Hosted by FIIN: Investors’ Forum on ABS (Singapore)
April 24, 2020


Less conference and more educational forum, this one-day programme will serve to educate investors on the various types of structured products, compare the relative value of the APAC, U.S. and European ABS markets, and connect a global issuer audience with the local investor base. By offering this event in Singapore, we hope to maximize the participation of a growing number of local investors seeking offshore investment opportunities.

Who Should Attend
  • Local investors seeking offshore investment opportunities
  • Issuers
  • Regulators
  • Government entities
  • Rating agencies

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    Friday, 24 April 2020


      Keynote Speaker “Global Investing Perspectives”

      • Applying Engineering Concepts to Seeking Alpha in the Global Fixed Income Markets

      CLO Market Near and Far

        • How do Investors in the APAC perceive CLO investing in today’s market?
        • Is the Japanese CLO investment pull-back reactionary or sound?
        • What safeguards are in place in the global CLO market to protect asset performance in a credit cycle downturn?
        • Is the market liquid enough to provide buffer in a sell off?
        • Are CLO investors anticipating additional oversight from regulators in the region?

      Profiling the APAC Structured Credit Universe

        • Understanding various investment and regulatory nuances across APAC
        • What asset types are being securitized and how do they differ from traditional assets in the US and Europe?
        • How do APAC investors manage the varying regulatory regimes in the region?
        • What emerging asset types show the most promise for significant volume in the near and medium term?

      Delegate Lunch

      What is the APAC Investor Currently Buying and What New Global Structured Credit Products Should be Added to the Menu?

        • Investments deployed locally, i.e. profiling domestically originated APAC products
        • Outside of Asia: comparing relative value of investing in Europe versus the U.S. and Australia; comparing the relative value of asset classes i.e. CLOs, RMBS, CMBS, NPLs and more
        • Why aren’t overseas dealers proactively marketing more deals to investors in Asia ex-Japan?  Are investors in Asia missing out on deal flow? How can better cross border capital flow into Asia be fostered?

      Technology the Global Investors’ Portal to the ABS Market

        • Ease of market access to previously closed economies, via such channels Bond Connect China
        • Democratization of investor access: investors large and small competing for deals on even playing field
        • Transparency and data availability: can formally opaque markets be made more standardized via technology enabling a broader investor base to participate?

      Structured Finance Tutorial: Understanding Securitization

        • Terminology
        • Technology
        • Rationale for structured finance
        • Overview of structures, asset types and borrower types
        • CLOs vs. ABS
        • Comparing and contrasting ABS as a investments vs. unsecured and government debt
        • Concept of bankruptcy and risk profiling

      Cocktail Reception


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  • Friday, 24 April 2020

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