Middle-Market Multifamily (Southwest)
Dallas, TX
March 19 - 20, 2019


Are you looking to meet some fresh new apartment owners, operators & investors? Did you know that 75% of all apartment owners are considered small or middle market? Did you know that small multifamily lending continues to outperform residential lending?

IMN’s series of Middle Market Multifamily Forums is heading to Dallas, TX after successful events in Orlando, New York City, Southern California and Chicago. With approximately 500 registrants for each event this is a unique and information-packed conference that you must attend.

With a program specially geared to needs of small and mid-sized owners some of the discussions we have hosted have included:
  • First Time Working with Institutional Capital
  • An In-Depth Examination of Class B & C Properties
  • Going from Small to Mid-sized Player
  • Going from Mid-sized to Large Player
  • Deal by Deal vs. Establishing a Fund
  • 50-200 Unit Multifamily: Acquiring, Financing and Managing
  • Small Owner Joint Ventures
We look forward to seeing you March 19-20 in Dallas, TX!

Who Should Attend
  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers
  • Brokers
  • Lenders
  • Vendors

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    Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

      7:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast For All Small Group Meeting Attendees

      7:45 AM
      The Keys For Growth For Small and Mid-Sized Multifamily: What Do You Need To Do?

      • For Owners Only How will you get around higher interest rates as you raise capital and try to grow? How can you find good hires and contractors as labor becomes scarcer and more expensive? Are you considering leaving your home market because opportunity is drying up? What kind of technology is out there that can assist me in this expansion? These queries and your own pressing questions will be answered at this meeting for owner/operators only.
        • Michael Becker , Principal (Strategic Property Investment)
        • Dave Sherbal , Owner (Heschel Asset Management)

      7:50 AM
      Registration & Breakfast For All Attendees


      8:35 AM
      The Macro Economy & The Multifamily Market

        • Suburban vs. urban: Where is the growth left?
        • Seniors and students: Do demographics still make this an area to invest in?
        • Can you build affordable housing with the current level of subsidy?
        • Easing of credit standards: Property owners and the increase in subprime
        • Will the lion’s share of development continue to be in inner cities?
        • Will the sharing economy continue to change everything?
        • What has been the impact of single family rentals and other newer products on the multifamily market?
        • Issues surrounding affordability
        • Dodd-Frank reform: Will we be seeing more, smaller banks entering the market?

        • Todd Franks , Managing Director (Greystone | Investment Sales Group)
        • Mark Hafner , CEO (HASTA Capital)
        • Jim Wilson , Managing Director (JMP Asset Management)
        • Mark Drumm , Managing Director (Regent Park Advisors)
        • Chris Nebenzahl , Institutional Research Manager (Yardi Matrix)

      9:20 AM
      Working With Institutional Capital, Family Offices And Joint Ventures

      • • What do you look for in one-off deals vs. joint venture partnership?
        • Issues that can arise from the LP side and how to manage them
        • Foreign and EB-5 monies
        • Fees, structures and waterfalls, control, management, reporting
        • Secondary vs. primary markets; Class “A” vs. “B” buildings: How are you looking at differently?
        • What types of projects and returns would you look for straight equity? Preferred equity? JV equity? Syndication? Mezz?
        • Construction equity terms and availability
        • Exit term and strategy options   
        • When things go south…
        • When is friends and family the best source? Institutions?
        • Jennifer Sutherland , Director of Strategic Account (Juniper Square)
        • Gabriel Pozo , Principal (Advalurem Group)
        • Shelby Noble , VP, Capital Markets (Forum Real Estate Group)
        • Michael Poolin , President (NY Capital Development, LLC)
        • Shane Lee , Acquisition Associate (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Andre Bailey , Managing Director (Pioneer Realty Capital)

      10:15 AM
      Networking Break


      Track A 11:10 AM
      Technology Game Changers & Tomorrows Apartments: Which New Tech Developments Do You Need To Prepare For Today?

      • • Data collection, analyzation and interpretation
        • Getting your residences ready for 26 billion devices using IOT and 1 trillion sensors interfacing real time with other devices on the grid
        • Remote control device infrastructure needs
        • Operator-based technology tools
        • Artificial intelligence is getting real applications in apartments…
        • When will driverless cars really happen? Will there be a big impact?
        • Alexa and other voice-controlled apps
        • Millennials vs. baby boomers: What kind of tenant communication and technology is appealing? Expected?  
        • With the increase in people working from home: What kind of technology do they need?
        • Utility Apps & Smart home technology: Is it a smart investment?
        • Marketing and lease renewal technology
        • Hugh Cobb , Partner (Alpha Barnes Real Estate Services)
        • Mike Coco , President (Choice Property Resources, Inc.)
        • Adam Meshekow , Chief Growth Officer (Leap)
        • David Marcinkowski , Principal (Madera Residential)
        • Lindsay Hyde , Venture Partner (Moderne Ventures)
        • David Namkoong , Senior Account Executive (Rently Keyless)
        • Chris Nebenzahl , Institutional Research Manager (Yardi Matrix)

      Track B 11:10 AM
      Less than 50 Units: Acquiring, Managing Efficiently & Financing Out There

      • • How do you handle the marketing side of things?
        • Are you seeing more institutional money in this sector?
        • Marketing/advertising: What is your budget? How do you allocate it? Do you use in-house staff or outsource?
        • How do you differentiate yourself from the larger buildings with better amenities? 
        • Affordability vs. amenities: Which way to go?
        • The low cost amenity: How effective?
        • Capital access
        • Michael Miller , CMO (5 Arch)
        • Benjamin Inman , Managing Member (INMAN EQUITIES, LLC. / EQUIS Residential)
        • Brian Cauthen , Director of Multifamily & Commercial Financing (Lima One Capital)
        • Ranajoy Sarkar , Chief Product Officer (Roc Capital)
        • Adam Whitmire , VP, Acquisitions (The Whitmire Group, LLC)

      Track A 12:05 PM
      New Construction, Development & Finance: With Rising Costs How Are You Making The Numbers Pencil Out?

      • • Managing construction risk this late in the cycle
        • Cash flow vs. construction vs. value-added: Which way to go?
        • Finding construction and bridge loan: When found what are the terms and how much leverage is out there?
        • Tax complexities and using tax subsidies to make it work
        • Lease up vs. existing buildings
        • What will costs look like in 12 month? 24?
        • Can new construction for class “B” buildings work?
        • Where are you constructing a new building? What were the major factors that made you give it a go?
        • Getting land entitled: Is is part of your strategy?
        • What are the floorplans and amenities that you are building in? Which ones have the most interest?
        • Scott LaMontagne , Managing Director (JLL Capital Markets)
        • Kevin Kirton , CEO (Buckhead Investment Partners)
        • Randle Harwood , Planning and Development Director (City of Fort Worth)
        • Timothy Barton , Chief Executive Officer (JMJ Homebuilders)
        • Andre Bailey , Managing Director (Pioneer Realty Capital)
        • Samuel Shin , Managing Partner (Roussin Capital Group)

      Track B 12:05 PM
      Property Management: Benchmarks, Finding Operational Costs Savings And Increasing Property Value & Capital ROI

      • • In-house vs. single or multiple property managers
        • Reporting and management software to help out
        • Tax-Advantaged renovation
        • ROI on employee retention
        • Property management and big data
        • Opening the new building
        • Software build vs. buys
        • Tenant-facing app ROI
        • New systems assessment methodology
        • Tenant service level best practices
        • Cost of a new tenant vs. raising rent
        • Property management for affordable housing
        • Daniel Sobelman , Director of Investments (Pangea Properties)
        • Jay Wilson , Senior Manager, Customer Success (Buildium)
        • Eiran Feldman , Principal (First Insite Realty )
        • Paul N. Panza , President & CEO (Nicholas Residential)
        • Jay Florence , Vice President of Operations (River Oak Risk)
        • Daniel Jaramillo , CEO (Strategic Properties)

      12:50 PM

      Track A 1:50 PM
      Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Financing

      • • Evaluating new and changing programs and products from the GSEs
        • How much can I borrow? What are the terms and amortization?
        • The reporting, servicing and asset management side of things
        • Prepayment, recourse and interest options
        • Eligible properties
        • Supplemental financing
        • Acquisition vs. refi
        • GSE lenders
        • Joseph Gozlan , Founder (EBG Acquisitions)
        • Shravan Parsi , CEO & Principal (American Ventures LLC)
        • Chihiro Kurokawa , Managing Partner (BlackRiver Equity Partners)
        • Rick Wolf , Executive Vice President (Greystone & Co.)
        • Colin Cross , Director (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • Darin Munson , President (The Phoenix Group)

      Track B 1:50 PM
      Cash Flow Multifamily Investment Strategies

      • • How long do you expect cash flow to last? How do you evaluate long-term cash flowing potential?
        • How much rent growth and appreciation are you building in?
        • Why some are willing to overpay for cash flow?
        • How much more would you pay for a cash flowing property in a market with upside vs. one without?
        • How much leverage are you willing to use to get the cash flow necessary?
        • Year one vs. long-term cash flow
        • Creating additional cash flow
        • Are cash flow strategies the best strategies at this point in the cycle?
        • Mark Allen , Executive Director (Greystone | Investment Sales Group)
        • Bruce Fraser , Managing Partner (Elkhorn Capital Partners)
        • Justin Laub , Managing Partner (Pegasus Real Estate)
        • Lane Beene , Principal (Pilot Legacy Private Equity Group)
        • Jay Florence , Vice President of Operations (River Oak Risk)
        • Mike Wilson , VP of Real Estate (Stay Alfred)
        • Ryan Reyes , Director of Acquisitions (Stoneweg U.S.)

      Track A 2:45 PM
      Short Term Rentals: What Kind of Money Can You Make?

        • Comparing Air Bnb and the other the models out there
        • Regulations to be aware of
        • Key metrics to consider
        • Outsourcing vs. doing on your own
        • The corporate and vacation models
        • The maintenance side of things
        • Short vs. extended stay
        • What to learn from the hotel market

        • Mickey Kropf , CEO (Vector Travel)
        • Anand Kapadia , Executive Vice President (Interwest Capital Group)
        • Jordan Allen , CEO (Stay Alfred, Inc)
        • Matt Shafiezadeh , Principal (Urban Genesis)
        • Josh Viner , Senior Manager (Vacasa)

      Track B 2:45 PM
      Third Party Management vs. Taking Management In-House

        • Creating your own Management Firm: What are the Key Considerations?
        • Identifying your core expertise
        • How many doors should you have under management before it makes sense?
        • Hiring someone in-house vs. keeping outsourced
        • What is wrong with your current management firm: Is there a way of improving that situation?
        • Outsourcing some management, keeping some in-house: What is behind that decision?
        • Impact of concentrated vs. dispersed portfolio
        • Do lenders approve?

        • Mike Ballard , Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • David Lagat , Principal (Bella Asset Management)
        • Kimberly Radaker Bays , Managing Principal (Exponential Property Group)
        • Michael Walker , Managing Partner (Pilot And Legacy Opportunity Fund, LLC)

      3:30 PM
      Networking Break


      4:00 PM
      Evaluating The Cost Of Multifamily Debt Financing: Which Has More Of An Influence: Increase In Players Vs. Rising Rates

        • What are the structures available for stabilized, cash flowing properties? Transitional properties?
        • Impact on use of proceeds
        • Underwriting negative leverage during the first year of ownership
        • Different thresholds for getting better terms
        • Construction vs. value-added
        • Creative financing being used to beat the market
        • Cash out and refi deals
        • Mezzanine and bridge pieces
        • What is available to the smaller owner? What is negotiable?
        • Time for forward locks?

        • Andrew Shook , Head of Commercial Real Estate Lending (Lima One Capital)
        • Vic Clark , Senior Managing Director (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • Matt Neisser , COO (LendingOne)
        • Charles Williams , Managing Member (Pioneer Realty Capital)
        • David A. Cohen , Managing Director (Ready Capital Corporation)
        • Adam Gottfried , Vice President - CRE (Roc Capital)

      4:45 PM
      Acquisition Due Diligence: What Are The Newest Best Practices That You’ve Added To Your List?

        • How long has your due diligence been taking lately? Is that more or less than it has historically taken?
        • Luxury vs. section 8 differences
        • What kind of legal and tax stuff do you look at? Do you bring in a lawyer?
        • Evaluating deferred maintenance and what it is going to cost you?
        • What happens if the seller isn’t providing all the information you requested?
        • Local market due diligence: What are the key factors?
        • What is the latest addition to your punch list?
        • What an equity joint investor does for due diligence

        • Merrill Kaliser , CEO (Axiom RE Properties LLC)
        • Rami Hakim , Partner (Capital Solutions, Inc.)
        • John Azar , EVP, Member Principle (MACC Venture Partners, LLC)
        • Kimberly Byrum , SVP, Advisory (Meyers Research LLC, a Kennedy Wilson Company)
        • Sterling Anderson , CEO (Sterling Capital Investments)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:30 PM
      Day One Of The Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Southwest): A Forum for Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners & Developers Concludes

    Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast


      8:30 AM
      Acquisition & Exit Strategies At This 'Pricey' Point of the Cycle: What Is Your Portfolio Strategy? How Is It Changing?

      • • Is it time to sell or buy? Which channels are you using? What are the terms out there?
        • Do you see small buildings holding up better in a recession? Secondary and tertiary markets?
        • Should we go for upscale or high-net-worth?
        • Acquiring & Managing for investors
        • Buy & hold sellers-Is it time to sell?  
        • Putting lipstick on a pig- What are the quick fixes that will get you top dollar?
        • Why would you not go wide with the sale?
        • 1031 market, lease option or subject to deals
        • Selling a piece of the action and not have it result in swimming with the fishes
        • What are buyers looking for today?
        • Paul Yazbeck , Managing Partner (The Multifamily Group)
        • Greg Cason , Principal (CrestMarc Residential)
        • Glen Rich , Managing Director (Crowdstreet)
        • Mariana Robina , SVP of Finance & Portfolio Management (Eagle Property Capital)
        • Ian Mattingly , President (LumaCorp)
        • John Azar , EVP, Member Principle (MACC Venture Partners, LLC)
        • Michael Anderson , Managing Director - Acquisitions (Westmount Realty Capital)

      9:25 AM
      Value-Added Success Stories

      • • Adaptive reuse: What made the building perfect for multifamily?
        • Impact of rise in construction cost
        • How are you sourcing these opportunities?
        • What are you adding? What is its ROI?
        • Financing available and what it costs
        • As the business cycle gets long in the tooth is it the best time to do a value-added project? What are you doing to manage these cycle risks?
        • Functionally obsolete apartments: What is the playbook?
        • Tenant buyouts: What works?
        • How much were you able to increase rents: What was the ROI?
        • Your social activity playbook  
        • Jon Krebbs , Managing Partner (The Multifamily Group)
        • John Barker , Founding Principal (180 Multifamily Properties)
        • Grant O. Reves , Acquisitions & Capital Markets (Block Funds)
        • Rayna Mike , CEO (My Love Apartments)
        • Patrick Winters , Director, Special Projects (Nadel Architects, Inc.)
        • Swapnil Agarwal , Founder & Managing Principal (Nitya Capital & Karya Property Management)
        • Steven Gesis , Executive Vice President (Smartland)

      10:20 AM
      Accepting Lower Yields vs. Changing Your Strategy?

      • • How are your investors reacting to lower yields vs. riskier strategies? Institutional partners?
        • Are you leveraging up?
        • Going out to more aggressive value-add?
        • “Multifamily offers an attractive yield and a safe investment”: Is this enough?
        • If yields continue to decrease what are your next steps? When is your next step to move into another market or asset class?
        • Scott Azaroff , Sales Director (Investor Management Services)
        • George Lintz , President (Bellaire Partners LLC)
        • Martin Bronstein , Senior Principal (BHW Capital)
        • Todd Marney , CIO (Casoro Capital)
        • David Eyzenberg , President (Eyzenberg & Company)

      11:05 AM
      Networking Break


      11:20 AM
      Opportunity Zones: Tell Us About Your Multifamily Investing Experiences So Far

      • • Legal Intricacies
        • Investing in private capital
        • Risk mitigation
        • Finding the right market
        • What are the kinds of projects that are being funded? How is multifamily fitting in?
        • Applying to development projects already on the drawing board
        • What is the downside?
        • What questions still need to be answered?
        • Role of local and state government
        • Shally Hu , Head of Acquisitions (ARON Asset Management)
        • Jake Heffelfinger , Director of Acqusitions (American Ventures LLC)
        • Steven Kollar , Managing Principal (Cash Flow Properties/Renters First Choice)
        • Jake Harris , Managing Partner (Harris Bay)

      12:05 PM
      In, Out, Hold, Refinancing & What You Do With The Sale Proceeds: What Is Your Strategy During This Part Of The Cycle?

      • • Impact of working with institutional investors with short hold periods
        • Taking into account the tax bill
        • Impact of local & national market cycle
        • What is your long-term goal? How do your goals impact your decision?
        • What kind of investors & financing do you have?
        • Impact of cash flow stability
        • Decisions after the stabilization
        • Richard Fishman , President (Valcap Group)
        • Benoit Rochard , Vice President (CFH Investment Partners)
        • Sasha Bernier , SVP (Cheltenham Enterprises)
        • Chris Harris , Senior Vice President - Capital Markets (Walker & Dunlop)

      12:50 PM
      The Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Southwest): A Forum for Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners & Developers Concludes



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.

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