Middle-Market Multifamily (West)
Santa Monica, CA
September 8 - 9, 2022


IMN’s 5th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (West) will return to California, this September 8th-9th!

With a program uniquely targeted to both small and mid-sized owners and operators, IMN is excited to once again offer a deep dive into the latest financing options, acquisitions strategies, and debt and equity structures impacting this group which comprises 75% of all multifamily investors. Led by distinguished industry experts, these discussions provide attendees with the knowledge and resources required to make well-informed business decisions.

Each edition of IMN’s Middle-Market Multifamily franchise attracts an average of over 500 registrants – over 60% of which are categorized as small and mid-sized multifamily owners – and a variety of sponsors/exhibitors, ensuring delegates have ample opportunity for networking and business development.

We look forward to seeing you this September in California!

Who Should Attend
  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers
  • Brokers
  • Lenders
  • Vendors

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      • Wednesday, September 7

        Tier 1: 5:00pm-6:00pm for exhibitors and guests staying at the hotel

        Thursday, September 8

        Tier 2:  8:00am-8:25am for Company Names A-M

        Tier 3:  8:25am-8:45am for Company Names N-Z

      5:00 PM
      Tier 1

      • Registration for exhibitors and guests staying at the hotel

      Conference attendee meet up at the Lobby Lounge of the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

      • Starting at 6:00pm, after Wednesday’s registration hours, join one another at the Lobby Lounge of the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows for a casual beverage and extended networking opportunity.

        *Please note this is a cash bar.

    Thursday, September 8th, 2022

      8:00 AM
      Registration and Breakfast

      • Exhibits open

      8:45 AM
      Multifamily Overview: The New Macroeconomic Realities Of Challenging Cap Rates Levels, Rising Interest Rates & Bubbles Forming

        • Rent affordability: When is it an issue?
        • How will covid affect the market over the next year?
        • Impact of possible tax and government changes
        • Cost of construction materials, keeping and paying talent
        • Inner city vs. tertiary markets
        • Are the demographic shifts permanent?
        • Moratoriums and evictions Pricing and valuations as interest rates rise Will capital inflows continue?
        • Where aren’t the institutions playing?
        • Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and the impact on future tax credits

        • Laurie Lustig-Bower, Executive Vice President-Capital Markets, Multifamily & Land (CBRE)
        • Travis Cansler, Director (ICS Tax, LLC)
        • Cortney Newmans, Head National Accounts & Com. Lending (Lima One Capital)
        • Mark Washington, Regional Vice President (ResMan)
        • Nat Kunes, Senior Vice President (AppFolio Investment Management)

      9:30 AM
      How Is Inflation Impacting Your Deals? Can Rent Growth Keep Up? Multifamily Investing In A Rising Rate Environment

        •  Are you slowing down acquisitions? Selling? How is inflation impacting the buying habits of owners?
        •  How is inflation impacted valuation?
        •  Appraisals and taxes
        •  Are you cutting back in the workforce/affordable sector? 
        •  Are your hold times changing?
        •  Stressing at different interest rate and rent levels: What do the numbers say?
        •  How are you mitigating the risk of rates rising before you lock into a perm?
        •  How much room is there to raise rents?
        •  Managing rising expenses on the cost side

        • Natalie Greenberg, COO (MJW Investments)
        • Curtis Cullen, Senior acquisitions associate (Urban Renewal Partners)
        • David Harrington, EVP & Managing Director (Matthews Real Estate Investment Services)
        • Frederick Gortner, Managing Director-Chief Operating Officer (Paladin Realty Partners, LLC)
        • Daniel Swersky-Louw, Director of Acquisitions & Dispositions (RK Properties)
        • David Harrington, EVP & Managing Director (Matthews Real Estate Investment Services)
        • Jon Krebbs, Managing Partner (The Multifamily Group)

      10:15 AM

      10:25 AM
      Women’s Leadership Small Group Meeting

      • Strategies for success, mentorship, industry practices, barriers to advancement plus your input

        • Tania Mirchandani, Vice President-Capital Markets (Clear Capital)
        • Valerie Sargent, President (Yvette Poole & Associates)

      Track A 11:10 AM
      Bridge & Other Shorter-Term Loans & Lines: How Attractive Is This Method Of Financing As Rates Rise?

        • When the loan comes due…
        • Variations including fixed bridge, springing caps and products that provide liquidity upfront
        • Are hedging products a requirement?
        • How are you making sure your borrowers won’t be defaulting in 3 years?
        • Smoothing out the draw
        • Construction bridge and heavy renovation plays
        • Vetting syndicators vs. operators  
        • Underwriting rent growth

        • Zalmi Klyne, Managing Director (NorthMarq)
        • Quentin Vatelot, Vice President (BrightSpire Capital, Inc.)
        • Dennis Spivey, Vice President, Relationship Manager (CoreVest)
        • Seth Grossman, Senior Managing Director (Meridian Capital Group, LLC)
        • Aaron Kraus, Vice President (Nuveen)
        • Sagiv Rosano, Managing Principal (Roman Group LLC)

      Track B 11:10 AM
      Future of Multifamily Industry & Technology: What Can Quicken The Development Of Some Of These New Technology Out There?

        •  What can robotics offer? 
        •  Bitcoin, the blockchain, Crypto mortgages and tokenized buildings
        •  What is the most futuristic technology you see emerging in multifamily over the next 3 years? 5 years?
        •  How smart will future communities be?
        •  Real estate in the metaverse
        •  Work from home technology: A keeper?
        •  How is 5G changing things? E-cars?
        •  Resident technology expectations


        • Joe Anfuso, CFO (MG Properties)
        • Mariam Rogers, Director, Multifamily Sales (Brivo)
        • Lauren O'Brien, CRO (Cloudastructure, Inc)
        • Geoff Hunt, Director of Real Estate (Common)
        • Pat Patterson, Director of Multifamily (Petscreening)
        • Al Brown, CEO (SmartWAVE Technologies)

      Track A 11:55 AM
      Value-Added Investments & Rehab As Interest Rates and Cap Rates Change

        • Do you see the political landscape changing for the value add trade?
        • How long does it take to change a building reputation?
        • Are you still using bridge loans in this rising rate environment? Looking into floaters? How are you looking at take outs going forward?
        • Adding multifamily ADUs
        • When do you consider green best practices?
        • Is the raise the rent value-added play still available?
        • What are your current return expectations?
        • What kind of neighborhood dynamics do you look for?

        • Michael Halperin, Managing Director (Contrarian Capital Management, LLC)
        • Robert Jennings, Managing Director ILD (Acra Lending)
        • Gina Wieczorek, Principal (Casitas)
        • Casey Koenig, Director of Aquisitions (Exponential Equity)
        • Vikram Brar, Founder (Waahe Capital)

      Track B 11:55 AM
      3rd-Party Management vs. Taking Management In-House

        • Why have construction, development, leasing and property management under one roof?
        • Do you really want to look for construction materials yourself?
        • How do you evaluate your 3rd parties?
        • Investing in new markets: When do you use your own staff vs. outsource?
        • Influence of higher pay, labor shortages and finding new staff
        • Why should/shouldn’t you outsource your HR function

        • Mike Ballard, Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • Robert Clippinger, President (Clippinger Investment Properties)
        • Divya Tandon, Principal (SJI Properties)
        • Steven Saylor, Executive Vice President (SPI Holdings)
        • Marcus Arredondo, Principal (Two by Two Group)
        • James Campbell, Strategic Account Manager (Paychex)

      Track A 12:40 PM
      The Local Market: Why Are You Still Investing Locally At A 3-Cap? Are There Local Emerging, Regional, Secondary & Tertiary Sub-Market Markets You Like?

        • Are you seeing a return to urban core?
        • Eviction moratorium update
        • What are the headwinds from the political environment that are having the most impact?
        • What have you found to be the best practices for streamlining the zoning and approval process? How much low income do you need to build?
        • Taking advantage of the local housing supply crisis vs. government pushback on rental increases
        • Regulatory environment and municipal red tape for office/hotel/condo conversions?
        • What is the political appetite for the value add trade?
        • Rent control expectations
        • Which local markets are overbuilt?

        • Adrian Berger, MD, Acquisitions (Cypress Equity Investments)
        • Michael Lowinger, Managing Partner (Geneva Street Partners)
        • Malcolm Johnson, CEO (Langdon Park Capital)
        • Carl Whitaker, Senior Director/Real Estate Economist (RealPage Inc.)
        • Jonathan Barach, President & Co-Founder (Vista Investment Group, LLC)
        • Vikram Brar, Founder (Waahe Capital)

      Track B 12:40 PM
      Revenue Management, ROI Best Practices And The Amenities That Unit Owners Are Looking For In This Market

        • How do you think about ROI when you're purchasing technology?
        • Deposit solutions/Rent guarantee programs
        • Cost segregation
        • What works for smaller landlords, smaller buildings and smaller units?
        • In-unit vs. common area vs. outside amenities
        • What has work from home changed?
        • What kind of vendor support should you have?
        •  What is gen “Z” looking for?
        •  New stuff to consider

        • Julie Blank, COO (New Standard Equities)
        • Marshall Friday, Director of Sales (ADT Multifamily)
        • Rayna Mike, CEO (My Love Apartments)
        • Priyankar Baid, CEO (OHI)
        • Joanna Boey, CEO (SmartFaucets.net )

      1:25 PM

      Track A 2:25 PM
      The Refi Market And Will Your Plan Be Changing In 2-3 Years? How Is That Impacting Your Fixed-To-Floating Decision? Are You Considering Interest Rate Caps?

        • Prepayment penalty evaluation-When is the answer sell?
        • Why lock in? Why not?
        • What are you UW exit cap rates or refi rates when bridge debt comes due in 2-3 years with rates rising over the next 24-36 months?
        • Are caps being used?
        • Being conservative… Writing to a xx
        • Agency vs. non-agency refis
        • Role of increasing expenses


        • Kevin Swill, CEO (Thirty Capital Financial)
        • David Fong, Partner (GoodLife Housing Partners)
        • Houtan Hormozian, Managing Member (HMH Holdings LLC)
        • Farhan Mahmood, Director of Acquisitions (Trion Properties)
        • Josh Samaha, Vice President (Pacific Urban Investors)

      Track B 2:25 PM
      Workforce Housing: What Creative Strategies Are Out There That Will Allow You To Pencil?

        • What does workforce housing mean to you? How would you define it?
        • Crime prevention: Do you spend more vs. class “A”?
        • Rent collection compared to other sectors
        • Profile of a workforce housing renter
        • Smart tech that is smart to have in workforce
        • Comparing naturally occurring vs. government subsidized vs. zoning-based WFH  
        • The workforce senior housing play
        • Financing workforce housing: What kind of debt, equity, tax-credits and subsidies are available?

        • Collin Chlebak, Real Estate Practice Leader (Virtus)
        • Mark Weinstein, President (MJW Investments)
        • Stephen Anderson, VP of Acquisitions (SoLa Impact)
        • Rochelle Mills, President and CEO (Innovative Housing)
        • Chris Fraley, CIO (RealtyMogul)

      Track A 3:10 PM
      Evaluating LP Expectations In This Rising Rate Environment

        • What are your risk-adjusted return goals? Have they been adjusted?
        • How do you think about debt as you invest in deals? 
        • LP vs. Co-GP vs. GP
        • Multifamily or do other sectors look more promising right now?
        • Public vs. private markets
        • Class “A”, downtown… Is that your sweet spot?
        • How important is ESG and green?
        • Are you increasing or decreasing your real estate allocation?

        • Reed Goossens, Founder (RSN Property Group)
        • James D’Argenio, Senior Principal: Acquisitions (The Bascom Group)
        • Mo Bina, Managing Principal (High-Rise Capital)
        • Stephen Jensen, VP of Sales (Juniper Square)
        • Griffin Quick, Vice President of Investor Relations at Sundance Bay (Sundance Bay)

      Track B 3:10 PM
      Property Management… What Are You Doing About Inflation & the Rising Costs On The Operational Side Of The Business?

        • ESG best practices
        • Rent collection levels
        • Charging station ins and outs
        • Disaster and emergency planning
        • Rent: How much runway is left?
        • Streamlining operations, expense control
        • Self-guided tours, lock boxes, keypads and freeing up agents
        • Are you seeing a correlation between customer experience, tech implementation, and employee satisfaction/retention
        • Sensory technology success stories


        • Rick Bentley, CEO (Cloudastructure, Inc)
        • Jennifer Parker, Chief Revenue Officer (JPMorgan Chase)
        • Andrew Smallwood, VP of Revenue (Second Nature)
        • Will Norten, Sustainability Program Manager (USBGC-LA)
        • Will Norten, Sustainability Program Manager (USBGC-LA)

      3:55 PM

      Track A 4:20 PM
      ADUs & Multifamily: Where Are The Complexities?

        • How long is the statute going to last?
        • How are ADU’s impacting neighborhood valuation?
        • Zoning, parking and determining how many ADUs you can build on a property
        • Getting familiar with the nuances and timelines of the statewide and local laws  
        • Financing options
        • Detached, conversion ADUs plus other variation in themes and what you need to know about design


        • Maya Theuer, Chief Executive Officer (Redwood Residential)
        • Melanie Pennell-Mayer, CEO (Associated Ventures)
        • Andrew Slocum, Principal (Casitas)
        • Desirée Patno, CEO & President (NAWRB)
        • Scott Choppin, Founder (The Urban Pacific Group of Companies)

      Track B 4:20 PM
      Ground Up Development, Rehab & Construction: Are Supply Chains Getting Any Better? How Is Inflation Impacting?

        • Will rent growth outpace inflationary cost rises?
        • How are supply chain disruptions continuing to affect construction schedules
        • Inflation’s effect on project budgeting
        • Impact of the dearth of finished lots available
        • Do you expect labor shortages to continue?
        • Is transit-oriented development of interest in this WFH environment?

        • Steven Ludwig, President (Coastline Real Estate Advisors, Inc.)
        • Aaron Marzwell, Founder & CEO (APPA Real Estate)
        • Chuck Cowley, III, President (Cowley Real Estate Partners)
        • Oz Erickson, Chairman (Emerald Fund)
        • Ekta Naik, Head of Development (SoLa Impact)

      5:05 PM
      The Large Institutional Apartment Owner Panel: How Are You Playing With Lowering Cap Rates And Increasing Inflation? 

        •  Are you changing anything about your investment targets?
        •  What are you looking for in an institutional partner? Construction vs. operating JV terms
        •  2023: Net buyer or seller?
        •  Hold periods as per inflation
        •  Core … Is it best property is tertiary market?  
        •  Single family rental and other alternative rental classes you are exploring or ramping up
        •  With 20 offers for every apartment when do you overpay?
        •  How are you financing?
        •  This years’ buy metrics

        • Berke Turktan, Managing Director (Extenteam)
        • Paul Julian, Principal (Advanced Real Estate Services, Inc.)
        • John Williams, CIO and President (Avanath)
        • Paul Kaseburg, Chief Investment Officer (MG Properties)
        • Matthew Sant, Vice President (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Victor Cole, Principal (AION Partners)

      5:50 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:50 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Friday, September 9th, 2022

      7:40 AM
      Small Group Meeting Registration & Breakfast is served for Attendees


      7:55 AM
      Growth Strategy Small Group Meeting For Owners Only

      • Capital raising, hiring decisions, being a property owner vs. creating an investment busines and critical processes and systems necessary to grow your business plus your questions will be the topics that may be discussed

        • Ryan Tanaka, Partner (Cypress Communities)
        • Jesse Liu, Director of Acquisitions (Optimus Properties)

      8:15 AM
      Exhibits open

      8:45 AM
      The Under $20million Dollar Market-Acquisitions, Finance & Property Management

        • Are you seeing larger firms playing in the under $20m market?
        • Looking at different price point under within this market
        • Syndicators’ and PE activity
        • As unit prices go from 100k to 200k a unit…
        • Who are the lenders playing in this market?  Do you have to go hard?
        • Market liquidity


        • Marie Murphy, Principal and CEO (MJD Capital Partners)
        • Parker Champion, Chief Operating Officer and Partner (Champion Real Estate Company)
        • Gavin Sacks, Managing Principal (James Investment Partners)
        • Chris Finlay, CEO & Chairman (Lloyd Jones, LLC)
        • Paul Schon, Co-Founder (Schon Tepler Partners)
        • Seth Grossman, Senior Managing Director (Meridian Capital Group, LLC)

      9:30 AM
      Equity Raising: What Kind Of Terms Are Out There For Different Structures? How Are You Building Out Your Infrastructure To Secure More Leads?

        • Should you be going deal-by-deal vs. raising a fund?
        • The latest in syndication and crowdfunding
        • How is the friends and family market changing?
        • Where is the preferred market at? What are the structures out there?
        • What is the exit?
        • Scaling and lead generation
        • Syndication vs, crowdfunding vs. Joint Ventures vs. Co-GP
        • Are you seeing new investors coming out of the woods?
        • The future is now… Using blockchain-backed marketplace for creating and trading fractionalized real estate assets


        • Joseph Soleiman, Principal (Vivo Investment Group)
        • Mohsin Masud, Founder & CEO (Akru)
        • Shally Hu, Head of Acquisitions (ARON Asset Management)
        • Michael Bastan, Principal (Base Equities)
        • Samuel Landman, Chief Investment Officer (Concord Capital Partners)
        • Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO (Real Wealth Network)

      10:15 AM
      The Family Office Panel: What Do You Look For In A Multifamily Investment? Partner?

        • Do you chase yield?
        • Are you willing to take entitlement risk?
        • What do you think of the Co-GP structure?
        • Debt structures you like
        • What do you like about the middle market multifamily area?
        • When do you look to be a GP vs. LP?
        • What do you look for in a JV partner? What kind of structures do you like?

        • Heath Goldman, President/CEO (ICON Wealth & Legacy Partners)
        • Mark Tronstein, Managing Director, Real Estate (Andell Holdings)
        • Aron Harkham, Managing Director (Harkham ventures)
        • Matthew Levy, Principal (Lazar Properties)

      11:00 AM

      11:15 AM
      Joint Ventures & Where JV Equity Is Pricing

        • Evolving terms with partners on programmatic vs. one-off JVs
        • What do you look for in a partner?
        • Developmental partnerships
        • Working with foreign investors and other types of equity capital
        • Finding partners
        • What kind of reporting and technology is necessary?
        • JV horror stories and how to avoid


        • Jerry Fink, Managing Partner (The Bascom Group)
        • Reuben Robin, Founder & CEO (Concord Capital Partners)
        • Sara Neff, Head of ESG (Lend Lease)
        • Cameron Jones, Managing Director, US Housing Strategic Transactions (Nuveen Real Estate)
        • Frederick Cooper, SVP, Finance, Int. Dev. & IR (Toll Brothers, Inc.)

      12:00 PM
      Growing Your Portfolio During A High Interest Rate, Sellers’ Market… Cash Flowing vs. Appreciation; Building Class; New Construction vs. Value-Add; Sell vs. Buy

        • How much are you willing to pay?
        • Do you see fundamentals changing? How will these changes impact your portfolio strategy?
        • Is there much left in rent growth? Are you changing your rent growth outlook? How is that changing your acquisition strategy going forward?
        • Cost of new construction vs. high prices of value-added
        • Where/What are you selling?
        • What kind of appreciation are you underwriting?
        • Where do you see value?


        • Marc Venegas, Principal (Orion Real Estate Partners LLC)
        • Mark Mosch, CEO (AndMark Management Company)
        • Manny Fernandez, Co-Founder / CIO (PhoenixBird Capital)
        • Jim Shute, President (J.W. Shute Int'l)
        • Ellis Hammond, - (The Kingdom REI)
        • Amy Sylvis, Principal (Sylvis Capital)

      12:45 PM
      Conference Concludes



This is a past conference, no registration is available.

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