Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Northeast)
New York, NY
October 3, 2022


IMN is pleased to return to New York City for the 5th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Northeast), taking place October 3, 2022.
We're excited to return this uniquely targeted program to the Northeast and to explore all of the opportunities, strategies, trends and issues impacting small and mid-sized owner/operators.

Featuring the timely educational takeaways and variety of tailored networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from IMN, we hope you will join us this October and be sure to bookmark this website to stay updated as more information becomes available.

Who Should Attend
  • Multifamily Owners, Operators & Developers
  • Property Management Firms
  • Capital Providers
  • Equity Investors
  • Brokers
  • Vendors
  • Service Providers

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    Monday, October 3rd, 2022

      7:30 AM
      Registration and set-up for all exhibitors

      8:00 AM
      General Registration & Breakfast is served… Exhibition Opens

      8:25 AM
      Multifamily Overview: The New Macroeconomic Realities Of Challenging Cap Rates Levels, Rising Interest Rates & Bubbles Forming

      • • Rent affordability
        • How will covid effect the market over the next year?
        • Impact of possible tax and government changes
        • Cost of construction materials, keeping and paying talent
        • Inner city vs. tertiary markets
        • Are the demographic shifts permanent?
        • Moratoriums and evictions
        • Pricing and valuations as interest rates rise
        • Will capital inflows continue?
        • Where aren’t the institutions playing?


        • Ben Beggs, Managing Director (redIQ)
        • David Manheimer, Co-Founder & Partner (Brooklyn Standard Properties)
        • John Prins, Managing Director (CoreVest)
        • Anoop Varghese, Head of US Multifamily (CPPIB America, Inc.)
        • Teodora Zobel, Chief Investment Officer (MIDWOOD Investment & Development)

      9:10 AM
      Financing: Long Term Debt vs. Short Term Bridge And The Refi Decision

        • Key drivers in the debt market that are impacting rates and spreads and what has been the impact on take outs
        • When the loan comes due…  What does it take to get a recap?
        • Are ARMS and other variable rate products coming back? How about assumable loans?
        • Sponsors hot buttons in the debt negotiations
        • Are hedging products and caps a requirement? How about MAC clauses?
        • What are your underwriting exit cap or refi rates when bridge debt comes due in 2-3 years with rates rising over the next 24-36 months? How are you making sure your borrowers won’t be defaulting?
        • Construction bridge and heavy renovation plays
        • Debt yield constraints and LTC/LTV on different products
        • Prepayment penalty evaluation-When is the answer sell?
        • Underwriting rent growth vs. increasing expenses
        • Why lock in? Why not?

        • Brian Flax, Executive Vice President of Sales (Executive Vice President of Sales)
        • Gary Newman, Managing Director – Investment Management (BrightSpire Capital)
        • David Schwartz, Managing Partner (Fort Amsterdam Capital)
        • Thomas Peloquin, Principal (PGIM REF)
        • Michael Ramin, Director of Business Development (Sharestates)

      9:55 AM

      10:05 AM
      Women’s Inclusionary Leadership Small Group Meeting

      • Strategies for success, mentorship, industry practices, barriers to advancement plus your input will be among the discussions at this


        • Tristan Last, Managing Director (Arch Companies)
        • Alina Trigub, Managing Partner (SAMO Financial)

      Track A 10:50 AM
      The Large Institutional Apartment Owner Panel: How Are You Playing With Lowering Cap Rates And Increasing Inflation?

        • Are you changing anything about your investment targets?
        • What are you looking for in an acquisition, construction or management partner? Construction vs. operating JV terms
        • 2023: Net buyer or seller?
        • Hold periods as per inflation
        • Core … is it the best property in a tertiary market?  
        • Single-family rentals and other alternative rental classes you are exploring or ramping up
        • How are you financing?
        • This years’ buy metrics

        • Jonathan Shechtman, Managing Principal (Axonic Properties)
        • Victor Cole, Principal (AION Partners)
        • Rob Deckey, Managing Director (Invesco)
        • Paul Hughson, Executive Managing Director (Island Capital Group)
        • Jimmy Carrion, SVP Investor Relations (Lloyd Jones LLC)

      Track B 10:50 AM
      Future of Multifamily Industry, Technology & Unit Living Space: Where Is It Going In This Work From Home Environment?

        • What can robotics offer?
        • Bitcoin, the blockchain, crypto mortgages and tokenized buildings
        • What is the most futuristic technology you see emerging in multifamily over the next 3 years? 5 years?
        • How smart will future communities be?
        • Real estate in the metaverse
        • Work from home technology: A keeper? How is it impacting unit size, apartment location, furniture packages, workspaces and common areas?
        • How is 5G changing things? E-cars?
        • Resident technology expectations
        • With the ability to work from anywhere are more expensive downtown units underperforming? Selling at a discount?
        • In-apartment workspaces vs. co-working units in public areas: Where is the demand? How much can you hike rents? Charge in fees?

        • Victoria Cowart, CPM, NAAEI Faculty, Dir. Education & Outreach (PetScreening)
        • Mariam Rogers, Director, Multifamily Sales (Brivo)
        • Dan Myers, President (Dojonetworks)
        • Lesley Lisser, Director-Asset Management (Invesco Real Estate)
        • Paul Sacco, Chief Development Officer (Mint House)
        • Anna Malhari, Chief Operating Officer (Veris Residential, Inc.)

      Track A 11:35 AM
      Debt and Equity Deal Structures & The Capital Stack: How Can We Minimize The Cost Of Capital?

        • Impact on interest rate changes on the bridge market
        • Equity, recaps and getting equity out of the deal
        • Stretch seniors at 85%, preferred equity above 90% and how the terms change with rate  
        • Products that allow pref equity behind bridge
        • Is it time to brush up on IOs and ARMs?
        • As rates rise are you looking to add more equity to your stack?
        • Structuring to the business plan and how the business plan is changing  
        • Stabilized vs. value added vs. construction
        • Construction vs. value-add

        • Elliot Horowitz, Managing Member (H Equities)
        • Jeffrey Simpson, Managing Partner (Arch Companies)
        • Abie Hidary, Chief Executive Officer (Hidrock Properties)
        • David Berg, Partner (Infinity Collective)
        • Nick Condie, Strategic Account Director (Juniper Square)

      Track B 11:35 AM
      Revenue Management, ROI Best Practices And The Amenities That Unit Owners Are Looking For In This Market

        • How do you think about ROI when you're purchasing technology?
        • Deposit solutions/Rent guarantee programs
        • Cost segregation
        • What works for smaller landlords, smaller buildings and smaller units?
        • In-unit vs. common area vs. outside amenities
        • What has work from home changed?
        • What kind of vendor support should you have?
        • What is gen “Z” looking for?
        • Data, Data, Data… Which data points you really need to pay attention to?
        • New stuff to consider

        • Jonathan Wogan, President (Wogan Group)
        • Kristin Ellis, National Account Manager (ADT)
        • Sean Grundy, Co-Founder and CEO (Bevi)
        • Todd Thorpe, VP of Sales (DojoNetworks)
        • Geoffrey Kimmel, Director (Engineered Tax Services Inc)
        • Rowland Hobbs, CEO, Co-founder (Stake)

      Track A 12:20 PM
      Growing In Your Own Area Via Ramping Up Multifamily Acquisitions, New Asset Investment or Expanding Products Offered vs. Expanding Into New Local vs.  National Markets

        •  Which alternative residential rental assets do you like?
        • New market decision process
        • What do you look for in a market? Which market(s) do you see weathering the storm?
        • Asset and property management in new and not local markets
        • Are you selling?
        • How about changing building class focus? Going from value added to construction or stabilized?
        • Picking emerging local markets
        • What kind of services are you providing? What is your newest one?

        • Alex Lebowitz, Director (Partners Path Capital)
        • Aaron Gorin, CIO (Cedar Grove Capital LLC)
        • Paul Sacco, Chief Development Officer (Mint House)
        • Shawn Hakimian, Partner (The Hakimian Org & North Point Capital)

      Track B 12:20 PM
      Property Management… What Are You Doing About Inflation & the Rising Costs On The Operational Side Of The Business?

        • ESG best practices
        • Rent collection levels
        • Charging stations ins and outs
        • Disaster and emergency planning
        • Rent: How much runway is left?
        • Streamlining operations, expense control
        • Self-guided tours, lock boxes, keypads and freeing up agents
        • Are you seeing a correlation between customer experience, tech implementation, and employee satisfaction/retention
        • Sensory technology success stories  
        • The future of landlord/owner technology & and how will the multifamily market be leveraging these innovations? 


        • John Mejia, CEO (Providence Investments)
        • Alexandra Nicoletti, Investor (Camber Creek)
        • Remy Raisner, Founder & CEO (The Raisner Group)
        • Andrew Smallwood, VP of Revenue (Second Nature)
        • Robert Nelson, President (Nelson Management Group)

      1:05 PM

      Track A 2:05 PM
      The Family Office Panel: What Do You Look For In A Multifamily Investment? Partner?

        • Do you chase yield?
        • Are you willing to take entitlement risk?
        • What do you think of the Co-GP structure? When do you look to be a GP vs. LP?
        • Debt structures you use
        • What do you like about the middle market multifamily area?
        • What do you look for in a JV partner? What kind of structures do you use?
        • Construction vs. acquisition: In the current pricing environment which way should you go?
        • What are you looking for in an acquisition, construction or management partner?

        • Susan Hewitt, President (Cheshire Group)
        • David Bruhowzki, Director / Client Advisor (Alex Brown)
        • Sasha Bernier, Managing Partner (Hestia Holdings)
        • Raphael Sidelsky, Chief Investment Officer-Real Estate (W5 Group)
        • Chris Luo, Managing Director/ Founder (Willton Investment Management)
        • Alex Lebowitz, Director (Partners Path Capital)

      Track B 2:05 PM
      3rd-Party Management vs. Taking Management In-House

        • Why have construction, development, leasing and property management under one roof
        • Do you really want to look for construction materials yourself?
        • How do you evaluate your 3rd parties?
        • Investing in new markets: When do you use your own staff vs. outsource?
        • Influence of higher pay, labor shortages and finding new staff

        • Mike Ballard, Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • Johnny Din, Chief Executive Officer (Cycamore Capital)
        • Aaron Luque, Founder and CEO (EnviroSpark Energy Solutions)
        • Anthony Scandariato, Co-Founder & Managing Principal (Red Knight Properties)
        • John Mejia, CEO (Providence Investments)

      Track A 2:50 PM
      Joint Ventures & Where JV Equity Is Pricing

        • Evolving terms with partners on programmatic vs. one-off JVs
        • What do you look for in a partner?
        • Land, developmental and construction partnerships
        • Working with foreign investors and other types of equity capital
        • Finding partners
        • What kind of reporting and technology is necessary?
        • What are construction and value-added JVs looking like?
        • JV horror stories and how to avoid

        • Rob Beardsley, Principal (Lone Star Capital)
        • Michael Barna, VP Financial Management (DeBartolo Development)
        • JC Clemens, MD, Chief Production Officer (Flagship Capital Partners)
        • Dean Marchi, CEO & Co-Founder (Grand Street Development)
        • Alex Glassman, Managing Director (Fundamental Holdings Ltd)

      Track B 2:50 PM
      The Under $20million Dollar Market-Acquisitions, Finance & Property Management

        • Are you seeing larger firms playing in the under $20m market?
        • Looking at different price point under within this market
        • Syndicators’ activity in this market
        • As unit prices go from 100k to 200k a unit…
        • Who are the lenders playing in this market? 
        • Market liquidity and equity available


        • Peter Auerbach, Founder and CEO (Auerbach Funds, LLC)
        • Donato Settanni, Managing Partner (DXE Properties)
        • Steven Kachanian, Managing Principal (Klosed Properties)
        • Lana Choi, Managing Partner (Sage Investing Group)

      3:35 PM
      Networking Break

      Track A 3:50 PM
      Are You Seeing Slim Pickings Going Through Normal Acquisition Channels? The Latest Experiences With Finding Off-Market Transactions

        • Are you seeing owner/operators selling their properties just prior to the end of the prepayment penalty period?
        • Are there reversions out there?
        • How underwriting Is changing as inflation expectations rise?
        • What is new on the due diligence checklist?
        • What kind of premiums are sellers looking for? Are rising rates impacting pricing?
        • What specific shifts in your business plans have you made on new acquisitions to add value in the face of low cap rates
        • What would cause you to slow down your acquisition pace?

        • Josh Eitingon, Managing Partner (DXE Properties)
        • James Simmons III, Partner (Asland Capital Partners;)
        • Ed Modzel, Managing Member (Gimme Shelter)
        • Maggie Cheung, Managing Member (Sage Investing Group)
        • Alexander Anderson, Senior Director (Time Equities, Inc.)

      Track B 3:50 PM
      Ground Up Development, Rehab & Construction: Are Supply Chains Getting Any Better? How Is Inflation Impacting?

        • Will rent growth outpace inflationary cost rises?
        • How are supply chain disruptions continuing to affect construction schedules?
        • Inflation’s effect on project budgeting
        • Impact of the dearth of finished lots available
        • Do you expect labor shortages to continue?
        • Is transit-oriented development of interest in this WFH environment? 

        • Adam Altman, Managing Member (KABR Real Estate Investment Partners)
        • Dana Rowan, Managing Partner (The Exeter Companies)
        • George Vallone, President (The Hoboken Brownstone Company)
        • Oliver Swan, Managing Partner (Quad Real Estate Partners, LLC)

      4:35 PM
      How Is Inflation Impacting Your Deals? Can Rent Growth Keep Up? Multifamily Investing In A Rising Rate Environment

        • Are you slowing down acquisitions? Selling? How is inflation impacting the buying habits of owners?
        • How is inflation effecting valuation?  Appraisals and taxes?
        • Are you cutting back in the workforce/affordable sector? 
        • Are your hold times changing?
        • Stressing at different interest rate and rent levels: What do the numbers say?
        • How are you mitigating the risk of rates rising before you lock into a perm?
        • How much room is there to raise rents?
        • Managing rising expenses on the cost side

        • Doug Faron, Managing Partner (Shoreham Capital)
        • Jacob Sacks, Co-founder (Cayuga Capital Management LLC)
        • Elan Hakimian, Principal (Certes Partners)
        • Daren Hornig, Managing Partner (Hornig Capital Partners)
        • Manish Shah, Senior Managing Director (Palladius Capital Management)

      5:20 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:20 PM
      Conference Concludes



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