NPL, Notes & Default Servicing
Dana Point, CA
June 3 - 4, 2019


IMN is excited to announce its 4th Annual NPL, Notes & Default Servicing Forum (West) is returning to Dana Point, CA this June 3-4. Last year's West Coast Forum welcomed 350+ Institutional NPL & Note buyers and service provider participants as well as 20+ exhibitors/sponsors. 

The program once again will feature Large Institutional Buyers, Mid-Sized Funds and Smaller private buyers, with scheduled networking activities to meet your educational and networking needs.

We look forward to seeing you in Dana Point in June!

Who Should Attend
  • Accounting
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics
  • Property Auction
  • Property Broker
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

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    Monday, June 3rd, 2019

      7:30 AM
      Registration and Breakfast for Small Group Meeting Attendees

      7:40 AM
      Growth Decisions: The Keys To A Fast, Smart Expansion

      • (Closed-Door Pre-conference discussion for note buyers only)
        Where are you finding tapes for this size? Once you find them what are the keys to winning the bid? How do you balance cash flow between funding deals vs. getting more deals? Do you continue to outsource or is it time to take some functions in-house and hire more staff? These discussion plus your questions will be the focusing on this interactive discussion.

        • Nathan Turner , President (Earnest Inc)
        • Gabe Kass , Portfolio Manager (Surf City Investors, LLC)

      8:00 AM
      Registration and Breakfast for All Attendees Courtesy of:


      8:35 AM
      Macroeconomic Outlook, Default Rate Drivers and Implications for the Residential Note & NPL Mortgage Market

      • • How are you preparing for a downturn?
        • What should a note buyer know about demographic changes
        • Note supply/demand factors
        • Is there a small servicer shake out underway? What can be the impact?
        • National housing policy issues to consider
        • Should you begin to sell off assets into this strong market?
        • Current market liquidity
        • Defaults an re-defaults: How much is just the economy? Job loss? Medical? Profiles vs. Prior cycles
        • The future of the NPL market: What forces can greatly alter the status quo?
        • Paul Birkett , Managing Member (Automation Holdings LLC)
        • Daren Blomquist , VP, Market Economics (
        • Domonic Purviance , Senior Financial Specialist (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Michael Figueroa , Managing Member (Intuitive Capital Solutions LLC)
        • Marissa Yaker , Attorney (Padgett Law Group)

      9:20 AM
      Large Institutional Players: How are Your Strategies Changing as the Expensive Gets More Expensive and the Scarce Gets More Scarce?

      • • Working with and joint venture partners: What are you Looking for?
        • What do you see for the future of the market?
        • Risk management best practices
        • Are politics impacting the way you invest?
        • Securitization: Do you securitize your notes? Invest in securitized paper?
        • Due diligence on a portfolio level
        • What is your NPL/RPL buying strategy?
        • Tenants and toilets: When do you go REO?
        • Asset management and servicing: What are your latest initiatives? Outsource or keep in-house?
        • How does your view on the economy and interest rates influence your strategy?
        • Chaz Guinn , President (Revolve Capital Group)
        • Michael Soliz Jr , President (1 Oak Advisory)
        • James Dooley , President (AMIP Management)
        • Joseph Ng , Director (Angelo, Gordon & Co.)
        • Luke Scolastico , Vice President, Structured Products (Athene)
        • Nicholas Mah , Managing Director (NY Mortgage Trust)
        • Oleg Langbort , Managing Partner (Oval Capital)

      10:15 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:


      11:00 AM
      Outsourcing vs. In-house Management

      • • What are some of the functions that you outsourced? Insourced?
        • How much time did you free up by outsourcing? What were some of the things that you did that made your company more money?
        • How much time did you need to allocate to manage the outsources
        • Onboarding strategies
        • What do you think it is important to manage internally?
        • Outsourcing as part of your scaling strategy
        • Samuel Shin , Managing Partner (Roussin Capital Group)
        • DeAnn O'Donovan , President & Chief Executive Officer (AHP Servicing)
        • Darren Cottrill , President & CEO (American Destiny Real Estate Services)
        • Justin Savich , Founder & CEO (Market Tampa Investments)
        • Shelly Schwieso , Senior Relationship Manager-Enterprise Sales (Radian)
        • Jeremy Joyce , Chief Investment Officer (Tourmalet Advisors)

      11:45 AM
      Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Pricing: Acquiring From Alternative and Government Sources

      • • Are you acquisitions standards changing due to the lack of supply? Is this lack of supply changing your acquisition strategy?
        • What kind of discounts are currently out there for the paper you are looking to buy?
        • What is available Hedge funds? Institutional buyers? Servicer sales? Securitized markets? Pre-settlement funding market? Bankruptcy trustees? Friends & family?
        • From the government: Looking at the latest HUD sales and what trickles down from institutional buyers
        • Compliance and due diligence review checklist: What are the latest additions?
        • Acquiring firsts vs. seconds; Domestic vs. international; Commercial vs. residential?  
        • Impact of Time/Capital/Desired ROI/Exit Strategy on Price?
        • Evaluating recent pool quality and time to resolve: Was it as advertised and expected? How much time, money and effort did it take?
        • Ron Brandenburg , CEO (Cal RE Fund Management, Inc)
        • Ivan Halpern , Senior Vice President (CAMG Ventures, LLC)
        • Bruce Norris , President (The Norris Group)
        • Louis Amaya , CEO (NS Capital Management)
        • Mike Clifford , Executive Director (Roosevelt Management Company, LLC)
        • Marlene Robinson , Senior Program Advisor (U.S. Dept of HUD)

      12:30 PM

      1:45 PM
      Portfolio Management: Reducing Carrying Costs Of Ownership on Your Defaulted Loan Portfolio

      • • Modifications: How to get them timely and efficiently
        • Reducing attorney’s fees and costs on default litigation
        • Aggressive litigation tricks to reduce the timelines (and your daily carrying costs)
        • Aggressive and outside the box thinking with your servicers
        • Getting through title issues and dealing with aggressive association estoppel demands
        • Code enforcement mitigation
        • Steve Tran , Partner/Attorney (eXL Legal)
        • Mario Serra , Managing Partner (Fein Such Law Group)
        • John Ansell , Partner (Rosenberg and Associates, LLC)
        • John Dunnery , VP Government Loan Servicing (Bayview Loan Servicing)
        • Katie Smith , Senior Consultant (O.L.A.F. Consulting)

      2:30 PM
      Buy Then Foreclose Vs. Seller Foreclose Then Buy

      • • Impact of difficulty of foreclosing in that state
        • Trading of foreclosed vs. non-foreclosed
        • Firsts vs. seconds; performing vs. non-performing
        • Pricing, time needed to foreclose and cost of capital
        • Buying portfolios with both foreclosed and non-performing, not foreclosed loans
        • Troy Fullwood , Director (Pinnacle Investments)
        • Neil Cohen , President & Managing Director (Barsh and Cohen, P.C.)
        • Joshua Andrews , CFO/Asset Manager (Notable Investments, LLC)
        • Mike Zevitz , CEO (NPL Manager)
        • Steven K. Eisenberg , Managing Partner, CEO (Stern & Eisenberg, PC)
        • Chris Winkler , NPL Fund Manager (Silverwood Capital Fund I LLC)
        • January Taylor , Attorney (McMichael Taylor Gray, LLC)

      3:25 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:


      3:50 PM
      Preparing Your Portfolio To Sell And Evaluating Disposition/Exit Strategies

      • • Making sure you have no kick outs
        • What kind of sellers do you want to work with?
        • Structuring reps and warrants
        • Technology and automation available
        • Making sure the price is right: The assets overview, factors involved: 1sts & 2nds
        • When to start asset level review? What buyers are looking for in due diligence that sellers needs to be prepared for?
        • Dirty pools and major defects: Pricing, curative actions, timeline to successful resolution
        • What is your thinking on retrades?
        • David Solomon , Managing Partner (Certified Trading)
        • Timothy Madigan , Managing Director (Garnet Capital Advisors)
        • John Hutchison , Executive VP (Infinity IPS)
        • Alex Goldovsky , Founder & CEO (ProTitleUSA)
        • George Paquette , Chief Appraiser-Valuations (Springhouse)

      4:45 PM
      Firsts Vs. 2nds Market-What Is The Risk/Pricing/Yield You Are Looking For?

      • • Non-performing/performing/re-performing 1sts vs. 2nds
        • Considering the amount of equity
        • State considerations
        • Regulatory considerations
        • Getting wiped out
        • What is found during the due diligence stage that can get you in trouble?
        • When do you buy the first and the second?
        • Evaluating the low balance market
        • Wade Pyun , Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, and General Counsel (Altura Credit Union)
        • Ron Friedman , Managing Director (CAMG Ventures, LLC)
        • Michael Kelleher , Managing Director (MountainView Financial Solutions, LLC)
        • Gordon Moss , CIO (Quixote Ventures)
        • Paige Panzarello , Managing Trustee (The Tryllion Group)
        • Sandor Lau , Chief Inspiration Officer (Noted Financial)

      5:20 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:20 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

      8:00 AM
      Registration and Breakfast for All Attendees Courtesy of:


      8:15 AM
      Finding Distressed Product

      • • Sources of acquisitions
        • Properties damaged by natural disaster
        • Pricing: Can you buy and make a profit?
        • Picking neighborhoods soon to rebound: What are the factors you look at?
        • Buying for rental portfolio vs. a quick flip
        • Buying the paper to get at the property
        • Leaning towards liens?
        • The government channel? The tax lien market?  
        • City-owned land banks and working with not-for-profits
        • What kind of kick outs are you curing that others aren’t?
        • Gerald Lemoine , President (The Lemoine Group, Inc.)
        • Gashar Dixon , Chief Acquisitions Officer (Anglestone Real Estate Venture Partners)
        • Melanie Pennell-Mayer , Principal (Associated Ventures, LLC)
        • Alex Goldovsky , Founder & CEO (ProTitleUSA)
        • Martin Seanz , VP (Note Investing Made Easier)

      9:00 AM
      Best Practices in Managing the Servicer/Subservicer/Asset Manager/ Note Owner Relationship

      • • How do you know you have a fit?
        • Servicing transfers: Best practices for note buyers
        • Smaller servicer financial strength
        • Servicing valuations
        • Managing risk exposure on a loan, entity and industry level
        • The servicing industry-macro issues
        • Talking to the buyer: What kind of regulations do I need to pay attention to?
        • In what kind of situations are servicers taxed above their bandwidth?
        • The latest natural disasters: What went down and what was learned
        • The next downturn…
        • Kelly Gring , Managing Attorney (Tromberg Law Group , P.A.)
        • John Dunnery , VP Government Loan Servicing (Bayview Loan Servicing)
        • David Roberts , VP (JB Lloyd & Associates)
        • Tai Nong , Director, Portfolio Management (NS Capital Management)
        • Paul Johannsson , Founder & CEO (O.L.A.F. Consulting)
        • Allen Price , SVP Business Development (Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation)
        • T. Robert Finlay , Partner (Wright, Finlay, Zak, LLP)

      9:55 AM
      Modifications, Workouts & Legal Recovery Best Practices That Result In The Best Future Cash Flow

      • • Changing foreclosure laws you should be aware of
        • Countering delaying tactics and modifications done quickly vs. those that string things out: Considering the time value of money 
        • Vacant vs. occupied properties: Managing pre-foreclosure REO and servicer management best practices
        • Making the payments affordable-What kind of terms do you offer?
        • Best Ex when non-foreclosure alternatives run out
        • Cash for keys, leasebacks, forbearance agreements, deed-in-lieu, threatening foreclosure and other non-foreclosure options
        • Mediations, settlement conferences and loss mitigation hearing: Which has you had the most success with? 
        • Working with not-for-profits
        • When is foreclosure your goal? When do you put a property in foreclosure? What is the cleanest process?
        • Firsts vs. seconds
        • What do you do when the borrower declares bankruptcy? 
        • Wayne Snell , Managing Director (Platinum Ventures)
        • David Chen , Partner (Activist Legal LLP)
        • Derik Lewis , Vice President/General Counsel (Nikkael Mortgage)
        • Brian Goldberg , Attorney (O'Kelley & Sorohan, Attorneys At Law, LLC)
        • Cara Hardy , Vice President (Statebridge Company)
        • Cathe Cole Sherburn , VP Default Operations (Trustee Corps)
        • Gregory J. Sanda , Partner (Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz & Hertzel LLP)

      10:50 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:


      11:05 AM
      Neighborhood vs. National: Which Way To Go?

      • You are getting bigger and valuations are getting tighter… Does it pay to expand the range of your note knowledge from local to national? What kind of legal and regulatory information do you need? What kind of returns can you make? This session will debate if the grass is always greener.  
        • Marcos Morales , Executive Director (Hogar Hispano, Inc.,)
        • Gerald Casey , Managing Director - Acquisitions and Underwriting (Dyck-O'Neal, Inc.)
        • Scott Fergus , Chief Executive Officer (National Community Capital LLC)
        • Stan Scott , Manager (RS Capital Solutions, LLC)
        • Steven Kollar , Managing Principal (Cash Flow Properties/Renters First Choice)

      11:50 AM
      Quantifying, Assessing & Managing Note Default Risk

      • • Review at acquisition
        • Pricing risk
        • Risks unique to different product types
        • Evaluating the buyer vs. the loan
        • What have you tweaked regarding your risk standards?
        • What functions have you brought in-house to decrease risk?
        • Follow up practices
        • Curing title issues
        • Vendor management: What do you look at while on-sight? 
        • Do you use 3rd-party diligence providers?
        • Senior status
        • Gene Chandler , Assets Manager (Chandler & Chandler Financial LLC)
        • Abby Shemesh , CEO (Amerinote Xchange)
        • John C. Lukes , President/CEO (Crown City Capital)
        • Ron McMahan , Chief Executive Officer (AMIP Management LLC)
        • Cody Faller , President (Faller Financial LLC)

      12:35 PM
      Buy To Hold Vs. "Buy-Reperform-Resell” Vs. REO

      • • Do you have different buckets for different products? 
        • Have you transferred from one strategy to the other? Why?
        • Do you incorporate different strategies in different locations?
        • Dealing with servicers vs. property managers; Owners vs. renters
        • Creating Notes: Transforming REOs to notes and lending to institutional REO buyers
        • Michael D. Mayer , Managing Member & CEO (Associated Ventures)
        • Eric Kelner , Partner in Charge of Creditor's Rights (Hill Wallack)
        • Jon Daurio , Founder, Chairman & CEO (Nikkael Mortgage)
        • Bob Malecki , Managing Director (Notable Capital Management LLC)
        • Terrence Osterman , President (PaperStac)

      1:20 PM
      The 4th Annual NPL Notes & Default Servicing Forum (West) Concludes



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