NPL Notes & Default Servicing Forum
Dana Point, CA
October 29 - 30, 2020


IMN is excited to announce its 5th Annual NPL, Notes & Default Servicing Forum (West) is returning to Dana Point, CA this October 29-30. Last year's West Coast Forum welcomed 400+ Institutional NPL & Note buyers and service provider participants as well as 20+ exhibitors/sponsors. 

The program once again will feature Large Institutional Buyers, Mid-Sized Funds and Smaller private buyers, with scheduled networking activities to meet your educational and networking needs.

We look forward to seeing you in Dana Point in October!

Who Should Attend
  • Accounting
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics
  • Property Auction
  • Property Broker
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

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My Agenda

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    Preliminary Agenda

      The Future of the NPL Market – Preparing for Downturn

        • The market is evolving, and inventory has become increasingly limited; how are note buyers preparing for the market bubble to burst?  When the market turns, where will note buyers find more opportunities?
        • What are the key factors driving default rates in today’s market?  What can we expect to change?
        • How can we expect the residential note & NPL mortgage market to change in the next twelve to eighteen months?
        • Where are note buyers seeing supply and demand?
        • Current market liquidation – what are you seeing here?
        • How are national housing policy issues affecting the way you do business?

      Lessons from the Largest Institutional Players

        • Where do you see the market moving in the second half of 2020?  In the next three to five years?
        • Is the current political climate impacting the way in which you invest?
        • How do the economic state and interest rates influence your overall strategy?
        • What is your non-performing loan and re-performing loan buying strategy?
        • What is your perspective on the securitization of notes?
        • What are best practices in due diligence and risk management?

      Best in Class Workouts, Modifications & Legal Recovery

        • How do you move forward when the borrower declares bankruptcy?
        • When should you put a property in foreclosure?
        • What non-foreclosure options would you consider? Deed-in-lieu, threatening foreclosure, leasebacks, forbearance agreements?
        • Have you been successful in managing occupied pre-foreclosure properties versus vacant properties?  If so, what worked well?
        • Which is the cleanest process – settlements, mediations, or loss mitigation hearings?

      Firsts v. Seconds – What is in Your Portfolio?

        • Do you buy firsts, seconds, or both?  When and how do you choose one versus the other?
        • What is your appetite for risk? How does that determine the pricing and yield that your organization is looking for?
        • Non-performing, performing, re-performing firsts and seconds – where are flows going?
        • What regulatory considerations are affecting your decisions?
        • What red flags have you encountered in the due diligence stage?

      In-House v. Outsourcing Management

        • What are strategic considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to outsource or keep management in-house?
        • What functions have you kept in-house?  Outsourced?
        • How have you evaluated the time and resources saved by choosing to outsource?  How have you evaluated the affect outsourcing has on your bottom line?
        • What are best practices in managing outsourced functions?  How much time have you allocated to managing them?
        • What onboarding strategies have you found successful?
        • Which internal functions are crucial to manage internally?

      Opportunities and Risks Associated with Distressed Product?

        • Following natural disasters or something of the like, when would you choose to dive into that market?
        • What are your sources of acquisitions?
        • How do you determine appropriate pricing?  Can you still make a profit?
        • Which factors indicate that a neighborhood is soon to rebound?  How does your organization perform due diligence on the distressed area?
        • How can you leverage relationships with not-for-profits to be successful in this space?
        • Have you found success in the government channel?

      Branding Your Organization

        • How are you strategically aligning your values or culture to build an organizational brand?
        • How can branding be utilized as more than simply a marketing tool?
        • In the NPL market, how are firms differentiating themselves?
        • Does your organization’s brand inform your investment decisions and general business procedures?  If so, how?
        • For organizations just beginning a branding or rebranding initiative, what are the key factors to consider?
        • How do you distinguish between online versus offline engagements?
        • What is the best way to implement a system with measurable deliverables (i.e. lead to prospect to client to revenue)?

      Acquisitions From Government & Alternative Sources

        • With decreasing inventory, how have your acquisition standards and practices evolved?
        • Where are you finding desirable discounts?
        • Acquiring firsts v. seconds, domestic v. international, commercial v. residential – where are the opportunities?
        • What are your best practices in compliance and due diligence?  Has your process changed?
        • How does time, capital, desired yield, and exit potential dictate pricing?

      Managing Servicers, Subservices, Asset Managers, & Note Owners Relationships

        • What regulations should you pay attention to when speaking with a buyer?
        • In what kind of situations are services taxed above their bandwidth?
        • What are key considerations to keep in mind when choosing to work with someone?
        • How will the next market downturn affect these relationships?
        • What are the most important items that note buyers should be aware of in terms of servicing transfers?

      Equity & Debt Financing

        • Where do you get your equity from?  Debt?
        • Have you considered using partials to finance an additional paper?
        • What are the benefits and drawbacks for note buyers in crowdfunding and other alternative funding sources?
        • What is available in the market for larger versus smaller players in the space?
        • HELOCs, bridge financing, letters of credit, repo – when do you use these methods?  Where have you found success?

      The Changing Regulatory Environment

        • What changes have been made by congress and state governments?  How have these changes impacted note buyers, bank workout, and default servicers?
        • What are the legal issues facing long term delinquencies?
        • What should investors know about notes and opportunity zones?
        • Which lending space regulations are affecting the way you do business?
        • Should note buyers expect further changes to the regulatory landscape from the federal government?

      Evaluating Exit Strategies to Mitigate Risk

        • When preparing your portfolio to sell, how can you ensure that you have no kick outs?
        • How do you evaluate and determine pricing?  What factors are the most important to consider?
        • What are buyers looking for in their due diligence process?  How can sellers best prepare themselves?
        • What is your perspective on retrades?
        • How has technology and automation changed in the exit process?

      Cure Methodologies for Problematic Loans

        • How are you evaluating time, effort, and cost associated with curing a problematic loan?  When do you choose to move forward, and when do you walk away?
        • What are foreclosure issues that are often overlooked?
        • How do you manage fraud-related issues?  Where have you found solutions?
        • What kind of returns can you expect on a sale?
        • Where should investors outsource efforts, and what should they manage themselves?

      Property Rehabilitation & Preservation

        • What is the key to protecting and maintaining assets?
        • Have software and technology changed the way in which you rehabilitate properties?
        • What is your goal when rehabilitating a property?
        • What regulatory requirements should you be aware of?
        • How have quality control procedures changed? 

      Best in Class Default Servicing Foreclosures

        • What are best practices in property maintenance?
        • What challenges have you faced with Homeowners Associations?  Where have you found success overcoming those challenges?
        • In the event of a foreclosure, how have you successfully dealt with appeals?
        • What policy changes have affected the way you do business?
        • Are there different strategies that you implement during the foreclosure process?  How do you determine which strategy to employ?


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