Real Estate CFO & COO (West)
Los Angeles, CA
September 7 - 8, 2021


Mark your calendar as IMN's 8th Annual Real Estate CFO & COO Forum (West) will take place in Los Angeles, CA on November 16-17, 2020!
Every year, the forum provides unrivaled opportunities for attendees to participate in educational sessions focused on the latest trends in accounting, regulations and technology, and also in hours of built-in networking opportunities for forging those critical business connections.
The 2020 conference will again gather a delegation of CFOs, COOs, Tax & Accounting Officers, Controllers, Treasurers and more for a day and a half program packed with insights from within real estate developers, lenders, REITs, and operating companies.

We look forward to welcoming you to Los Angeles next Fall!

Who Should Attend
  • Accountants
  • Chief Accounting Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers (of REITs, Funds, Lenders and Operating Companies)
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Tax Officers
  • Controllers
  • Tax
  • Treasurers
  • Service Providers

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    Preliminary Agenda

      Important Update - Conference Postponed

      • IMN's Real Estate CFO & COO Forum (West) has been postponed in response to recent developments with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. More information can be found here.

      CFO Roundtable

        • What adjustments are you making to investment strategies in the interest of capital preservation?
        • What are the latest trends in compensation, including bonuses and benefits? What do you need to offer to stay competitive, and how will that impact your budget?
        • Where are you finding qualified, diverse talent in today’s tight labor market? How do you plan to adjust your investment in human capital?
        • What impact are shifts in trade and tax policies, geopolitics and the global supply chain having on your organization?
        • What does your technology investment plan look like, and how do you plan on adjusting it to stay competitive?
        • What do you consider to be the greatest risks to your organization, and what are you doing to mitigate them? Which macroeconomic and geopolitical trends could have the biggest impact on your business in coming years?
        • How are you evolving the vetting process for third-party providers?
        • As your firm scales up, what will be the impact on your organizational structure?

      Investing in Building Performance to Enhance Returns

        • What adjustments do you plan to make to your building infrastructure investment?
        • How sophisticated is your building automation system data? Where do you see opportunities for improvement?
        • What tools are you using to evaluate building performance? How could these systems and processes be improved?
        • What is your decision-making process for investing in these technologies?
        • What technologies are being used to enhance building envelopes and make structures more climate-resilient?

      Implementing a Sustainability-Focused Capital Plan

        • What adjustments do you need to make to improve sustainability across your portfolio?
        • By upping your investment in sustainability, what types of efficiencies are you looking to achieve?
        • To what extent are you using or considering using C-PACE financing to close funding gaps in large-scale retrofit and new construction projects?
        • How are you leveraging real-time data to deliver deeper intelligence into portfolio-wide energy performance?
        • Which tech applications are helping you achieve sustainability objectives? What is your process for evaluating and comparing sustainability-focused software products?

      COO Roundtable

        • What trends do you anticipate having the most significant impact on your operational efficiency within your organization, and across the real estate industry?
        • What strategies do you use to build and grow strong teams? How has your onboarding process changed in light of recent employment trends?
        • What tools do you use to measure performance?
        • What role do you play in your firm’s branding and marketing?
        • What tech solutions do you use for back-office management?
        • How are you managing change and growth within your organization? What tools are you using to develop a digital transformation strategy?
        • To what extent does your role overlap with that of the CFO, and what strategies do you use to improve coordination?

      Breakfast Roundtable: Women in Real Estate Finance & Operations

      • Industry luminaries convene for a candid discussion of the evolving roles of real estate CFOs and COOs, and the key skills needed to succeed in real estate finance and operations, sharing their efforts to improve diversity and inclusion at all levels of seniority across the industry, at this closed-door breakfast roundtable.

      Underwriting Development Risk in Anticipation of a Downturn

        • What do real estate owners need to know about insurance before embarking on redevelopment and new construction projects? What are the latest trends in privity requirements, labor law, and negligence triggers?
        • What are best practices for developing a sufficiently robust insurance programs across your portfolio?
        • What are the complexities of drafting contractual insurance requirements, and what sort of expertise is needed?
        • What are the most significant risks on the horizon for developers, and what protections need to be in place? How do these compare for new construction vs. conversions?
        • Which strategies are most effective in determining whether a contractor is adequately insured?

      Where Are the Real Safe Havens? Institutional Investors Weigh In

        • What do institutional investors need to know before adjusting their allocations to real estate? Which strategies are they using to unlock value?
        • How are real estate companies using offshore institutional capital to structure deals?
        • Where are institutional investors finding opportunities, and what returns are they achieving? How are perceptions toward core investments changing?
        • Which sectors are in highest demand by global institutional asset owners?
        • How are sovereign wealth funds viewing the U.S. market?
        • How are ESG strategies impacting the investment decisions of institutional investors?
        • What sort of unique compliance challenges are institutional investors facing? What are the latest developments in ILPA best principles and NCRIEF PREA reporting standards?

      A Practical Guide to Securing Alternative Capital

        • What has been your experience in securing alternative capital from various sources, and for use in different deal structures? For what types of projects is alternative capital best suited?
        • What are the primary sources of alternative capital today? Which providers are ramping up volume, and which are pulling back?
        • What are the return expectations of alternative capital providers? How does this compare domestically vs. offshore, and how might this change in light of macroeconomic and geopolitical trends?
        • What compliance considerations must be taken into account, in order to make the capital sourcing process more efficient?
        • In which markets and for what size projects are private debt funds placing loans?
        • What does real estate crowdfunding 2020, and what’s the long-term outlook? Which types of deals are best suited for crowdfunding?

      How Efficient Is Your Outsourcing Model?

        • As compliance requirements continue to change, how can you make sure your outsource model meets your business objectives? How does your model address objectives such as employee well-being and productivity?
        • What are the most costly and inefficient areas of your business? What are you doing to improve them?
        • What degree of sophistication are you looking to achieve with your data analysis? Which technologies are enabling more valuable insights?
        • What kinds of gains are you achieving by partnering with outside service providers?
        • What drives your decision to outsource vs. insource? How do you quantify the risk of outsourcing certain functions?

      Case Studies in Opportunity Zone Investment

        • What are the most compelling, recent implementations of the tax-incentivized community development tool?
        • How are real estate companies structuring opportunity funds? What impact are these investments having, and what returns are investors achieving?
        • What solutions are available for managing deal flow, reducing risk, accounting and due diligence?
        • Which pitfalls have investors encountered so far, and what risks might lie ahead? How much runway is left in the program, and how do opportunity zones factor into your overall business strategy?

      Moving to the Next Phase in Data Transparency

        • What should CFOs and COOs do to improve make data consistent across platforms?
        • What innovations in automation, analytics and real-time reporting will materially impact data management?
        • What strategies are real estate companies using to control the consistency and integrity of their data?
        • How should COOs and CFOs be measuring ROI on software investments? Qualitative vs. Quantitative.
        • For companies just starting to tackle data management, what are the top 2-3 things they should be thinking about?
        • Should a data analytics program be developed in-house or outsourced? What are the pros and cons of each?
        • What tech-enabled solutions are improving building systems and asset management, accounting and reporting? How are CFOs and COOs using data analytics today in ways that they weren’t a few years ago?

      Talent Wars, Inclusion & Diversity in Leadership

        • What strategies have worked for recruiting and retaining diverse, qualified talent, and how have those informed your investment in human capital? Which tactics have been less successful, and what are you doing to improve them?
        • In an increasingly competitive climate, how are COOs and CFOs expanding employment?
        • What’s the role of workplace design in attracting and retaining talent?
        • Where are you finding qualified talent? Which functions have been most challenging to staff?
        • Which diversity and inclusion initiatives are making a meaningful impact?
        • Is the race for talent only going to intensify? What creative recruitment tactics are employers using? How should managers include more diverse viewpoints in hiring decisions?

      Accelerating Innovation in Real Estate Finance & Operations

        • How are innovations in technology impacting the commercial real estate market? What risks are they helping to identify and mitigate?
        • What are they key components of your technology investment strategy? How are you leveraging technology to manage compliance, hiring and training, and reporting?
        • How critical are data management and governance in your firm today? What are the complexities and rewards of investing in technology and partnering with third-party software and technology companies?
        • What degree of liquidity do tokenized trades offer investors? How is tokenization impacting co-investment? Are large operators looking to partner with individual investors?

      Innovations in Fund Administration & Accounting

        • What’s on your checklist when selecting a fund administration service provider?
        • How is your firm adjusting its balance sheet to reduce overall costs?
        • What parts of your accounting process are you automating?
        • What challenges do you face around scaling, and what solutions are you seeking?
        • What techniques are fund administrators using to meet increasingly complex regulatory requirements?

      A Higher Standard for Reporting

        • What are the latest trends in reporting standards?
        • Which compliance pitfalls will the SEC prioritize, and how can you reduce the risk of an enforcement action?
        • What do asset owners and fund managers need to know about GIP compliance, and how will this impact your investor reporting functions?
        • What reporting challenges are you facing as your firm expands its investor base and adjusts its business strategy? What are the unique complexities of private equity investor reporting?
        • What degree of transparency are institutional investors looking for as they increasingly seek out value-add and development opportunities, and how do you manage those demands? How frequently do you report to these clients?
        • What kinds of on-demand reporting capabilities are investors demanding, and how are you using technology in this area?
        • What is your staff and cost related to investor reporting?
        • What opportunities exist to improve budgeting and reforecasting? Which systems, processes, teams and best practices do you have in place now, and how do you expect those will change?

      Tax & Regulatory Update

        • Which tax law changes are poised to have the strongest impact on real estate?
        • What are the most important tax considerations of investing in opportunity zones? What are the cyclical risks of opportunity zone funds and other long-term investment vehicles?
        • How are you adjusting your strategy in anticipation of a phasing out of LIBOR?
        • What are best practices for analyzing depreciation methods associated with tax shelters?
        • What technology and software solutions are you using to simplify compliance workflow?
        • How are innovations in regulatory technology advancing? How are they helping companies keep up with the increasing demands of regulatory compliance?
        • What are key tax structuring considerations for non-U.S. investors and what changes are on the horizon?

      Creative Strategies for Executing Complex Portfolio Transactions

        • What sort of deal terms are your institutional capital providers seeking? How are you engaging family offices, high-net worth individuals and institutional investors?
        • As more money comes into the market, how has your strategy changed?
        • Where is overbuilding the most severe, and how has this impacted your decision to buy, build or finance?
        • How are you looking at the multifamily market now? Which markets and subtypes are overbuilt? Where do you see softening occurring? How is that impacting the way you are participating in the market?
        • What strategies are you using to find yield amid rising construction, land and labor costs? 
        • How are you evaluating value-add, repositioning and redevelopment deals vs. new construction?
        • What macroeconomic and geopolitical trends are you following, and how does this affect your investment strategy?
        • How have you used technology to address a growing demand from institutions to have more transparency into their investments?

      Chasing Yield in Real Estate Capital Markets

        • With so much capital chasing so few deals, where are you deriving value in your investments? How do you plan to tap into new sources of capital?
        • What terms are banks offering for construction and bridge financing? What terms are you getting on loans for various property types? What are your predictions for interest rates in the next several quarters?
        • Are agency lenders likely to sustain their multifamily origination volume?
        • How do private vs. public companies approach the debt market?
        • What’s the forecast for CMBS issuance? Where are institutional investors deploying capital?
        • How are offshore investors viewing the U.S. CRE market?
        • What strategies are equity investors relying on to hit their returns?
        • How are macroeconomic trends impacting REIT performance?
        • After a more than a decade of economic growth, is a turning point around the corner?
        • What capital markets trends do you expect to have the most meaningful impact on your business over the next year?

      Fund Management Roundtable: Emerging & Developing vs. Mature

        • How do reporting requirements and accounting considerations differ for funds of varying size, age and complexity?
        • As your AUM reaches $150M, how are you approaching becoming an RIA? What new compliance issues are you facing? How are you addressing challenges with costs and staffing?
        • What cost-effective strategies are you using to set up and grow funds?
        • As the manager of a mature fund, what lessons have you learned along the way?
        • What challenges have you encountered in managing relationships with LPs? What strategies do you rely on to streamline this process when co-investing?
        • What sources of information do you rely on to vet legal entities?
        • How does capital availability differ by property sector?
        • To what extent is your fund leveraged?
        • What impact do varying fund expense ratios have on the cost of doing business?
        • What recent adjustments have you made to your service model? Do you plan to change this model in the next several quarters?

      Investment Challenges & Opportunities

        • Where are debt and equity providers deploying capital? How are rising interest rates affecting fundraising?
        • How are these shifts affecting the commercial real estate market?
        • How are demographic changes impacting the global CRE industry? How do these affect senior housing and health care real estate?
        • How will dwindling housing affordability affect the multifamily and single-family rental sectors? How recession-ready is the co-living sector?
        • What is the role of agency lenders in raising capital for multifamily transactions?
        • What risks and opportunities does the hospitality sector face?
        • How are niche property types likely to perform in a down cycle? What will be real estate's next major disruptor? How long will industrial and logistics continue their boom? What kind of returns are investors getting from formerly niche sectors, such as student housing, data centers and life sciences?
        • Which property sectors are likely to see softening this year, and when might a correction occur?
        • What digital platforms are easing access to institutional-grade capital sources, and which are overhyped?

      Leveraging Technology to Streamline Due Diligence & Turbocharge Deal Flow

        • How are you using PropTech and FinTech to close more deals, smarter and faster? What results have you achieved?
        • What are the most recent innovations in the PropTech space? Where do you expect to see emerging trends go within the next few years?
        • What efficiencies can robotics and AI offer real estate finance and operations professionals? How could the real estate industry benefit from automation? What’s a feasible payback?
        • Due diligence: When onboarding a new investor or vendor, what’s on your due diligence checklist? How do you navigate the Know Your Customer process, and what roles does technology play? How have investors changed their approach to due diligence of fund principals?


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