Institutional Capital & Cannabis (IC3) West
Santa Monica, CA
April 27 - 28, 2020


Conference Cancellation Notice
As a precautionary measure with concerns around the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and in line with guidance from international health organizations, IMN has been working with our teams, clients and suppliers around the world to monitor the impact of the virus. It is as part of this review and the development of the situation that has led us to cancel IC3 – The Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference (West) scheduled for April 27-28. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but as always, the safety of our participants, community and staff are our priority and we feel this is the best option for this event. Our thoughts are with those in impacted areas. 

We will announce future dates as soon as they become available.  

If you have any questions or concerns then please raise this with your IMN representative or email the team at

The IMN Team

2020 is already gearing up to be a pivotal year for the cannabis industry in North America.  The start of the year saw the first recreational sales in Illinois, and neighboring states New York and New Jersey, amongst others, have plans in place to advance their legalization efforts.  The launch of ‘Cannabis 2.0’ in Canada will be closely monitored as provincial and local programs work out teething issues to align supply with demand.
The eighth installment of the Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference (IC3) will return to California; a key state in the evolution of the legal cannabis industry which is tweaking their frameworks for regulation, enforcement and taxation, while working to overcome some supply-side challenges associated with production and distribution.

IC3 West will once again welcome investors and entrepreneurs to the premier cannabis industry event for capital raising, deal-making and thought leadership to discuss the headwinds faced and the many opportunities that remain in North America and California, in particular. 

Who Should Attend
  • Family Offices
  • High Net Worth Investors
  • Wealth Managers
  • Private Bankers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Asset Managers
  • REITs
  • Cannabis Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Consultants
  • Technology Companies
  • Trade Associations
  • Advocacy Groups

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    Preliminary Agenda

      A Pivotal Year for Cannabis: Breaking Down the Numbers

      • 2020 is gearing up to be a pivotal year for the cannabis industry.  The start of the year saw the first recreational sales in Illinois, and neighbors New York and New Jersey, amongst others, have plans in place to advance their legalization efforts.  The launch of ‘Cannabis 2.0’ in Canada will be closely monitored as provincial and local programs work out teething issues to align supply with demand.  This opening presentation will take a look at the trends and drivers that can help investors and industry practitioners plan for the future.

      Investment Opportunities in Legal Cannabis

      • There are a number of investment sectors in the cannabis industry that attract attention from various capital vehicles.  Each sector is different from the other and has unique opportunities and challenges associated with it.  This opening panel will discuss how opportunities are evolving across these sectors and what investors should consider when making decisions.

      Legalization, Regulatory Changes and their Potential Impact on Cannabis Investment

      • Many investors do not understand the laws relating to cannabis and, therefore, find it difficult to make informed decisions about potential investments in the space.  This panel of legal experts and regulators will offer an open discussion on shifts in the regulatory environment at the local, state and federal level and what this means for potential investments in the space.

      Investing in People: Increase Diversity to Increase Returns

      • Investors, cannabis company executives and board members discuss the importance of gender, race and generational diversity within leadership teams.  Focus will be on why this makes sense from a business perspective and how it can lead to a closer relationship with the consumer.

      Building a Successful Cannabis Consumer Brand

      • Vertically integrated operators are fairly well understood given this is the legacy framework, however there are many different approaches to building a successful consumer brand.  There are certain things that every business and investor needs to know and this session will address the importance of intellectual property (IP) and protection strategies, along with scaling and the major differences between businesses “touching the plant” and “not touching the plant”.

      Shaping the Future of Cannabis Through Research and Development

      • We are continuing to see an increasing number of people and organizations committed to research and development in the cannabis space.  Clinical research into the medical efficacy of cannabis is paramount in gaining acceptance from regulatory agencies like the FDA but other areas of research are also vital to the future of cost-effective production on a large scale.  These scientists and pioneers will discuss the work that is being done to achieve these goals and what changes are necessary to do so.

      Social Equity and the Societal Impact of Legal Cannabis

      • There is no one-size-fits all model when designing and implementing meaningful, lasting social equity provisions within state and local cannabis programs.  These advocates discuss the benefits that social equity programs can have for communities and industry stakeholders, while addressing the hurdles that are being faced around the country when it comes to writing and implementing these provisions.

      Due Diligence and Setting Realistic Expectations for Cannabis Investments

      • As is often the case with nascent industries, many people have unrealistic return expectations.  It is essential that teams deploying capital into the space – perhaps for the first time – properly understand this unique investment opportunity.  This group of active investors discuss some of the investments they have made across the spectrum of cannabis-related businesses, their ROIs, company valuations and their processes and best practices for due diligence pre-investment.

      Cannabis 2.0: Update on a New Canadian Market

      • Now that infused and other cannabis-derived products have hit shelves in Canada, we take the pulse of the market, look at new products and forecast what is next for Cannabis 2.0 in Canada, addressing implications for the US legal markets.

      Investment Strategies Involving Cannabis Real Estate

      • Industry demand for real estate is on the rise, opening up significant new opportunities for real estate investors and other industry professionals.  Cannabis cultivation, processing and retail operations require a lot space and finding innovative ways to make this space available is one of the real challenges facing the industry.  This panel of investors, landlords and tenants will discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with owning real estate used in the cannabis supply chain.

      Getting It Right in California

      • With changes expected this year to the California cannabis regulatory and tax framework, this panel of regulators, advocates and legal experts discuss the main challenges and opportunities for the legal market in California for the coming year, using Sacramento as a case study on how to approach taxation, enforcement and how to adapt appropriately to hurdles faced.

      Money-making Opportunities in Ancillary Businesses

      • There are a plethora of value-add opportunities for non-plant touching businesses looking to service the nascent cannabis industry and each of these opportunities has its own associated challenges.  These panelists make the case for why investing in ancillary businesses will provide the best returns and how these challenges can be overcome.

      From Theory to Reality: Invest Like the Best

      • Following a day of education and discussion, this session pulls it all together, and we hear from experienced investors and finance professionals who are already active in this exciting new asset class. Our panelists reveal firsthand accounts of where they've found success, hard lessons learned and pitfalls to be avoided, and key nuggets of advice they have for those considering investing in this space.

      The Changing Face of Cannabis Investing

      • Legacy institutional investors and wealth managers have been entering the cannabis space in recent years and we are seeing many alternative investment vehicles gaining traction such as cannabis ETFs and SPACs.  These large funds, wealth managers and SPACs join us to discuss how they got into the space, what got them over the hump and how the level of buzz amongst their peers has changed in the past couple of years.

      The Role of Investors in Helping Cannabis Companies Get to the Next Level

      • So you’ve made a cannabis investment – now what?  This panel of investors will address the next steps for any investor looking to enter the cannabis space.  They will discuss what you, as an investor, can do to help the business grow including reporting, other processes and shaping company culture. 

      Update on Opportunities in Europe and Other International Markets

      • Europe is on track to become the world’s largest legal cannabis market within the next five years, with over €500million of investments into European cannabis companies in the last year and a forecasted market worth up to €123billion by 2028. Other markets such as Australia, Latin America, Thailand, South Korea and Israel are at different stages of legalizing marijuana either medicinally or recreationally and are attracting investments from US and Canadian cannabis companies and investors.  This session will address the many opportunities across a range of regions, while also discussing the challenges associated with different legal systems, patient access, cultivation supply, logistics and access to products such as oils.

      Sale Leasebacks & The Rising Use of Debt in Cannabis

      • Cannabis companies are increasingly using debt and sale leasebacks as a source of capital to fund growth and operational costs.  We discuss the pros and cons of this trend and how we see capital entering the space changing over the coming years.

      The Future of Cannabis ETFs

      • The cannabis sector faced significant headwinds in 2019 but this year could prove to be the turning point for public company and ETF shares prices.  These cannabis ETFs discuss their marketing strategies to attract more assets under management and why investors haven’t given up on cannabis yet.

      Crystal Balling the Future of Cannabis

      • After one and a half days of discussion, where does this leave us?  Which prior predictions played out and what’s in store for the coming year?  Industry leaders from business and policy discuss federal legalization and the pathway to the end of prohibition.



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