Non-QM Mortgages: On The Road Back
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May 28, 2020


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    Thursday, May 28th, 2020

      2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      Non-QM Mortgages: On The Road Back

      • Thursday, May 28 | 2:00 - 3:20pm ET | Please scroll down to view recording The Non-QM market took quite a blow when the coronavirus first hit the nation but there are some green shoots starting to take hold.  Attend the IMN webinar Non-QM Mortgages: On The Road Back to hear the latest developments in origination, regulation and capital markets.

        In addition to hearing from industry thought leaders, attendees have the opportunity to make meaningful connections via our online networking platform. Learn more here.    Sponsored by:

      2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      An Overview Of The Current Economy & The Non-QM Market

      • • As economies slowly open… What can you expect in the housing markets and appetite for new houses?
        • Refi business… How much juice is there left to squeeze?
        • Present economy and non-QM mortgage market  vs. future with and without a vaccine
        • What are the difference in products being offered now vs. the past?
        • Will ½ of the non-QM market continue to be the self-employed market?
        • Investor and secondary market demand for non-QM product
        • Financing & warehouse line availability
        • Non-QM workouts and performance

        • Jon Daurio, CEO (Nikkael Home Loans)
        • Roger Ashworth, Director, Research Strategist (Citi)
        • Daniel Goodwin, President (Emporium TPO LLC)

      2:40 PM (Eastern Time)
      Origination, Underwriting And An Overview Of The Current Non-QM Product Available

      • • What type of products are you currently offering? Which ones aren’t being offered?
        • Any changes in the way you are looking at credit risk?
        • Gig and self-employed worker: Are they still your client base?
        • How are you looking at refis? Is employment or restricted businesses a factor? How about collateral LTV?
        • Jumbo mortgages-Are you offering full doc products only?
        • Bank statement, 1099 and tax return products: What kind of length are you looking for?
        • Credit score sweet spots

        • Rudy Orman, Director of Correspondent Sales & Product Development (Reliant Bank)
        • Tom Hutchens, Executive Vice President of Production (Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions)
        • Ben Donel, CEO (SUNSET EQUITY GROUP)
        • Kenneth Cohen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (The Mortgage Acquisition Corporation)

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  • Thursday, May 28th, 2020
  • 2:00 PM

    Non-QM Mortgages: On The Road Back

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