Real Estate CFO & COO (East)
New York, NY
September 22 - 23, 2022


Every year, the forum provides unmatched opportunities for attendees to expand their knowledge from sessions focused on the latest trends in accounting, regulations and technology to hours of built-in networking opportunities for forging those critical business connections. This is an event where business gets done. 
Don't miss this premier conference, which brings coverage of RegTech, talent wars, late-cycle fundraising opportunities, unleashing the power of AI, inclusion and diversity in leadership, and so much more. At this forum, CFOs, COOs, Tax & Accounting Officers, Controllers, Treasurers and more will converge for a day and a half program packed with insights from real estate developers, lenders, REITs, and operating companies.

Who Should Attend
  • Accountants
  • Chief Accounting Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers (of REITs, Funds, Lenders and Operating Companies)
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Chief Tax Officers
  • Controllers
  • Tax
  • Treasurers
  • Service Providers

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    Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

      6:30 AM
      Exhibitor check-in and set up

      7:30 AM
      Tier 1 Registration & Breakfast

      7:45 AM
      Tier 2 Registration & Breakfast




      8:25 AM
      IMN Opening Remarks

        • Peter Gilfillan, Conference Producer (IMN)

      8:30 AM
      Real Estate & Capital Markets Outlook

        • Looking ahead, what can be expected for commercial and residential markets?  Which inning are we in?
        • Which markets and asset classes are attracting most investment?
        • How do you view the shift in workplace attitude and demand for office space in your markets?
        • Capital flows and trends in the public REIT space
        • Where are stocks trading relative to Net Asset Value?
        • Which key metrics are investors focused on at the moment?
        • What are you doing to adapt your strategy in this environment?
        • What is the current landscape for distressed opportunities?  How do you expect this to trend over the coming year?
        • Any planned and unplanned exits on the horizon?

        • Paul Jhung, Partner (CohnReznick LLP)
        • Sean Cunningham, Chief Financial Officer (Integrated Capital Management)
        • Samuel Grossman, Managing Director, Real Estate Services (Inveniam)
        • Kenneth Bacon, Managing Partner (RailField Partners)
        • Trisha Miller, Executive Managing Director (Redbrick LMD)

      9:15 AM
      Interest Rates, Inflation & Innovation: CFO Perspectives

        • Brandon Sedloff, Managing Director (Juniper Square)
        • Cristiano Machado, CFO, Private Real Estate Funds (Brookfield Asset Management)
        • Joseph Doran, Senior Managing Director & CFO (Tishman Speyer)
        • Tana Gardner, Executive Managing Director & Deputy CFO (USAA Real Estate)

      10:00 AM
      Networking Break

      10:45 AM
      Investor Reporting & Transparency

        • What reporting challenges are you facing as your firm adjusts its business strategy?
        • Which main inefficiencies that arose during the pandemic do you expect to continue and how are you tackling these?
        • What reporting capabilities are investors demanding?
        • How have you been utilizing technology to optimize these capabilities?
        • What are the latest trends in reporting standards?
        • How are you using technology and process adaptations to effectively communicate with your investors?
        • What degree of transparency are institutional investors looking for as they increasingly seek out value-add and development opportunities, and how do you manage those demands?
        • What opportunities exist to improve budgeting and reforecasting? Which systems, processes, teams and best practices do you have in place now, and how do you expect those will change?

        • Chris Fuller, Sales Director (Dynamo Software)
        • Adam Walker, Principal (Juniper Square)
        • Stephen Robie, CFO (NOYACK Capital)
        • Tim McLeod, Business Development (Nth Round)
        • Scott Meyer, CFO (PTM Partners)
        • Troy Merkel, Partner (RSM US LLP)

      11:30 AM
      Tax Planning, Compliance & Preparing for Regulatory Changes

        • How can real estate companies make the most of tax efficient structures to increase returns?
        • Analyzing recent legislation to identify the latest tax benefits and strategies
        • Implications of potential changes to the 1031 Exchange: how are CFOs and COOs approaching this?
        • How are innovations in regulatory technology aiding real estate companies with the demand of regulatory compliance?
        • How is AI simplifying compliance workflow?

        • Brian Lovett, Partner, Team Leader, Real Estate Services Group (Withum)
        • Dennis Theodossis, Partner, Real Estate Practice Leader (Forvis)
        • Michael McMahon, EVP - Director of Tax (RXR Realty)
        • Eric Green, Partner (CohnReznick LLP)

      12:00 PM
      Networking Break

      12:20 PM
      ESG & Sustainability in Real Estate: Where Are We Now?

        • Defining ESG
        • How are you embedding ESG/sustainability into your CRE investments?
        • What quantifiable benefits have you been reaping as a result?
        • PACE and other financing options for sustainable CRE projects - how do they compare? How to access them?
        • What portion of LP allocations is now being dedicated to ESG/sustainability-focused investments?
        • What sponsor-level and fund-level ESG/sustainability information are LPs requesting?
        • Oversight, management and reporting
        • What have been the challenges of establishing an ESG/sustainability focus within your organization? How are you addressing them?

        • Joe Holman, Practice Leader, ESG Services (Withum)
        • Joseph Tassone, President & Co-Founder (Above Grid)
        • Alexa Stone, Financial Services Consulting Manager (Crowe)
        • Lisa Davis, Executive Director and Portfolio Manager, Impact Investing (PGIM Real Estate)
        • Anna Malhari, Chief Operating Officer (Veris Residential, Inc.)

      1:00 PM

      2:00 PM
      Real Estate Financial Executives Roundtable

        • What is your view on the CRE landscape?  What can we expect from the next 6-12 months?
        • How is your strategy changing due to current market conditions?
        • What does the availability of financing look like for the markets in which you operate?  Refinancing?
        • How are CFOs managing the supply chain crisis?  How are you handling costs and sourcing of materials?  Staffing shortages?
        • What are you doing to manage rising interest rates?
        • Trends in tenant lease terms post-pandemic
        • What changes have you made to core processes over the past 18 months?  Which changes are permanent and where will you revert to old processes?
        • What has changed about investor communications in recent months? 

        • Timothy Trifilo, Alternative Investment Funds Practice Leader (Crowe)
        • Amber Smith, CFO (Redbrick LMD)
        • Phil Bottfeld, CFO (Wexford Real Estate Investors LLC)
        • Daniel Lin, CFO (XFD Real Estate Partners)
        • John Petras, Managing Principal (RockFarmer Properties)
        • Nicolas Mondragon, Co Founder - CFO (Know Investment Group)

      2:45 PM
      Identifying & Implementing New Technology: ROI, Costs and Resources

        • What are the key components of your technology investment strategy? 
        • How do you assess the benefits and risks of investing in technology and partnering with third-parties?
        • How are innovations in technology impacting commercial real estate values? What risks are they helping to identify and mitigate?
        • How are you leveraging technology to manage compliance, hiring and training, and reporting?
        • What inefficiencies has the global pandemic highlighted in your property management strategy?
        • How can real estate execs make the most of the technology at their disposal to ensure strong ROI? 
        • What are the resource expectations and costs associated with implementing and effectively utilizing these systems?

        • Nish Patel, General Partner (Inertia Ventures)
        • Mohsin Masud, Founder & CEO (Akru)
        • Grant Gardner, Associate Manager, Onboarding (AppFolio)
        • Frank Spadafora, Industry Principal, Real Estate (DealCloud)
        • Mitch Rich, Director (REdirect Consulting)
        • Sam Vannette, Enterprise Account Executive (Dealpath)

      3:30 PM
      Networking Break

      4:15 PM
      Fund Administration: Choosing & Working With a Partner

        • What techniques are fund administrators using to meet increasingly complex regulatory requirements?
        • How are CRE companies managing their balance sheets to reduce overall costs?
        • What’s on your checklist when selecting a fund administration service provider? Which functions do you keep in-house?
        • How are these partnerships reducing risk, enhancing operations and generating value for investors?
        • Who bears the brunt of responsibility for transparency: the fund administrator, or the investment committee, risk, compliance or operations functions?
        • Technology - what tools/systems do you use to streamline investor reporting, and provide more accurate analytics, faster?



        • Adam Walker, Principal (Juniper Square)
        • Michael Dombai, Managing Director, North America (Alter Domus)
        • John Heyde, Partner (Baker Tilly)
        • Emily Butler, Partner (CohnReznick LLP)
        • Dinesh Shastri, Partner & Head of Product (OpEff Technologies)
        • Amy Tiemann, CEO (TM1 Capital)

      5:00 PM
      Efficiencies in Accounting Operations

        • How have your firm’s accounting processes changed due to the pandemic?  How do you assess these changes moving out of the pandemic?
        • Which processes are you automating?
        • What is the latest guidance around lease accounting standards, and how will this impact real estate owners’ balance sheets?
        • Where are your biggest operational pain points?  How are you utilizing technology and automation to alleviate these?
        • Applying AI in accounts payable and other functions
        • How has your process changed for auditing revenue recognition?
        • By property sector, which tenants are making the most significant reductions to their leases and footprints, and how does this impact accounting?
        • What are the costs and benefits of working with fund administrators and RIAs?

        • Scott Tavolacci, National Director of Sales (Yardi Investment Management)
        • Freddy Potter, Senior Account Executive (AvidXchange, Inc.)
        • Jonathan Snider, CFO (GTIS Partners)
        • John Ebel, VP Sales (nsKnox)
        • Priyankar Baid, CEO (OHI)
        • David Stifter, Founder (PredictAP, Inc.)

      5:45 PM
      Networking Drinks Reception

      6:45 PM
      Day 1 Concludes

    Friday, September 23rd, 2022

      7:45 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for CFO Roundtable Attendees

      8:00 AM
      CFO Closed-Door Breakfast Meeting

      • This closed-door breakfast meeting provides an opportunity for real estate CFOs and their financial teams to convene and discuss pertinent topics with industry peers.

        • Emily Butler, Partner (CohnReznick LLP)
        • Paul Ricci, Partner, Technology & Data Practice Leader (CohnReznick Advisory)

      9:30 AM
      Utilizing & Managing Data to Increase Deal Flow

        • How are you approaching data risk management and governance in your firm today?
        • Which technologies are you using to analyze and make the most of the data at your disposal?
        • How are you working around interoperability challenges?
        • What are the latest trends in compliance and data regulation?  Which of these are impacting real estate and your business most significantly?
        • Are there any data that you do not have that would be beneficial to your business?



        • Kevin Swill, CEO (Thirty Capital Financial)
        • Raj Bhatti, SVP Client Services (Cherre)
        • Chris Fuller, Sales Director (Dynamo Software)
        • Robert Cox, Senior Director- Strategy & Innovation (Moody's Analytics)

      10:15 AM
      Real Estate Operational Executives Roundtable

        • What operational lessons have been learned from the pandemic?  How can they be applied moving forward?
        • Which new operational risks have you identified?
        • What tech solutions do you use for back-office management? What about technology and process changes do you use to interact with your tenants and customers? 
        • Within your organization, where have you identified opportunities to reduce operating costs or improve efficiency? 
        • Managing employee expectations and market trends on flexibility of work location
        • How does this change your hiring strategy/practices?  How are you ensuring you continue to build a strong, diverse team?
        • Remote working implications for technology and office space

        • Mike Sebastian, Industry Principal (Appfolio Investment Management)
        • Mark Maduras, CFO & COO - Real Estate (Angelo Gordon)
        • Jerome Baglien, COO/CFO Real Estate (Benefit Street Partners, a Franklin Templeton Company)
        • Becky Sullivan, COO (DJM Capital Partners, Inc.)
        • Danielle Lombardo, Chair, Lockton Global Real Estate Practice (Lockton Companies)

      11:00 AM
      Coffee Break

      11:15 AM
      Changes in Human Capital: Remote Work, Talent & the Impact on Corporate Planning

        • How are you managing employee expectations with regards to flexibility of work location etc.?
        • What will your workplace look like moving forward?  Which functions can be done remotely and which cannot?
        • What does this mean for corporate footprints and how do you view that, in turn, influencing commercial property values in primary and secondary markets?
        • How are you investing in the professional development of your teams?  Which skills are most important to their roles and to them personally?
        • How easy or difficult is it currently to hire experienced (or entry level) talent in the current environment?
        • What strategies are you employing to ensure you have a diverse, balanced team that will perform well?

        • Kaitlin Kincaid, Senior Managing Director (Keller Augusta)
        • Michael O'Shea, CFO (ASG Equities)
        • Jiorjio Fetterman, CFO (Clairmont Capital Group)
        • Bill Stasiulatis, Chief Financial Officer (RRA Capital)
        • Eileen Clifford, Senior Account Executive (Yardi Systems)

      12:00 PM
      Fundraising & Attracting Capital Through Innovative Fund Structures

        • What types of capital are easiest to attract right now?
        • What’s the latest with fees and promotes?
        • GP alternative structure/co-investment flexibility & related fees
        • Blind fund vs JVs vs programmatic JVs
        • Institutional investors vs HNW (retail investors and offshore investors)
        • Key principal/employees carried interest participations
        • Carried interest, asset management & other fees/fee waivers 
        • Pooled vs. deal by deal distributions, clawbacks and escrows
        • LP/Preferred deferred promotes/catch up distributions, take control, most favored nation & advisory board rights 

        • Brandy Carlson, Advisor (EPIC Advisory)
        • Mohsin Masud, Founder & CEO (Akru)
        • Nancy Lashine, Founder & Managing Partner (Park Madison Partners)
        • Frederick Cooper, SVP, Finance, Int. Dev. & IR (Toll Brothers, Inc.)

      12:45 PM
      10th Real Estate CFO & COO Forum (East) Concludes



This is a past conference, no registration is available.

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