29th Street Capital, Managing Principal
Alexander Forrest Investments, Asset Services Manager
Alexander Forrest Investments, Director of Acquisitions
Alliant Strategic Funds, Owner
Allstate Investments, Associate, Real Estate Equity
Alpha Capital CRE, Director
Altura Realty, Principal
AMG Realty Group, CFO
AndMark Properties, Executive Vice President
Angelo Gordon, Director
Ansonia Properties, Acquisitions Director
Ansonia Properties, Principal
Anthem Property Ventures, Acquisitions
Armitage Street, Principal
Arsenal Capital, Principal
ARTISAN Capital Group, Co-Founder & CEO
Avenue Living Communities, CEO
Avenue Living Communities, VP Origination, USA
Bakerson, Capital Manager
Bakerson, Project & Materials Manager
Bakerson, Acquisitions
Bakerson, Founder
Banner Real Estate Group, Vice President
Banner Real Estate Group, Director of Finance
Barings, Managing Director
Barings Real Estate, Central Region Asset Manager, Multifamily
Belgravia Group, Vice President
Belgravia Group, President/CEO
Bell Partners, Director Business Development
Bender Companies, Analyst
Bender Companies, Associate
Bender Companies, Founder & Principal
Bentall Kennedy, Associate, Transactions
BH Management, Director of Acquisitions
BHW Capital, Senior Principal
Black Creek Group, Real Estate Investment Strategist, Managing Director
Bozzuto, General Manager
Bozzuto Group, Regional Manager
Bozzuto Group, Vice President
Bozzuto Group, Senior Vice President
Bozzuto Management Company, Director of Client Services
Brass - Multifamily, President
Brookfall Group, CEO
CA Ventures, SVP- Investments
CA Ventures, VP Technology
Cagan Management Group, Cagan Management Group
Caliber Realty, Owner
Caliber Realty, Director
Calibrate Property Management, Managing Partner Midwest
Calibrate Property Management, Director of Marketing
Capital SMART, Principal
Capital Solutions, Partner
Capital Solutions, Partner
Casa Apartments, Managing Partner
CEDARst Companies, Director of Finance
CEDARst Companies, Senior Analyst
CEDARst Companies, Analyst
CEDARst Companies, Managing Partner
CEDARst Companies, Business Development
CIM Group, Managing Director
City Pads, Managing Principal
Clear Capital, Partner
CRE, Director of Private Equity
CrestMarc Residential, Principal
Crown Bay Group, Managing Partner
Cypress Communities, Partner
Dividend Capital, Real Estate Investment Strategist
Draper & Kramer, Executive Vice President
Draper and Kramer, Chief Financial Officer
Draper and Kramer, President & CEO
Draper and Kramer, Vice President, Investment Management
Draper and Kramer, Senior Vice President - Acquisitions & Development
Draper and Kramer, Asset Management & Acquisitions
Draper and Kramer, Chief Investment Officer
Draper and Kramer, Vice President
DVO Real Estate, President
Eastham Capital, Founder & Managing Director
Fides Capital Partners, Founder & Principal
Figtree OH, Managing Partner
First Insite Realty, Principal
FM Capital, SVP
Ganadhish Properties, Managing Partner
Gateway Companies, President/COO
Gemdale USA Corporation, Director of Finance
Golub & Company, Vice President, Acquisitions
Gray Capital, President / CEO
Gregorarz Group, Principal
Group Fox, SVP
GSH Group, Director of Acquisitions
GSH Group, Acquisitions
Harbert Management Corp., Director, US Real Estate
Harrington Brown, President
Hathaway Development, Partner | Director of Development
Heritage Capital Group, CIO / COO
Heschel Asset Management, Owner
Higher Point Investing, Principal
HKH Properties, Owner/Operator
Hunt Companies, Vice President
Inman Equities, Managing Member
Inter Continental Real Estate & Development Corp, SVP and Director Multifamily
James Management Group, President
JCR Capital, Director, Business Development
Jennings Realty, CEO
JMG Capital Investments, Investor Relations
JMG Capital Investments, 0
JMJ Residential, Chief Executive Officer
JUKAJARO/KISMET Asset Management, Managing Partner
KEO Properties, investor
Larson Capital Management, Director of Acquisitions and Investor Relations
Leeway Development, Principal
LEM Capital, Senior VP Investments
Lincoln Property Company, Senior Vice President
Lionchase Holdings, Managing Partner
LM Max Realty, Owner
LMC, City President - Chicago
Lone Star Capital Group, Principal
Luxury Living Chicago Realty, CEO/Founder
MACC Venture Partners, EVP, Member Principle
Magellan Investment Partners, Senior Financial Analyst
Magellan Investment Partners, Vice President of Acquisitions
Magellan Investment Partners, Vice President of Asset Management
Marquette Companies, CEO
McCaffery Interests, Vice President, Investments
McCaffery Interests, Senior Managing Director
mfOwn, President
MLA Properties, Managing Director
Monroe Residential Partners, Development Manager
MQ Ventures, Real Estate Investor
Nautilus Investments, Owner
Nelnet, Capital Markets
Next Realty, Director of Acquisitions
Nuveen Investments, Senior Director
NY Capital Development, President
Oddo Development, Executive Vice President
Old Three Hundred Capital, Principal
Olympic Property Partners, Principal
Origin Investments, Principal
Overbrook Properties, President & CEO
Oxford Capital Group, Chief Operating Officer
Pangea Properties, CFO
Pangea Properties, Director of Investments
Parkview Financial, CEO
Partners Group, Investment Manager, Private Real Estate
Partners Group, Managing Director, Co-Head Private Real Estate Americas
Partners Path, Senior Analyst
PassiveInvesting.com, Managing Partner
Pax Properties, President
Peak Capital Partners, Asset Manager
Pearlmark, Senior Vice President
Pender Capital, 0
Pensam Capital, Principal
Pensam Residential, Vice President of Acquisitions & Finance
Pioneer Acquisitions, Director of Acquisitions & Asset Management
PLK Communities, CFO
PLK Communities, VP of Operations
PMR Companies, Regional Vice President
Praedium Group, President
Prism Property Group, Director of Acquisitions
Randolph Street Realty Capital, Founding Partner
RDG Funds, Senior Development Associate
RDG Funds, Controller
RDG Funds, Partner
RDG Funds, Managing Partner
RDG Funds, Operations Specialist
Ready Capital Corporation, Managing Director
Realync, Co-founder & CEO
Redwood Capital Group, Associate
Redwood Capital Group, Managing Partner
Redwood Capital Group, Senior VP Asset Management
Related Companies, Associate
Related Companies, Vice President
Related Companies, Managing Director
RES3, Owner
Robbins Property Associates, Director of Acquisitions & Finance
Rubiano Commercial, Principal
Ruttenberg Gordon Investments, Associate
Ruttenberg Gordon Investments, Principal
Savoy R.E. Development, CEO
SAVvy Investments of IL, Owner
Schwartz Capital Group, Associate
Schwartz Capital Group, Vice President
Shalom Capital Partners, N/A
SIB Invest, CFO
SIB Invest, President
Smartland, CEO
Smartland, Executive Vice President
Smartland, Institutional Capital Raise
So-Oli, President
SouthWestern Property Corp., President
SouthWestern Property Corp., Vice President
Striker Partners, Partner
Structured Development, Founding Principal
Sunflower Development Group, Principal
Swift Properties, President
Syndicated Equities, Investments & Acquisitions
SZ Holdings, Director of Acquisitions
The Phoenix Group, President
The Whitmire Group, VP, Acquisitions
Tiberias Capital, Principal
Tigon Education, Co-Founder
Titanium Realty Group, Founder & CEO
Tricap Residential Group, Director of Project Management
Trion Properties, Managing Partner
Trion Properties, Director of Capital Markets
TVO Capital Management, Chairman and CEO
Tzadik Management, EVP
Umbach Financial, President
Value Partners, Managing Partner
VennPoint Real Estate, Vice President
Ventured Properties, Principal
Village Green, Area Director
Village Green, Assistant Vice President
Virtus, Real Estate Practice Leader
Waterton, Director of Marketing
Waypoint Residential, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions
Waypoint Residential, Senior Associate, Acquisitions
Waypoint Residential, Senior VP
Wilkinson Asset Management, Director of Business Development
Zeller Investment Corporation, President

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