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October 13, 2020

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The notes, non-performing loans, and default servicing ecosystem is facing a historic level of volatility.  As the disruptive economic conditions continue to unfold, it has become apparent that the magnitude of COVID-19’s effect on the mortgage servicing industry will be far greater than previously projected. 

With a brand new type of default consumer entering the market, implementation of the CARES Act, a variety of assistance programs, evolving strategies, and flexibility in mortgage servicing rules, NPL performance remains unstable.  As the industry evolves, buyers, servicers, and default professionals are rapidly adapting with the hope that market stabilization is on the horizon. There has therefore never been a more pertinent time to convene the entire industry to discuss developments, new opportunities and to collaborate and network at IMN's NPLs Notes & Default Servicing Virtual Conference, October 13. 

Built upon a best-in-class, user-friendly platform, the virtual edition of our NPL conference features a host of capabilities that will ensure you arm yourself with the information and connections you’ve grown to expect from our industry leading live event, including:
  • Attendee Networking Attendees and sponsors can meet via video or text chat; one-on-one or in groups; to discuss the latest deals, investment opportunities or whatever else is on your mind.
  • Diverse Content Hear from over 50 industry leaders through a range of keynote addresses, panel discussions, ‘closed-door meetings’, and roundtables.
  • On-Demand Access Can’t make it to the live session? Add it to your personal calendar and enjoy on-demand access whenever the time is right.
  • Speaker Engagement Engage directly with the virtual conference speaking faculty during live sessions with Q&A and polling, or take the conversation offline within the networking portal.
  • Unlimited Resources Download and save pertinent industry resources throughout the entire platform from panel presentations to exhibitor whitepapers, you will not leave the conference empty-handed!
  • Ease of Access Register for the virtual conference and receive access from any device no matter where you are.
IMN is excited to adapt alongside our clients in the sector and to bring this calendar fixture event to an even wider delegation of industry participants on October 13. We hope you will join us for this must attend virtual gathering.

Who Should Attend
  • Accounting
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics
  • Property Auction
  • Property Broker
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

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    Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

      10:00 AM
      Explore the Hubb Platform

      • Finish setting up your Hubb profile, watch the welcome video, schedule one-on-one meetings, watch on-demand content, and more

      10:15 AM
      Exhibit Hall Opens & Networking Begins

      • Take some time to connect with your industry peers, and learn more about the products and services that could transform your business, by visiting the exhibit hall and exploring the virtual booths on display.

      10:30 AM
      State of the NPL Market

        • How are note buyers responding to the pandemic?  Where are today’s opportunities?
        • What are the key factors driving default rates in today’s market?  What can we expect to change?
        • What are trends you are seeing in the NPL market?
        • What is your perspective on the CARES Act?
        • What are successful approaches to managing NPL assets?
        • What are the key factors driving default rates in today’s market?  What can we expect to change?
        • Is the current political environment changing the way you invest?

        • Derek Katz, Managing Director, Sales (SitusAMC)
        • Michael Daurio, Managing Director-Capital Markets (AMIP Management)
        • Jim Raezer, Head of Capital Markets (HMC Assets)
        • Spencer Lee, Managing Member (Redhawk Research LLC)
        • Keenen Dammen, Managing Director (Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing)
        • Dan Zitofsky, President & CEO (Zitofsky Capital Management)

      11:30 AM
      Managing Servicers, Subservices, Asset Managers, & Note Owners Relationships

        • What regulations should you pay attention to when speaking with a buyer?
        • In what kind of situations are services taxed above their bandwidth?
        • What are key considerations to keep in mind when choosing to work with someone?
        • How will the next market downturn affect these relationships?
        • What are the most important items that note buyers should be aware of in terms of servicing transfers?

        • Karen Gados, Managing Partner (Pikes Peak Capital)
        • Chris Seveney, President (Seveney Mortgage Note Investments)
        • John Vella, CRO (Altisource)
        • John Dunnery, VP Government Loan Servicing (Bayview Loan Servicing)
        • Henish Pulickal, CEO (CalHomeCo)

      12:30 PM
      Best in Class Default Servicing

        • What does servicing loans in forbearance look like in the current environment?
        • What are best practices in property maintenance?
        • What challenges have you faced with Homeowners Associations?  Where have you found success overcoming those challenges?
        • In the event of a foreclosure, how have you successfully dealt with appeals?
        • What policy changes have affected the way you do business?
        • Are there different strategies that you implement during the foreclosure process?  How do you determine which strategy to employ?

        • Gordon Moss, CEO (Quixote Ventures)
        • Ron McMahan, Chief Executive Officer (AMIP Management)
        • Toby Wells, President of Servicing and Capital Markets (Computershare Loan Services)
        • Kevin Kanouff, CEO (Statebridge Company)
        • Matthew Becklin, Chief Servicing Officer (United Asset Management)
        • Matthew Kelley, Supervisor (Special Default Services/Trustee Corps)

      1:25 PM
      Networking Break & Hosted Roundtables in the Exhibit Hall

      • Grab some grub and connect with your industry peers by making full use of the networking functionality the virtual platform offers! Visit the Altisource booth to discuss why disposition strategies are critical to maximizing value when selling distressed assets Visit the Foundation  booth for a demo on the PropertyPortal® platform Visit the Stern & Eisenberg booth for a discussion on Legal Considerations for Note Investors

      Track A 2:00 PM
      Modifications, Workouts & Negotiated Recovery

        • How are you evaluating time, effort, and cost associated with curing a problematic loan?
        • Would you recommend settlements, mediations, or loss mitigation hearings?
        • What are successful methods in managing occupied pre-foreclosure properties? Vacant properties?
        • How have workouts changed since the start of the pandemic?
        • How do you expect modifications and workouts to change in a post-Covid environment?

        • Daren Blomquist, VP, Market Economics (
        • Kyle Zimpleman, Manager (Expand Capital Group)
        • Dan Deppen, Managing Member (Fusion Notes, LLC)
        • Jamie Bateman, President (Labrador Lending, LLC)
        • Carson Faris, Founder & CEO (Phoenix Investment Funds)

      Track B 2:00 PM
      Property Rehabilitation and Preservation

        • What is the key to protecting and maintaining assets?
        • Have software and technology changed the way in which you rehabilitate properties?
        • What is your goal when rehabilitating a property?
        • Where should you be outsourcing when rehabilitating and maintaining properties?
        • What regulatory requirements and restrictions should you be aware of?
        • How have quality control procedures changed?

        • Lindsey Pryor, Senior Manager (Altisource)
        • Chad Urbshott, Managing Director (Equigrowth Capital Inc)
        • Jodi Gaines, EVP government Relations & Business Development (Insight One Solutions)
        • Ramin Kolahi, Principal (Lighthouse Investments, LLC)
        • Matthew Walker, Executive VP (Lowe)
        • Tyler Amaya, Portfolio Management & Trading (PEMCO Capital Management)

      Track A 3:00 PM
      Acquisitions and Valuation

        • How has the acquisition process changed for note buyers? How do you expect they will continue to change?
        • How does your organization perform due diligence and risk management?
        • Since the start of the pandemic, have you acquired distressed notes?
        • What does valuation of distressed opportunities look like in the current environment?
        • Where are note buyers seeing supply and demand?
        • How are you acquiring and valuing loans in forbearance?
        • How are valuations and appraisals changing for problematic loans considering the global pandemic?
        • What are successful ways to measure ROI on Problematic Loans?

        • Adriana Shannon, Managing Director (CTF Asset Management)
        • David Gordon, Managing Director (ARC)
        • Raj Dosaj, Head of Real Estate Markets (Cape)
        • Cody Faller, President (Faller Financial LLC)
        • Alex Goldovsky, Founder & CEO (ProTitleUSA)
        • Jeff Freud, Managing Director (United Asset Management, LLC)

      Track B 3:00 PM
      Tax and Securities Issues in Distressed Debt Fund

        • Regulation D and structure of a fund
        • Accounting issues - purchasing and modification
        • Tax issues – phantom income

        • Tae Kim, Attorney (Geraci LLP)
        • Jeffrey Spiegel, Principal (Spiegel Accountancy Corp)

      4:00 PM
      Foreclosure, Bankruptcy & Judicial Solutions

        • How do you move forward when the borrower declares bankruptcy, and how has this process changed with Covid-19?
        • What are foreclosure issues that are often overlooked?
        • What non-foreclosure options would you consider; deed-in-lieu, threatening foreclosure, leasebacks, forbearance agreements?
        • When should you put a property in foreclosure?

        • Jorge Newbery, CEO (AHP Servicing)
        • David Chen, Partner (Activist Legal LLP)
        • Domonic Purviance, Senior Financial Specialist (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Steven Eisenberg, Managing Partner, CEO (Stern & Eisenberg, PC)
        • Paige Panzarello, Managing Trustee (The Tryllion Group)
        • Angie Marth, VP (United Asset Management)

      5:00 PM
      Technology Innovations in NPL, REO, & Default Servicing

        • What are the new methods for sourcing acquisitions?
        • How have technologies and processes evolved for late-stage NPL and REO dispositions?
        • What are the latest innovations in due diligence and valuation processes?
        • How are online auction technologies and processes changing?
        • Where is remote bidding for foreclosure auctions headed?
        • Can data-driven decisioning improve late stage note and REO liquidations?
        • How has Covid-19 accelerated the evolution of RIN (Remote In Person) Notary and RON (Remote Online Closings)
        • Will standardization of title search and curative streamline your diligence and reduce transaction costs?

        • Ron McMahan, Chief Executive Officer (AMIP Management)
        • John Seeburger, President (Foundation CREF)
        • Brian Frye, Executive Vice President, Capital Markets (Mortgage Connect)

      6:00 PM
      IMN's NPLs, Notes & Default Servicing Virtual Forum Concludes



This is a past conference, no registration is available.

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  • Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

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