Europe), June 26, in London. 

With over double the population of the US and Canada combined, Europe is expected to become the largest legal cannabis market in the world, within the next five to ten years. Some analysts are estimating that the European legal cannabis market will be worth €125 billion by 2028. The multijurisdictional nature of Europe makes it a complex market but lessons can be learned from regulated markets as industry players look to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

IMN’s IC3 forums are a meeting place for investors who wish to invest or learn more about this exciting and high-growth new asset class, cannabis companies and investment funds who are looking to raise money or showcase their products, and professional service providers who facilitate these groups doing business. 

Our US conferences have earned a reputation for quality content, expert speakers, and a high representation of institutional investors. Previous IC3 participants include leading cannabis brands Canndescent, MedMen, MedReleaf, Flow Kana, Tikun Olam and funds such as Privateer Holdings (Tilray, Marley Natural), Casa Verde (Eaze), Gotham Green Partners (Cronos), Merida Capital (KushCo) and a number of ex-Wall Street professionals turned private investors. 

IMN is excited to bring this one-of-kind forum aimed at sophisticated investors seeking alternative asset classes and portfolio diversification to the UK this June.

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    Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

      8:00 AM

      8:00 AM
      Breakfast Courtesy of:

      8:35 AM
      IMN Welcoming Remarks

      8:40 AM
      Global State of the Industry and Market Outlook

      • It’s 2019 and the global cannabis industry is undergoing a rapid evolution.  Last year saw the legalisation of recreational cannabis use in Canada, significant progress made at the state level in the US, and the introduction of legislation in a number of European nations.  This session will look at the numbers, highlighting the most promising growth markets in Europe and abroad.
        • Vivien Azer , Managing Director (Cowen and Company)

      9:10 AM
      Investment Opportunities in Legal Cannabis

      • Over $10billion was invested in the North American legal cannabis market in 2018.  There are a number of investment sectors in the cannabis industry that attract attention from various capital vehicles.  Each sector is different from the other and has unique opportunities and challenges associated with it.  This opening panel will discuss how opportunities are evolving across these sectors and what investors should consider when making decisions. 
        • Rod Stephan , Investor (Altitude Investment Management, LLC)
        • Narbe Alexandrian , President (Canopy Rivers)
        • Paul Henderson , CEO (Grupo Flor)
        • Tahira Rehmatullah , Managing Partner (Hypur Ventures)
        • Peter McCullagh , Founder & Managing Partner (TenX Ventures Inc)
        • Justin Ort , CIO (Measure Eight Venture Partners)

      9:55 AM
      Impact Investing: Medical Efficacy and Societal Impact of Legal Cannabis

      • More and more investors are looking to have an impact investing allocation in their portfolio.  Social justice, regulatory reform and improving the overall health of our society make cannabis a prime fit for this allocation.  This panel will address the socioeconomic benefits that a well-regulated cannabis industry can offer.
        • Prof. Mike Barnes , Chief Medical Officer (ECH)
        • Colin Stott , COO (ABC Clinics)
        • Molly Meacher , Co-Chair (APPG for Drug Policy Reform)
        • Aras Azadian , CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder (Avicanna)
        • Pavel Kubu , CEO (International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute)
        • Hannah Simon , Managing Director (The Medical Cannabis Clinics)

      10:40 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      11:10 AM
      Building a Cannabis Company: What Can Go Wrong?

      • There are many different approaches to building a business but in the growing cannabis space, there are certain things that every business and investor needs to know.  This session will address the challenges faced starting a cannabis business, how to overcome them and the pitfalls to be avoided on the road to success.
        • Fraser McGee , General Counsel (Winchester MD)
        • Michael Corcoran , Partner (Hill Dickinson)
        • Joel Sherlock , Chairman & Co-Founder (Vitalis Extraction Technology)
        • Dan Kriznic , Co-Founder & Business Development (Winchester MD)

      11:40 AM
      Assessing the Upside of Investing in Europe

      • Europe is on track to become the world’s largest legal cannabis market within the next five years, with over €500million of investments into European cannabis companies in the last year and a forecasted market worth of up to €123billion by 2028.  A well-regulated cannabis industry could bring significant benefits and opportunities to European economies.  What do developments in North America and other markets mean for Europe?
        • Stephen Murphy , Co-Founder & Group Managing Director (ECH)
        • Will Muecke , Managing Member (Artemis Growth Partners)
        • Kris Krane , President & Co-Founder 4Front (Cannex Capital)
        • John McMullen , President (LGC Capital)
        • Steve Malloy , CEO (PharmaRolly Holdings BV)
        • Navdeep Dhaliwal , CEO (The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc)

      12:25 PM
      Lunch Courtesy of:

      1:25 PM
      Update on the Regulatory Landscape in Europe

      • Significant legislative events in Europe were witnessed by the sector last year.  The UK legalized the limited prescribed use of medical cannabis products and Germany has issued more tenders for domestic medical cannabis production.  Despite this, considerable issues with access remain. This unique panel will examine the legislative and regulatory status of medical and recreational cannabis across Europe, how these laws and regulations are being implemented, and what the major stumbling blocks are when setting up such frameworks. 
        • Alfredo Pascual , International Analyst (Marijuana Business Daily)
        • Rick Brar , CEO & Chairman (Brains Bioceutical Corp.)
        • Ana Afuera , ENCOD Executive Committee (European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies)
        • Tomas Sadilek , Director of Government Affairs (International Cannabis & Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI))
        • Marco Perduca , Co-Founder/ Co-ordinator (Science for Democracy/Associazione Luca Coscioni)
        • James O'Dowd , Secretary General (European Alliance for Medicinal Cannabis (EAMC))

      2:10 PM
      The Path to Public Markets

      • We take a look at the journeys of public companies in North America as they discuss their success stories, setbacks they overcame and pitfalls to be avoided.
        • Nick Davis , Chief Executive (Memery Crystal)
        • Perry Antelman , CEO (Abacus Health Products)
        • Alex Brooks , Senior Analyst (Canaccord Genuity)
        • David Elsley , CEO (Cardiol Therapeutics)
        • Darryl Jones , CEO (Isracann BioSciences)
        • Roby Zomer , Executive Director & CTO (MGC Pharmaceuticals)

      2:55 PM
      Due Diligence Best Practice for Cannabis Investments

      • For many investors, this is their first time deploying capital into the space. As such their teams need to understand this unique investment opportunity. This panel of analysts and investors specialize in the cannabis sector and will discuss their processes and best practices.  
        • Matt Karnes , Founder & Managing Partner (GreenWave Advisors)
        • Dean Gainsley , Partner (Cannaglobal)
        • Jennifer Sanders , Founder & CEO (CNS Equity Partners)
        • Kiran Sidhu , CEO (Halo)
        • Emily Paxhia , Managing Director (Poseidon)
        • Arnaud Dumas de Rauly , Chief Executive Officer (The Blinc Group)
        • Dean Gainsley , Partner (Cannaglobal)

      3:40 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      4:00 PM
      From Theory to Reality: Invest Like the Best

      • Following a day of education and discussion, this session pulls it all together, and we hear from experienced investors and finance professionals who are already active in this exciting new asset class. Our panelists reveal firsthand accounts of where they've found success, hard lessons learned and pitfalls to be avoided, and key nuggets of advice they have for those considering investing in this space.
        • Tahira Rehmatullah , Managing Partner (Hypur Ventures)
        • Karan Wadhera , Managing Partner (Casa Verde Capital)
        • Nicole Marchand , CEO (Grit Capital)
        • Nic Easley , CEO & Managing Director (Multiverse Capital)
        • Thomas Mazarakis , Portfolio Advisor (Salveo Capital)
        • Peter McCullagh , Founder & Managing Partner (TenX Ventures Inc)

      4:45 PM
      Crystal Balling the Future of Cannabis in Europe

      • After a full, solid day of discussion, where does this leave us?  What has surprised us in the past year and what can we expect for the months and years ahead?  Industry leaders from business and policy discuss legalisation, regulation and what this means for all of you.
        • Daragh Anglim , Managing Director (Prohibition Partners)
        • Crispin Blunt , MP for Reigate & Co-Chair (All Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform)
        • Dr. Christian Cardona , Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses (Government of Malta)
        • Mazen Haddad , CEO (LGC Capital)
        • Rob Kampia , Executive Director (Marijuana Leadership Campaign)
        • Drake Sutton-Shearer , CEO (PRØHBTD)

      5:30 PM
      Keynote Fireside Chat

        • Tristan Gervais , Head of European Medical Cannabis Investment Banking (Canaccord Genuity)
        • Farzad Moshfeghi , CEO (Winchester MD)

      5:45 PM
      Cocktail Reception Courtesy of:

      6:45 PM
      The Inaugural Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference (Europe) Concludes

      7:00 PM
      The Business of Cannabis London Investor Dinner & Presentations

      • Private Investor Dinner Hosted By:  
        If you're interested in attending, please contact
        *No admission without approval and RSVP

        Green Table is widely recognized as the leader in hosting premium dinner events for Cannabis-related companies to present their business to leading institutional investors, PE funds, family offices, leading experts, media and social influencers who understand, support, and believe in the industry. We help forge new relationships and establish great networking between the top cannabis industry leaders.



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.

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  • Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

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