Equipment Finance
New York, NY
March 25, 2020


IMN, along with the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), will host the Annual Investors' Conference on Equipment Finance, March 25, 2020 in New York City. This one day event focuses on educating investors and equipment finance companies about the latest industry trends and developments.

As the global leader in structured finance conferences with contacts in the fixed income investor and issuer community, we are able to attract a unique audience representing institutional and private investors, alongside key decision makers at the highest level at leasing finance companies. 

As many companies broaden their focus to include all kinds of equipment finance and related services that present strong opportunities for sustained growth, there has never been a better time to hear from expert speakers in the equipment finance sector. The 2020 event will include extensive coverage on outlook for the year ahead, structural and legal challenges, risk management, capital markets and transportation finance.

Who Should Attend
  • CEO/CFO/Finance Directors of Equipment Finance Companies
  • Investors and Providers of Private Capital (Private Equity and Hedge Funds)
  • Rating Agencies
  • Investment Bankers
  • Credit Enhancers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Lawyers
  • Trustees
  • Technology Service Providers

Issuers & Investors 147

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    Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

      8:15 AM
      Registration Opens & Delegate Breakfast

      9:00 AM
      IMN & ELFA Opening Remarks

        • Lewis Manson, Associate Conference Producer (IMN)
        • Ralph Petta, President and Chief Executive Officer (Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA))

      9:10 AM
      What's on the Cards for Equipment Finance? Market Overview & Forecast

        • Top trends for 2020; large vs. small ticket, changes in lending volume impacting issuance, picking the winners and losers across various asset classes, green portfolios, defaults, consumer confidence and other concerning credit issues etc.
        • Sector SWOT analysis: 2019 collateral performance review and outlook for 2020 and beyond
        • What are the challenges facing bank lenders? Volume changes in late cycle, regulatory confinements, evolving compliance and credit issues and requirements. How does this impact lending and are we seeing incentivisation towards riskier deals?
        • Geo-political and economic perspectives for the Asia Pacific region and other global jurisdictions. International trade relationships, TPP, RCEP, Multi and bi-lateral agreements
        • Now in a late stage credit cycle, when to do anticipate the recession hitting? How is the sector insulating itself to mitigate potential risk?
        • How is this sector reacting to the inverted yield curve environment? What are the challenges, and opportunities here? Are negative rates stimulating borrowing/lending activity?

        • Lauren Lannefeld, Vice President (BMO Capital Markets)
        • Quentin Cote, President (Mintaka Financial)

      10:00 AM
      Judge, Jury and Regulator: Latest in Regulatory and Legislative Changes

        • State government affairs update: Impact on equipment finance lenders & lessors
        • Impact of the recent disclosure laws in California and New Jersey. Is this too onerous for issuers?
        • Lease accounting regulations and standards, and other general accountancy changes – how are the public and private sectors handling the change over? What are the advantages and disadvantages? i.e. more precise RA balance sheet calculations
        • ‘Independent Contractor’ Ruling in the Shared Economy i.e. Uber entering the trucking space – What affect will this have on the Equipment Leasing Space?
        • Reactions to the federal scrutiny of privacy and data compliance
        • Involvement of the CFPB in commercial transactions – Is this welcomed?
        • Does this sector benefit from federal deregulation? Is political brinkmanship and congressional dysfunction making collaborative bipartisan legislation more challenging?

        • Andy Fishburn, Vice President, Federal Government Regulations (Equipment Leasing & Finance Association (ELFA))

      10:40 AM
      Networking Refreshment Break

      11:10 AM
      Keynote Address

      • Presentation and Interactive Q&A with a Chief Global Economist

      11:50 AM
      Taking Stock: Small Ticket Deal Spotlight

        • Christian Haesslein, CFA, Director (DZ Bank AG)

      12:10 PM
      Taking Stock: Large Ticket Deal Spotlight

      12:30 PM
      Delegate Luncheon Hosted By:

      1:30 PM
      Plains, Trains & Automobiles: Transport Sector Briefing

        • Rail and Container Post Mortem: What is the current outlook for these sectors? Will they maintain their steady speed or start slowing to a halt?
        • Transportation Trends: Benefits of Fleet rental and management 
        • Auto Equipment i.e. Engine & Chassis - Supply, demand & deal pipeline
        • Will consolidation continue, and is this slowing issuance?
        • What are the best financing options available per asset class? Is there a best size fits all or are we better served by individual unique solutions?
        • What level of economic activity is required to bolster these markets? How is the current geo- political climate affecting this?
        • What impact is the shared economy having on these sectors? Are Trucking and Freight securities particularly affected by this? i.e. Uber.
        • How important is underlying asset maintenance to consider as a risk factor to securitize?

        • David D'Antonio, Managing Director & Division Head (TIAA Bank)
        • Michael Pearl, Treasurer (Triton International Limited)
        • Stephen Whelan, Partner (Blank Rome LLP)

      2:00 PM
      Preparing for Take-Off: Aircraft Finance

        • Overarching sector fundamentals: outlook for supply and demand of aircraft, OEM and aircraft placement, and the impact of the Boeing 737 Max recall
        • What do investors find favorable about the recent aviation deals brought to the capital markets?
        • New Players, New Deals, New Assets: Is this a classic case of more money more problems, or will Aircraft ABS continue to soar?
        • What are the current macro factors affecting the sector? Trade tensions, Airline defaults/credit issues/restructurings and bankruptcies e.g. Thomas Cook
        • Is this sector currently in a pricing bubble? If so, when will this burst?
        • What challenges are there to the secondary market in this sector?
        • How to assess the quality of underlying assets i.e. commercial wide body aircraft – do the same ratings really equate to the same asset quality?
        • Commercial vs Private – what are the differences, and is there more scope for private aircraft securities, or will commercial continue to dominate? Is the Helicopter space new and noteworthy?

        • Deborah Newman, Director (S&P Global Ratings)

      2:45 PM
      Networking Refreshment Break

      3:05 PM
      The Digital Age of Equipment Finance

        • Impacts of the Fintech landscape (DLT, IoT, Cloud, AI) on the Equipment space – what level of technological standard is required?
        • What are the sector specific barriers to tech advancement and how can we work to overcome them?
        • Online Lending: Challenges, opportunities and best practices?
        • Impact of 5G – how will this change the way we look at and work in this sector?
        • Are technological advancements shortening the ‘ownership’ lifecycle of equipment transactions? How is this impacting the issuance volumes and investor appetite?
        • How are equipment managers using tech platforms and data analytics to provide more residual value?

        • Eric Starr, Partner (CapX Partners)

      4:00 PM
      The Investor & Issuer Forum

        • Heading towards an economic downturn, what are the challenges ahead and what portfolio and allocation strategy adjustments can be made to help mitigate these?
        • How large of a role does Private Equity play in the Equipment space? How do PE bids compare to Bank bids? Is there enough demand to meet supply or can better yield be found elsewhere? What were the key structural features and benefits of PE?
        • How in synch are investor and issuer requirements, is a happy medium achievable?
        • How are Fixed Income investors allocating assets in today's market conditions, and is this aligned with the issuer base?
        • What deals are in the pipeline? How does the investor and issuer base feel about the sector projections for 2020 and beyond?
        • Are there any Green or ESG considerations that factor into issuances or investment decisions for this sector?

        • Loritta Cheng, Director (MetLife)
        • Rana Mitra, Managing Director (Atalaya Capital Management LP)
        • Jason Muncy, Senior Vice President, Director of Funding & Investor Relations (Stonebriar Commercial Finance)
        • Rajan Ariyur, Managing Director, Private Fixed Income (SLC Management)

      4:50 PM
      Conference Concludes & Cocktail Reception Hosted by DZ Bank



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  • Investor (Portfolio Manager, Credit Analyst, Hedge Fund, Private Equity Investor) - $1,195
  • Issuer (Independent Leasing Finance Company Executive: CFO/CEO/Finance Director) - $1,195
  • ELFA Member Registration - $1,990
  • Standard Registration - $2,190

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