Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Arizona)
Scottsdale, AZ
November 8 - 9, 2022


IMN is pleased to announce the Inaugural Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Arizona) will take place in Scottsdale, AZ this November 8-9!

With a program uniquely targeted to both small and mid-sized owner/operators, IMN is excited to offer a deep dive into all of the issues, opportunities, strategies and trends impacting this group that comprises 75% of all multifamily investors. Hallmark discussions include Value-Add Strategies, Working with Institutional Capital and the famed Acquisitions Shark Tank. Led by distinguished industry experts, these discussions provide attendees with the knowledge and resources required to make well-informed business decisions.
Praised largely for its boost to deal flow, the conference boasts nearly unlimited opportunity for attendees to meet and mingle. In addition to  hours of dedicated networking time during the event, delegates can connect with one another leading up to the conference and for up to a year afterwards on our online networking platform, and will walk away from the conference with fresh new insights on financing, acquisition and deal structures, as well as with new connections and business contacts.

Featuring the timely educational takeaways and variety of tailored networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from IMN, we hope you will join us in November for another world-class event.

Who Should Attend
  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers
  • Brokers
  • Lenders
  • Vendors

My Agenda

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    Monday, November 7th, 2022

      Registration hours

      • Monday, November 7

        • 5:00-6:00 Tier 1 Registration: exhibitors and attendees staying at the DoubleTree Paradise Valley

        Tuesday, November 8 

        • 7:45 AM -8:10 AM Tier 2 Registration & Breakfast: Company Names A-M 
        • 8:10 AM-8:30 AM Tier 3 Registration & Breakfast: Company Names N-Z 

      6:00 PM
      Networking at DoubleTree Hotel Bar: Cantina

      • Starting at 6:00pm, after Mondays registration hours, join one another at the Cantina at the DoubleTree Paradise Valley for a casual beverage and extended networking opportunity.

        *Please note this is a cash bar

    Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

      Registration and Breakfast

      • In order to accommodate a safe and efficient registration, IMN has organized a system of tiered registrations based on when we expect you to arrive at the conference. 

        7:45 AM- Tier 2 Registration & Breakfast: Company Names A-M 

        8:10 AM- Tier 3 Registration & Breakfast: Company Names N-Z 

      8:25 AM
      Multifamily Overview: The New Macroeconomic Realities Of Challenging Cap Rates Levels, Rising Interest Rates & Bubbles Forming

        • Rent affordability
        • How will covid impact the market over the next year?
        • Impact of possible tax and government changes
        • Cost of construction materials, keeping and paying talent
        • Inner city vs. tertiary markets
        • Are the demographic shifts permanent?
        • Moratoriums and evictions
        • Pricing and valuations as interest rates rise Will capital inflows continue?
        • Where aren’t the institutions playing?


        • Thomas Errath, Managing Director (Harrison Street)
        • Lorne Polger, Senior Managing Director (Pathfinder Partners, LLC)
        • Peter Roisman, Co-Founding Principal, President & (REV™)
        • Zach Haptonstall, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder (Rise48 Equity)

      9:10 AM
      How Is Inflation Impacting Your Deals? Can Rent Growth Keep Up? Multifamily Investing In A Rising Rate Environment

        • Are you slowing down acquisitions? Selling? How is inflation impacting the buying habits of owners?
        • How is inflation impacted valuation?
        • Appraisals and taxes
        • Are you cutting back in the workforce/affordable sector?  
        • Are your hold times changing?
        • Stressing at different interest rate and rent levels: What do the numbers say?
        • How are you mitigating the risk of rates rising before you lock into a perm?
        • How much room is there to raise rents?
        • Managing rising expenses on the cost side


        • John Ward, CEO (Turnstone Capital Management)
        • Robert Lee, Managing Partner- Acquisitions (Beverly Park Group- IV Capital)
        • Mark Lavery, Vice President- Private Wealth Partners (CIM Group)
        • Ben Leybovich, Managing Partner (WhiteHaven Capital)

      9:55 AM
      Refreshment Break

      10:10 AM
      Women’s Inclusionary Leadership Small Group Meeting

      • Strategies for success, mentorship, industry practices, barriers to advancement plus your input will be among the discussions at this

        • Angie Fisher, Vice President, Operations, Strategic Planning & Projects (CIM Group, L.P.)
        • Meredith Overstreet, VP of Operations (AAA Smart Business)

      Track A 10:50 AM
      Bridge & Other Shorter-Tern Loans & Lines: How Attractive Is This Method Of Financing As Rates Rise?

        • When the loan comes due…
        • Variations including fixed bridge, springing caps and products that provide liquidity upfront
        • Are hedging products a requirement?
        • How are you making sure your borrowers won’t be defaulting in 3 years?
        • Smoothing out the draw
        • Construction bridge and heavy renovation plays
        • Vetting syndicators vs. operators 
        • Underwriting rent growth

        • Andrew Jewett, Chief Strategy Officer (Anchor Loans)
        • Sam Greenblatt, CEO (Electra Capital)
        • John Sloot, Director (Lument)
        • Jordan Goforth, Director (Ready Capital)

      Track B 10:50 AM
      Future of Multifamily Landlord/Owner & Technology: What Can Quicken The Development Of Some Of These New Technology Out There?

        • Bitcoin, the blockchain, Crypto mortgages and tokenized buildings
        • What is the most futuristic technology you see emerging in multifamily over the next 3 years? 5 years?
        • Real estate in the metaverse
        • How is 5G changing things? E-cars?
        • AI, algorithms and tech for acquisitions
        • Role of people vs. technology
        • Technology in the construction and acquisition process 
        • Cyber threats and what an owner should know
        •  Increasing operational efficiencies through technology and smart apartments
        • Helping property managers improve operations through NOI actionable analytics

        • Karen Key, Managing Director of Property Management, BTR (RangeWater Real Estate)
        • Garo Sarkissian, CEO & Founder (Dune)
        • Coleman Wright, Senior Account Executive (redIQ)
        • Al Brown, CEO (SmartWAVE Technologies)

      Track A 11:35 AM
      How Should You Hit Up The Institutional Market… Acquiring & Managing For Investors vs. Raising Equity vs. Joint Ventures vs. Managing Properties

      • • What kind of infrastructure do you need to work with institutions?
        • Joint ventures: What kind of structures are out there?
        • How much $$ can you make on the property management side?
        • What type of properties are institutions looking for?
        • How can you compete with institutions when buying properties?
        • Putting together and selling a portfolio to an investor… What kind of step-up-in-basis can you receive? Upon sale will you keep the property management and cannolis?

        • Jeremy Thomason, EVP over Asset Management and Investor Relations (CAF Companies)
        • Theo Oliphant, Managing Partner (Axis Development Group)
        • Jason Danley, COO (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Cory Bultinck, Partner (Wipfli LLP)

      Track B 11:35 AM
      Property Management… What Are You Doing About Inflation & the Rising Costs On The Operational Side Of The Business?

      • • ESG best practices
        • Rent collection levels
        • Charging station ins and outs
        • Disaster and emergency planning
        • Rent: How much runway is left?
        • Streamlining operations, expense control
        • Self-guided tours, lock boxes, keypads and freeing up agents
        • Are you seeing a correlation between customer experience, tech implementation, and employee satisfaction/retention
        • Sensory technology success stories


        • Mark Deddens, Founder/CEO (iStorm Group)
        • Anthony DeAugustine, President (Avante Garde)
        • Dustin Lacey, VP Brand & Marketing (Mark-Taylor Residential)
        • Andrew Smallwood, VP of Revenue (Second Nature)
        • Lea Ann Scofield, Partner - Director of Asset Management (Sterling Real Estate Partners)
        • Jeff Smedley, National Sales Manager | Western Region (Conservice)

      Track A 12:20 PM
      Investing & Financing Stabilized, Cash Flowing Properties As Yields Continue To Drop And Financing Becomes Increasingly Expensive

      • • What kind of returns are you looking for?
        • Is it worth the headaches of owning an older building?
        • Tax breaks available to keep rent increases to a minimum vs. the ability to raise rents in large chunks
        • As assessments and real estate taxes rise
        • How long is your hold period? Under what conditions can this change?
        • As cap rates rise and leverage becomes negative…
        • Who are the new LPs?


        • Pamela Wirth Barnhill, President (Strategic Growth Advisory)
        • Scott Modelski, Managing Director (Black Bear Capital Partners)
        • Joe Coleman, COO (Decron Properties Corp.)
        • Travis Cansler, Director (ICS Tax, LLC)
        • Alexander Apfel, Vice President - Acquisitions & Asset Management (Concord Capital Partners)

      Track B 12:20 PM
      Data, Data, Data… What Data Points You Really Need To Pay Attention To On the Property Management Side?

      • • Beyond remote work: Which macroeconomic data you are looking at and how is it impacting your property management? How are you thinking of working in? 
        • Small multifamily trends
        • Rental rate data: What does it show?
        • What kind of data are you using to benchmark  success and performance? Tenant satisfaction?
        • What kind of tenant uses different amenities the most?
        • Generational use data
        • Tenant recruitment and retention data


        • Marshall Friday, Director of Sales (ADT Multifamily)
        • Lani Porter, EVP and Managing Director (CALCAP Properties)
        • Michael Gold, Managing Director, Asset Management (TruAmerica Multifamily)
        • Ryan Smith, Co-Founder & President (Zendoor)
        • Elisa Zhang, Founder & CEO (EZ Real Estate)

      1:05 PM

      Track A 2:05 PM
      Joint Ventures & Where JV Equity Is Pricing

      • • Evolving terms with partners on programmatic vs. one-off JVs
        • What do you look for in a partner?
        • Developmental partnerships
        • Working with foreign investors and other types of equity capital
        • Finding partners
        • What kind of reporting and technology is necessary?
        • JV horror stories and how to avoid

        • Jonathan Schein, CEO (Real Estate Limited Partner Institute)
        • Eli Moghavem, Principal (Base Equities)
        • Kenneth Munkacy, Senior Managing Director (Kingbird Properties LLC)
        • Pete Alford, VP, Investor Relations & Capital Markets (Urban Communities, LLC)
        • Chase Godecke, Senior Manager (Wipfli LLP)

      Track B 2:05 PM
      Revenue Management, ROI Best Practices And The Amenities That Unit Owners Are Looking For In This Market

      • • How do you think about ROI when you're purchasing technology?
        • Deposit solutions/Rent guarantee programs
        • Cost segregation
        • What works for smaller landlords, smaller buildings and smaller units?
        • In-unit vs. common area vs. outside amenities
        • What has work from home changed?
        • What kind of vendor support should you have?
        • What is gen “Z” looking for?
        • New stuff to consider


        • Stuart Gethner, Managing Partner (Dobson Property Management LLC)
        • Jordan Bernstein, Head of Development Strategy and Operations (Mint House)
        • Mark Deddens, Founder/CEO (iStorm Group)
        • Jack Bosch, Managing Director (Orbit Investments, LLC)
        • Tracie Yoder, Managing Director (RangeWater Real Estate)

      Track A 2:50 PM
      Build-to-Rent & Single Family Rental

      • • Buying land and deciding the density equation
        • What did you learn from single family that you applied to your multifamily portfolio?
        • How has single family and build-to-rent impact the tenant?
        • Financing available, valuation and underwriting
        • What kind of amenities work?
        • Scattered site property management best practices 

        • Lance Keller, Managing Member (Lifestyle Homes)
        • Rachael Kish, Director of Property Management (Christopher Todd Communities)
        • Jared Geisler, VP of Development (NexMetro Communities)
        • Ron Gonski, SVP of Growth (Mosaic)
        • Michael Finch, EVP & Principal (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)

      Track B 2:50 PM
      The Future Of Resident Technology & And How Will The Multifamily Market Be Leveraging These Innovations?

      • • Driverless cars, work from home technology and other big picture technology-based changes and the impact on the Multifamily market
        • What are technology trends and big data telling us about the industry?
        • When is proprietary technology the way to go?
        • New innovations on the marketing & self-touring side
        • Collections assistance
        • Are we going to be seeing charging stations in your communities? What else is coming on the clean energy side
        • What do you feel has the most opportunity to be improved and innovated with technology
        • Resident technology expectations and how smart will future communities be?
        • Work from home technology: A keeper?
        • What can robotics offer?

        • Andrea Shaw, Director of Systems Training (Gables Residential)
        • John Carlson, President (Mark Taylor Residential)
        • Linda Coburn, VP of Asset Management (NEXmetro Communities)
        • Mitch Karren, Chief Product Officer (SmartRent)

      3:35 PM
      Networking Break

      Track A 4:00 PM
      The Refi Market And Will Your Plan Be Changing In 2-3 Years? How Is That Impacting Your Fixed-To-Floating Decision? Are You Considering Interest Rate Caps?

      • • Prepayment penalty evaluation-When is the answer sell?
        • Why lock in? Why not?
        • With rates rising over the next 24-36 months What are you UW exit cap rates or refi rates when bridge debt comes due in 2-3 years?
        • Are caps being used?
        • Being conservative… Writing to a xx
        • Agency vs. non-agency refis

        • Role of increasing expenses

        • Jack Aduwo, CEO & Founder (Kendu-Bay Properties)
        • Ted Farry, COO (Fortune Acquisitions)
        • Neal Bawa, CEO & Founder (Grocapitus Investments)
        • Kevin Swill, CEO (Thirty Capital Financial)
        • Adam Finkel, Principal (Tower Capital)

      Track B 4:00 PM
      3rd-Party Management vs. Taking Management In-House

      • • Why have construction, development, leasing and property management under one roof
        • Do you really want to look for construction materials yourself?
        • How do you evaluate your 3rd parties?
        • Investing in new markets: When do you use your own staff vs. outsource?
        • Influence of higher pay, labor shortages and finding new staff

        • Mike Ballard, Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • Brian A. Flaherty, Chief Operating Officer (Global Strategic Business Process Solutions Inc.)
        • Kyle Mitchell, Managing Partner (Vertical Street Ventures)
        • Natalie Fisher, Director of Asset Management (WhiteHaven)

      4:45 PM
      The Economics Panel On How Much Will Interest Rates Rise? How Long Will Inflation Be Lasting? Will We Be Having A Recession Or Soft Landing?

      • • Where are cap rates going? How are they being impacted by interest rates?
        • Will rising prices continue in the housing sector?
        • Rent growth vs. inflation: Who will be the winner?
        • Are consumers expecting rent hikes now?
        • Looking at the labor markets: Will wage pressure and low unemployment continue?
        • Material prices and scarcity update 
        • Will the demographic trends started during covid continue? 
        • Interest rate best guestimates

        • Berke Turktan, Managing Director (Extenteam)
        • Domonic Purviance, Subject Matter Expert (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Stuart Gethner, Managing Partner (Dobson Property Management LLC)
        • James Wilson, Managing Director (JMP Asset Management)
        • Mark Leibovit, Chief Market Strategist/Editor (LeibovitVRNewsletters.com)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:30 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

      7:30 AM
      Exhibition Opens and Breakfast is served for Small Group Meeting Attendees

      7:45 AM
      Growth Strategy Small Group Meeting For Owners Only

      • Capital raising, hiring decisions, being a property owner vs. creating an investment business and critical processes and systems necessary to grow your business plus your questions will be the topics that can be discussed

        • Corey Peterson, President (Kahunainvestments)
        • David Zeff, President (Sterling Real Estate Partners)

      8:00 AM
      Breakfast for all attendees

      8:25 AM
      Ground-Up Development vs. Acquisition: In The Current Pricing Environment Which Way Should You Go? Are Supply Chains Getting Any Better?

      • In many markets price have risen enough that you can build a new building for the price you are paying for an existing building… So why isn’t everyone just building new multifamily?
        • Impact of the land value
        • How much rehab does the apartment need? 
        • How does rising construction costs and scarce materials figure into the equation?
        • Do you expect labor shortages to continue?
        • Looking at the affordable sector
        • As interest rates rise?... 
        • Will rent growth outpace inflationary cost rises?
        • How are supply chain disruptions continuing to affect construction schedules and project budgeting
        • Impact of the dearth of finished lots available


        • Greg Khodara, Partner (Sterling Real Estate Partners)
        • Alan Lev, Chairman (Belgravia Group)
        • Art Scott, Principal (Certainty REI LLC)
        • Aaron Amuchastegui, Principal (Homerock)
        • Darin Rowe, President Build-To-Rent (Taylor Morrison)

      9:10 AM
      Value-Added Investments & Rehab As Interest Rates and Cap Rates Change

      • • Do you see the political landscape changing for the value add trade?
        • How long does it take to change a building reputation?
        • Are you still using bridge loans in this rising rate environment? Looking into floaters? How are you examining take outs going forward?
        • Adding multifamily ADUs
        • When do you consider green best practices?
        • Is the raise the rent value-added play still available?
        • What are your current return expectations?
        • What kind of neighborhood dynamics do you look for?

        • Kathy Jang, Founder and CEO (Diamond Point Homes)
        • Gregory Campbell, Principal (Laguna Point Properties)
        • Steven Louie, Partner (Vertical Street Ventures)
        • Zach Haptonstall, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder (Rise48 Equity)
        • Ben Leybovich, Managing Partner (WhiteHaven Capital)
        • Vikram Brar, Founder (Waahe Capital)

      9:55 AM
      Evaluating Why Finding A Risk Management Program, That Increases Your ROI Even As Rates Rise, Is Critical To Your Profitability

        • Mark Deddens, Founder/CEO (iStorm Group)

      10:15 AM
      Refreshment Break

      10:30 AM
      Growing Your Business As Rates Rise… Staying Home vs. New Markets or Assets; Expanding Services Offered; Cash Flow vs. Appreciation; Construction vs. Value-Add: “A” vs. “B” vs. “C” Class

      • • How much are you willing to pay?
        • Do you see fundamentals changing? How will these changes impact your portfolio strategy?
        • Is there much left in rent growth? Are you changing your rent growth outlook? How is that changing your acquisition strategy going forward?
        • Cost of new construction vs. high prices of value-added
        • Where/What are you selling?
        • What kind of appreciation are you underwriting?
        • Where do you see value?
        • Which alternative residential rental assets do you like?
        • New market decision process: What do you look for in a market? Which local/regional market(s) do you see weathering the storm?
        • Asset and property management in new markets
        • What kind of services are you providing? What is your newest one?

        • Bruce Wuollet, Founder (Bakerson, LLC)
        • Gary Lipsky, President (Break of Day Capital)
        • Ken McElroy, Principal (McCompanies)
        • Mike Angelo, Managing Partner (Nimble Capital Group)
        • Sam Grooms, Managing Partner (WhiteHaven Capital)

      11:15 AM
      The Family Office/ High-Net-Worth Advisor Panel: What Do You Look For In A Multifamily Investment? Partner?

      • • Do you chase yield?
        • Are you willing to take entitlement risk?
        • What do you think of the Co-GP structure?
        • Debt structures you like
        • What do you like about the middle market multifamily area?
        • When do you look to be a GP vs. LP?
        • What do you look for in a JV partner? What kind of structures do you like?

        • Ron Diamond, Chairman & CEO (Diamond Wealth)
        • Frank Small, Senior Managing Director (Castle Lanterra)
        • Natalia Sokolova, Managing Partner (Sokol Family Office (Switzerland))
        • Patrick O'Meara, Founder & CEO (Taylor Street)
        • Molly Grubb, Founder (Grubb Wealth Management)

      12:00 PM
      Are You Seeing Slim Pickings Going Through Normal Acquisition Channels? The Latest Experiences With Finding Off-Market Transactions

      • • Are you seeing owner/operators selling their properties just prior to the end of the prepayment penalty period? • Are there reversions out there?
        • How underwriting Is changing as inflation expectations rise?
        • What is new on the due diligence checklist?
        • What kind of premiums are sellers looking for? Are rising rates impacting pricing?
        • What specific shifts in your business plans have you made on new acquisitions to add value in the face of low cap rates
        • Why would cause you to slow down your acquisition pace?

        • Erica Herald, Director, Property Management (RangeWater Real Estate)
        • Dave Osborne, Director of Equity (Avanti Residential)
        • Tanner Leighton, Director of Acquisitions (CVG Properties)
        • Tony Cianciolo, Head of Acquisitions (MJW Investments)
        • Zach Haptonstall, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder (Rise48 Equity)

      12:45 PM
      Conference Concludes



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