Non-QM Mortgages: A Return To Normal
Virtual Panel
July 16, 2020


    Thursday, July 16th, 2020

      2:00 PM ()
      Non-QM Mortgages: A Return To Normal

      • REGISTER ONLINE FOR THE COMPLIMENTARY WEBCAST HERE As the Non-QM market returns to some semblance of normalcy IMN has programmed a virtual event aimed at enacting the key industry systems and procedures needed to partake in this comeback.  It all starts with re-igniting the old relationships, finding new ones then coming up with the best practices in minimizing risks while profitably underwriting for this economy.  We will also be discussing the new paradigm in valuation, managing and hedging inherent Non-QM exposures as well as the current realities of financing your loans.  

        • Tom Hutchens, Executive Vice President of Production (Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions)
        • Kenon Chen, EVP, Strategic Partnerships (Clear Capital)
        • John Lynch, CEO (PCMA Private Client Lending)
        • Bryan Filkey, EVP of Credit and Strategic Initiatives (PCMA)
        • Samuel Bjelac, Senior Vice President (Sprout Mortgage)

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      Finding New Business & (Re) Starting Your Non-QM Origination Program

      • • What is different about finding business today?
        • What are the products that are being offered?
        • Current compensation levels
        • Back office support
        • Mediums to crease awareness 
        • Sealing the deal in a zoom world
        • What is your secret sauce you pitch vs. the competition?

      Underwriting, Pre-Qualification Procedures, Calculating Bank Statement Income & Ability to Pay: Tech & Best Practices To Increase Efficiency & Decrease Risk

      • • Defining conservative underwriting pre- vs. post-pandemic
        • What are you doing to automate underwriting?
        • How many months of bank statements do you look for?
        • Have originators changed their underwriting for debt service voverage ratio given state level programs looking for rent forgiveness and halting evictions?
        • Since many in forbearance have the ability to manage their current debt how will the early payment default treatment of loans in forbearance impact recapture of compensation on the origination side

      Valuation/Performance/Risk Management/Hedging

      • • The latest on the rate of impaired payments
        • Comparing full doc vs. self-employed borrowers performance
        • Buy back rates
        • What should you look for in an up-to-date valuation product?
        • Which pipeline hedges were most effective over the coronavirus crisis?
        • Appraisals in a coronavirus world
        • What are the most prominent factors that impact performance of different products
        • Any tweaks to the risk models?

      Financing & Securitization

      • • Evaluating funding costs
        • Where are the warehouse lenders?
        • Securitizations exposed to borrowers who have sought/receiving forbearance or deferral
        • QM pools with prime borrowers
        • Credit enhancement and shifting sequential pay structures
        • Evaluating California rich pools
        • Depth of buyers pool and current spreads
        • Underwriters going to straight to private capital
        • Cost of securitization vs. warehouse line

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