Middle-Market Multifamily (Northwest)
Seattle, WA
June, 2021


IMN is delighted to announce the first edition of our Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Northwest), taking place June 2021 in Seattle, WA.

After establishing a successful series of events in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Santa Monica and Washington D.C. - with an average of over 500 registrants each - the Northwest conference will provide a platform for senior industry participants to gather critical insights necessary for making business decisions, nurture new and existing relationships, and execute deals.

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle next June!

Who Should Attend
  • Small & Mid-Sized Multifamily Owners/Developers
  • Debt & Equity Investors
  • Capital Providers & Lenders
  • Property Managers
  • Brokers
  • Law & Accounting Firms
  • Technology & Software Providers

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My Agenda

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    Preliminary Agenda

      The Latest Data: Is A Recession Looming? Where Is The Multifamily Economy Going?

        • Do you think that demand for rentals will slow down over the next 3-5 years?
        • What are you seeing in the build-to-rent market and single-family rental markets?
        • Do you believe the trends are sustainable? How will these trends impact the multifamily market?
        • What is your viewpoint on affordable housing? What regulatory issues need to be considered?
        • Performance of the non-institutional multifamily market
        • Democrats v. Republicans – what is the impact of politics and the presidential election?
        • What will an economic downturn mean to the apartment asset?

      Equity Sources, Structures & Preferences: Joint Ventures, Preferred Equity, Funds & Syndication

        • What are you seeing in the preferred space?
        • Raising non-US capital
        • When should you form a fund?
        • Debt v. equity – a comparison of risks
        • Assessing the syndication market
        • Fees and fee levels
        • Recent equity raises – how is the environment changing?

      Going From Class B/C to Luxury: Avoiding The Costly Mistakes When Stepping Up To The 200 Unit Institutional Building

        • What has the most impact on financing rates and terms?
        • How do you manage staff cost effectively?
        • What kind of multiples are different classes of buildings of this size selling at?
        • What are important factors surrounding the building age?
        • Are your parking garages full?
        • Common mistakes made on these buildings
        • Doing value-added deals with an institutional partner v. acting alone

      Performance of Small v. Large Apartment Complexes

        • Defining small multifamily and the market size
        • Cap rate and age v. larger multifamily
        • Small multifamily – a play on the affordable market?
        • Are small assets more recession-proof then larger ones?
        • What markets have a large amount of smaller assets?
        • Impact of financing and transaction costs
        • Cost of running a small property and the impact on overall performance

      Diversity & Inclusion in the Multifamily Industry

        • The challenges and methodologies to get all genders, sexual orientations and nationalities to partner and discuss the issues
        • New policy implementation issues
        • Mentor relations
        • Organizational change influence and transformation
        • Economic cycles and why Diversity and Inclusion is good for business
        • Leadership strategies for all
        • Which diversity and inclusion initiatives are making a meaningful impact?
        • Diversity in the hiring committee

      Multifamily Housing Tenant Liability & Risk

        • What are the methodologies for increasing returns and decreasing costs?
        • When and where do captives make sense
        • What kind of insurance gaps need to be filled?
        • Collecting, verifying and managing certificates
        • Consolidation with other functions

      Accepting Lower Yields v. Changing Your Strategy

        • Considering exit cap and rent growth
        • Impact of different interest rate scenarios
        • Rent growth impact and outlook
        • Market demand, liquidity and pool of buyers available
        • What are your equity expectations?
        • The decision matrix of different investment approaches and markets

      Buying Portfolios or Individual Buildings?

        • How quickly are you looking to scale up? Why?
        • Inspection and due diligence differences
        • What kind of analysis do you perform in-house? What do you outsource?
        • What do you do if you really do not like a small part of the portfolio?
        • Should you buy value-added in scale?
        • Portfolio v. individual property reserves
        • Due diligence considerations
        • Cost of time and money of looking at portfolios v. individual buildings

      Comparing Deal Structures & Debt Sources

        • Which sources are best for fix and flip v. build-to-rent?
        • Where can you use GSE financing? HUD?
        • What are securitized lenders looking for? What are local banks look for?
        • How important is financing use flexibility?
        • When is hard money the best solution?
        • Crowdfunding lender terms

      New Construction v. Value-Added: Where are the Risk Adjusted Returns?

        • How long do you plan on holding the property?
        • What market conditions may move the needle?
        • Capital risk and risk return
        • Return on cost and financing available
        • What kind of equity time frame do you have?
        • When is a tear down the best option?
        • Considering local and national economic conditions

      Multifamily Investments in a Mature Cycle with Rising Prices: Buy, Sell, Hold or Refinance?

        • How are current macroeconomic conditions impacting your business plan?
        • Are you paying more for cash flow? How much is too much?
        • When is it time to sell?
        • Are you taking advantage of the current low rates?
        • How are you managing risks?

      Institutional Capital: Investment & Partnership Strategies

        • Which markets are you planning to enter in the next few years?
        • Strategy for markets in an oversupply cycle
        • How are you approaching a deal today v. yesterday?
        • Working with opportunity zones
        • Performance incentives and strategic investments in partners
        • Putting out equity and debt – what are you looking for? What structures do you use?

      Acquisition Strategy & Growing Your Portfolio: Tons of Capital & a Scarcity of Opportunities

        • In today’s market, how are you differentiating yourself as a buyer?
        • What are the top local markets you are in? Looking at? Exiting?
        • In an environment where it has become tougher to find attractive deals, how are you changing investment terms for your investors?
        • Finding well priced value-added and cash flow opportunities
        • 24-hour market strategy
        • 2-4 family market – is there value?

      How Are You Preparing Your Portfolio to Sell at Maximum Value?

        • Strategically pruning your portfolio – what are the characteristics of homes you are looking to sell?
        • What kind of returns are available today?
        • If you are unable to sell at your price, what do you do?
        • Sell individually to retail and tenants v. portfolio sale
        • 1031 as a disposition option
        • What are your doing with the cash proceeds?

      Fewer than 50 Units: Acquisitions, Finance & Property Management

        • How liquid is this part of the market?  What are your financing options?
        • The 2-4 apartment market
        • Keeping management costs down while preventing small maintenance problems from becoming costly repairs
        • Tenant communications – what is your strategy?
        • What kind of unique complexities do these buildings have?
        • Making it work in an environment of mixed incomes
        • What kind of amenities work here compared to larger buildings?

      Alternative Residential Rentals: Short-Term Rental, Co-Living & Beyond

        • Student v. senior housing – which part of the age spectrum do you like?
        • Mobile homes and trailer parks
        • Workforce housing and lower income investing
        • Single family rental investment – will growth continue?
        • Raw land for development as an asset class – what kind of returns can we expected?
        • Military housing-on v. off-base housing
        • What is the future of Airbnb?

      Emerging & Gentrifying Areas: What Macroeconomic Factors are Top of Mind?

        • How are you dealing with rent control? Emerging political issues and other new regulations? Resident pushback?
        • Building a neighborhood – what is your strategy?
        • Affordable v. market rate – where is the better opportunity?
        • What sort of ownership structure/operating structure do you prefer?
        • What type of public infrastructure/public private partnerships are essential for emerging neighborhoods and submarkets?
        • Target demographic

      Opportunity Zones: Is the Opportunity Still There?

        • Are prices a premium when you buy into opportunity zones?
        • How are you managing the risks?
        • Do you invest more in construction than your land basis to qualify for the OZ program?
        • Fees you can get v. more traditional investments
        • Should you set up as a fund? Opportunity zone funds v. Opportunity funds
        • Primary v. secondary markets
        • Navigating the legal and regulatory complexities

      Joint Ventures: Deal Terms & Waterfall Options

        • What do you take the lead on? What does your partner do?
        • Negotiations, documentation and legal considerations
        • Financial v. operational partner ownership splits
        • Fund v. joint venture
        • Construction joint ventures
        • Programmatic v. one-off joint ventures

      Increasing Property Management & Maintenance Expense NOI: ROI Using Best Practices & Benchmarks

        • What was the last expense that you trimmed? What will you keep that others are cutting?
        • What are best in class utility cost saving strategies?
        • Maintenance – pay now or later?
        • Controlling rehab and value-add construction expenses
        • The latest tax savings strategies
        • Minimizing turnover expense

      The Future of Multifamily & Real Estate Technology

        • Leasing automation with tools that make touring more efficient
        • What type of technology do you put in an A/B v. C/D building?
        • Defining smart home systems
        • What do you expect from real estate technology in the next 5 years? How will you prepare in 2020?
        • Broader technology trends to pay attention to that will impact apartments
        • Front office technology – what have you added recently?

      Third Party Management v. Taking Management In-House

        • What have you brought in-house recently? Outsourced?
        • New market strategy
        • Smaller v. larger building strategy
        • How many doors do you need in a region for in-house management to make sense? Are there differences for different functions?
        • When should you create your own management firm?
        • Do your lenders care about whom you outsource to?

      Multifamily Owner/Private Equity Shark Tank JV Financing Panel

      • Finding new financing partners is critical and, in this session, sellers will pitch two apartment deals to potential financiers followed by a question and answer period for each of the transactions


Contact Us


  • Conference Venue
  • Hyatt at Olive 8

    1635 8th Ave
    Seattle, WA, 98101

    Additional Info:

    Please use the link above to make a reservation in our group room block, pending availability, until our cutoff date of Tuesday, May 26.    IMPORTANT NOTE: IMN has not retained a third party booking company to assist with reservations.  If you are interested in making a reservation at the hotel you must make your reservation using the link above.

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