Middle-Market Multifamily (Florida)
Miami, FL
February 7 - 8, 2022


IMN is pleased to announce the Inaugural Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Florida) will take place in Biscayne Bay, Miami - FL this upcoming February 7-8, 2022!

With a program uniquely targeted to both small and mid-sized owner/operators, IMN is excited to offer a deep dive into all of the issues, opportunities, strategies and trends impacting this group that comprises 75% of all multifamily investors. Hallmark discussions include Value-Add Strategies, Working with Institutional Capital and the famed Acquisitions Shark Tank. Led by distinguished industry experts, these discussions provide attendees with the knowledge and resources required to make well-informed business decisions.
Praised largely for its boost to deal flow, the conference boasts nearly unlimited opportunity for attendees to meet and mingle. In addition to  hours of dedicated networking time during the event, delegates can connect with one another leading up to the conference and for up to a year afterwards on our online networking platform, and will walk away from the conference with fresh new insights on financing, acquisition and deal structures, as well as with new connections and business contacts.

Featuring the timely educational takeaways and variety of tailored networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from IMN, we hope you will join us in February for another world-class event.

Who Should Attend
  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers
  • Brokers
  • Lenders
  • Vendors

Conference Highlights

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    Sunday, February 6th, 2022

      5:00 PM
      Tier 1 Registration

    Monday, February 7th, 2022

      7:45 AM
      Tier 2 Registration… Breakfast is served

      8:00 AM
      Keys To Growth-Small Group Meeting

      • Institutional partner recruitment, multi-market expansion,  your role as the company grows and your questions will be among the topics discussed at this investments-only forum

        • Robert Ritzenthaler, President (REM Capital)
        • Saul Levy, Managing Partner (PIA Residential)

      8:15 AM
      Tier 3 Registration… Exhibit Opens Breakfast is served

      8:45 AM
      An Overview Of Todays Multifamily Industry

      • • How are relocation trends started during covid playing out?
        • When do values become unsustainable?
        • As moratoriums expire…
        • How concerned are you of tax reform after 2021? How about the future of the infrastructure plan?
        • Will capital inflows continue into hard assets and real estate?
        • Where the institutions aren’t
        • Are tenants less interested in buying homes?
        • Will high prices and low cap rates continue?

        • Scott Wadler, Managing Director (Berkadia)
        • Ronald Muzii, Managing Director (Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC)
        • Casey Babb, Executive Managing Director (Colliers)
        • Ben Brown, Senior Asset Manager (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Jon Spelke, General Manager, Multifamily (PeerStreet)

      9:30 AM
      Debt and Equity Deal Structures & The Capital Stack: How Are They Changing?

      • • Evaluating different sources & the mix as rates trend up?
        • What are the key attributes to examine when evaluating lenders and equity partners?
        • PACE financing, solar credits and energy efficiency incentives
        • Are you approaching fundraising differently than in the past?
        • What is agency financing looking like?
        • Changing waterfalls, promotes, negotiations… What are the terms on the equity, mezz and preferred equity?
        • Foreign investor capital
        • How large does a deal need to start considering multi-tiered cap stacks?

        • Ed Steffelin, Senior Vice President (George Smith Partners)
        • JC Clemens, MD, Chief Production Officer (Flagship Capital Partners)
        • Larbi Benslimane, Managing Director (Leste Capital Management)
        • David Cohen, Managing Director and Co-Head - National Bridge Lending (Ready Capital Corporation)
        • Daniel Jaramillo, CEO (Strategic Properties)
        • Alexandra Zeuli, Assistant Finance Director (Toll Brothers)
        • Alan Blank, Director (Meridian Capital)

      10:25 AM

      10:35 AM
      Women’s Small Group Meeting

      • Diversity and inclusion, managing teams, mentoring and talent search will be among the tough questions to be debated in this discussion.

        • Alissa Sieben, Senior Vice President (2nd Wave Development)
        • Jamie Smith, - (Elevation Capital Group)
        • Melanie French, President of Real Estate Management (DLP Real Estate Capital)

      11:15 AM
      The Large Institutional Apartment Owners Plenary

      • • How are you looking at stabilized, cash flowing larger apartments with low cap rates?
        • Are you playing in the below institution market? How?
        • Policy on tenant evictions post-restricted vs. currently restricted
        • Looking at “B/C’ markets… How about ex-urban and tertiary locations?   
        • Partnering with smaller players and local operators
        • Are you considering alternative residential rental real estate? markets 
        • Given inflation are long terms hold of more interest?


        • Jaret Turkell, Senior Managing Director Investment Sales Miami and Boca Raton (Berkadia)
        • Daniel Carr, Principal - Real Estate (Ares Management)
        • Doug Faron, Managing Director-Investments (CIM Group)
        • Carlos Burneo, Senior Director (Nuveen)
        • Frederick Cooper, SVP, Finance, Int. Dev. & IR (Toll Brothers, Inc.)
        • Matt Ferrari, Co-CIO (TruAmerica Multifamily)

      12:00 PM
      Streamlining Operation, Expense Control & Property Management Best Practices: What Can You Do From The Expense, Property Management And Income Sides?

      • • How has the pandemic affected your operations?
        • Are the impacts of rent, eviction and foreclosure moratoriums still being felt?
        • Have you felt the effect of the labor shortages that are raging across the country?
         • In what ways have you changed or streamlined your operations? • Have you considered outsourcing? What have you outsourced?
        • Technology and property management savings: Where is the low-hanging fruit?
        • Talking about 2022, what changes do you expect to make or see to succeed in the next year
        • Increasing pet revenue


        • Mike Ballard, Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • Mariam Rogers, Director, Multifamily Sales (Brivo)
        • Steve Firestone, CEO (Crown Bay Group LLC)
        • Ed Modzel, Managing Member (Gimme Shelter)
        • John Bradford, CEO & Founder (PetScreening)
        • Elizabeth Francisco, President (ResMan)
        • John Zalkin, Partner (RKW Residential)

      12:55 PM

      2:00 PM
      The Convergence Of Multifamily & Technology: The Next Generation Of Trends & Tech That Will Impact When To Use Technology vs. Boots On The Ground

      • • Housing policy and where it is going
        • Amenities… What is just over the horizon?
        • Impact of rates
        • Work at home vs. the urban core
        • AI, 5G and other cool stuff
        • Future of property management
        • Apartment design trends
        • What is Gen “Z” looking for?
         • The new customer experience
        • How much green is there in green?
        • Adopting IOT into the apartment


        • Marshall Friday, Director of Sales (ADT Multifamily)
        • Brad Kirshenbaum, Senior Director of Innovation (CA Ventures)
        • Clint Miller, VP of Operations - Multifamily Management (Franklin Street Real Estate Services)
        • Andy Larson, VP of Multifamily & Partnerships (HappyCo)
        • Ben Adler, Director (ResProp Management)
        • Tony Conary, VP Sales (SmartRent)

      2:45 PM
      Value-Added Investments, Rehab, Bridge Loans & Shorter-Term Loans/Lines

      • • How can you mitigate the risk of interest rates sharply rising before you can lock in your perm rate?
        • The coming of 5G, staying ahead of tech curve and adding in-demand smart home features ?
        • Vetting syndicators vs. operators
        • Reconfiguring apartments for the post-covid renter: Are the larger floorplans at existing buildings being sought after? How are they effecting or creating value?  
        • Don’t forget common spaces and parking lots: What is selling? What needs to be repurposed? 
        • Conversions from retail/office
        • Considering the type of building/market
        • Should all loans be short-term so there are no prepayment penalties
        • How has issues with supply chain/ labor effected your value-add strategy?  
        • Outside of rates, what’s been the biggest focal point in negotiations of loan terms with a sponsor?

        • Marc Suarez, Managing Director (Lument)
        • Kevin Romney, Principal (Camino Verde Group)
        • Boris Zhuravel, Managing Director (CoreVest Finance)
        • Scott Evans, Regional Sales Manager (Sharestates)
        • Andrew Schnissel, Director of Operations (We Lend)
        • Sofia Castro, Principal (Ortsac Properties)
        • Jordan Suppan, Managing Director (Leste Capital Management)

      3:30 PM

      4:00 PM
      Keys To Expanding From 1 To Multiple Markets; Multiple Markets To National: Should You Go Remote or Boots On The Ground?

      • • Evaluating if your administrative staff have the bandwidth and experience to respond to tenants more tenants across different time zones
        • How can you keep tabs when remote?
        • What has been learned the hard way?
        • Which market did you expand to? What did you like about the market? Which market didn’t you like? 
        • Going the JV route
        • Tools and methodologies used to build up your local knowledge?
        • Technology, systems and procedures needed to succeed
        • Staffing up: How are you going to find employees in this market?
        • How many locations/doors do you need to make it cost effective?
        •  Why does the Multifamily industry seem to undervalue the leasing position?


        • Justin Ford, President (Pax Properties, LLC)
        • Jay Biggins, Owner Operator (Eastside Equities)
        • David Berg, Partner (Infinity Collective)
        • Peter Roisman, CEO (REV™ The Multifamily Leasing Company)
        • James Barrett, Chief Executive Officer (Tenant Turner)
        • Max Sharkansky, Managing Partner (Trion Properties)

      4:45 PM
      How Is Inflation Impacting Your Deals? What Can We Expect Of Multifamily In A Rising Interest Rate Environment? Should You & How Can You Mitigate Some Of The Negative?

      • • Should you be mitigating the potential for rising rates?
        • Leverage and inflation
        • How can you mitigate the risk of interest rates sharply rising before you can lock in your perm rate?
        • Given inflation are you looking to hold onto your properties longer?
        • What kind of value rise can you expect from inflation?
        • Rising expenses on the cost side… How are you managing? Making up the $$ markets

        • Enrico Plati, CEO (Savoy Development)
        • Jose Tello, Principal (Bayshore Investment Partners)
        • Robert Shapiro, - (Meyers Group)
        • Ben Peterson, - (SmartRain)
        • Diego Hodara, Founder & CEO (Titanium Realty Group)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:30 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

      8:15 AM
      Exhibition Opens/Breakfast Is Served

      8:45 AM
      Partner Due Diligence Best Practices: What Should You Be Asking?

      • • Verifying ownership role in past and current partnerships
        • Should you get outside assistance?
        • Fostering an environment of transparency
        • Vendor partners and what you should be looking for?
        • Partner lawsuits… Negatives you should be looking for
        • Protecting yourself via GP agreements
        • Does a hard deposit mean alot?


        • Alex R. Ballina, Director of Asset Management (AHS Residential)
        • David Lynd, CEO (Lynd Living)
        • Ian Rosa, Vice President (RealtyMogul)
        • Ray Mazzie, Managing Director (Southern Waters Capital)

      9:30 AM
      Finding Deals & How Is Your Acquisition/Due Diligence Strategy Changing? How Are Easy Financing Terms Impacting Your Strategy?

      • • How much tech is too much?
        • How are you stressing deals?
        • Are you looking to ramp up acquisitions this year?
        • Given your strategy what is the highest cap rate you’d pay for a property?
        • Are deals getting more competitive in areas where city dwellers are moving? Are prices dropping in the impacted areas?
        • How are you differentiating yourself from competitive buyers?
        • Are you finding any stalled developments?  Any other distress?
        •  Where are you finding your deals?  Off-market, Brokers, Auctions or other?


        • Jesse Shemesh, President (Point Acquistions LLC)
        • Charles Agus, Senior Vice President (Benedict Realty Group)
        • Paul Turovsky, Chief Operating Officer (Four Square Realty Investments)
        • Sara Maffey, Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development (Local Logic)
        • Anthony Scandariato, Co-Founder & Managing Principal (Red Knight Properties)
        • Neal Herman, Managing Director (Robbins Property Associates)

      10:15 AM
      Growing In Your Own Area vs. Expanding New Markets vs. Expanding Products Offered vs. Expanding Into New Assets •

      • • How do you think the markets you are in will perform? What are the demographics and economic trends saying? • There is lots of capital out there… Are you leveraging up? Using OPM to grow
        • Are valuations getting too rich? … Creative ways to combat
        • Drive vs. fly markets: Systems and procedures needed
        • What can you take in-house? What kind of services can you offer?
         • Identifying your expertise and who you need to expand
        • Expanding to other resi classes… How is single family rental, student and senior housing looking?
        • How are your investors reacting to lower yields vs. riskier strategies? Institutional partners?
        • Going out to more aggressive value-add?
        • If yields continue to decrease what are your next steps?


        • Dave Sherbal, Principal (C2G Asset Management LLC)
        • Kenneth Fantes, Principal (Biscayne Companies)
        • Edward O'Brien, Co-Founder and Managing Partner (Blaze Capital Partners)
        • Ryan Smith, Principal (Elevation Capital Group)
        • Raphael Sidelsky, Chief Investment Officer-Real Estate (W5 Group)

      11:00 AM

      11:15 AM
      Acquiring & Managing for Investors Vs. Equity Fundraising & Joint Ventures Vs. Stepping Up And Buying The Institutional-Quality Building Yourself… How Should You Approach The Institutional Market?

      • • How much $$ can you make looking for and managing properties?
        • Is acquiring and managing properties for large investors a good way to work into a joint venture or equity investment?
         • How are you finding the right deal sponsors?
        • Pitching to institutions and what needs to be in the prospectus?
        • Syndication market update
        • Complexities of foreign investors
        • Multi-tiered equity structures
        • With such a large supply are you able to negotiate better deals?
        • Getting the staffing right and how much more time and money than you think?
        • Is it a good time to be in the space?           


        • Mitch Paskover, Managing Partner (Trion Properties)
        • Mariana Robina, SVP of Finance & Investments (Eagle Property Capital)
        • Danny Kattan, Managing Partner (PIA Residential)
        • Craig Tessiatore, Director of Investments (Robbins Property Associates)

      12:00 PM
      What Is/Will Be The Impact Of Working From Home On The Apartment Industry?

      • • Will working from home have the largest impact on inner-city, outer-city, suburban or tertiary properties?
        • Impact on the demand of 2-bedroom homes? Smaller units
        • Effect on common space? In-apartment amenities?
        • From a design perspective…
        • Class “A” vs. Class “C” space
        • Easy enhancements on the tenant turn
        • Any experimentation with co-working spaces in your apartments?
        • Which common amenities have seen an increase in utilization that has continued?

        • Nizan Mosery, Chief Executive Officer (Cornerstone Investment Partners)
        • Patrick Ryan, National Strategic Accounts (DISH Fiber)
        • Melanie French, President of Real Estate Management (DLP Real Estate Capital)
        • Chris Finlay, CEO & Chairman (Lloyd Jones, LLC)
        • Dina Ufberg, Head of Strategy and Partnerships (Qira)

      12:45 PM
      Conference Concludes



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