Michael Soliz Jr, President, 1 Oak Advisory
Jan Duke, Chief Operating Officer, a360inc.
Kenneth Daniel, President, AHP Servicing
Fred Moskowitz, VP, Allied Note Investors
Deepta Hiremath, CEO, Allied Note Investors LLC
Abby Shemesh, CEO, Amerinote Xchange
James Dooley, President, AMIP Management
David Gordon, Managing Director, ARC
Paul Birkett, Managing Member, Automation Holdings LLC
John Dunnery, VP Government Loan Servicing, Bayview Loan Servicing
Ivan Halpern, Senior Vice President, CAMG Ventures, LLC
Ron Friedman, Managing Director, CAMG Ventures, LLC
Nathan Turner, President, Earnest Inc
Chad Urbshott, Managing Director, Equigrowth Capital Inc
Domonic Purviance, Senior Financial Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Marshall Sklar, Co-Founder, Florida's Best Realty Services, LLC
Dan Deppen, Fusion Notes, LLC
Martin Granoff, President, Granoff Enterprises
Mark Benyas, Director of Acquisitions, GSH Group
Sherman Arnowitz, President & CEO, Keyhole Financial Services
Chase Scott, Head of Servicing, LendingHome
Jack McCabe, CEO, McCabe Research and Consulting
Robert Napolitano, CEO & Founder, Napolitano Family Venture Capital
Scott Schmitz, Vice President, Northstar Investment Group
Martin Saenz, VP, Note Investing Made Easier
David Prentice, Park Street Group
Christopher Sayler, Managing Director, Pikes Peak Capital Holdings
Wayne Snell, Managing Director, Platinum Ventures
Alex Goldovsky, Founder & CEO, ProTitleUSA
Chaz Guinn, President, Revolve Capital Group
Stan Scott, Manager, RS Capital Solutions, LLC
Gerald Lemoine, President, The Lemoine Group, Inc.
April Stone, Attorney - Bankruptcy, Tromberg Law Group , P.A.
Jeff Freud, Managing Director, United Asset Management, LLC

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