Institutional Capital & Cannabis West
Los Angeles, CA
May 9 - 10, 2019


The North American cannabis industry is undergoing a rapid evolution.  Medical use of cannabis is now legal in 33 states, while recreational use is legal in 10 states plus the District of Columbia.  Both recreational and medical cannabis have been legal in California for over a year now.  With sales of over $5 billion and tax revenue of $345 million, the largest legal cannabis market in the world is just getting started.
Market participants are hoping that 2019 will be a year of stability through regulatory clarity, development on license provision and supply chain efficiencies.
The fifth installment of the Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference (IC3) will return to the epicenter of this movement - Los Angeles. By some estimates, the second largest city in the U.S. is already home to a billion-dollar cannabis market.
Following on the heels of four successful conferences in California, Miami and NYC, IC3 Los Angeles will reconvene with the industry’s top experts to evaluate market progress, the headwinds faced and the many opportunities that remain in California. The conference will take place May 9 & 10 at the JW Marriott, right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.
IMN is excited to continue our IC3 series of forums aimed at sophisticated investors seeking alternative asset classes and portfolio diversification.  This event was created specifically with the needs of the legacy institutional and accredited investor in mind, with panel discussions addressing the various vehicles for investment, due diligence best practice, impact investing and setting realistic ROI expectations for cannabis investments.

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  • Family Offices
  • High Net Worth Investors
  • Wealth Managers
  • Private Bankers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Asset Managers
  • REITs
  • Cannabis Companies
  • Law Firms
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  • Consultants
  • Technology Companies
  • Trade Associations
  • Advocacy Groups

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    Thursday, May 9th, 2019

      7:45 AM
      Registration & Breakfast Courtesy of:

      8:40 AM
      IMN Welcoming Remarks

      8:45 AM
      State of the Industry

      • It’s 2019 and the North American cannabis industry is undergoing a rapid evolution.  Medical use of cannabis is now legal in 33 states and it is also recreationally legal in 10 states plus the District of Columbia.  Last year saw the legalization of recreational use in Canada, and California started issuing licenses for cultivation and the sale of cannabis for adult use.  We also saw evidence that corporate America is seriously following the space, with Altria and Constellation Brands making considerable investments into this nascent industry.  The end of prohibition is nearing. How does one responsibly analyze all the moving parts to form and develop an investment thesis?
        • Roy Bingham , CEO (BDS Analytics)
        • Tom Adams , Managing Director (BDS Analytics)

      9:15 AM
      Investment Opportunities in Legal Cannabis

      • There are a number of investment sectors in the cannabis industry that attract attention from various capital vehicles.  Each sector is different from the other and has unique opportunities and challenges associated with it.  This opening panel will discuss how opportunities are evolving across these sectors and what investors should consider when making decisions.
        • Scott Greiper , President (Viridian Capital Advisors, LLC)
        • David Traylor , Sr Managing Director (Golden Eagle Partners)
        • Tahira Rehmatullah , Managing Director (Hypur Ventures)
        • Peter Rosenberg , Partner (Merida Capital Partners)
        • Peter McCullagh , Founder & Managing Partner (TenX Ventures Inc)
        • Troy Dayton , CEO & Founder (The Arcview Group)

      9:55 AM
      The US Regulatory Landscape As It Pertains To Cannabis

      • Many investors do not understand the laws relating to cannabis and, therefore, find it difficult to make informed decisions about potential investments in the space.  This panel of lawmakers and regulators will offer an open discussion on the regulatory environment at the local, state and federal level.
        • Rob Kampia , Executive Director (Marijuana Leadership Campaign)
        • Neal Levine , CEO (Cannabis Trade Federation)
        • Ron Kammerzell , Advisor (Golden Eagle Partners)
        • Alexander Freedman , Deputy City Attorney (LA Department of Cannabis Regulation)
        • Joel Bomgar , State Representative (Mississippi House of Representatives)
        • Adam Spiker , Executive Director (Southern California Coalition)

      10:35 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      11:00 AM
      Building a Successful Cannabis Consumer Brand

      • Vertically integrated operators are fairly well understood given this is the legacy framework, however there are many different approaches to building a successful consumer brand.  There are certain things that every business and investor needs to know and this session will address the importance of intellectual property (IP) and protection strategies, along with scaling and the major differences between businesses “touching the plant” and “not touching the plant”.
        • Melissa Canon , Chief Operating Officer (AURA Ventures)
        • Isaac Muwaswes , Chief Marketing Officer (FlowerShop*)
        • Tom Zuber , Managing Partner (Zuber Lawler)

      11:40 AM
      Impact Investing: Medical Efficacy and Societal Impact of Legal Cannabis

      • More and more investors are looking to have an impact investing allocation in their portfolio. Social justice, regulatory reform and improving the overall health of our society make cannabis a prime fit for this allocation.
        • Emily Paxhia , Managing Director (Poseidon)
        • Dr Jessica Knox , CEO (American Cannabinoid Clinics)
        • Dr Jokubas Ziburkus , Chief Innovation Officer (MariMed)
        • Dr Jeff Chen , Director (UCLA Cannabis Initiative)

      12:20 PM
      After Growing and Before Retail: Understanding the Ancillary Value Chain

      • With the ever-increasing market share of concentrates, extracting, sourcing, formulating and quality control are becoming the most influential factors in building successful brands and operations. What are the biggest challenges? What are the pitfalls to avoid? How to stay compliant with current and upcoming regulation?
        • Arnaud Dumas de Rauly , Co-CEO (The Blinc Group)
        • Joe Derr , California Director of Sales (Green Revolution)

      12:50 PM
      Luncheon Courtesy of:

      1:50 PM
      Due Diligence and Setting Realistic Expectations for Cannabis Investments

      • As is often the case with nascent industries, many people have unrealistic return expectations.  It is essential that teams deploying capital into the space – perhaps for the first time – properly understand this unique investment opportunity.  This group of active investors discuss some of the investments they have made across the spectrum of cannabis-related businesses, their ROIs, company valuations and their processes and best practices for due diligence pre-investment.
        • Matt Karnes , Founder & Managing Partner (GreenWave Advisors)
        • Nico Richardson , Managing Director (AFI Capital Partners)
        • Robert Roman , CEO, Managing Director (MGO Wealth Advisors, LLC)
        • Jared Cohen , Member (Ocean Peak Capital)
        • Dan Farrell , Chairman & CEO (Privos Capital)
        • Vikas Desai , Partner (WelCan Capital)

      2:35 PM
      Investing in Cannabis Real Estate

        • Jon Trauben , Partner (Altitude Investment Management, LLC)
        • Robert Dvorin , Managing Partner (Gateway Property Group)
        • Ken Greer , CEO (Green Sage)
        • Paul Smithers , CEO (Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc.)
        • Paul Murad , President (Metroplex Realty)
        • Sarah Sanger , CFO (Oak Investment Funds)

      3:20 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      3:45 PM
      The California Opportunity

      • There has been a sluggish start to California’s legal cannabis industry since legalization, with Governor Newsom’s budget reducing the annual cannabis tax revenue estimate for the fiscal year ending June 30 by $275 million.  With a now-finalized regulatory framework to work from and proposed tax cuts possible, this panel of operators, regulators and legal experts discuss the main challenges and opportunities for the legal market in California for the coming year.
        • Tom Zuber , Managing Partner (Zuber Lawler)
        • Mark Grindeland , CEO (Coda Signature)
        • Sander Zagzebski , Partner (Greenspoon Marder)
        • Dustin Moore , Board Member (International Cannabis Farmers Association)
        • Erik Ott , Partner (KO Acquisitions)
        • Sean McAllister , Attorney (McAllister Garfield)

      4:30 PM
      From Theory to Reality: Invest Like the Best

      • Following a day of education and discussion, this session pulls it all together, and we hear from experienced investors and finance professionals who are already active in this exciting new asset class. Our panelists reveal firsthand accounts of where they've found success, hard lessons learned and pitfalls to be avoided, and key nuggets of advice they have for those considering investing in this space.
        • Ruth Epstein , President, CFO & Director (Tuscan Holdings)
        • Abner Kurtin , CEO & Founder (AWH)
        • Yoni Meyer , Partner (Casa Verde Capital)
        • Brett Finkelstein , Co-Founder & Managing Director (Phyto Partners LP)
        • Emily Paxhia , Managing Director (Poseidon)
        • Jeffrey Howard , Managing Partner (Salveo Capital)

      5:10 PM
      Keynote Fireside Chat

        • Vivien Azer , Managing Director (Cowen and Company)
        • Steve White , CEO (Harvest Health & Recreation)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception Courtesy of:

      6:30 PM
      Day One of The 3rd Annual Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference West Concludes

    Friday, May 10th, 2019

      8:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast Courtesy of:

      9:15 AM
      An Interview with Former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

        • Rob Kampia , Executive Director (Marijuana Leadership Campaign)
        • Dana Rohrabacher , Freedom Fighter (R&B Strategies)

      9:45 AM
      The Changing Face of Cannabis Investing

      • Legacy institutional investors and wealth managers are beginning to enter the cannabis space and we are seeing many alternative investment vehicles gaining traction such as cannabis ETFs and SPACs.  These large funds, wealth managers and SPACs join us to discuss how they got into the space, what got them over the hump and how the level of buzz amongst their peers has changed in the past couple of years.
        • Lisa Bernard-Kuhn , Editor - Investor Intelligence (Marijuana Business Daily)
        • Paul Quilkey , Founder & CIO (Alinga Capital)
        • Jamie Mendola , Head of Strategy and M&A (Cannabis Strategies Acquisition Corp.)
        • Peter McCullagh , Founder & Managing Partner (TenX Ventures Inc)
        • Al Foreman , CIO (Tuatara Capital LP)
        • Ruth Epstein , President, CFO & Director (Tuscan Holdings)

      10:30 AM
      Looking to Opportunities in Europe and Other International Markets

      • Europe is on track to become the world’s largest legal cannabis market within the next five years, with over €500million of investments into European cannabis companies in the last year and a forecasted market worth up to €123billion by 2028. Other markets such as Australia, Latin America, Thailand, South Korea and Israel are at different stages of legalizing marijuana either medicinally or recreationally and are attracting investments from US and Canadian cannabis companies and investors.  This session will address the many opportunities across a range of regions, while also discussing the challenges associated with different legal systems, patient access, cultivation supply, logistics and access to products such as oils.
        • Jade Green , CEO (Jade Green Consulting)
        • Jon Trauben , Partner (Altitude Investment Management, LLC)
        • Barbara Paley , Founder and CEO (Art Assets)
        • Paul Henderson , CEO (Grupo Flor)
        • Kyle Detwiler , CEO (Northern Swan Holdings)

      11:15 AM
      Crystal Balling the Future of Cannabis

      • After one and a half days of discussion, where does this leave us?  Which prior predictions played out and what’s in store for the coming year?  Industry leaders from business and policy discuss federal legalization and the pathway to the end of prohibition.
        • Lisa Bernard-Kuhn , Editor - Investor Intelligence (Marijuana Business Daily)
        • Brian Webster , Founder (California Hemp Capital Investment Forum)
        • Steven Hawkins , Executive Director (Marijuana Policy Project)
        • Kaliko Castille , Head of Growth (National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA))
        • John Kagia , Chief Knowledge Officer (New Frontier Data)

      12:00 PM
      The 3rd Annual Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference West Concludes



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.

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