Middle-Market Multifamily (Southwest)
Dallas, TX
March 3 - 4, 2020


The second edition of IMN's Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Southwest) returns to Dallas, TX on March 3-4, 2020!

Now a fixture on the calendar for owners, developers and management groups who operate small and mid-sized multifamily properties, IMN's series of Middle-Market Multifamily Forums delivers an unparalleled combination of cutting-edge content and strong business development opportunities.

Over 350 delegates – including approximately 200 owner/operators – will walk away from the conference with fresh new insights on financing, acquisition and deal structures, as well as with new connections and business contacts.

Praised largely for its boost to deal flow, the conference boasts nearly unlimited opportunity for attendees to meet and mingle. In addition to 5+ hours of dedicated networking time during the event, delegates can connect with one another leading up to the conference and for up to a year afterwards on our online networking platform.

We look forward to welcoming you at this must-attend gathering March 3-4 in Dallas, TX.

Who Should Attend
  • Multifamily Owners, Operators & Developers
  • Property Management Firms
  • Capital Providers
  • Equity Investors
  • Brokers
  • Vendors
  • Service Providers

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    Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

      7:15 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Pre-Conference Session

      7:40 AM
      How Cost Segregation Can Improve Cash Flow for Middle Market Multifamily Owners

      • (open to all attendees) • Tax vs. engineering approaches
        • How do you identify and determine the value of eligible assets?
        • The latest IRS depreciation guidelines changes
        • Which property expenditures need to be re-classified?
        • What is the statute of limitations when recovering missed depreciation opportunities in the past?
        • Applications for syndicators 
        • Local issues to be aware of

        • Brian Bigham, VP of Business Development (Madison SPECS)

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Main Conference

      8:30 AM
      The Latest Data: Is A Recession Looming? Where Is The Multifamily Economy Going?

      • • Do you think that demand for rentals will slow down over the next 3-5 years?
        • What are you seeing in the build to rent market and single family rental markets? Do you believe the trends are sustainable? How will these trends impact the multifamily market?
        • With all the attention on affordable housing can you afford not to invest in? And what about all the regulatory stuff?
        • Performance of the non-institutional multifamily market
        • Debt vs. equity: Which one do you recommend in this environment?
        • Democrats vs. Republicans: Impact of politics and the Presidential election
        • What will an economic downturn mean to the apartment asset?
        • Local economy outlook

        • Jeremy Edmiston, SVP (Pinnacle)
        • Brian Bailey, Subject Matter Expert, CRE (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Todd Franks, Executive Managing Director (Greystone | Investment Sales Group)
        • Thomas Errath, Senior Vice President-Strategy and Research (Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC)
        • Chris Finlay, CEO & Chairman (Lloyd Jones, LLC)

      9:15 AM
      Debt: How Are Terms Changing?

      • • Where you are underwriting?
        • Funds vs. lenders: Comparing terms and structures
        • Short- vs. longer-term products
        • Complex transactions
        • Small balance lending
        • Evaluating the risk of debt today
        • Leverage available
        • Have you been expanding your non-institutional financing efforts?
        • Freddie & Fannie products
        • Bridge, construction and other transitional financing
        • Loan docs & deal negotiations: What’s on the table
        • Fixed vs. floating?

        • Vic Clark, Senior Managing Director (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • Joakim Mortensen, Chief Client Officer (CoreVest)
        • Tony Spaeth, Managing Director (Greystone Servicing Corporation, Inc)
        • David Cohen, Managing Director (Ready Capital Corporation)
        • Adam Gottfried, Vice President - CRE (Roc Capital)
        • Kevin Shane, Executive Vice President, Capital Markets (Sharestates)
        • David Heiden, Managing Partner (W Financial)

      10:10 AM
      Networking Break

      Track A 11:00 AM
      Multifamily Investments in a Mature Cycle with Rising Prices: Are You Buying, Selling, Holding or Refinancing

      • • How are current macroeconomic conditions impacting your business plan?
        • Doing value-added: How are you getting the numbers to pencil?
        • Are you paying more for cash flow? How much is too much?
        • When is it time to sell?
        • Cap rates and returns: How far from your numbers will you stray?
        • Are you taking advantage of the current low rates?
        • What are your doing with the proceeds from your refi?

        • Tim Homrich, Managing Director (River Oak Risk, LLC)
        • Steven Kollar, Managing Principal (Cash Flow Properties/ROIturnkeypropertie)
        • Jeff Weller, Managing Principal (Lion Real Estate Group, LLC)
        • Jon Krebbs, Managing Partner (The Multifamily Group)
        • Ashley Hayden, Principal (Hayden Properties)
        • Douglas Burt, VP of Acquisitons - Texas (29th Street Capital)

      Track B 11:00 AM
      Less than 50 Units: Acquisitions, Finance & Property Management

      • • How liquid is this part of the market?
        • Financing options out there
        • The 2-4 apartment market
        • Keeping management costs down while preventing small maintenance problems from becoming costly repairs
        • Tenant communications: What is your strategy?
        • What kind of unique complexities do these buildings have?
        • Making it work in an environment of mixed incomes
        • What kind of amenities work vs. larger buildings?

        • Andrew Shook, Head of Commercial Lending (Lima One Capital)
        • Colin Cross, Director (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • John Ward, CEO (Turnstone Capital Management)
        • Nizan Mosery, CEO (Cornerstone Investment Partners)
        • Adam Whitmire, Fund Manager (Arabella Capital)

      Track A 11:45 AM
      Equity Sources, Structures & Preferences: Joint Ventures, Preferred Equity, Funds & Syndication

      • • What are you seeing in the preferred space?
        • Raising non-US capital
        • When should you form a fund?
        • Debt vs. equity: A comparison of risks
        • Self-directed IRA market
        • Assessing the syndication market
        • Construction equity deal terms
        • Fees and fee levels
        • Recent equity raises: What’s the environment like out there?

        • Andrew Lucas, Director of Capital Markets (Trion Properties)
        • Kyle Goldman, Vice President (CFH Investment Partners)
        • Irwin Boris, CIO / COO (Heritage Capital Group)
        • Bruce Fraser, Managing Partner (Elkhorn Capital Partners)
        • Chris Harris, Senior Vice President - Capital Markets (Walker & Dunlop)
        • Charles Williams, Managing Member (Pioneer Realty Capital)

      Track B 11:45 AM
      New Construction vs. Value-Added: Where Are The Risk Adjusted Returns?

      • • How long do you plan on holding the property?
        • Market conditions that might move the needle
        • Capital risk and risk return
        • Time frame considerations
        • Return on cost and financing available
        • What kind of equity time frame do you have?
        • When is a tear down the best option?
        • Considering local and national economic conditions Moderator: Ricardo Rubiano, Principal Rubiano Commercial;
        New Construction: Jeff Rosenfeld, Executive Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer Adivo Construction; Lane Beene, Managing Partner Pilot And Legacy Opportunity Fund, LLC;
        Value-Added: David Levin, Principal, Chief Investment Officer Magellan Investment Partners; Tal  Zemer, COO Turnaround Solutions LP

        • Ricardo Rubiano, Principal (Rubiano Commercial)
        • Jeff Rosenfeld, EVP Chief Business Development Officer (Adivo Construction)
        • Lane Beene, Principal (Pilot Legacy Equity Group)
        • David Levin, Principal, Chief Investment Officer (Magellan Investment Partners)
        • Tal Zemer, COO (Turnaround Solutions LP)

      Track A 12:30 PM
      How Are You Preparing Your Portfolio To Sell At Maximum Value?

      • • Strategically pruning your portfolio-What are the characteristics of homes you are looking to sell?
        • What kind of returns are available today?
        • If you can’t get your price what do you do?
        • Sell individually to retail and tenants vs. portfolio sale
        • So many portals, so little time: How can you choose?
        • Have you used i-buyers to dispose of any asset?
        • NOI of disposed or, to be disposed assets
        • 1031 as a disposition option
        • What are your doing with the cash proceeds?

        • JJ Mueller, Principal (Homerock, LLC)
        • Mark Allen, Executive Director (Greystone | Investment Sales Group)
        • Paul Yazbeck, Managing Partner (The Multifamily Group)
        • Jeff Rosenfeld, EVP Chief Business Development Officer (Adivo Construction)
        • Ben Suttles, Co-Founder (Disrupt Equity )

      Track B 12:30 PM
      Third Party Management vs. Taking Management In-House

      • • What have you brought in-house recently?  Outsourced?
        • New market strategy
        • Smaller vs. larger building strategy
        • How many doors do you need in a region for in-house management to make sense? Are there differences for different functions?
        • Software that allows outsourcing
        • When to create your own management firm
        • Do your lenders care about whom you outsource to?

        • Mike Ballard, Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • Hugh Cobb, Partner (Alpha Barnes Real Estate Services)
        • Lani Porter, EVP and Managing Director (CALCAP Properties)
        • Ramana Korada, Principal (Raven Multifamily)
        • Darcy Bixby, Regional Director (Westdale Asset Management)

      1:10 PM

      • Optional Luncheon Roundtable (please sign up at registration)

      2:15 PM
      Institutional Capital: Investment & Partnership Strategies

      • • What are the new markets across the country that you are planning to invest in over the next few years?
        • Strategy for markets in an oversupply cycle
        • How are you approaching a deal today vs. yesterday?
        • Working with opportunity zones
        • Performance incentives and strategic investments in partners
        • Putting out equity and debt: What are you looking for? What structures do you use?

        • Rick Firmine, Principal (Argosy Real Estate Partners)
        • Carlos Burneo, Senior Director (Nuveen Real Estate)
        • Robbie Rodriguez, Director (Abacus Capital Group)
        • Ronald Muzii, Managing Director (Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC)
        • Jim Duey, VP Acqusitions (Milestone)

      3:00 PM
      Acquisition Strategy & Growing Your Portfolio In Today’s Market With Tons Of Capital & A Scarcity Of Opportunities

      • • Differentiating yourself as a buyer
        • What are the top local markets you are in? Looking at? Exiting?
        • In an environment where it has become tougher to find attractive deals, how are you changing investment terms for your investors
        • Finding fairly-priced value-added and cash flow opportunities
        • 1031 strategies: The acquisition part
        • 24-hour market strategy
        • Where are their more opportunities?
        • 2-4 family market: Is there value?

        • Jill Homan, President (Javelin 19)
        • Jonathan Zilber, Senior Vice President (Meridian Capital Group)
        • Desirée Patno, CEO & President (NAWRB)
        • Sterling Anderson, President & CEO (Sterling Capital Investments)
        • John Ward, CEO (Turnstone Capital Management)
        • Navish Chawla, Head of Acquisitions (Willton Investment Management)

      3:45 PM
      Networking Break

      4:10 PM
      How Are You Zigging While Others Are Zagging?

      • • What are you doing on the construction and rehab side?
        • Off-market deals and finding hard to find properties
        • How and where are you finding value where others aren’t?
        • Tenant-facing out of the box successes
        • View on the economy and financing
        • This isn’t the time for condo conversions…Is it?
        • Considering seller financing?
        • Alternative power sources

        • Collin Chlebak, Real Estate Practice Leader (Virtus)
        • Martin Bronstein, Senior Principal (BHW Capital)
        • Benjamin Inman, Managing Member (Inman Equities)
        • Daniel Jaramillo, CEO (Strategic Properties)
        • Byron Griffith, Senior Advisor (Greystone)

      4:55 PM
      A,B,C,D: Evaluating The Relative Value Of The Markets You Are Investing In

      • • Past vs. future growth expectations
        • Are millennials really starting to move to the suburbs?
        • Role of transit
        • The inner vs. outer suburban ring
        • What are the characteristics of a market where you can you still get sustainable rent growth?
        • With all the class “A” urban supply coming onto the market is there already an over-supply?
        • Chasing yield: What is the best strategy?

        • Chris Nebenzahl, Institutional Research Manager (Yardi Matrix)
        • Jared Zeisler, Partner (Capital Solutions, Inc.)
        • Aaron Amuchastegui, Manager (Homerock, LLC)
        • Jesse Shemesh, Portfolio Manager (Point Acquistions LLC)
        • Kelly Blaskowsky, Senior Vice President of Operations (Roscoe Properties)

      5:40 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:40 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

      7:50 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Closed Door Attendees

      8:10 AM
      Growth Strategies & Getting Bigger

      • How are your dealing with new, local regulations; How are you managing increasingly scattered sites of smaller multifamily?  What are some of the different ways are you sourcing supply? Are you considering insourcing? Outsourcing? These and your pressing questions are some of the themes we will discuss in this interactive forum.

        • John Barker, Founding Principal (180 Multifamily Properties)
        • Darin Munson, President (The Phoenix Group)

      8:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for All Attendees

      9:00 AM
      Low Income Politics vs. Luxury Oversupply: Where Are You Putting Your Money?

      • According to everything you are hearing out there, there is too much luxury apartment supply. In an environment of high cap rates and compressed returns It seems like there are real opportunities in the workforce and low-income housing areas… Are you ready to make the switch?   

        • Josh Mandell, President/COO (Gateway Companies)
        • Timothy Barton, Chief Executive Officer (JMJ Development, LLC)
        • Mark Drumm, Managing Director (Regent Park Advisors)
        • Matt Shafiezadeh, Principal (Urban Genesis)
        • Eddie Lorin, Owner (Alliant Strategic Funds)

      9:45 AM
      Real Estate Technology: The Latest Bells and Whistles With The Highest ROI

      • • Leasing automation with tools that make touring more efficient
        • Technology as a driver of performance
        • What type of technology do you put in a A/B vs. C/D building?
        • Defining smart home systems
        • 2025: What to expect from real estate technology: How should you prepare for 2020? 
        • Broader tech trends to pay attention to that will impact apartments
        • Front office technology: What have you added recently?
        • What can you learn from your data?

        • Stephanie Koenig, Chief of Staff & Head of Investor Relations (Moderne Ventures)
        • Marshall Friday, Director of Multifamily Sales (ADT Security Services)
        • Demetrios Barnes, Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)
        • Chris Brooks, Director of Sales (Vector Secuirty)

      10:30 AM
      Stepping Up Your Class B/C Buildings: Value-Added Investments & Rehab

      • • With Fannie/Freddie tightening the restrictions on cash out refis/supplementals, how has this impacted the value-add approach for owners and lenders?
        • How do local tenant buyout restrictions impact your strategy?
        • Tenant retention strategies
        • Using green facilities or products
        • The heavy rehab  
        • Latest strategies to minimize expenses
        • Financing the acquisition and rehab
        • Determining rent

        • Sean Ribble, Head of Business Development (Greenworks Lending)
        • Alex Bagne, President (ICS)
        • John Azar, EVP, Member Principle (MACC Venture Partners, LLC)
        • Steven Kachanian, Managing Principal (Klosed Properties)
        • Doug Esteves, Private Construction Lender (Parkview Financial)

      11:15 AM
      Networking Break

      11:30 AM
      Acquisition Shark Tank

      • This panel will feature 2 multifamily deals pitched to these potential buyers followed by a question and answer period for each of the transactions
        Tank Leader: Bruce Wuollet, Founder Bakerson, LLC
        The Buyers:   Will evaluate their interest in the below projects, deal structure and how much they would pay
        Greg Cason, Principal CrestMarc Residential
        David Weisfeld, Principal Albatross Partners
        Ryan Johnson, Assistant Vice President – Investments Laramar Group
        Shane Lee, Vice President Peak Capital Partners
        The Sellers: Will present portfolios or individual buildings for sale
        Martin Bronstein, Managing Principal BHW Capital 
        George Vallone, President The Hoboken Brownstone Comapny 

        • Bruce Wuollet, Founder (Bakerson, LLC)
        • Greg Cason, Principal (CrestMarc Residential)
        • David Weisfeld, Principal (Albatross Properties)
        • Shane Lee, Vice President (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Ryan Johnson, Assistant Vice President of Investments (Laramar)
        • Martin Bronstein, Senior Principal (BHW Capital)
        • George Vallone, President (The Hoboken Brownstone Company)

      12:15 PM
      Accepting Lower Yields vs. Changing Your Strategy?

      • • Considering exit cap and rent growth
        • Impact of different interest rate scenarios
        • Treasury/Cap rate/Agency relationship
        • Rent growth impact and outlook
        • Market demand, liquidity and pool of buyers available
        • What are your LP equity expectations?
        • The decision matrix of different investment approaches and markets

        • Chris Nebenzahl, Institutional Research Manager (Yardi Matrix)
        • Brett Duke, Chief Operating Officer (Atlantic Pacific Real Estate Group)
        • Richard Fishman, President (Valcap Group)
        • Elliott White, Acquisitions & Dispositions (Weston Associates)
        • Chihiro Kurokawa, Founder/Managing Partner (BlackRiver Equity Partners)

      1:00 PM
      The 2nd Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Southwest) Concludes



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