NPLs, Notes & Default Servicing
Palm Beach, FL
March 14 - 15, 2022


IMN is excited to take its NPLs, Notes & Default Servicing Forum to Palm Beach, Florida this March! Now in its fifth year on the East coast, we look forward to welcoming back large institutional buyers, mid-sized funds and smaller private note buyers to discuss market trends, securitizations, moratoriums, the effects of inflation on the market, how to leverage technology to grow your business and new challenges in NPL management. 
Expert panelists will also explore how investors can capitalize on a vibrant market for mortgages that have been affected by the pandemic, how to scale your portfolio, and winning strategies to hedge and mitigate risk.  

Of course, the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.

Featuring the timely educational takeaways and variety of tailored networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from IMN, we hope you will join us in Florida on March 14 – 15. Be sure to bookmark this website to stay updated as more information becomes available.

Who Should Attend
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics, Auctions and Brokers
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

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    Monday, March 14th, 2022

      The State of the NPL Market: Where is the Market Headed?

        • How are investors preparing for a surge in NPLs as the federal foreclosure moratorium has ended?
        • What are the current criteria for qualifying a loan as NPL?
        • How judicial v. non-judicial state foreclosure requirements are impacting timelines
        • Where is the market?  Recovery, hyper-supply, growth, recession?  Is inflation impacting the market?
        • What demographic changes have impacted the market post Covid-19?
        • Supply and demand factors to be aware of
        • Will we see a wave of hotel NPLs coming in 2022?
        • What does current market liquidity look like?
        • Where are the economy, treasury and interest rates going?
        • Post-Covid:  Foreclosures and evictions no longer go hand in hand

      Note Buyers and Owners: Navigating the Moratorium

        • Without the legal backstop of foreclosure how have you navigated the current landscape?
        • What is current availability like?
        • With the courts backed up, what’s happening with evictions?
        • Navigating obstacles on a state by state and county by county level
        • How is the current landscape impacting your timelines?
        • Why are lenders holding back defaulted products? What’s going to happen to this inventory?
        • Best practices for expediting the process
        • Staying productive:  Cleaning collateral documents and moving existing files forward
        • What is your strategy in such an uncertain time?

      Note Buyers:  Riding the Wave of New Supply from Lenders

        • What are current lender criteria for moving from workout to NPL?
        • Why are lenders offloading to NPL status before REO?
        • Will the wave be as big as everyone is expecting?
        • What economic factors are driving this new supply?
        • What will this supply do to pricing? Important pricing factors to consider
        • Opportunities in Commercial vs. residential; U.S. vs. international; mortgage vs. non-mortgage commercial
        • Alternative note asset classes:  C&I loans, hotel loans, buying sewer and HOA liens to control the property

      State of The Home Market: How High Can Prices Go?   

        • Exploring the impact of the housing boom and lower mortgage interest rates
        • How are rising home prices impacting your note strategy?
        • Are you getting out-bid by larger institutional investors?
        • Should you prepare for a potential crash?
        • Will prices continue to rise?  Level out? Why are prices so high?
        • The effect on your bids?
        • Has the housing boom changed your pricing models?
        • Impacts on valuations

      Foreclosures, Evictions and Real Estate Owned (REO)

        • Exploring current foreclosure timelines
        • The current state of evictions
        • Judicial vs. non-judicial states
        • What happens after REO?
        • How do you navigate labor shortages and increased labor costs, and do you rehab or sell as is?
        • Disposition strategies:  Do you sell in bulk?
        • Does the location dictate the strategy?
        • Transforming REOs to notes and lending to institutional REO buyers

      Capitalizing on the Red-Hot Reperforming Loan Market


        • What type of reperforming loans is the market seeing?
        • Who’s buying?  Who’s selling?  At what pricing?
        • Exploring ROI: How to maximize the value of a reperformer
        • Assessing risk:  Understanding the relationship between the borrower and the special servicer
        • Keys to creating a successful portfolio of reperforming loans
        • Knowing the unique relationship of the loan, the borrower and the property
        • If you own a reperforming note, how is it serviced?
        • What is driving the positive performance?
        • How is the increase in reperforming loan prepayments impacting the market?

      Bank Workout Officer Plenary: What are Your Sell Criteria?

        • What are bank originators selling?
        • Coming out of Covid, has your workout strategy changed?
        • What are your current criteria for qualifying a loan as NPL?
        • What are your pricing expectations?
        • Short- and long-term predictions

      Risk vs. Reward: Is the NPL Market Getting Riskier?

        • What is an acceptable level of risk?  Risk vs. return goals
        • Is the reward worth the increased risk?
        • Strategies for hedging your risk
        • Are inflation concerns factoring into risk assessment?
        • The use of third-party diligence providers
        • Managing risk exposure on a loan, entity and industry level
        • Firsts vs. seconds; owner occupied vs. rentals; loans vs. seller finance: What are the unique risks associated with each?  
        • Due diligence in distressed areas: Indications that a neighborhood will soon rebound
        • Evaluating risk with not-for-profits or government channels
        • Building disaster preparedness into your risk assessment

      Closed Door Note Buyers Session: Building and Scaling Your Portfolio

        • Balancing cash flow between funding deals vs. getting more deals
        • Where to find more capital to fund your deals
        • How to successfully manage a fast, smart expansion
        • What is the impact of getting the due diligence wrong?
        • The importance of evaluating litigated files for unenforceability, fatal liens and title issues
        • What should be outsourced?
        • Securitizations
        • Second lien and partial tail investments
        • Joint ventures and co-bidding
        • Buying Strategies: “Buy to Hold” vs. "Buy-Reperform-Resell” vs. “Real Estate Owned (REO)”

      The State of Payments:  What are Servicers Seeing Now that Free Money has Ended?

        • Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic did servicers see the default levels they expected?
        • Are servicers expecting to see more defaults now that Government programs have ended?
        • Will we see a rise in servicer costs?
        • How did servicers navigate the pandemic?
        • Will more borrowers be put into post-forbearance workouts?
        • What’s the outlook for foreclosures?
        • How are servicers handling abandoned properties or unresponsive borrowers?

      Managing the Relationship between Servicers, Subservices, Asset Managements and Note Owners

        • Key considerations when evaluating a servicer
        • Reducing attorney’s fees and the costs associated with default litigation
        • How to get modifications in a timely and efficient manner
        • What should note buyers be aware of in terms of servicing transfers?
        • The importance of vendor audits
        • Regulatory changes:  How have these changes impacted note buyers, bank workouts, and default servicers?
        • Servicing valuations
        • Working through title issues and dealing with aggressive association estoppel demands
        • Managing risk exposure on a loan, entity and industry level
        • Macro issues in the servicing industry
        • Best practices for notes buyers

      Securitizations in the NPL Market:  From Underwriting to Investment

        • As the federal foreclosure moratorium has ended and NPLs are likely to surge, will we see an increase in securitizations?
        • Creating them and breaking them down
        • Understanding the impacts of more transparent regulation
        • Headline risk: Will banks look to remove NPLs in large amounts through securitizations?
        • The role of special servicers
        • Understanding the impacts of amended capital requirements for NPL securitization
        • What are the opportunities for investors? Why are we seeing higher competition?
        • Exploring primary, secondary, third party, retained and government backed securitizations

      The Inflation Effect: How are Inflation Fears Impacting the Market?

        • Residential vs. commercial:  What class is impacted more by inflation?
        • Assessing risk based off long-term inflation fears
        • Bad news often leads to good news
        • Will long term inflation lead to a significant increase in inventory?
        • The effects of higher mortgage rates, increasing asset prices and devaluation of long-term debt
        • Is inflation the “great hedge” for the NPL market?
        • Inflation effects on pricing and liquidity
        • Pricing and valuations
        • Inflation effects on capital, desired yield, and exit potential

      Plan to Profit: Reducing Fees and Costs Associated with Default Loan Portfolios

        • Strategies to reduce attorney fees and costs on default litigation
        • Litigation tactics to reduce timelines and daily carrying costs
        • Aggressive and outside the box thinking with your servicers
        • Outsourcing vs. in-house
        • Saving money by using technology and software solutions
        • Working through title issues
        • Getting modifications done timely and efficiently

      Methodologies to Keep Servicing Efficient While Growing Your Business

        • How has technology, automation and software solutions changed and streamlined the business?
        • Can data-driven decisioning improve late stage note and REO liquidations?
        • Developments in online auction technologies and processes
        • Best in class property maintenance
        • The importance of vendor audits
        • Technology developments in mortgage servicing
        • Exploring remote bidding for foreclosure auctions

      Has the Strategy of Large Institutional Players Changed?

        • How do institutional investors protect their downside?
        • Securitizing notes or investing in securitized paper
        • The impact of current economic conditions and interest rates on investment decisions.  Is inflation impacting strategy?
        • How are investors viewing their non-performing loan and reperforming loan buying strategy?
        • Due diligence and risk management best practices
        • Is ESG impacting institutional investors strategy in the NPL market?
        • Does the political climate play into investment decisions?
        • Are joint ventures part of the institutional strategy?

      Portfolio Management: In-House vs. Outsourcing

        • What guides your decision to keep management in-house or outsource?
        • Evaluating time and resources: How has the decision to outsource affected your bottom line?
        • Exploring new challenges in NPL management
        • The effective use of technology and software solutions
        • Successful onboarding strategies
        • Allocating the time associated with managing the outsources
        • Are their functions that must remain managed internally? 
        • Does outsourcing impact the ability to scale?
        • Statements, reporting, compliance, and performance measurement

      Acquisition Strategies: Growing your Own Supply

        • Current sources of acquisitions
        • What sort of inventory increases will we see now that federal foreclosure moratorium has ended?
        • Is there too much capital for too few deals?
        • If you win a bid, are you getting the right price?
        • How is the housing shortage impacting the supply of notes?
        • What type of discounts is the market currently seeing?
        • Buying from the government
        • What is institutional buying power doing to pricing?

      What are the Most Significant Regulatory Considerations that Investors Should Consider?

        • Exploring anti-deficiency laws and judicial v. non-judicial foreclosure requirements
        • What recent changes have been made on the federal and state level? 
        • Has increased regulation created a less business friendly environment?
        • Legal issues impacting long term delinquencies
        • Are smaller players leaving, or choosing not to do business in certain states?
        • Staying SEC compliant
        • Expectations for more changes to the regulatory landscape?

      Preparing to Sell: Evaluating Disposition and Exit Strategies for your Portfolio

        • What trigger events will lead to a sale?
        • Evaluating high-priced offers on what you thought were long-term investments
        • When is the right time to start the asset level review?
        •  Is inflation impacting pricing?
        • What due diligence are buyers looking for?
        • Structuring reps and warrants
        • Evaluating pricing:  What are the most important factors to consider?
        • When preparing your portfolio for sale, how can you ensure that you have no kick outs?
        • Dirty pools and defects:  Pricing, curative actions and timelines for successful resolution
        • What technology can be used to make the exit process more efficient?

      Sourcing Distressed Product

        • Where are distressed deals coming from now and how can you source them?
        • Properties effected by natural disasters, distressed neighborhoods, liens, city-owned land banks, not-for-profits:  How do you determine pricing?
        • Due diligence concerns in a distressed area
        • Where are the large investors playing?
        • Opportunities in junior liens
        • At what part of the lifecycle are you looking for your distressed product?
        • Buying from the government:  Can you find success here?
        • Taping into private or seller owned mortgages
        • Buying for rental vs. a quick flip, and buying the paper to get at the property

      Firsts vs. Seconds: Examining Risk, Pricing and Yields

        • Do you buy firsts, seconds or both?  What impacts your decision?
        • Non-performing, performing, reperforming firsts and seconds:  What is the risk profile for each, and how does that determine the pricing yield you are looking for?
        • Due diligence red flags to be aware of
        • Approaches to monitoring and analyzing price volatility
        • Best practices for reviewing the title/preliminary report and identifying defects
        • State and regulatory considerations:  Jurisdiction specific statutes of limitation, anti-deficiency laws, judicial vs. non-judicial foreclosure requirements

      Curing a Problematic Loan

        • Evaluating the time, effort, and cost associated with curing a problematic loan
        • In what cases is it best to walk away?
        • Strategies for curing title issues and liens
        • What kind of kick outs are you curing that others aren’t?
        • Fraud related problems and solutions to be aware of
        • What should be outsourced vs. being kept in-house?
        • Managing foreclosure issues
        • Best practices for working with municipalities and HOAs for curing a loan
        • Property taxes and water lien nuances

      Best Practices for Workouts, Modifications, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy & Legal Recovery

        • Aligning the interests of servicers, foreclosure, bankruptcy counsel and investors
        • Evaluating the cost and time necessary to foreclose:  When do you put a property in foreclosure?
        • What do you do when the borrower declares bankruptcy?
        • In-house vs. outsourcing
        • Vacant vs. occupied properties: Managing pre-foreclosure REO and servicer management best practices
        • Non-foreclosure options to consider:  Deed-in-lieu, threatening foreclosure, leasebacks, cash for keys, and forbearance agreements
        • Successfully managing occupied pre-foreclosure properties versus vacant properties.
        • How many modifications are enough?
        • What are acceptable DTI ratios? What is your acceptable ROI?
        • State law (judicial vs. non-judicial) impact and regulatory update
        • Increasing cash flow through modifications, workouts and legal recovery



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