Middle-Market Multifamily (Mid-Atlantic)
Washington, D.C.
September 9 - 10, 2019


IMN is excited to enter the metro Washington D.C. area, the third largest apartment market in the country, with our Inaugural Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Mid-Atlantic), September 9-10, 2019.

With a program uniquely targeted to both small and mid-sized owners, operators and equity investors, IMN is excited to once again offer a deep dive into the latest financing options, acquisitions strategies, and debt and equity structures impacting this sub-institutional group of owners which comprises 75% of all multifamily investors. Led by distinguished industry experts, these discussions provide attendees with the knowledge and resources required to make well-informed business decisions.
Each edition of IMN’s Middle-Market Multifamily franchise attracts an average of over 500 registrants – over 60% of which are categorized as small and mid-sized multifamily owners – and between 30-40 sponsors/exhibitors, ensuring delegates have ample opportunity for networking and business development.

We look forward to seeing you September 9-10 in Washington D.C.!

Who Should Attend
  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators
  • Equity Investors
  • Service Providers
  • Brokers
  • Lenders
  • Vendors

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    Monday, September 9th, 2019

      7:45 AM
      Registration and Breakfast for Small Group Discussion Attendees

      8:00 AM
      Growth Strategies & Getting Bigger

      • (Preconference Small Group discussion for owners/equity investors only)
        Going from friends and family to institutional money? Getting to large to handle your portfolio with existing staff? Time to look for new markets? Please come in with your questions for this interactive plenary.
        • Matt Faircloth , President & Co-Founder (The DeRosa Group)
        • Paul Moore , Founder & Managing Director (Wellings Capital)

      8:15 AM
      Registration and Breakfast for All Attendees: Exhibition Opens

      8:50 AM
      The Economy: Assessing Local Market Risk, Neighborhood Cycles & the Politics of Multifamily

      • • Is the rent vs. buy decision changing
        • Demographics & housing: Any shifts as millennials start to form families to the suburbs or are they staying in higher density areas?
        • Affordability: Looking today vs. other the past
        • Where are the population and job growth?
        • The presidential election with one year to go: What may change in 2020? How to prepare?
        • Potential pitfalls out there
        • Class A,B,C: Which class will out-perform?
        • Tariffs: How much of the construction cost rise is due to them? Any inside news?
        • Is the homeownership gap going to influence the Fed's future plans
        • Impact of the single-family rental market
        • Michael Miller , CMO (5 Arch)
        • Mark Franceski , Vice President of Research (Bozzuto)
        • John Ryan , Chief Revenue Officer (Genesis Capital)
        • Bryan Cullen , Managing Director (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • Dave Borsos , VP, Capital Markets (NMHC)

      9:35 AM
      The Large Institutional Apartment Owner Panel

      • • Working with and capitalizing smaller JV partners
        • Playing in any o-zones?
        • What do you look for in a value-added deal? Repositioning?
        • Putting out equity and debt: What are you looking for?
        • Solutions to yield-compressed markets
        • Are you looking at new construction?
        • How to approach with a deal?
        • How are you reacting to the latest macroeconomic news?
        • Timothy Haskin , Senior Managing Director (AECOM Capital)
        • Jared Zeisler , Partner (Capital Solutions, Inc.)
        • Noah Miller , Vice President of Acquisitions & Finance (Pensam Residential)
        • Frederick Cooper , SVP, Finance, Int. Dev. & IR (Toll Brothers, Inc)
        • Jim Driscoll , Senior VP (Waypoint Residential)

      10:35 AM
      Networking Break


      11:20 AM
      Debt, Equity, Preferred Equity & Mezz: Comparing Sources, Costs & Structures

      • • Small joint ventures
        • Going deal by deal vs. fundraising
        • Syndication made easier
        • Pref- vs. LP-equity: Is the preferred equity structure a good one for the middle market apartment owner?
        • Construction and bridge mezz packages vs. stabilized financing
        • Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae update
        • Refinancings and Recaps
        • Getting access and once you are in the door: High-net-worth vs. true family office financings
        • Brian DeLucia , Managing Partner (Arrivato, LLC)
        • Mark Pearson , General Counsel (Nitya Capital)
        • Adam Gottfried , Vice President - CRE (Roc Capital)
        • Billy Haddad , Senior Analyst (Partners Path)
        • Andrew Lucas , Director of Capital Markets (Trion Properties)

      12:05 PM
      Preparing Today For Tomorrow’s Apartment Of The Future And The Impact Of Technology Game Changers

      • • Your property management app: What is needed?
        • Tenant automation: Where are you creating efficiencies?
        • Which amenities would “B” and “C” tenants pay for?
        • What is the #1 product that saves the owner the most money?
        • IOT in 5 years
        • What are the questions you should ask before buying technology?  
        • Matt Wexler , Co-Founder & Managing Partner (Foxhall Partners)
        • Dan Handford , Founder (Multifamily Investor Nation)
        • Eric Golubitsky , Institutional Capital Raise (Smartland)
        • Demetrios Barnes , Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)

      12:50 PM

      • Sign up for one of the Luncheon Roundtables onsite:
        • Acquisitions
        • Construction/Development
        • Financing & Capital Markets
        • Property Management

      2:00 PM
      Minimizing Operational Costs & Benchmarks: Where Are You Saving Money? How Much Can You Save On Third Party Management vs. Taking Management In-House?

      • • Creating your own Management Firm: What are the Key Considerations?
        • Identifying your core expertise
        • How many doors should you have under management before it makes sense?
        • Hiring someone in-house vs. keeping outsourced
        • What is wrong with your current management firm: Is there a way of improving that situation?
        • Outsourcing some management, keeping some in-house: What is behind that decision?
        • Impact of concentrated vs. dispersed portfolio
        • Do lenders approve?
        • Where are you finding operational costs savings: Expense control best practices
        • Maintenance & tenant damage best practices
        • Tenant renewal and rent optimization strategies
        • Mike Ballard , Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • Derek Olszanowski , Vice President-Assent Management (Chesapeake Realty Partners)
        • Olga Iskender , Director of Asset Management (Eastham Capital )
        • Steve Gilbert , Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Business Development (Gates Hudson)
        • Dave Sherbal , Owner (Heschel Asset Management)

      2:45 PM
      Less Than 50 Units: Acquiring, Managing & Financing

      • • New construction
        • The 4- and 8-plex market
        • Heavy rehab-Small balanced bridge vs. stabilized financing
        • Agency financing in this corner of the market
        • Going long vs. short-term with the financing: What are the structures & terms currently available?  
        • Acquisition and financing fees vs. larger buildings
        • Are you seeing more institutional money in this sector?
        • Comparisons vs. larger building financing
        • Isaak Volodarsky , CEO (Brookfall Group)
        • Jason Harris , CEO (Creative Gains Real Estate)
        • Felipe Ernst , Founder & Managing Partner (Ernst Equities)
        • Chris Davis , Vice President (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • Andrew Shook , Head of Commercial Real Estate Lending (Lima One Capital)
        • Matt Reilly , Head of Acquisitions (Stonecrest Financial)

      3:30 PM
      Networking Break


      4:00 PM
      Value-Added Plays & Rehabbing Units-What Are You Doing To Keep The Returns Up?

      • • The implementation side-What are you doing about the increase in costs in rehabbing units?
        • Where are you finding deals? Where are your best sources of funding
        • What kinds of buildings do you prefer?
        • Getting the amenities right- When have you over-rehabbed? Wants vs. must-haves
        • Is class “B” getting too expensive to make the deal worthwhile?
        • Energy-friendly incentives
        • Adding density 
        • Getting the rent right
        • What are some tech and telecomm that are cost-effective?
        • New amenities in old apartments-Are we spending, our very precious construction dollars on expensive, unused, or under-utilized, amenities, or amenity spaces? 
        • Joshua Aronson , Executive Vice President (Community Realty Company, Inc.)
        • Ari Abramson , Vice President, Acquisitions (Continental Realty Corporation)
        • C. Douglas Jarrett , Partner (Keller and Heckman)
        • Sterling Anderson , CEO (Sterling Capital Investments)

      4:45 PM
      Emerging Neighborhoods: Identifying New & RE-Gentrifying Markets Early On And Identifying The Best Strategies To Enter Them

      • • Finding entitlements and land
        • Can you buy below replacement costs in these markets?
        • Working with rent control laws
        • Public & Private partnerships
        • Pushing back on community resistance: The politics and relationships you need for success
        • Opportunity zone markets
        • Can you bet on a re-zoning?
        • Is mixed-use the way to go?
        • Following immigration patterns
        • Sasha Bernier , SVP (Cheltenham Enterprises)
        • Felipe Ernst , Founder & Managing Partner (Ernst Equities)
        • Nick Hathaway , Partner | Director of Development (Hathaway Development)
        • Timothy Hogan , President (Hogan Companies)
        • Holly Williams , Real Estate Investor (MQ Ventures, LLC )
        • Jesse Shemesh , Portfolio Manager (Point Acquistions LLC)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:30 PM
      Day One of Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Mid-Atlantic) Concludes

    Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

      8:00 AM
      Registration and Breakfast for All Attendees: Exhibition Opens

      8:25 AM
      Cash Flow vs. Appreciation Multifamily Investment Strategies: Which Way Should You Go?

      • • How are you underwriting?
        • How long do you expect cash flow to last? How do you evaluate long-term cash flowing potential?
        • How much rent growth and appreciation are you building in?
        • Why some are willing to overpay for cash flow?
        • How much more would you pay for a cash flowing property in a market with upside vs. one without?
        • How much leverage are you willing to use to get the cash flow necessary?
        • Year one vs. long-term cash flow
        • Creating additional cash flow
        • Are cash flow strategies the best strategies at this point in the cycle?
        • Andrew Buchanan , Co-Founder (Blackfin Real Estate Investors)
        • Josh Eitingon , Managing Partner (DXE Properties)
        • Eric Silverman , Founder & Managing Director (Eastham Capital)
        • Daniel Carter , Founder & CEO (Windmill Investments, LLC)
        • Mukang Cho , CEO & Managing Principal (Morning Calm Management)

      9:10 AM
      New Trends In Multifamily: Evaluating The Short-Term, Co-Living & Micro-Living Markets

      • • Amenity support and mix
        • Comparing student and senior living vs. co- and micro living
        • Role of parking vs.  package rooms
        • Renting by the room and the “hotelization” of multifamily
        • Asset heavy vs. light models
        • Demographics and rent-per foot and other metrics
        • Amenity mix
        • Noah Weiss , VP of Real Estate Investments & Managing Director (Domio)
        • Patrick Winters , Director, Special Projects (Nadel Architects, Inc.)
        • Peter Stuart , Managing Partner (Outlier Realty Capital)
        • Mickey Kropf , CEO (Vector Travel)
        • Raphael Sidelsky , Chief Investment Officer-Real Estate (w5)

      9:55 AM
      Stepping Up To The 200 Unit Institutional Building: What You Need To Know To Successfully Work With Institutional Capital On An Institutional Building

      • • What kind of track record is needed? Other hurdles?
        • Keys to adding 0s
        • Doing value-added deals with an institutional partner vs. going alone
        • Finding & valuing institutional vs. non-institutional properties
        • Staffing and systems you now need
        • Taking your old investors for the ride-What they need to know
        • Fund vs. JV vs. one-off
        • Should you use brokers to find institutional equity? What are the cost and structure?
        • Ranajoy Sarkar , Chief Product Officer (Roc Capital)
        • Robert Friedman , Principal (Lanesborough Partners)
        • Benjamin Inman , Managing Member (INMAN EQUITIES, LLC. / EQUIS Residential)
        • Michael Pedulla , Managing Director (Cityline Partners)
        • Michael Poolin , President (NY Capital Development, LLC)

      10:40 AM
      Networking Break


      10:55 AM
      Opportunity Zones: As We Digest Second Round Guidance

      • • Equity partners, non-government tax or lending incentives for opportunity zones
        • Construction is owning in an o-zone changing pricing? 
        • Single asset, single investor fund vs. multi-asset, multi-investor deals
        • Selling the land you own in an o-zone at a gain vs. developing yourself
        • What does debt look like today any changes?
        • 1031 and 1231 applications
        • Renovations vs. value-added vs. re-purposing
        • Current vs. previous returns
        • Deal sources
        • Timothy Lee , Principal (Signet Partners)
        • Jill Homan , President (Javelin 19 Investments)
        • Eddie Lorin , Co-Founder (Strategic Realty Holdings LLC)
        • Diego Hodara , Founder & CEO (Titanium Realty Group)
        • Kelli Brooks , Finance Partner (Urban Atlantic)

      11:40 AM
      What Is Your Multifamily Acquisition Strategy Today? Where & How Are You Finding Deals In This Slowing Market?

      • • Finding a fairly valued product: Which alternative acquisition sources are you using?
        • Using new technologies including big data to discover potential acquisitions
        • Distressed apartments 2019: What is out there?
        • Alternative multifamily asset classes: Senior vs. Student housing
        • Valuing garden: style product
        • Market vs. yield 
        • Deal proforma’s: best standards for determining rent increases and expense reductions
        • How are you making these deals pencil?
        • Hold time’s impact
        • Christian Dalzell , Managing Partner (Dalzell Capital Partners LLC)
        • Brett Meringoff , Senior Vice President (WinnDevelopment)
        • George Lintz , President (Bellaire Partners LLC)
        • Greg Cason , Principal (CrestMarc Residential)

      12:25 PM
      What Are Your Keys To Survival & Growth In A Market With Flat Or Declining Rental Rates? How Are You Zigging While Others Are Zagging?

      • What markets are you investing in that others aren’t? What kind of out-of-favor product do you like? What are you doing on the operational side that is unique? See how panelists are marching to the beat of different drummers during this discussion
        • Thriving in a market with declining rent rates
        • What markets are you expanding in as others leave? Exiting while others are entering
        • Do you see value in smaller, non-institutional buildings? Non-institutional cities?
        • Jake Fingert , General Partner (Camber Creek)
        • Rob Beardsley , Principal (Lone Star Capital Group)
        • Navish Chawla , Head of Acquisitions (Willton Investment Management)
        • Jay Rawls , Director of Multifamily (Lat Purser & Associates)
        • Noah Weiss , VP of Real Estate Investments & Managing Director (Domio)

      1:10 PM
      The Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Mid-Atlantic) Concludes



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