Multifamily Market Series: California
Virtual Panel
July 29, 2020


    Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

      11:00 AM (Pacific Time)
      Multifamily Market Series: California

      • Scroll down to view the recording (skip to 3:30). While performance in California Multifamily markets has been relatively stable, unforeseen challenges continue to emerge as a result of the global health and economic crisis. Increased regulation, rent moratoriums, and a frozen economy have acted as catalysts resulting in increased market uncertainty.  Join IMN’s California Multifamily Webinar to see how leading Multifamily investors and operators are navigating these choppy west coast waters.

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      11:00 AM (Pacific Time)
      The California Apartment Economy & Identifying The Best Acquisition, Equity & Debt Financing Opportunities

      • • Impact of “granny flats and single family rentals
        • Northern vs. Southern Cal; LA vs. San Francisco
        • Rent levels trending down: Temporary blip or more permanent?
        • What happens when the eviction moratorium ends? What are some of the other recent regulatory actions that are starting to bite?
        • Impact of unemployment levels
        • The latest on affordable housing
        • Valuing senior and student housing
        • Where are the value-added and distressed opportunities?

        • Henry Manoucheri, Chairman & CEO (Universe Holdings)
        • Paul Julian, Principal (Advanced Real Estate Services, Inc.)
        • Bobby Khorshidi, President (Archway Capital)
        • Russell Appel, President (Praedium Group, LLC)

      11:40 AM (Pacific Time)
      Property Management & What Kind Of Smart Home Amenities Are California Apartment Dwellers & Landlords Looking For During This Coronavirus Pandemic

      • • Virtual tours: How effective are they?
        • Opening/closing amenities… What are you looking for?
        • No touch methods: What are available?
        • Tenant support and communication on rent and other issues
        • Maintenance technology needed
        • Is it a good time to outsource?
        • Locks, lock boxes, sensors and thermostats

        • Heather Wallace, Senior Vice President (Sares Regis Group)
        • Marshall Friday, Director of Sales (ADT Multifamily)
        • Lori Torres, CEO (Parcel Pending)
        • Jasmine Nazari, Partner, Chief Operating Officer (Urban Green Investments)

      Debt & Equity Financing

      • • What is agency financing looking like now?
        • Bridge, short term loans and transitional properties
        • What are the terms on the equity, mezz and preferred equity side?
        • What kind of situations are debt funds looking for?
        • What have been the workouts looking like?
        • Construction lending: Is the market still out there?
        • Value-added and rehab terms
        • What is available for smaller properties and landlords

      Government Assistance, Workouts, Rescue Capital & Recaps

      • • Government programs available to landlords and the consequences of using government funds
        • What have workout and forbearance discussions been looking like? What kind of fees are involved?
        • Dealing with a special servicer
        • What kind of terms are being offered on the rescue cap and recap sides?
        • You gotta know when to hold up, fold up walk away and run…

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  • Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
  • 11:00 AM

    Multifamily Market Series: California

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