Opportunity Zones (Midwest)
Chicago, IL
September 19, 2019


IMN is pleased to announce our Opportunity Zones Forum (Midwest), September 19, 2019 in Chicago, IL.

This one-day conference will dive into real-life applications of the community development tool established by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Attendees will learn how their peers are executing long-term investments in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide.
Since their inception, Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) have drummed up a host of questions about how the program will work and how commercial real estate developers, fund managers, family offices, wealth managers and their legal and tax advisers can tap into these new tax-advantaged opportunities.
The forum will provide a critical update on QOZs from the following perspectives:

• Legal & Regulatory Implications
• Tax & Accounting Considerations
• Investment & Community Impact
• Deal Flow Management & Fund Structuring
• Market Selection & LP Relations
• Risk/Rewards & Deal Due Diligence
Buoyed by IMN's history of providing the real estate and investment management worlds with thorough, forward-looking programs centered on thought leadership and business development, the Inaugural Opportunity Zones Forum (Midwest) will provide attendees with an unmatched view inside the new opportunity zones legislation, and we invite you to join us in September!

Who Should Attend
  • Commercial Real Estate Developers
  • Real Estate Private Equity Firms
  • Institutional Investors
  • Family Offices & High Net Worth Individuals
  • Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs)
  • Fund Administrators
  • Law/Accounting/Consulting Firms
  • Federal, State and Local Government Entities

Conference Highlights

My Agenda

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    Thursday, September 19th, 2019

      7:45 AM
      Registration & Breakfast Courtesy Of:

      8:35 AM
      IMN’s Opening Remarks

        • Sanyu Kyeyune , Program Manager (IMN)

      8:40 AM
      Unlocking the Potential of Opportunity Zones

      • SkyBridge Capital Founder & Managing Partner Anthony Scaramucci details the launch of the firm's opportunity zone fund, describing the strategies the fund will target and drawing on his experience in public policy and as leader of one of the most prominent fund of funds in the United States.
        • Anthony Scaramucci , Managing Partner (SkyBridge Capital)

      9:00 AM
      What’s Driving U.S. Opportunity Zones Growth?—Data Deep Dive

        • What are the most compelling data findings underscoring growth in opportunity zone investments? 
        • What do fund managers and investors consider to be the most attractive areas for investment?
        • What sources of funding are managers targeting? How are they adjusting their strategies to attract various investor segments?
        • With investment managers aiming to raise $20.2 billion in equity for funds targeting opportunity zones, according to Real Estate Alert, how and when do they aim to reach that goal? What late-cycle risks could impact the long-term outlook for fund flows?

        • Ronald Kaplan CPA, National Lead, Commercial Real Estate Practice (CohnReznick LLP)
        • Stefan Schimenes , CEO (InvestReal)
        • Sola Akinola , Head of Research (Preqin)

      9:45 AM
      Investing in Operating Businesses

        • Where are you seeing the best opportunities to investing in operating businesses? What business types are you considering for investment? What risks are you monitoring? What are the elements of your investment criteria?
        • What’s the outlook for operating business investment following the most recent guidance? How could the opportunity zones legislation impact growth of technology and manufacturing businesses? What does this mean for growth in the office sector?
        • How are you structuring operating businesses investment deals? Which incentives do you plan to incorporate into your investment strategy?

        • Brad Molotsky , Partner (Duane Morris LLP)
        • Robert Scott , Regional Administrator (Small Business Administration)
        • Brandon Laughren , Chief Investment Officer (The Laughren Group)

      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

      11:00 AM
      Tax Technical Update & Market Forecast

        • How has the latest guidance impacted your long-term opportunity zone investment strategy?
        • What lessons have you learned from successful deals? What about from not-so-successful deals?
        • How are you structuring your operating agreements? Are there new deal structures you’re considering following the latest guidance?
        • What’s the growth trajectory for multi-asset funds? Are you working with opportunity zone businesses to set up such funds?
        • What do you consider to be the greatest risks of investing in opportunity zones funds at this stage in the real estate cycle? In which markets do you see the strongest growth potential? How does this differ across property types and asset classes?

        • Steven Friedman , Director (CohnReznick)
        • Josh Graham , Manager (Wipfli)

      11:45 AM
      Designing Flexible Infrastructure to Revitalize Neighborhoods

      • CoPlace provides incisive commentary on the latest developments in safe harbor rules and shares how the firm has created adaptable infrastructure to reap the benefits of the 30-month period for substantial improvements.
        • Phil Auchettl , CEO/ Co-founder (CoPlace)
        • Alexander Pellegrino , COO (Sequoian Investments)

      12:15 PM

      1:15 PM
      What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: Steve Glickman Weighs In

      • In a candid interview, Steve Glickman, Founder & CEO of Develop LLC, an advisory firm dedicated to opportunity zone funds, offers an overview of how fund managers and investors are approaching the program and how this might change in coming years. Glickman’s analysis also includes a critical update on recent guidance and its implications for fund managers, investors and new players that have entered the marketplace.
        • Mark Neely , Managing Director (EJF Capital)
        • Steve Glickman , Founder & CEO (Develop LLC)

      1:35 PM
      Where to Begin? Fund Structuring & Management

        • Which factors do you include in your market selection process and investment analysis? Have you come across any red flags in your analysis? What do you consider to be the trademarks of a bad deal? What lessons have you learned from not-so-successful transactions? What’s your strategy for exiting or otherwise remedying a bad deal?
        • Does your strategy target single- or multi-asset funds, or both, and how do you plan to adjust this in the next several months? How are you addressing diversification risk in your portfolio structuring?
        • What do you consider the greatest challenges and risks in fund administration, and what are you doing to manage them? How do you resolve conflicts of interest among fund investors? What agreements should be in place between the sponsor and the investor to avoid these? What types of funds are high-net-worth individuals, pensions and other institutional investors targeting?
        • What do the opportunity zone and EB-5 programs have in common, and how can familiarity with structuring EB-5 vehicles be applied to structuring opportunity zone funds?

        • Scott Krone , Founder & Director of Development (Coda Management Group )

      2:20 PM
      Investment Primer for Family Offices

        • To which strategies and in which markets are you allocating capital for opportunity zone funds?
        • As an LP, what are your foremost concerns about investing in opportunity zones? What are you doing to manage risk?
        • Which do you consider to be the earmarks of a strong investment? What’s on your decision-making checklist? Are there certain markets or sectors that you’d prefer to avoid?
        • How do operating businesses factor into your investment plan? Which tech startups and large-scale businesses are you considering for investment? How do you plan to structure those deals?

        • Nick Marietti , Managing Director, Real Estate (Cresset)
        • Jill Homan , President (Javelin 19 Investments)
        • Dan Farrell , Chairman & CEO (Privos Capital)

      3:05 PM
      Networking Break

      3:25 PM
      The Legal Ins & Outs of Opportunity Zones

        • Has your firm created a working group of tax, real estate, and private funds lawyers specifically to handle client requests for opportunity zone investments? How do you staff these teams?
        • What are the most complex “grey areas,” among opportunity zones legal considerations? What are you doing to navigate uncertainty?
        • What are the top compliance considerations of fund managers?
        • How can investors stay abreast of the newest IRS guidance? How are law and accounting firms communicating crucial updates to their clients? What are the most common questions they’re fielding?
        • What advice would you offer first-time investors targeting opportunity zones?

        • Gene Crick , Partner (Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP)

      4:10 PM
      Accessing Creative Financing to Close Deals Outside of Primary Markets

        • Outside of primary markets, which property segments in qualified opportunity zones do you expect to see the most growth? In which QOZ projects are you investing? What’s in your deal pipeline? How do you decide where to invest?
        • What are the most common challenges you’re facing in executing these deals? What strategies have you used to overcome them? How are you using technology to execute more opportunity zone deals, faster? How do you vet third-party asset managers to help you scale your portfolio outside of your primary market?
        • Which lesser-known incentives can be used for opportunity zone deals? How can they be combined to maximize returns? What is the potential of renewable energy to offer developers a competitive and appealing source of capital?
        • What analysis are you applying to operating business investments in secondary and tertiary markets? How are you underwriting these investments in the long term? Which business have the strongest growth potential in secondary and tertiary markets? What risks are you monitoring?
        • What role could universities play in getting projects off the ground? What other types of partnerships have been successful for executing opportunity zone projects outside of core markets?

        • Chaz Guinn , President (Revolve Capital Group)

      4:55 PM
      Engaging Communities & Local Governments

        • What tactics can you use to create a mutually rewarding relationship among investors, developers and the neighborhoods in which they operate? How can you leverage these relationships to mitigate risk?
        • What strategies have proven successful for aligning the interests of community stakeholders? What methods have not been as effective, and what lessons have you learned in the process?
        • What do you need to know in order to better understand the perspectives of the state and local governments with whom you collaborate?
        • Where are federal incentives for business growth most prevalent, and how are you incorporating those into your investment strategy? What could be the impact of FHA’s incentives on affordable housing investment in opportunity zones?
        • How can you ensure your project will deliver a meaningful economic benefit, and how do you best communicate that among all stakeholders?

        • Debbie Singer , Senior Manager, State and Local Tax - Credits & Incentives (RSM US LLP)
        • David F. Sand , Chief Impact Strategist (Community Capital Management)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:30 PM
      Opportunity Zones Forum (Midwest) Concludes



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