Middle-Market Multifamily (West)
Santa Monica, CA
May 14 - 15, 2019


IMN’s 3rd Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (West) will return to Santa Monica, May 14-15, 2019.

With a program uniquely targeted to both small and mid-sized owners and operators, IMN is excited to once again offer a deep dive into the latest financing options, acquisitions strategies, and debt and equity structures impacting this group which comprises 75% of all multifamily investors. Led by distinguished industry experts, these discussions provide attendees with the knowledge and resources required to make well-informed business decisions.
Each edition of IMN’s Middle-Market Multifamily franchise attracts an average of over 500 registrants – over 60% of which are categorized as small and mid-sized multifamily owners – and between 30-40 sponsors/exhibitors, ensuring delegates have ample opportunity for networking and business development.

We look forward to seeing you May 14-15 in Santa Monica, CA!

Who Should Attend
  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers
  • Brokers
  • Lenders
  • Vendors

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    Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

      7:20 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Small Group Meeting Attendees

      7:40 AM
      Going From Small to Mid-sized Player, What do you need to do?

      • *Small Group Meeting for Owner/Operators Only  How will you get around higher interest rates as you try to grow? How can you find good hires and contractors as labor becomes scarcer and more expensive? How are you raising capital and structuring deals? What kind of technology is out there that can assist me in this expansion? These queries and your own pressing questions will be answered at this meeting for owner/operators only
        • Justin Ford , President (Pax Properties)
        • John Ward , CEO (Turnstone Capital Management)

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for All Attendees

      8:25 AM
      The Macro Economy & The Multifamily Market

      • • Suburban vs. urban: Where is the growth left?
        • Seniors and students: Do demographics still make this an area to invest in?
        • Can you build affordable housing with the current level of subsidy?
        • Easing of credit standards: Property owners and the increase in subprime
        • Will the lion’s share of development continue to be in inner cities?
        • Will the sharing economy continue to change everything?
        • What has been the impact of single-family rentals and other newer products on the multifamily market?
        • Issues surrounding affordability
        • Dodd-Frank reform: Will we be seeing more smaller banks entering the market?
        • Shawn Miller , CEO (5 Arch)
        • Glenn Mueller , Real Estate Investment Strategist, Managing Director (Black Creek Group)
        • Domonic Purviance , Senior Financial Specialist (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Thomas R. Errath , Senior Vice President-Strategy and Research (Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC)
        • Derek Wyatt , Principal (RCLCO)
        • Henry Manoucheri , Chairman & CEO (Universe Holdings)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      9:10 AM
      Working with Institutional Capital: The Large Multifamily Session

      • • How are you looking at the multifamily market now? How is that impacting the way you are participating in the market?
        • What do you look for in one-off deals vs. joint venture partnership?
        • Basis and rent growth benchmarks
        • As more money comes into the market how has your strategy changed?
        • Deal terms, control, management, reporting
        • Secondary vs. primary markets; Class “A” vs. “B” buildings: How are you looking at differently?
        • Melissa Houston , Head of Business Development (Juniper Square)
        • Robb Bollhoffer , Managing Principal (29th Street Capital)
        • Mark Mosch , President (AndMark Management Company)
        • Spencer Schlee , VP (Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC)
        • Jared Lazarus , Managing Director (Oaktree Capital MGMT LLC)

      9:55 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy Of:

      Track A 10:45 AM
      Less than 50 Units: What Kind Of Financing Is Out There?

      • • What are the structures & terms currently available? 
        • Are you seeing more institutional money in this sector? 
         • Long term debt vs. short term floaters 
        • Construction and rehab loans 
        • What do you look for in an owner? 
        • Comparisons vs. larger building financings
        • Graham Crain , Managing Partner (Anderson-Crain Investment Group)
        • Michael Miller , CMO (5 Arch)
        • Andrew Shook , Head of Commercial Real Estate Lending (Lima One Capital)
        • Scott Croul , Senior Managing Director and Head of Multifamily Small Loan Originations (Red Capital Group, LLC)
        • Ranajoy Sarkar , Chief Product Officer (Roc Capital)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      Track B 10:45 AM
      Technology Game Changers: What Is And Will Be The Impact On Apartments And Property Managers

      • • Data collection, analyzation and interpretation
        • Getting your residences ready for 26 billion devices using IOT and 1 trillion sensors interfacing real time with other devices on the grid
        • Remote control device infrastructure needs
        • Operator-based technology tools
        • Artificial intelligence is getting real applications in apartments
        • When will driverless cars really happen?
        • Alexa
        • Jason Buxbaum , Founder (Jevan Capital)
        • David Gaultiere , Sr. Product Manager (Appfolio)
        • Brandon Jurkovich , VP,National Sales Manager (OpenProperty)
        • David Montierth , SVP & General Manager (Starry)
        • Joseph Soleiman , CEO (XYZ.Rent LLC)

      Track A 11:30 AM
      Acquisitions & Exit Strategies: Non-Traditional Sources & New Technologies You Are Using At This Cycle Point

      • Prices are getting kind of high and the cycle is long in the tooth… Are there any changes in the way you are building or dispose of your portfolio at this time?
        • Do you see small buildings holding up better in a recession?
        • When is it time to buy, sell, flip?
        • Looking at local markets: How did they hold up during the last downtown?
        • What information is being mined?  What are the sources?
        • Secondary and tertiary market best practices
        • Selling & buying single building vs. portfolio
        • Putting lipstick on a pig: What are the quick fixes that will get you top dollar? What is a waste?
        • The 1031 options, Lease option or subject to deals
        • Selling & buying a piece of the action and not have it result in swimming with the fishes
        • Paul Fuhrman , Managing Partner (MIRAMAR CAPITAL)
        • David Eyzenberg , President (Eyzenberg & Company)
        • Aaron Weisman , President (Gomel Capital Partners)
        • Jim Wilson , Managing Director (JMP Asset Management)
        • Adam Riddle , Co-Founder & Principal (Nexus Commercial Realty)
        • Matthew Romney , Director of Capital Markets and Investments (Sundance Bay)

      Track B 11:30 AM
      Alternatives That Are Available To Landlords To Fill Vacancies: What Kind Of Money Can You Make?

      • • Comparing Airbnb and the other the models out there
        • Regulations to be aware of
        • Key metrics to consider
        • Outsourcing vs. doing on your own
        • The corporate and vacation models
        • The maintenance side of things  
        •  Short vs. extended stay  
        •  What to learn from the hotel market
        • Filling up common spaces
        • Mickey Kropf , CEO (Vector Travel)
        • Michael D. Mayer , Managing Member & CEO (Associated Ventures)
        • David Madrid , Director of Real Estate Western (Blueground)
        • Paul Murad , President (Metroplex Realty)
        • Jason Kamen , Director – Real Estate & Partnerships (WhyHotel)

      Track A 12:15 PM
      Evaluating The Cost Of Multifamily Debt Financing: Increase In Players Vs. Rising Rates

      • • What are the structures available for stabilized, cash flow properties? Transitional properties?
        • Impact on use of proceeds
        • Underwriting negative leverage during the first year of ownership
        • Different thresholds for getting better terms
        • Construction vs. value-added
        • Creative financing being used to beat the market
        • Cash out and refi deals
        • Mezzanine and bridge pieces
        • What is available to the smaller owner? What is negotiable?
        • Time for forwarding locks?
        • Evaluating new and changing programs and products from the GSEs
        • Andrew Shook , Head of Commercial Real Estate Lending (Lima One Capital)
        • Charles Jones , Vice President (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • Jonathan Pickering , Co-Founder and Managing Director (K2 Clean Energy Capital, LLC)
        • Zach Murphy , Co-Founder, CIO (Pender Capital)
        • Jordan Goforth , Director (Ready Capital)

      Track B 12:15 PM
      Preparing For Tomorrows Apartments: Operational Savings, Increased Property Value & ROI On New Tech Developments

      • • Millennials vs. baby boomers: What kind of technology is expected?
        • With the increase in people working from home: What kind of technology do they need?
        • In 5 years what will IOT be? Making sure the apartment can take all the connected devices
        • Smart home technology: Is it a smart investment?
        • Utility apps that will help the owner save money
        • What are tenants finding appealing? The role of big data
        • Apps on the marketing and lease renewal side
        • Tenant communication, service, and apps: What is the ROI?
        • Software builds, buys & assessments
        • Reporting and management software to help out
        • Demetrios Barnes , Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)
        • Larry Acker , CTO (ACT INC D'MAND KONTROLS)
        • Jerry Cohen , Sr. Product Manager (Appfolio)
        • Adam Waskewics , Regional Director (Luxer One)
        • Josh McIntire , CEO (McIntire Real Estate Inc.)
        • Zach Goulhiane , Division Manager (Rently Keyless)

      1:00 PM

      Track A 2:00 PM
      Rehabbing & Maintaining Units

      • • Technology to assist 
        • Accounting for the increasing costs of materials and personnel 
        • Using reserves vs. borrowing
        • Which way to go: Money out there if need to borrow 
        • Where is the ROI? 
        • The gut rehab 
        • What to do with the tenant? 
        • Separating the “musts” from the “nice to haves” 
        • Rehab then sell
        • Asking the tenant 
        • Importance of curb appeal 
        • Modest vs. top-grade rehab 
        • Bruce Wuollet , Founder (Bakerson, LLC)
        • Marie Murphy , Principal and CEO (MJD Capital Partners)
        • Bruce Mack , Founder (Platinum Trust Group & Platinum Financing Group)
        • Laura Verduzco , Program Manager (SoCalGas)
        • Sanford Coggins , President/CEO (VisionWise Capital)

      Track B 2:00 PM
      Affordable by Design vs. Government Subsidy: What Are The Investment Prospects? How Will They Be Impacted By Local Rent Control Initiatives?

      • This discussion will focus on the investment prospects on lower-income apartment options like Micro Units, Co-Living, Accessory Dwelling Units, Government Subsidized & Workforce Housing
        • Local vs. state law: What are the new rules and what do they mean? What are some surprises you found?  How are these new regulations going to be impacting the way you do business?
        • Impact on where you are going to be placing your capital
        • If new investors are running away from locations that threaten increased rent control is there an opportunity?
        • Capital stack of market rate vs. subsidized
        • Market demands and challenges
        • How do you analyze/underwrite affordability in your business model? 
        • Politics of Affordable Housing:  What would motivate you to include more Affordable Housing in your projects? 
        • Affordable housing construction finance
        • Management of Affordable Units vs. Market Rate Units
        • Using sustainability and green credits
        • Kevin Deegan , Director (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • Shally Hu , Head of Acquisitions (ARON Asset Management)
        • Wah Chen , Founding Partner (InSite Development)
        • Dani Evanson , Managing Director (RMA, Inc.)
        • Scott Choppin , Founder (The Urban Pacific Group of Companies)

      Track A 2:45 PM
      Apartment Equity: Going Deal by Deal vs. Establishing a Fund; Small Company Joint Ventures, Preferred Equity & Syndication

      • • Construction vs. rehab vs. acquisition: What types of projects would you look for preferred equity? JV equity? Provide it? 
        • Comparing structural variations and risk-adjusted returns of preferred vs. straight equity and mezz: Negotiable points and legal stuff
        • When are friends and family the best source? Institutions?
        • With so much capital available are terms getting less onerous?
        • Syndication Issues that can arise from the LP side and how to manage them
        • Using crowdfunding, foreign and EB-5 monies
        • Fees, structures, terms, discretion waterfalls, exits, investor protections, board representation, consent rights and anti-dilution rights
        •  Time, money and brain damage needed to raise and administer funds: How large do you need to be for it to be worth it? How important is track record and experience?
         • What kind of deals are better equipped for a fund vs. deal-by-deal structure?   

        • Ron Rossi , VP, Business Development (IMS CRE)
        • Melanie Pennell-Mayer , Principal (Associated Ventures, LLC)
        • Jillian Sidoti , Partner (CrowdfundingLawyers.net)
        • Ryan Smith , Principal (Elevation Capital Group)
        • Alex Saunders , Managing Director (Phoenix Realty Group)
        • Mark Pearson , General Counsel (Nitya Capital)

      Track B 2:45 PM
      Third Party Management vs. Taking Management In-House

      • • Creating your own management firm: What are the key considerations? 
        • Identifying your core expertise 
        • How many doors should you have under management before it makes sense?
         • Hiring someone in-house vs. keeping outsourced 
        • What is wrong with your current management firm: Is there a way of improving that situation? 
        • Outsourcing some management, keeping some in-house: What is behind that decision? 
        • Impact of concentrated vs. dispersed portfolio 
        • Do lenders approve?
        • Mike Ballard , Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • Bruce Wuollet , Founder (Bakerson, LLC)
        • Steve Firestone , Managing Partner (Crown Bay Group LLC)
        • Matthew Sant , Asset Manager (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Mickey Kropf , CEO (Vector Travel)

      3:30 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy Of:

      4:00 PM
      Acquisition Shark Tank

      • This panel will feature 2 multifamily deals pitched to these potential buyers followed by a question and answer period for each of the transactions
        Tank Leader- Will moderate the panel Brian Good, CEO iBorrow
        The Buyers:   Will evaluate their interest in the below projects, deal structure and how much they would pay Colin Apple, Managing Director Bridge Investment Group;
        Dave Osborne, Director of Private Equity, CRE
        Paul Shively, VP  Grand Coast Capital; 
        Matthew Levy,VP-Investments The Laramar Group, LLC 
        Jerry Fink, Managing Partner, THE BASCOM GROUP, LLC

        The Sellers: Will present portfolios for sale
        Edward Ring, Founder & CEO New Standard Equities, Inc.
        Farhan Mahmood, Director of Acquisitions Trion Properties
        • Brian Good , CEO (iBorrow)
        • Colin Apple , Managing Director (Bridge Investment Group)
        • Dave Osborne , Director of Private Equity (CRE)
        • Paul Shively , Director- Passive Income Club (FortuneBuilders.com)
        • Matthew Levy , VP, Investments (The Laramar Group, LLC)
        • Eddie Ring , Founder & CEO (New Standard Equities)
        • Farhan Mahmood , Director of Acquisitions (Trion Properties)
        • Jerry Fink , Managing Partner (The Bascom Group, LLC)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      4:55 PM
      Value-Added Success Stories

      • • Adaptive reuse: What made the building perfect for multifamily?
        • Impact of construction cost rise
        • How are you sourcing opportunities?
        • What are you adding? What is its ROI?
        • Financing available and what it costs
        • As the business cycle gets long in the tooth is it the best time to do a value-added project? What are you doing to manage these cycle risks?
        • Functionally obsolete apartments: What is the playbook?
        • Tenant buyouts: What works?
        • Post-value-add: How much were you able to increase rents: What was the ROI?
        • Your social activity playbook
        • Jon Krebbs , Managing Partner (The Multifamily Group)
        • Mark Rowson , Principal & CEO (Envisage Companies)
        • Tom Jonsson , Director, Multifamily (James Capital Advisors)
        • Jeff Weller , Managing Principal (Lion Real Estate Group, LLC)
        • Kim Bunting , COO (River Oak Risk)
        • Eric Golubitsky , Institutional Capital Raise (Smartland)

      5:40 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:40 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

      8:15 AM
      Registration & Breakfast

      8:45 AM
      Accepting Lower Yields vs. Changing your Strategy?

      • • How are your investors reacting to lower yields vs. riskier strategies? Institutional partners?
        • Are you leveraging up?
        • Going out to more aggressive value-add?
        • “Multifamily offers an attractive yield and a safe investment”: Is this enough?
        • If yields continue to decrease what are your next steps? When is your next step to move into another market or asset class?
        • Stepping back from multifamily and into?
        • Max Sharkansky , Managing Partner (Trion Properties)
        • George Lintz , President (Bellaire Partners LLC)
        • Irwin Boris , COO (Heritage Capital Group)
        • Joe Anfuso , CFO (MG Properties)

      9:30 AM
      Opportunity Zones: Tell Us About your Multifamily Investing Experiences So Far

      • • Legal Intricacies
        • Investing in private capital
        • Risk mitigation
        • Finding the right market
         What are the kinds of projects that are being funded? How is multifamily fitting in?
        • Applying to development projects already on the drawing board
        • What is the downside?
        • What questions still need to be answered?
        • Role of local and state government
        • Kathy Fettke , Co-CEO (Real Wealth Network)
        • Marc Venegas , Principal (Orion Real Estate Partners LLC)
        • Adam Gottfried , Vice President - CRE (Roc Capital)
        • Rob Quarton , Vice President (Walker & Dunlop)

      10:15 AM
      Class B/C Properties

      • • How much tech in the B/C market can allow you to stay ahead?
        • Stepping up in class: When is it not worth it?
        • Cost/rent vs. Class “A” & How much more can rent be pushed?
        • Low-cost exterior & interior amenities, an age of improvements and deferred maintenance
        • Value add deals & How much value can renovations add?
        • Capital available, structures, low-interest rates, and debt engineering: Will they continue to drive value?
        • Measuring & improving the efficiency of design of the units and the building shell
        • Mitch Paskover , Managing Partner (Trion Properties)
        • BJ Turner , Founder (Dunleer)
        • Ronny Philip , CEO & Founder (Kingly Acquisitions)
        • Robert Gross , Studio Director Multi-Family Division at Nadel Architecture + Planning (Nadel Architects, Inc.)
        • Mark Limpert , Principal (Orion Real Estate Partners LLC)
        • Andrew Cushman , Principal (Vantage Point Acquisition)

      11:00 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy Of:

      11:15 AM
      Multifamily Owner & Private Equity Shark Tank Joint Venture Financing Panel

      • It is all about finding new financing partners and in this session sellers will pitch 2 apartment deals to potential financiers followed by a question and answer period for each of the transactions
        Tank Leader-
        David Valger, President DVO Real Estate;
        Private Equity Players- Will evaluate the following projects to see if they are interested, the deal structure and how much they will pay…
        Mark Tronstein, Managing Director-Real Estate Andell, Inc. LLC;
        Robert Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Principal Beverly Park Group;
        Jonathan Epstein, Partner & Head West Coast GreenOak US;
        Ash Baraghoush, Investment Director Hanover Financial Company;
         Multifamily Owners/Operators-Will present the deals
        Jason Buxbaum, Founder Jevan Capital
        Darin Munson, President The Phoenix Group
        • David Valger , President (DVO Real Estate)
        • Mark Tronstein , Managing Director, Real Estate (Andell, Inc.)
        • Jonathan Epstein , Partner & Head, West Coast (GreenOak US)
        • Ash Baraghoush , Investment Director (Hanover Financial Company)
        • Jason Buxbaum , Founder (Jevan Capital)
        • Greg Martinez , Co-Founder and Managing Principal (The Beverly Park Group)
        • Darin Munson , President (The Phoenix Group)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      12:00 PM
      Identifying, Investing in & Managing Multifamily in Gentrifying & Emerging Neighborhoods

      • • What are the elements and neighborhood market dynamics you look for?  
        • Convincing communities and local governments that gentrification is a good thing: Once you convince them, do they put money in?
        • Role of rent control
        • How long should you expect to hold the building?
        • Working within opportunity zones
        • Commercial properties & infrastructure: What should you look for
        • Path of development strategy: Does is work in 2019?
        • Evaluating the art scene
        • Once you are there what you need to do?
        • John Charles Maddux , President & CEO (Sunstone Properties Trust)
        • Neville Rhone , Managing Partner (Arc Capital Partners)
        • Mark Weinstein , Founder & President (MJW Investments)
        • Rayna Mike , CEO (My Love Apartments)
        • Henry Manoucheri , Chairman & CEO (Universe Holdings)

      12:45 PM
      The 3rd Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (West) Concludes



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.

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  • Conference Venue
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    Fax: 310-458-7912

    Additional Info:

    In order to make reservations at the discounted rate please use the link above, pending availability, until our cutoff date of Tuesday, April 23, 2019. IMPORTANT NOTE: IMN has not retained any third party booking company to assist with reservations. If you are interested in making reservations at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, you must book those rooms directly with the venue. 


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  • Tuesday, May 14th, 2019
  • The Macro Economy & The Multifamily Market

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  • Less than 50 Units: What Kind Of Financing Is Out There?

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  • Acquisition Shark Tank

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  • Wednesday, May 15th, 2019
  • Multifamily Owner & Private Equity Shark Tank Joint Venture Financing Panel

    ** This session contains presentations. Presentations will be made available to conference registrants starting first day of the conference.
    *** This session contains audio, but you must have been registered for this conference to be able to play audio files

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