13th Floor Investments, Vice President
A F Canta Inc, CFO
Abacus Capital Group, Director of Finance
Acadia Realty Trust, CFO
ACRE, Controller
Adelman Consulting, LLC, President
AFIAA - Swiss Foundation for International Real Estate Investments, COO and Controller, North America
AFIAA U.S. Investment, Inc., Senior Accounting Manager, North America
AJ Capital Partners, Chief Accounting & Compliance Officer
Alcion Ventures LP, Partner, Chief Financial Officer
Alltrade Property Management, COO
Alturas Capital, Controller
AmCap Inc., Chief Financial Officer
AmCap Inc., Director-RE Fund Accounting
American Real Estate Partners, Principal & CFO
Amethyst Real Estate, President
Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP, Tax Principal
Andrea Henson Advisory & Financial Services, CFO
Angelo Gordon, Property Controller
Angelo Gordon, CFO & COO
Angelo, Gordon & Co., Managing Director, PE RE
AppFolio, Account Executive
AppFolio, Sr. Business Development Representative
AppFolio, Director of Events
Appfolio Investment Management, Industry Principal in Sales
Arcturus Group, Senior Vice President
Arizona Prime, Broker
ARS Hospitality, CEO
ASB Real Estate Investments, Western Region Head of Capital Investments
Ascentris, CFO
Ashcroft Capital, Asset Manager
Ashton Woods Homes, COO
ASM Real Estate Advisors, Principal
Associated Ventures, Principal & COO
Atapco Properties, Treasurer
Atlantic Pacific Real Estate Group, Chief Accounting Officer
Atlantic Pacific Real Estate Group, Chief Operating Officer
AvidXchange, Senior Marketing Campaign Manager
AvidXchange, Marketing Event Coordinator
AvidXchange, Senior Account Executive
Aviva Investors, Head of Risk, Americas
Balboa Retail Advisors, Chief Financial Officer
Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Sr. Vice President
Basin Street Properties, VP of Finance
BentallGreenOak, Principal, Finance
BentallGreenOak, Principal
BentallGreenOak, Chief Financial Officer
Berkeley Partners, CFO
Birdview Properties, President
BKM Capital Partners, Chief Financial Officer
BlackRock, Director, Aladdin Product Management - Real Assets
Blue Arch Investments, Inc., Principal
Blueprint Commercial Assets, Principal
BrainBox AI, Chief Revenue Officer
Brainbox AI, Senior Director of Marketing
Branagh Development, Inc., CFO
Brasa Capital Management, CFO
Brass, President/COO
Bridge Investment Group, CFO
Bridge Investment Group, CAO
Broadview Real Estate Partners, Director of Finance
Brookfield, Managing Director
Brookfield Asset Management, Senior Vice President
Buhl Investors, CFO
BurkHill Real Estate, LLC, Financial Analyst
CA Ventures, Chief Financial Officer
Cadre, Director
Calmwater Capital, CFO
Campus Apartments, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Canyon Partners, Director
Capital Properties, CFO
CapStack Partners, CEO
Capstone Advisors, VP Accounting & Finance
Cardinal Industrial, Principal
Carroll Organization, COO
Caruso Homes, CFO
Castellan Real Estate Partners, CFO
CBRE, Inc., Managing Director
Cedar Communities Multifamily, President
Center Creek Capital, EVP & Director of Operations
CGI Strategies, Partner & CFO
Cherre, Senior Sales Director
Cherry Hill Mortgage Management, Controller
Chimera Investment Corporation, Chief Financial Officer
CIRE Equity, CAO
CIRE Equity, Chief Operating Officer
Clear Sky Capital, Chief Operating Officer
Clippinger Investment Properties, Chief Executive Officer
Coastal Point Capital LLC, Managing Principal
Cobalt Fund Services, Partner
Coda Management Group, Founder & Director of Development
CohnReznick LLP, Partner, Commercial Real Estate Industry Practice Leader
CohnReznick LLP, Partner, Tax
CohnReznick LLP, Director, Marketing
Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, Owner/CFO
Colony Capital Inc, n/a
Concept Fund Services, Principal
CONREX, Chief Investment Officer
Cornerstone Financial Consulting Partners, LLC, Principal
Counter Management LLC, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
COVE Property Group LLC, Partner & Chief Operating Officer
CPInvestors, Principal
Craig Realty Group, Chief Financial Officer
Crescit Capital Strategies, Principal & COO
CREXi, Operations
Crosby Capital, Principal
Cross Lake Partners, Fund Controller
CrossHarbor Capital Partners LLC, CCO and VP of Reporting
Crow Holdings, COO
CTF Asset Management, Managing Director
Cullinan Properties, CFO
Cypress Communities, Partner
Daniel Bernstein & Associates, Inc., CFO
DealCloud, Senior Associate
DealCloud, Client Development Director
DealCloud, Account Manager
DealCloud, Senior Account Manager
DealCloud, Client Development Analyst
DealCloud, Special Events
DLC Managememt Corporation, CFO
DLP Real Estate Capital, CFO & Partner
DMG Investments LLC, CEO
DTH Capital Inc., Senior Controller
Duff & Phelps, LLC, Director
Dune Real Estate Partners LP, CFO
Dune Real Estate Partners LP, Controller
Dynamic Development Company, Chief Financial Officer
EastBanc, Inc, EVP Asset Mgmt
EBG Acquisitions, Founder
Elm Grove Companies, VP of Finance and Accounting
ElmTree Funds, CFO
Ember Capital Group, Acquisitions Analyst
Engineered Tax Services Inc, Managing Director
Entrada Partners, Principal
EOS Investors LLC, CFO
Equinix, Director, Corporate Development
Equity West Capital, COO
Equity West Capital Partners LLC, Controller
Fairfield Residential, VP, Corporate Controller
Fairfield Residential Company LLC, SVP and Head of Portfolio Management
FD Stonewater, Manager of Finance & Operations
FD Stonewater, Principal
Fetner Properties, Senior Vice President, Property Management
Ford Properties, Investor
Fortus Partners, Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Foundation Capital Partners, Chief Financial Officer & Director
Four Oaks Capital, Director of Asset Management
Friedman LLP, CPA, Partner
Friedman Real Estate, Executive Managing Director, Operations & Administration
Frontera Real Estate Investments, Principal
FundFire, Associate Managing Editor, Senior Reporter
Gamma Real Estate, President
Gamma Real Estate, Chief Financial Officer
Gamma Real Estate, Vice President, Asset Management
GEM Realty Capital, Inc, Chief Financial Officer
Gemdale USA Corporation, Director of Finance
Gemini Rosemont, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
GID, SVP & Director of Accounting
GID Investment Advisers LLC, CFO
Ginkgo Residential, Controller
GL Capital LLC, Partner
Global Realty Capital LLC, Founder/CEO
GNR Group, COO
Greenlaw Partners, VP Corporate Controller
Griffin Residential, CFO
GSH Group, LLC, Director of Operations
GSH Group, LLC, Chief Financial Officer
GTIS Partners, Senior Director
Hamister Group, EVP & CFO
Hanini Group, Owner
Harbor Group International, Chief Financial Officer
Hayden Properties, Principal
Heritage Capital Group, CIO / COO
home.llc, CEO
Hott Solutions Corp, President
Hudson Group, Partner
Indigo Asset Services, Vice President of Finance
Indigo Asset Services, President & CEO
Innovatus Capital Partners, Controller
InSite Group, VP of Asset Management and Investor Relations
Inspired Healthcare Capital, Controller
Integra Investments, CFO
Integrated Capital Management, Chief Financial Officer
International Market Centers, Chief Accounting Officer
Invesco Real Estate, Senior Director
Investors Associated, LLP, VP, Investor Relations and Operations
Investors Diversified Realty, Chief Financial Officer
Iridius Capital, Chief Operating Officer
Iron Mountain, SVP, Chief Accounting Officer
Jay Paul Company, Controller
JDM Capital Corporation, Senior Director of Investments
JMG Capital Investments, Investor Relations
Jones Street Investment Partners, Chief Financial Officer
Jones Street Investment Partners, Chief Operating Officer
JP Morgan Asset Management Real Estate Americas, Executive Director
JSK Ventures, Principal
Juniper Square, Business Development
Juniper Square, Strategic Account Director
Juniper Square, CMO
Juniper Square, VP of Investor Services
JVP Management, Principal
Keating Resources, Partner
Kilbourne Group, CFO
Kuafu properties, svp
Kushner Companies, CFO
L&B Realty Advisors, Head of Acquisitions
LaSalle Investment Management, Senior Finance Director
LBX Investments, Managing Partner
LeCese Development Corp., Chief Operating Officer
LendingHome, VP of Finance
LendingOne, CFO
Lima One Capital, Chief Financial Officer
LionGrove LLC, CEO
Lloyd Jones, LLC, CEO & Chairman
Local Capital Group, COO/CFO
Lombard International, Exec Project Analyst
Lombard International, Executive Managing Director
Lombard International, Senior Managing Director
Lombard International, VP Case Development
Lombard International, Registered Representative
Longpoint Realty Partners, Founding Partner & CFO
Lonicera Partners, Vice President, Finance
Mack Real Estate Group, Controller
Mack Real Estate Group, Assistant Controller
Macnaughton, Controller
MacNaughton, COO
Madison International Realty, Chief Information Officer
Madison Marquette, Director of Finance
Madison Marquette, Director
Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, CFO
Maverick Real Estate Partners LLC, Vice President of Finance, Operations, and Compliance
Maverick Real Estate Partners LLC, Director - Head of Finance, Operations, and Compliance
McStain Neighborhoods, Chief Financial Officer
Meridian Development Partners, Founding Principal
Merlone Geier Partners, Vice President
Metro Commercial, EVP and CFO
MG Properties, CFO
Midtown National Group, CFO
MJW Investments, President
MJW Investments, COO
MLG Capital, Controller & VP of Fund Admin
Mosaic Real Estate Investors, CFO
Moss Adams, Marketing Senior Specialist
Moss Adams LLP, Senior Manager
Moss Adams LLP, Director
Moss Adams LLP, MAI, Director
Moss Adams LLP, Partner
Moss Adams LLP, Audit Partner
Moss Adams LLP, Marketing Manager
MRP Realty, Chief Financial Officer
MRP Realty, Controller
MUFG Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited, Director Marketing
MUFG Investor Services, Director of Product Development
MUFG Investor Services, Global Head of Sales, Product, and Marketing
N/A, N/A
Narsi Properties, Principle
National Madison, Managing Director
NB Private Capital, VP - Asset Management
New Mountain Capital, VP, Operations
Nitya Capital, Chief Operating Officer
NMS Properties, Inc., Chief Financial Officer
Northlight Capital Partners, Director of Finance
Northwood Investors, Chief Financial Officer
Novel Coworking, Chief Financial Officer
Nuveen Real Estate, Managing Director,
NYS Teachers' Retirement System, Manager, Real Estate
Olive Tree Holdings, Chief Financial Officer
Olympic Property Partners, Principal
Orion Real Estate Partners LLC, Principal
OSCRE International, CEO
Oxygen, Founder
OZ Capital Partners, CEO
Pale Horse, VP
Palisades Capital Realty Advisors, Managing Principal
Palisades Property Trust, CIO
Paragon Outcomes Management LLC, COO
Patrician Management, Director of Operations
Patrinely Group, CFO
PCCP, LLC, SVP Finance and Corporate Acct
Peak Capital Partners, Chief Financial Officer
peakhill capital, president
Pecunia Investment Fund, CIO
PEG Companies, CFO
PEG Companies, Senior Controller
Pembrook Capital Management, Managing Director
Pennybacker Capital, Sr. Principal, COO & CFO
Penzance Management, Chief Financial Officer
Phoenix American Financial Services, Director of Business Development
Phoenix American Financial Services, Inc., Vice President of Sales
PLK Communities, CFO
PMAT Acquisitions, Associate
Prado Group, CFO
Prana Investments, CFO
Preylock Holdings, Accounting Manager
Preylock Holdings, Chief Financial Officer
Prospect Ridge, Managing Director
Prosperity CRE, Co-Founding Partner; Principal
Puget Capital, Owner
Quadrant Investment Properties, COO
Raineth Housing, Consultant
Ram Realty Advisors, VP of Numbers
Ram Realty Advisors, EVP Investment Strategy
Rand Partners, Asset Manager
Randall Realty Advisors, Pres
RAR Hospitality, President, COO
Ravinia Capital Group, Managing Director
Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Investor
RealSource, CFO
Red Bell Partners, Managing Member
Red Hill Ventures, LLC, CFO
REdirect Consulting, Principal
REdirect Consulting, Director West Coast
REdirect Consulting, Director
REdirect Consulting, National Account Executive
REdirect Consulting, Marketing Manager
Regent West Corp, President & CTO
Resicap, LP, CFO
RevOZ Capital, CFO
Rialto Capital Management, Director
Richard Capital & Associates LLC, CFO & CCO
Rising Realty Partners, SVP, Portfolio Controller
Rising Realty Partners, EVP, Finance & Accounting
Risland US, CFO
RockFarmer Properties, Chief Operating Officer & Controller
RockStep Capital, President
Roth Capital, Managing Parnter
RRA Capital, CFO
RSE Capital Partners, Head of Business Development
RSE Capital Partners / Fundrise, VP / Head of West Coast Origin
RSM LLP, Partner
RSM US LLP, Senior Manager
RSM US LLP, Partner
RSM US LLP, Business Development
RSM US LLP, Director
RSM US LLP, Manager
RXR Realty, Fund Controller
RXR Realty, SVP & Fund Controller
RXR Realty, EVP - Director of Tax
Sable Investment Holdings, President
Sack Properties, Accounting Manager
Sage Realty Corporation, Chief Financial Officer
SC Property Development LLC, Chief Financial Officer
SCHRODERS, Head of Fund Administration
Sculptor Capital Management, Global Private Equity & Real Estate Controller
Sculptor Capital Management, Head of Real Estate Accounting
Setanta Development Capital, CEO
Seven Valleys LLC, CFO
Sherman Residential, Chief Operating Officer
Shopoff Realty Investments, L.P., Chief Financial Officer
Skeiron Real Estate LLC, Chief Financial Officer
Slate Property Group, Vice President, Legal Counsel
Sleiman Enterprises, EA
Slipstream Properties, Principal
Solution Property Group, Managing Director
Somera Capital, CFO
Sound West Realty Capital, Chief Operating Officer
South Bay Partners, Vice President of Finance/Accounting
SouthCoast, Chief Operating Officer
Spartan Investment Group, Director of Operaitons
Spartan Investment Group, CFO
Specialized Property Mgmt, VP of Finance
Square Mile Capital Management LLC, COO
Square Mile Capital Management LLC, Head of Finance
SRM Development, Principal - Real Estate Finance & Operations
SS&C, Associate Director
SS&C Technologies, Business Development Director
SS&C Technologies, Director, Business Development
SS&C Technologies Inc, Director
SS&C Technologies, Inc., Conferences & Events
SS&C Technologies, Inc., Associate Director
SS&C Technologies, Inc., Director
SS&C Technologies, Inc., Senior VP
Stabilis Capital Managment, COO and GC
Stelliger Real Estate Partners, Principal
Stockbridge Capital Group, CFO
StoneRiver Company, VP of Investments
Stos Partners, CFO
Strata Equity Group, Director of Finance
Strata Equity Group, COO
Strategic Capital, Managing Director
Streamline, CEO
Summit Healthcare REIT, Inc., CFO & COO
Summit Healthcare REIT, Inc., Controller
Sunstone Properties Trust, Director-Capital Markets
Sunstone Properties Trust, Chief Operating Officer
T2 Capital Management, LLC, COO
T5 Equity Partners LLC, Managing Director
TBG Visions Inc, CEO
Terra Capital Partners, Controller
Terra Capital Partners, Financial Reporting Director
Terra Capital Partners, LLC, CFO
The Bascom Group, LLC, SVP / Principal - Acquisitions
The Becker Organization, CFO
The Bendetti Company, CFO
The Bernstein Companies, Vice President & CFO
The Davis Companies, Chief Financial Officer
The John Buck Company, Senior Vice President – Finance & Accounting
The John Buck Company, CFO
The Meridian Group, Associate Vice President
The Panorama Group, Principal
The Prager Group, COO
The RADCO Companies, COO
The Ratkovich Company, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
The Roxborough Group, LLC, CFO
The Williamsburg Hotel, CFO
Thorofare Capital, Managing Director
Time Equities Inc, Senior Auditor
Time Equities Inc, SVP of Finance and Director of Financial Reporting
Tishman Speyer, Head of US Property and D&C Accounting
Toll Brothers, Inc., SVP, Finance, Int. Dev. & IR
Tower Investments, Senior Vice President & CFO
Transcendent Investment Management, Founder & CEO
Tricap Residential Group, EVP of Finance
Turnbridge Equities, CFO
Turnstone Capital Management, CFO & Partner
Tzadik Management, CFO
U.S. Realty Advisors, LLC, COO
Universe Holdings, COO
Urban Green Investments, Partner, Chief Operating Officer
Valcadian, Principal & Co-Founder
Value Partners, Managing Partner
Vanbarton Group LLC, Senior Vice President & Controller
Vanke USA, Assistant Vice President, Finance
Vatera Capital Management LLC, Managing Director
Veritas Investments, Inc., Chief Financial Officer
Virgo Investment Group LLC, Senior Vice President Finance
Virtus Real Estate Capital, Managing Director - Capital Development
Vista Hospitality Company, CEO
W Financial, CFO
Washington Holdings, EVP - Chief Financial Officer
Water Street Partners, Managing Partner
Watermark Equity Group, Director of Finance
Watermark Lodging Trust, Chief Accounting Officer
WC Smith, Vice President
West Point Partners, Managing Principal
Westcore Properties, Controller
Westport Capital Partners LLC, Controller
Westwood Financial LLC, Executive Vice President, Finance + Strategy
WHI Real Estate Partners L.P., Principal & Chief Operating Officer
Wicker Park Capital Management, CFO
Windsor Capital Group, Inc., CFO
Withum, Senior Manager
Withum, Principal
Withum, Marketing Coordinator
Withum, Partner, Team Leader, Real Estate Services Group
Withum, CMO
Woodbury Corporation, Treasurer
Worcester Investments, CFO
WSI Management LLC, Controller
Yardi, Industry Principal
Yardi, Event Coordinator
Yardi, Marketing Campaigns Specialist
Yardi, National Marketing Manager
Yardi Investment Management, Northeast Regional Director

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