Non-QM Forum
Dana Point, CA
June 2 - 3, 2022


Non-QM lending is well and truly back after a brief pause in 2020, and with the high growth rates expected and the needs for education and networking that goes along with this growth, IMN is excited to return with the 3rd Annual Non-QM Forum.

As with IMNs other mortgage conferences this forum will be constructed from both the loan origination and investor perspectives delving into the critical issues through panel discussions with multiple points of view and smaller group meetings and roundtables for a more individual experience.

Of course the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.

We look forward to seeing you in June.

Who Should Attend
  • Motgage bankers
  • Private lenders in the non-QM space
  • Warehouse lenders
  • Underwriters and arrangers
  • Legal counsel
  • Ratings agencies
  • Mortgage servicers
  • Regulators

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    Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

      Exhibit Setup

      • Wednesday, June 1

        Tier 1: 5:00 – 6:00 pm   Registration for Exhibitors setting up a booth and Attendees staying at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club


        Thursday, June 2

        Tier 2: 7:30 – 8:00am            Registration for all other attendees, company name A-M

        Tier 3: 8:00 - 8:30 am             Registration for all other attendees, company name N-Z

      5:00 PM
      Tier 1 Registration

      • Registration for Exhibitors setting up a booth and Attendees staying at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club

      6:30 PM
      Conference Attendee Meet-Up

      • After Wednesday's registration hours, join one another at the bar at the Monarch Beach Resort for a casual beverage and extended networking opportunity.

    Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

      7:30 AM
      Tiered Registration, Exhibition Opens, Breakfast is served

      • Tier 2: 7:30 – 8:00am            Registration for all other attendees, company name A-M

        Tier 3: 8:00 - 8:30 am            Registration for all other attendees, company name N-Z


        Breakfast is served, Courtesy of:


      8:30 AM
      Headwinds vs. Green Shoots: The Post-Pandemic Economy & Non-QM Market Drivers

      • • An update on the GSE changes for jumbo and second home mortgages
        • Small business owners and gig economy workers… Do you expect this demographic to grow? What is the impact on residential, business purpose and bank statement loans?
        • Refis: How low can they go?
        • Home sales, prices and competition from single family rentals
        • High growth and inflation… What will that mean for the market?
        • Impact of work from home on mortgage origination
        • Mo’ products mo’ problems?
        • What is your favorite demographic as the Refi fades? What are the keys to targeting and educating different consumer demographics including minority and underserved markets?
        • Foreign nationals: Where are they coming from?
        • Incomes and FICO scores

        • Jack Kahan, Senior Managing Director, RMBS (KBRA)
        • Lev Pravda, Associate (Credit Suisse)
        • Domonic Purviance, Subject Matter Expert (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Nick Roberson, Regional Director (Sharestates)
        • Sean Johnson, Portfolio Manager (Western Asset Management Company)

      9:15 AM
      Non-QM Universe: A Survey Of Products, Innovations, Structures, Terms, Volumes & The Future As Rates Climb And The Refi Trade Fades Away

        • Bank statement product length and ATR (ability to pay) requirements… Should you be looking at competitive products to bank statements?
        • Self-employed and freelance borrower options
        • Do you see Non-QM products becoming more commoditized?
        • Can we expect another Owner/Occupied no income/no employment verification loan?
        • Products for those with lower incomes
        • Does the rate threshold create an incentive to offer the borrower a lower rate just to achieve QM status and therefore get more favorable funding?
        • Is the VOE (verification of employment) and ITIN- (individual tax ID #) only product gaining popularity with the consumer? 
        • Issues surrounding rate locks.

        • Robert Senko, President (ACC Mortgage, Inc)
        • Corina Gonzalez, Senior Vice President, RMBS (DBRS Morningstar)
        • Taylor Stork, Chief Operating Officer (Developer’s Mortgage Company)
        • George Lazaridis, President-Mortgage & CLO (Quontic bank)
        • Dusty Lloyd, Branch Manager (New American Funding)
        • Al Qureshi, Managing Partner (Blue Water Financial Technologies)

      10:00 AM

      • Courtesy of:


      10:00 AM
      Loanscorecard demo

      • Vist the loanscorecard booth for a live demo. 

      Track A 10:55 AM
      Adapting New Processes & Tech To Make The Mortgage Process Quicker & More Efficient

      • • What are the keys for increasing investor/market acceptance of automated underwriting?
        • Approaching regulatory/ATR considerations regarding automated underwriting, decisioning, or closing
        • How are you closing loans faster?
        • Everything “E” including e-closing, e-docs
        • Automating the bank income statement process

        • Derek Long, COO (LoanPASS)
        • Jennifer Lomanno, Senior Vice President, National Underwriting (NewRez)
        • John Lowenthal, Enterprise Account Executive (Ocrolus)
        • Katherine Campbell, Chief Digital Officer (Assurance Financial Group, LLC)
        • David Wieczorek, Director of Product Management (MeridianLink)

      Track B 10:55 AM
      With The FHFA Increasing Their Loan Limits, Can You Still Make It Big In The Jumbo Market?

      • • Defining jumbo loans in 2022
        • Do you expect home prices to keep increasing or we should expect house prices start decreasing soon?
        • What are the traits of a jumbo mortgage customer?
        • Jumbo performance during the coronavirus
        • ARM, IO and other products
        • How strong is the secondary jumbo market?
        • As rates rise how sensitive will the Jumbo market be?

        • Eric Mitchell, Executive Vice President (Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group)
        • Louise Woods, Regional Vice President (Arc Home LLC)
        • Isabel Willias Williams, Broker/Owner (Be My Neighbor Mortgage)
        • Suzette Lipscomb, President & CEO (LBS)
        • John Lynch, CEO/Founder (PCMA Private Client)

      Track A 11:40 AM
      Direct vs. Correspondent vs. Broker: Which Channels Are You Trying To Grow The Most?

      • • For your non-delegated underwriting option, what is the average turn time for prior to close conditions?
        • How do you get comfortable that your correspondent client can underwrite a bank statement loan and sell to you as a delegated correspondent?
        • Keys to launching a new channel
        • Delegated vs. non-delegated partnerships
        • Impact of the work from home environment
        • Keys to building your wholesale effort from the ground up
        • What kind of education is needed?

        • Linn Cook, VP of Sales (OptifiNow)
        • Jeffrey Lemieux, Managing Director, Correspondent Lending (Acra Lending)
        • George Papadeas, Chief Investment Officer (Eastview Investment Partners)
        • Paul Jones, SVP-NQM Development & Production (FGMC)
        • Douglas Sorto, President & CEO (Equity Capital Home Loans)

      Track B 11:40 AM
      Underwriting, Pre-Qualification, Calculating Bank Statement Income & Ability To Pay: How Is Your Credit Box Changing As Rates Rise?

      • • How useful are borrower FICO scores today in predicting loan performance success?
        • Is fraud becoming a problem?
        • Have you voluntarily adapted anything from the CSFB Non-QM rules?
        • As rates rise and the economy improves …
        • Reserve asset calculation
        • Underwriting turn times and how are you improving underwriter productivity
        • The latest AUS features you should add
        • Underwriting delegated vs. non-delegated loans
        • What are you asking for borrowers that you believe should be sunsetted?
        • Credit ratings, income and asset standards: How are yours changing?

        • Rob Chrisman, Consultant (Capital Markets Chrisman Inc.)
        • Richard Cooperstein, Director, Alliances and Policy (Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc.)
        • Dennis Zehnle, COO (Mission Global, LLC)
        • Tim Dubes, VP Content Marketing (Ocrolus)
        • Michael Crockett, EVP Data Solutions (Xactus)
        • Rob Strickland, CRO (VeriFast)

      Track A 12:25 PM
      Landing The Client… How Is Marketing, Educating & Sourcing Non-QM Clients Changing?

      • • What kind of advanced technology are you using to reach clients?
        • Looking for second home and investment property customers
        • Conventional vs. Non-QM programs
        • Pre-approval education and time needed
        • What does a consumer have trouble understanding?
        • Different products; different issues
        • Different demographic strategies and the work from home environment
        • Unique issues surrounding business purpose loans

        • Paul Jones, SVP, NQM Development & Production (First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation)
        • Pravin Davrey, Managing Partner (Emerald Pacific Capital)
        • Joe Lam, Managing Partner (Loan Direct)
        • Michael Lagoudis, President Mortgage World Bankers (Ponce Bank )
        • Nitin Dave, Senior VP of Servicing & Agency Relations (Nationwide Mortgage Bankers, Inc)

      Track B 12:25 PM
      Servicing Post Forbearance: What Has Changed?

        • Identifying the leading indicators of a loan that eventually becomes non-performing
        • True net losses and recoveries after workouts and cures
        • Servicing individual and cross-collateralized business purpose loans vs. residential 
        • When is self-servicing the best choice?
        • CSFB and SFA guideline changes
        • Evaluating a 3rd-party servicer
        • Loan onboarding pain points
        • Technology and what you are implementing
        • Servicing compensation structures

        • Roelof Slump, Managing Director (Fitch Ratings)
        • Yonel Devico, Principal (Crosby Capital)
        • Chris Wheeler, Senior Vice President of Due Diligence (Servicing) (Infinity IPS)
        • Christopher Sabbe, SVP Enterprise Sales (PHH Mortgage)
        • Jocelyn Martin-Leano, President, Servicing Division (Rushmore Loan Management Services)

      1:10 PM

      • Courtesy of:

      2:10 PM
      The Regulatory Plenary

        •  FHFA’s scaling back of second home and investment property mortgages: Any updates on the industry pushback?
        •  With the postponement of the new QM regulations what is on the CFPB docket?
        •  What is new on the regulatory audit side?
        •  Voluntary standards for servicers
        •  Fair lending rule enforcement
        •  Will there be an impact from the seasoned QM regulations?
        •  Thoughts on CDFI No-doc loan program the government is endorsing for low income borrowers
        •  Local regulatory changes and proposals to keep an eye on

        • T. Robert Finlay, Partner (Wright, Finlay, Zak, LLP)
        • Steve vonBerg, Counsel (Buckley LLP)
        • Ed Devito, Senior Managing Director (KBRA)
        • Vincent Fiorillo, Founder/CEO (Park Slope Advisors)

      2:10 PM
      Women Small Group Roundtable

      • Diversity and inclusion, managing teams, mentoring, talent search, and your questions will be among the tough questions to be debated in this discussion.

        *This session will be held in the Adriatic Room

        • Dorothy Macias, Realtor/Government Contractor (FDIC) (Excellence RE)
        • Jenn Wayboer, Marketing Director (The Colorado Real Estate Finance Group)

      2:55 PM
      The C-Level Originator Discussion: What Are Your Plans As Rates Rise And Volumes Challenge?

      • • What are the latest changes in your underwriting best practices?
        • What is your strategy to improve pull rates?
        • Funding your loans in a rising rate environment
        • How have new GSE regulations for jumbo and 2nd mortgages impacted your business?
        • What are investors looking for today?
        • What percentage of your loans are done on an exception basis?
        • What are the characteristics of a market you like?
        • Pandemic lessons learned

        • Bose George, Managing Director (Keefe, Bruyette & Woods)
        • Keith Lind, Executive Chairman & President (Acra Lending)
        • Jason Biegel, COO (Change Lending)
        • Aaron Samples, Chief Executive Officer (FGMC)
        • John Lynch, CEO (PCMA Private Client Lending)

      3:40 PM
      Refreshment Break

      • Courtesy of:


      3:45 PM
      Looking to Expand into New Markets? Why you should Consider Business Purpose DSCR Loans

      • *This session will be held in the Adriatic Room

        • Eric Abramovich, Co-Founder (Roc Capital Roc360)

      4:25 PM
      The Future of The Non-QM Industry

      • • What kind of products are you looking to add to your arsenal?
        • Crypto currencies, non-fungible tokens and metaverses oh my
        • Commercial-focused opportunities
        • What do you think might come down on the regulatory side?
        • Latest technology additions
        • How much of your business is virtual? How much will be in 3 years?
        • Work from home impact
        • How relevant is credit going forward?
        • Can you project market size for Non-QM over the next 12, 24, 36 months?

        • Jon Daurio, Chairman & CEO (Nikkael Home Loans)
        • Will Fisher, EVP, of Non Conforming (LoanStream Mortgage)
        • Eric Delgado, Director (MCM Capital)
        • Michael Smeltzer, SVP of Non QM Product (NewRez)
        • Rebecca Seward, Senior Technical Product Manager (Ocrolus)
        • Eric Abramovich, Co-Founder (Roc Capital Roc360)

      5:05 PM
      Buyer/Seller; Acquisition/Disposition and Relative Value Panel- Are You A Buyer Or Seller?

      • • IRRs you are modeling for
        • What do you look for in a seller?
        • What to do with docs with slight deficiencies
        • What do you think of investor loans? Underwriting vacation rental income?
        • Foreclosure moratorium impact
        • Risk assessment and due diligence
        • Selling flow vs. bulk
        • Are you asking for right & warranty insurance to get more comfortable with collateral?
        • What have you seen in the scratch and dent market?
        • Insurance companies and whole loan purchases

        • Eric Hagen, Director (BTIG)
        • Luke Scolastico, Managing Director (Apollo Global Management)
        • Alfred Chang, Director (MetLife)
        • Anatoly Burman, Founder, CIO & CTO (Varda Re)
        • Anil Sharma, Whole Loan Trader (Wedgewood Loan Assets)

      6:00 PM
      Networking Reception

      • Courtesy of:

    Friday, June 3rd, 2022

      7:45 AM
      Breakfast is Served

      • Breakfast is served, Courtesy of: 


      8:10 AM
      Starting Your Non-QM Program & Increasing QM Production

      • What are the biggest obstacles to having success with these products? What are some of the regulatory developments you need to be on top of? How do you find the clientele? Plus, your questions will be the focus of this small group discussion

        • Tom Hutchens, Executive Vice President of Production (Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions)
        • Danny Horanyi, Co-Creator/Division President (NEO Home Loans)

      9:00 AM
      Managing The Client… Customer Facing Technology & Measuring The Mortgage Borrowers’ Experience

        • Keys to getting repeat business
        • Lessons learned from the QM side of the business
        • Fees, title issues, and closing times
        • Anything you help out with on the home purchase side?
        • Wholesale/Intermediary/End customer relation 
        • What are you hands-on with?
        • Working with real estate brokers and other parties
        • What new initiatives have you started?

        • Julio Bonilla, Broker (Keller Williams Pacific Estate)
        • Karen Gados, Managing Partner (Pikes Peak Capital)
        • Lisa Schreiber, President (LSK Consultants)
        • Rick Roque, VP, Strategy & Partnerships (New American Funding)
        • Fred Lewis, Managing Partner (The Dominion Group)

      9:45 AM
      Capital Markets/Investing in Non-QM Capital Markets & Using Warehouse Lines and Securitization

        •  How are you financing loans? 
        •  Current advance rates
        •  Dealing with early pay outs and how long they need to be
        •  Investor demand and appetite
        •  Holding on balance sheet vs. retention length before selling whole loans or securitizing: What is the impact on financing and hedging?
        •  Changes from warehouse providers
        •  Keys to getting an AAA-rated securitization
        •  How are you attracting new investors?
        •  Hedge policy: What happened during the volatile days of the early pandemic and the results for hedgers and non-hedgers
        •  Pipeline, credit, and interest rate hedging performance in a rising interest rate environment  
        •  Convexity   
        •  Do not hedge as a hedge policy vs. costs of active risk management
        •   How do you look at modeling property values given housing shortages and its impact on credit risk? 

        • Susan Hosterman, Senior Director, North American RMBS and Covered Bonds (Fitch Ratings)
        • Ravi Correa, Chief Financial Officer (Angel Oak)
        • Rishi Bansal, Chief Investment Officer (BankUnited)
        • Geoffrey Sharp, Managing Director (Eris Innovations)

      10:30 AM
      Compliance: How Are Your Guideline Changing With The Market?

      • • What should an automated compliance solution have present?
        • As the space continues to grow are there more fraud attempts? What is their nature?  
        • What do asset management and investor compliance officers look for?
        • Preparing for October 1
        • How does your underwriting system ensure compliance?
        • HMDA, Fair lending, ATR/QM and CECL: What are the pain points?
        • What are the biggest compliance risks you are dealing with? What are the newest ones that you are paying attention to?

        • Wade Pyun, Chief Legal Officer (Altura Credit Union)
        • Melissa Brummer, Compliance Lead (Infinity IPS)
        • Haley Freedman, Chief Valuations Officer (Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services)

      11:15 AM
      Networking Break


        Courtesy of:

      11:30 AM
      Evaluating The Housing Market

        • How has the increase in Non-QM lending impacted the housing market?
        • Government programs rising and sunsetting and how the influence on the housing and mortgage markets
        • Impact of the rise of the single-family renter and institutional buyer
        • A historic look at housing in high inflation markets
        • Biden administration and DC rhetoric… Anything to be concerned with?
        • Risk of second/vacation home market vs. owner/occupied primary residences and business purpose products


        • Clayton Collins, CEO (HW Media)
        • Pratik Gupta, Head of CLO and RMBS Strategy (Bank of America)
        • Chris Marazzo, VP (Citigroup)
        • Nik Shah, CEO (
        • Gary London, Senior Principal (London Moeder Advisors)

      12:15 PM
      The Keys To Selecting Your Non-QM Loan Lender: The Broker/Correspondent Executive Panel

        •  Should you choose more than 1 Non-QM lender?
        •  What kind of tech tools should you look for?
        •  How extensive does the product line need to be?
        •  Should you go with a smaller or bigger player?
        •  New and existing client support
        •  Payout structures for you and your team
        •  Keys to a long-term relationship
        •  Choosing a QM vs. Non-QM lender
        •  Depth of product line vs. sharpshooters

        • Steve Cutter, Senior Vice President (Acra Lending)
        • Craig Chang, President (1st Reliant Home Loans, Inc.)
        • Adam P. Smith, President and Founder (The Colorado Real Estate Finance Group, Inc.)
        • Houtan Hormozian, Co-Founder & Executive (CRESTICO)
        • Giomar Vasquez, CEO/President (G & V Options & Solutions Inc)
        • Dee Ann Harper, Broker (InTrust)

      1:00 PM
      Conference Concludes



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